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Looking to buy a new mattress and aren’t quite sure which one to choose?

An all-foam product made by a Saatva-owned firm that believes in high-quality items at reasonable pricing will be compared to Brooklyn Aurora in this comparison. Additionally, we’ll go over a hybrid product made by a family-owned business that got its start thanks to a repurposed Wonder Bread truck.

Quick Comparison: Zenhaven vs. Aurora


  • Reduces the body’s ability to retain heat.
    Firmness in both directions.
    Mattresses that are hypoallergenic.

Brooklyn Aurora

  • Increased ability to keep things cool.
  • Affordable luxury in the form of a bed.
  • There are three levels of stiffness available.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Zenhaven Construction

Because it’s made of latex, it will arrive uncompressed.


To help keep the mattress cool, a 1-inch wool fire barrier is quilted into the cotton cover. Because the Luxury Plush side of this model is more closely related to Brooklyn Aurora’s Medium option, we shall approach the construction breakdown as if it were a single-sided model. The Gentle Firm side of the mattress can be used by customers who desire a firmer sensation.

  • At 1.5 inches, the Natural Latex Luxury Plush Comfort Layer is the first layer to be applied. There are five zones of material in this segment, each with a different level of firmness, designed to alleviate pressure in different parts of the body.
  • A 3-inch layer of Natural Latex Plush Base is found in the second layer. With this, you can expect a softer and more comforting sensation, as well as a feeling of deep hug.
  • An additional 3-inch layer of Natural Latex Firm Base is added. When using the Luxury Plush setting, this Talalay latex layer should produce a deep bounce. This material should be able to give the sleeper with firmer support if the bed is flipped over.
  • Finally, there is a Natural Latex Firm and Gentle Comfort Layer at the base of the mattress. When utilized as a bed’s top, this material should provide gentle pressure alleviation.

Brooklyn Aurora Construction

The coil, foam, and latex alternative hybrid is compressed and shipped in a box. ”

TitanCoolTM, the company’s exclusive phase-changing technology, is woven into the cotton cover of this 13-inch mattress to keep sleepers cool.

  • Copper Gel EnergexTM is encased in 1.5 inches of copper gel. The copper gel used in this latex alternative helps regulate the body’s temperature even more.
  • TitanFlexTM is held in place by a second layer that is 2 inches thick. Depending on your needs, this material can provide support or alleviate discomfort.
  • Visco Elastic Memory Foam, an inch thick, is the third layer. Consumers should perceive more contouring and pressure relief from this material when they sink into the higher materials.
  • In the final layer, 8-inch Quantum EdgeTM Encased Coils can be found. All the way to the edges, this coil system should be able to offer support. Motion transfer can be reduced by wrapping the coils in foam padding.
  • 1″ thick Base Support Foam fills the bottom layer. An energy-absorbing base for the mattress should be provided by this.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

Zenhaven’s Luxury Plush side has a score of 4.5 on our comfort scale, which is medium to medium-soft in terms of feel. A score of 1 indicates that the product is extremely soft, while a score of 10 indicates that it is extremely firm. Gentle Firm has a firmness rating of 7.

Zenhaven’s foams should immediately return to their original shape while you sleep on it. The zonal comfort materials should provide customers with support and pressure alleviation where they need it.

The medium setting on the Aurora has a score of 5, thus it should be comfortable for the majority of customers. According to the rankings, the Soft version should have a softer feel. A 7 is awarded to the choice that is the most firm.


Repositioning should be simple thanks to the Aurora’s quick-responding materials. It’s important that the surface you’re lying on is soft and comfortable.

If you’re concerned about your weight, we recommend sticking with the Firm selections from both companies.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

When set to the firmer comfort setting, Zenhaven should feel like a warm, comforting hug. Customers should be able to “float” on top of their bed while shopping at Brooklyn Aurora. Although the Aurora’s coil structure should make it a little more springy, both brands should provide plenty of springback.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Some light sleepers may be bothered by their partner’s movements if the beds have only a medium amount of motion transfer. If motion transfer is a key issue for you, the Aurora’s coil system may be preferable to the Zenhaven’s all-foam structure, but the Aurora’s individually wrapped coils and foams do an excellent job here.

Comparing Edge Support

Both beds should be able to meet the needs of most buyers in terms of edge support. Co-sleepers with children or dogs may prefer the Aurora because of its Quantum EdgeTM coils and coil system, which should provide a more solid edge with less compression, letting families to spread out more comfortably while they sleep together.

Zenhaven vs. Brooklyn Aurora Compared Side-by-Side

FeaturesZenhavenBrooklyn Aurora
CoverNew Zealand wool and cottonCotton with phase-changing technology
MaterialsTalalay latexFoam and Quantum Edge™ coils
CoolingPinholes in latex, woolCopper, phase-changing technology, gel, pocketed coils
Firmness4.5/10, 7/105/10
Motion TransferMediumMedium
Edge SupportGoodExceptional
SinkageDeep HugGentle Cradle
Warranty20 years10 years
Trial Period180 nights120 nights
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingFree White Glove delivery service available to the continental United States and parts of CanadaFree in the contiguous United States, additional fee required for shipments to Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska, White Glove delivery service available for some showroom purchases
Made in the USAYesYes
SizeZenhaven Price (w/o discount)Brooklyn Aurora Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$1,648$1,249
Cali King$3,095$2,199
Split King$3,296N/A
Split Cali KingN/A$1,249

Should I Buy Zenhaven or Brooklyn Aurora?

It’s time to make a decision: Which mattress is best for you? Here are some ideas to help you narrow down your search for a new mattress.

We Would Recommend Buying Zenhaven if You are Looking for:

  • Comfortable on both sides. This mattress can be flipped to provide either a medium-soft or firm level of comfort. Customers should be able to alter their mattress to meet their changing requirements.
  • Zones of security. Zones of latex in this product provide support and relief where it is most required by your body.
  • It’s a whole new world of foam. All-foam item should provide a hug that relieves pressure in a pleasant manner. Customers shouldn’t get “trapped” in the embrace thanks to the good bounce, and the wool blanket should keep them cool.


We Would Recommend Buying Brooklyn Aurora if You are Looking for:

  • Multiple ways to relax. Depending on your preferred sleeping style, you can pick between a Soft, Medium, or Firm option when purchasing this product.
  • Increased ability to keep things cool. TitanCoolTM phase-changing technology and copper and cooling gels are incorporated into these foams to regulate temperature and prevent customers from overheating as they sleep.
  • Hybridity in the air. The upper layers of this mattress are filled with pressure-relieving foams that are meant to gently cradle the body. There should be enough of spring and support in the bottom coils.

Final Thoughts

Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects of each brand to wrap up this comparison. If you’re looking for a plush, all-foam cuddle, Zenhaven should be right up your alley. Buyers looking for a cool and supportive hybrid mattress should go for the Aurora.

To learn more about your new bed, check out our individual product reviews!

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