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Everyone looks forward to the Christmas festive season. There is always so much happiness going around during this season and many people want to make the best out of it. One of the many ways people that celebrate Christmas from all over the world is to decorate their homes. Go to many homes during this period and you will see everything from decorative outdoors and indoors hangings, beautiful Angels, Christmas trees, gift wrapped boxes and beautiful lights among many other things. Shopping malls, public parks and streets are some of the other places that glitter with festive decorations during this period. Beautiful glittering colours welcome you everywhere you look.

Decorating during Christmas is special for many people as it brings in a sense of both tradition and modern feeling to a home. People want to decorate to keep up with traditions that started centuries ago. Others take this opportunity to highlight their decorative styles to fronds and family. Others want to spend time alone with family surrounded by nothing but comfort, beauty and warmth around them.

Another item that gives people this kind of pride, comfort and luxury is the Christmas pillow.

Just like travel pillows or pregnancy pillows, Christmas pillows also offer comfort to the users besides making homes look beautiful.


Decorative Christmas pillows come in different designs and styles. They also come in different shapes and the prices range from pillow to pillow depending on the brand, fabric and quality. Christmas pillows are some of the best items to use to express your own personal style. For this reason, many people go to many lengths to get the best. Some go even further and make their own DIY Christmas pillows. Whichever way you get your Christmas pillows one thing stands out. Your pillows transform your room from dull to colourful. They also offer great comfort as you enjoy the holiday spirit.

One thing to note though about Christmas pillows is more attention is on the pillow covers than it is on the actual pillows. You can have any kind of pillow you need as part of your Christmas decoration but the pillow cover is what sends the message. Christmas pillow covers come in all kinds of Christmas themed decorations. These range from Christmas messages to reindeers, Santa Claus, stars and many others. The pillows also range from small cushions to larger throw pillows. Before we check out some of the best Christmas pillow covers, Let us look at the reasons that make Christmas pillows special.

The importance of Christmas pillows

As we have noted above, one of the main reasons people use pillows is because they offer comfort. Pillows also help to curb some health problems. A good example is those people that have back problems. They do not use just any kind of pillow but will opt for best pillows for back sleepers in order to sleep with their spine aligned well. People that sleep on their sides will mostly need the best pillows for side sleepers if they want to wake up feeling fresh and full of energy the following day. Anything less than that will give then neck tensions and headaches among other discomforts.

This comfort from pillows should not only extend to the bedroom or while you are travelling. You can use pillows for other purposes like decorating your home and making it charming to your family and friends. You can also enjoy the same comfort from the pillows but by giving them an extra touch because after all it is Christmas and during Christmas, everything looks special and different.

While many people enjoy using pillows indoors, you can also turn your outdoors into a colourful setting with beautiful Christmas throw pillows. Christmas outdoor pillows come in all weather fabrics that will resist weather changes, mildew and even fading from staying outside for long hours.

Below are some of the reasons that make Christmas pillows special.

DIY Christmas pillows


The biggest importance of Christmas pillows is to change the look of a place. The pillows come in amazing colours and designs that make everything around them look charming. They range from modern to vintage and you can turn your home into a mid-century look by using Christmas pillows. Majority of the covers have handmade patterns. The embroideries are intricate and unique.

They bring out a calming effect

There is always something calm about the Christmas festive season. This calmness comes more to life when you add beauty and colour. The gentle colours of Christmas pillows create beautiful images all over the place. If you want to have that calm, cuddle on a sofa with a Christmas pillow.

Kids love them

Kids love playing with beautiful things and there is nothing that gives then the pleasure to enjoy the festive season as Christmas pillows. They cuddle them, play with them and just go crazy over their beauty and softness.

They make great gifts

If you are not sure of what to give your friends and family as gifts for Christmas, do not think too much it. A Christmas pillow makes the perfect gift and anyone would appreciate the gesture.

They come in different decors

The one thing that makes Christmas pillows stand out is the versatility of styles, designs and colours. This allows them to with whatever Christmas décor you have in your home. Any room you choose to throw in a few of the Christmas pillows will come to life and they will not look out of place.

Different brands

You also have a huge choice of brands to choose from depending on your preference. If you have a favourite brand, you can increase your sets. You can also try new brands in the market with better patterns and brighter colours. Whatever you brand you go for, you can be sure to enjoy looking at the colourful pillows in your room.

Things to consider when you are buying your Christmas pillows

Though Christmas pillows are mainly for decorative purposes, they also come in handy when you need comfort as you relax either on your sofa, outdoors or even on your bed. Just like any other pillow, you should take into account all the things that come with having a comfortable and supportive pillow. The things to consider when buying your pillows are

buying your Christmas pillows

Sizes of the pillow

Many of the Christmas pillows are small cushions mainly for decorating purposes. However, you can choose to have larger pillows and decorate them with your best Christmas pillow covers. Beautifully decorated pillows can light up any room and whether you use a king size pillow, queen size or a standard pillow, there is no reason why comfort and beauty cannot go together.


Christmas pillows come in different designs. Go for that which pleases you the most. You can choose to have DIY Christmas themed pillows with all the designs you wish to include on your covers, or buy readymade Christmas themed covers from Amazon or any other place.


Before you settle for any pillow, check and compare the prices from various places first. Check if the cost of the pillow and the quality go hand in hand


Material of the pillow is a very important factor if you want good quality. Pillow materials range from linen, to cotton canvas and polyester among many others. Christmas pillows are seasonal. Make sure that the materials of the pillows you buy do not spoil, fade or shrink after washing and that they will still look good the next time you use them. Look out for materials that are durable and comfortable to the skin. Because Christmas pillows tend to go around a lot especially with the kids and pets, make sure the seams are intact so they do not run easily.

Also, if you are allergic to some kinds of materials, then choose to go with pillows made from eco-friendly materials. Go for materials that are hypoallergenic and breathable ones.


Just because they are Christmas pillows, it does not mean that they should not offer you comfort. If you are using your Christmas pillows as your nighttime pillows too, make sure you get the most comfortable for your sleeping style. If you are side sleeper, get a comfortable pillow like a SLIM SLEEPER MEMORY FOAM pillow and get for it a Christmas themed cover and you can enjoy both comfort and the feel of Christmas.

Pillow colors

Make your home lively by choosing from a wide range of vibrant colors. The colors range from Red, to gold, to cream, white and many others. The brighter the colors, the brighter your home looks.

Shipping details

If you are buying your Christmas pillows and covers online, make sure you give a fine accurate print of your location. Some of the sellers may not have any return policies and you could lose your items. If you have any changes made to the shipping address you give, contact the seller immediately. Also, make sure you clearly specify what you want. If possible, accompany your order with pictures of the item.


It is very important that you buy your Christmas pillows and covers from places that offer manufacturers warranty on their items. Some of the products could be defective and if there is no warranty, you may lose your money’s worth, if you buy a defective item, you should return it within the warranty period. You must indicate what the defect is to either get your money back or get a replacement. If the items have a warranty and you wait until the expiry date, then you will not get any replacement nor have your pillows repaired.

Storage space

Christmas pillows are seasonal and only come out during the festive season. Many people own more than five pillows. Some even run to the 20’s. You need to have enough room to store your pillows when you are not using them. One way to create space is by removing the Christmas covers and using your pillows as your everyday sleeping items.

You can also turn your favorite pillows into seasonal pillows by decorating them with colorful Christmas covers and changing the covers later after the seasonal festivities. This way, you will not need any extra space. However if you insist on buying a large set of Christmas pillows, make sure you have enough space that will keep them in good condition until the next season.

Kids and pets

Kids and pets love playthings. Christmas pillows make great play items. If you have kids and pets in your home, make sure the materials of the pillows can withstand pressure. Make sure they do not tear easily and that they are safe to use around kids and pets. Also make sure that the covers are easily washable because where kids and pets are concerned, you do not expect anything rot remain clean.


Some people complain of the pillow covers coming with very stiff zippers or zippers that do not fasten all the way up. Make sure you check how the zipper is before you purchase. You need a pillow cover with a zipper that is easy to fasten and fasten in order to slip the pillow inside. A zipper that is stuck is cumbersome and may cause some injuries if it is caught on the skin. Also, make sure the sipper material is rust-free.


You will use the pillow covers repeatedly so you have to make sure that whatever you choose stands the test of time. Do not go for those that wear and tear after a few washes or get all creased up after storage. Do not go for those that fade after only one festive season. Go for durability to enjoy your money’s worth for many years.

Best Christmas Pillow Decorative 06/2024

Now that you know what to consider before choosing the perfect Christmas pillow, you can choose the best Christmas pillow option to make your holiday worthwhile. Below are some of the best Christmas pillow options in the market. The most important thing to note is what really makes a Christmas pillow complete is the pillow cover. You can turn your favorite pillow like SNUGGLE-PEDIC BAMBOO COMBINATION MEMORY FOAM PILLOW into a Christmas pillow by getting a nice cover for it with all the Christmas themed patterns.

Many of these covers cone with beautiful Christmas themed decorations that transform your home from a dull place to a lively warm look. Brighten up the festive season with these pillow covers.

BLUETTEK Red embroidery Christmas pillow

Red Embroidery Christmas Pillow Covers Set of 4, BLUETTEK Snowman, Christmas Deer, Snowflake, Merry Christmas Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion Covers 18 X 18 Inch for Bed Sofa

The BLUETTEK red embroidery Christmas pillow material is rich cotton linen of the highest quality. It is both environmental friendly and very durable. The material comes with a hidden zipper that is almost impossible to see. It is easy to close and open. The material is also very easy to take care of and is both machine and hand washable. The colour is a bright vibrant red that goes with most Christmas colours.

The pillow comes in sets of four and they make beautiful home decorations during Christmas. The size of the pillow is 18 by 18 inches. They come with beautiful designs on the front of the pillow covers. Once you are done with the festive season, the covers are easy to fold back, store and wait until the next festive season.


  • The material is durable
  • Very beautiful designs
  • Easy to wash
  • Affordable
  • They come in different styles


  • Some people felt that the colour is not red but a little bit on the orange
  • Some claim that the zippers do not close up to the end

BPFY Christmas pillow covers

Christmas Pillow Covers 4 Pack,BPFY Print Snowman,Christmas Tree,Christmas Deer,Santa Claus, Merry Christmas Decorative Sofa Throw Pillow Case Cushion Covers 18 X 18 Inch,Cotton Linen

Just like the BLUETTEK Christmas pillow covers, these too come in a set of four. They are 18 by 18 inches and come with hidden zippers, which are both, easy to open and close. They come without any inserts or pillows. The covers are very stylish and have beautiful designs. They look good on sofas, benches, or any other place you chose to place them. The covers weigh 10.9 ounces and have patterns only on the front side.


  • Beautiful designs
  • Amazing colours
  • Comes in a set of 4
  • Hidden zipper that makes them look tidy
  • Great for every place
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to wash
  • Standard size


  • Zipper does not close to the end

Jinstyles Accent Decorative Pillow covers

If you are looking for an eco-friendly way to bring your room to life, then choose this vibrant coloured pillow cover. The good thing with this pillow cover is that you can use it for every occasion and not only during the festive season. The material is easily removable and just as easy to wash. It is also very comfortable and goes well with any décor in the room.

The material is high quality cotton canvas and the cover is rectangular shaped. The cover does not come with any insert and it fits into 18 by 12 inch throw pillows and cushions. The zipper is invisible and allows for easy insertions. It is a durable and affordable material. The cover comes in only one piece.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable material
  • Easy to use zipper
  • Affordable
  • Great design
  • Used for any occasion
  • Different vibrant colours
  • Standard size


  • Comes in only one piece
  • Zipper not too strong

WOMHOPE Pillow covers

WOMHOPE Pack of 4 Christmas Pillow Covers Embroidery Sleigh Snowflakes Winter Decorative Square Cushion Covers Shells 18 X 18 Inches for Bed,Sofa,Couch (B (Set of 4) Griege)

WOMHOPE are 18 by 18 pillow covers thaqt come in a set of four pieces. The pillowcases come with no insert. The embroidery on the front of the pillowcases goes well with the Christmas theme. The quality of the material is 100% cotton canvas that is both durable and easy to wash. The cushion cover also comes with an invisible zipper that allows you to insert and remove your pillow with ease.


  • Beautiful gold and white colours
  • Amazing designs
  • Durable
  • Easy to wash
  • Affordable


  • Zipper tends to stick

E.life Soft Square Christmas Throw Pillow Covers

The above snowflakes themed Christmas pillow covers are 18 by 18 inches. The cover comes as a single piece but you can buy as many as you wish. The material is cotton linen with high quality features. The cushion covers also come with a strong zipper nicely hidden to give the pillow a seamless appearance. The stitching is also perfect with no loose threads or uneven edges.

You get a choice of seven colours to choose from which makes them perfect for any room. The covers are easy to mix with every kind of décor you have in your house.


  • The pillow cover has multiple functions. You can use it on your bed, car seat, kids bed, sofa, outdoors or in the living room.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to care for
  • Comes in different colours
  • Durable
  • Invisible zipper that opens and closes with ease
  • Beautiful snowflake pattern on the front side of the cover


  • Zipper does not go to the end of the cover
  • There is only one colour option

Sykting Embroidery Throw Pillow

sykting Red Christmas Pillow Covers 18x18 Inch with Raised Embroidery Snowflakes Reindeer Sledge Holiday Pillow Covers for Winter Decorations Set of 4

The above embroidery pillow cover comes in a set of four 18 by 18 inches beautifully embroidered for the festive season. The Christmas patterns on the covers are Deer, Tree, Snow Flakes and a Sledge. The embroidery has both a traditional and modern touch to it giving the covers an exquisite look. The material of the covers is cotton canvas. The rear of the cover has a natural fabric colour without any decorations. The covers do not come with an insert.

The material is thick, breathable and durable. The zipper like in many other covers is invisible and it is to fasten and unfasten. All the patterns are handmade.


  • Durable material
  • Machine washable
  • Has a traditional vintage look that gives it more class
  • Affordable
  • Seamless look because of the invisible zippers
  • Versatile as you can use the pillows in the living room, bedroom or even on your car seats
  • Goes well with any room design and decor


  • After the first wash, the red colour gets into the images changing them to a pink hue colour. This was however a complaint from very few customers
  • Some claimed that the zipper is not strong enough


Christmas is all about joy and celebrations. The beautiful colours that adorn most homes and offices help to bring out the real feeling of the festive season. You can add to this joy by adding charm and beauty to your home. As you decorate that tree and put up all the other decorations around your home, add some class by throwing in a few pillows here and there. You have a wide selection to choose from to turn your indoors and outdoors into an exquisite place with the above Christmas pillows and many more. Check out the wide selection of all the pillows from Amazon and let beauty speak up this festive season.

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