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It is quite uncomfortable sleeping next to a snoring person. Snoring is not fun for both the snorer and any other person in the room or bed. The noise is both unappealing, and it can cause lack of sleep, especially for the person listening to the snorer.

We all know what lack of sleep does to a person. You spend the following day feeling fatigued, and you could probably develop a headache due to lack of sleep, be irritable, or even become unproductive. Whatever the case, snoring is not good. Some people snore due to genetics, while others do it due to wrong sleeping positions.


Fortunately, there are many solutions designed to help snorers curb the problem. The solutions are not limited to medication, wearing devices and masks over their faces, or changing their sleep positions. Some of the solutions include changing the pillow you use to help with the problem.

The focus is usually on pillows that can hold the head in better alignment to ease snoring. In this article, we give you a review of some of the best pillow for snoring in the market that will make a difference to you and the person sleeping next to you.

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Xtreme Comforts 7” Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

- $9.74 OFF Xtreme Comforts Wedge Pillows - 7' Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow for Sleeping (1Pk)

Back and side sleepers with snoring issues could benefit from using the Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Pillow. The pillow comes with an elevation that helps to align the spine and prevent other problems such as interruption of the airways, and circulation. The wedge pillow contains two solid memory foam and conforming wedges that create the elevation.

Besides helping with circulation and clearing the airways, the height also helps those with stomach issues, neck, and back strains. The pillows memory foam responds to the heat of the body efficiently providing relief from pressure by holding the neck and head on the proper alignment of the spine.

The cover of the pillow is a breathable bamboo casing that also comes with antimicrobial properties. The pillow is also great for leg and back support.


  • Provides excellent support for the back, head, and neck
  • Made with 100% memory foam
  • Helps to reduce snoring, improve circulation, clear the airways
  • Suitable for people recovering from injuries
  • Ideal for back and side sleepers
  • Breathable bamboo casing
  • Cover comes with antimicrobial properties


  • May cause off-gassing
  • It may take time to get used to the pillow

WoodyKnows Side-Sleeping Back Pillows

WoodyKnows Side-Sleeping Backpack, Newly Upgraded │ Positional Therapy Device for Side-Sleeping │ Trainer for Sleep Position │ Anti Snoring Aid Solution (Large)

Woodyknows is an inflatable and adjustable backpack that provides you with the comfort you need to prevent snoring. The anti-snoring pillow supports the back as you sleep on your side, preventing the soft throat tissues and tongue from falling back when you are sleeping. It helps to prevent respiratory tract blockage that induces snoring.

The pillow enables people to develop the habit of side sleeping after which they no longer need the backpack. The anti-snoring pillow works well alongside Woodyknows nasal dilators and mouth tape. The backpack has fastenings with reliable buckles and straps to make it stable. It comes in a comfortable, breathable soft fabric made with high-quality inner cushion.

It comes in small and large sizes to fit different body sizes and shapes. You can also adjust the straps to fit your body type perfectly. The anti-snoring pillow also comes with an inflatable airbag and an expandable zipper. It is easily portable, light, easy to fold, saves storage space, easy to wash and a great travelling package.


  • Provides back support for side sleepers’
  • Prevents snoring
  • Helps to relieve back pains
  • Helps with circulation and opening of the airways
  • Stable and reliable
  • Comes with an inflatable bag
  • Comes in large and small sizes
  • Easily portable
  • Easy to wash
  • Adjustable straps
  • Saves storage space


  • It is difficult to use for some people
  • It takes some time to get used to

Coop Home Goods – Eden Adjustable Pillow

You can never go wrong with Coop Home Goods Pillows, and the Eden adjustable pillow is proof of the company’s quality. The adjustable pillow features soft gel-infused memory foam and a microfiber filling that provides you with fresh sleep experiences every night. The adjustable features also allow you to control all the wrong things that happen as you sleep, including snoring, turning, and tossing, and even body pains.

You can add or remove the memory foam fill to suit your preferences, which include sleep position and body type. All the pillows from Coop Home Goods go through strict lab testing, they are GREENGUARD Gold, and CertiPUR-US certified. They are safe, have no chemical ingredients and cruelty-free.

The pillow cover is hypoallergenic, breathable and made with Eden’s Lulltra fabric, which is a blend of viscose rayon derived from bamboo, and polyester. It is soft to the skin and mite and dust resistant. The pillow comes with a satisfaction guarantee and a full money refund within the first 100 days. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Made with high-quality hypoallergenic materials
  • Prevents snoring and other pains
  • Adjustable features that allow you to use it according to your preferences and comfort
  • Lab-tested, CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty and 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Bonus ½ lb bag of fill included with the purchase
  • Made in the USA


  • Comes with a strong scent
  • Gets thin within a few months of use
  • Expensive

Abco Tech Bed Wedge Pillow

- $2.26 OFF Abco Tech Bed Pillow Wedge for Sleeping - Memory Foam Top - Reduce Neck & Back Pain, Snoring, Acid Reflux, Respiratory Problems - Ideal for Sleeping, Reading, Rest, Elevation - Washable Cover - 7in

Abco Tech Bed Wedge Pillow ensures that you get adequate support and relief from discomforts and several pains as you sleep. The wedge of the pillow helps to help your body lie in an incline to reduce snoring by unblocking the airways. The pillow also helps to relieve pressure on the throat, allowing you to enjoy a snore-free and better restful night.

The pillow also gives proper alignment to the head, back, and helps to relieve pains on the lower back, neck, and hip. It is the best pillow to use if you are going through any kind of medical recovery. It is also excellent for pregnant women as it helps to support the abdomen and ease the common back pains that come with pregnancy.

The pillow is durable and made with high quality and comfortable materials. It comes with a non-grip mechanism, and the high-density memory foam contours your body to offer firmness and support. The cover is comfortably breathable, easily washable, and easy to maintain high levels of hygiene.


  • Wedge pillow that offers the body an incline for support
  • Aligns the back by giving support to the head, neck and hip
  • Prevents snoring by opening the airways and improving blood circulation
  • Breathable, easy to wash and maintain pillow cover
  • Made with high-quality memory foam material
  • Affordable


  • Feels too stiff for some users

Sleepnitez 8” Wedge Pillow for Acid Reflux

- $14.00 OFF Sleepnitez 8' Bed Wedge Pillow for Sleeping, Luxurious 3.25' Top Layer Memory Foam Wedge Pillow, Acid Reflux Pillow for GERD, Anti Snoring Pillow Wedge for Sleeping Pregnancy Wedge Pillows

The 8-inch wedge pillow from Sleepnitez is one of the best for people that suffer from acid reflux. The luxurious pillow comes with a wedge that makes sleeping more comfortable. The wedge pillow is also a versatile pillow that you can use as a backrest on your bed, couch, or chair while sleeping, reading, or watching TV. The pillow has a gradual elevation that helps you to recline enough for your neck and back to relax.

The recline helps to prevent discomforts, slouching, and pain acquired from improper and prolonged sitting positions. You can also use the pillow alongside your other favorite pillows for further support. The CertiPUR-US certified memory foam material is of the highest quality.

Unlike other wedge pillows, the sleepnitez des not come with the usual new smell that irritates some users. The Tencel cover of the pillow is soft, easily washable, and ideal for sensitive skin. Besides helping with GERD, and snoring, the pillow also provides pain relief to post-surgery patients. The elevation of the pillow opens up the airways by supporting the neck and head to prevent snoring.


  • Wedge incline that supports the head, and neck to open the airways
  • Prevents snoring
  • Offers support for the back, neck, head, and legs
  • Helps to relieve post-surgery pain
  • High-quality CertiPUR-US memory foam material
  • Easy to wash, maintain, and breathable Tencel pillow cover
  • Versatile


  • It takes longer to get used to

Sweetnight Pillows for Sleeping

Sweetnight Pillows for Sleeping comes with amazing features that make one of the best comfortable pillows to use as you sleep. The stuffing of the pillow is shredded gel memory foam that provides you with the best comfort and back alignment. The pillow comes with adjustable features allowing you to stuff the foam in any way you want, to fit your preferences.

The ergonomic pillow give your neck, shoulder and head support, balance and alignment, which helps you to stop turning and tossing through the night. The pillow incline also helps to prevent insomnia, snoring, and migraines. It is suitable for side sleepers, but other sleepers can benefit from its desirable features too. The CertiPUR-US certified memory foam is comfortable, durable, and safe. The removable and breathable pillow cover ensures you enough safety as you sleep and comfort from the rayon material. The pillow comes with a user manual for ease of use.


  • Adjustable features that allow you to use it according to your preferences
  • Soft, breathable cover made with the most malleable material
  • Supports the head, neck, and shoulders
  • Aligns the back
  • Minimizes snoring, insomnia, turning and tossing, and migraines
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam making it safe


  • Comes with a smell
  • It takes some time to get used to

Linenspa Bed Wedge Pillow

LINENSPA Bed Wedge Foam Pillow – Sleep Elevated – Reduce Snoring, Apnea, Acid Reflux – Incline Supports Head and Legs – Washable Cover, Dorm Room Essentials Gray

If you have snoring issues, you need a pillow that elevates your upper body to open the airways. You cannot find a better pillow than the Linenspa Bed Wedge Pillow as it comes with multiple abilities such as alleviating acid reflux, snoring, pains, and tension. A gentle slope of the pillow helps with elevation.

The versatility of the pillow allows you to use it for other purposes such as propping your legs up and as support on your couch or chair as you read or watch TV. The pillow cover is soft, hypoallergenic, and removable made with the best quality velour material. The pillow also helps those recovering from surgery and other medical situations.


  • Supports and elevates upper body
  • Opens the airways to prevent snoring
  • Helps to relieve other body pains
  • Helps to alleviate acid reflux
  • High quality, soft velour cover


  • Pillow is too big especially for people with small body sizes
  • Wedge is too steep for some users
  • Pillow zipper, not the best quality

InteVision Extra-Large Bed Wedge Pillow

InteVision Extra Large Bed Wedge Pillow (33 x 30.5 x 12 inch) and Headrest Pillow in One Package - Helps Relief from Acid Reflux, Post Surgery, Snoring - Egyptian Cotton Cover - 2 inch Memory Foam Top

If you are looking for the perfect pillow to correct your bad sleeping habits, you should consider buying the InteVision foam wedge pillow. The pillow comes with a wedge shape that has one end thicker than the other one. It is a large pillow designed for resting the head on the larger side of the wedge with the other parts propping and supporting the neck and shoulders.

The pillow also comes with a base and a top layer. The layered pillow design allows free airflow, which makes it fresh and comfortable as you sleep. It also comes with a soft and breathable machine-washable cover.

Besides helping to prevent snoring by lifting the head, you can also use the pillow for leg support, preventing acid reflux, back and shoulder pains, and complications that come with allergies. It is also the perfect choice for people recovering from post-operations.


  • Provides the perfect spine, head, neck, and shoulder support
  • Comes with an incline that helps to reduce snoring and open airways
  • Comfortable layered memory foam
  • Made with durable, high-quality materials
  • Foam layers help with air circulation, which makes it fresh, healthy, and hygienic


  • Pillow does not come with non-grip features
  • Comes with an unpleasant smell
  • Very little information about the manufacturer

Golden Linens Bamboo Memory Foam

A peaceful and restful night relaxes the body and mind. If you have a night of turning and tossing or snoring, chances are you will have a restless day after waking up. You need a right pillow to ensure that your sleep goes well without any mental and physical interruptions. The Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow from Golden Linens LLC can give you the comfort you need.

The pillow comes in the king and queen sizes made with high-quality breathable bamboo memory foam. The hypoallergenic memory foam allows a free flow of air, making the pillow fresh, comfortable, and hygienic. When it comes to supporting the back and neck, the pillow provides the best services.

The support helps to clear the airways to reduce snoring. It also helps you to overcome other sleeping disorders such as apnea and insomnia. The pillow is also perfect for alleviating asthma and allergy symptoms. It comes with a soft, breathable cover that you can remove quickly and wash easily.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Allows the free flow of air
  • Supports back and neck to prevent snoring
  • Soft, breathable, removable pillow cover
  • Comes in two sizes


  • Comes with a strong smell
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Visco Love Orthopedic Wellness Cervical Neck Pillow

SILVER SLEEP Orthopedic Wellness Cervical Neck Ergonomic Contoured Head Memory Foam Pillow by VISCO LOVE US LLC.

Visco Love Orthopedic Wellness Cervical Neck Pillow is another excellent pillow that comes with amazing qualities. The pillow, made with hypoallergenic memory foam is especially suitable for allergy-sensitive people. The layout of the pillow provides people with orthopedic issues the best support and relief for their problems.

It also comes with CertiPUR-US certification, which makes it safe to use. The pillow helps to control snoring by regulating the sleeping positions. The unique shape of the pillow conforms to the body aligning all parts for better blood circulation and free airways, which helps to stop snoring.

The memory foam also allows unrestricted airflow, which makes it comfortable, hygienic, and refreshing. It comes with a breathable and removable cover that is easy to wash.


  • Comes with a unique design that conforms to the body
  • Helps to prevent snoring and body aches
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US
  • Relaxes the joints of the body
  • Breathable, removable, and washable pillow cover


  • The thickness of the pillow does not do much to relieve neck pain

What Causes Snoring?


Snoring occurs when the airways block, making it harder to breathe freely. As the air forces its way through the constrained airways, people a horse or harsh, irritating sound of a snore. Snoring is common among both women and men. Children too snore, for some people snoring is chronic while for others, it is occasional.

Snoring is a problem for your partner as it causes the same kind of unrest. Some of the causes include underlying health problems, obesity, alcohol, allergies, sinuses, genetics, and a cold among others. Deprivation of sleep is also another cause of snoring, and so is your sleeping position.

Besides being a nuisance to your partner, snoring can also lead to other issues such as a restless day, sleepiness during daytime, irritability, high blood pressure, heart conditions, accidents, and aggression among others.

What Helps Open Airways?


To open your airways to prevent snoring, you may have to change your lifestyle, use an anti-snoring pillow, change your sleeping position, avoid regular sleep deprivation, and stop sleeping on your back. Some of the lifestyle changes that help to open airways include, losing weight, avoiding alcohol and smoking, and regular exercising.

Other ways to clear the airways include using oral appliances such as dental mouthpieces, using CPAP machines, and undergoing upper airway surgery. You should also practice sleeping more on the side than the back and ensure that your head and neck are at elevation as you sleep.

Types of Anti-Snoring Pillows

Anti-snoring pillows come in different types that suit individual snoring issues.

Memory foam pillows

The most common anti-snoring pillows are the memory foam units. They provide snorers with support for their heads and neck to help open the airways. They also adapt and conform well to the body’s natural contours that help to align the spine and other parts of the body to provide better and restful sleep. Some of the pillows also come with adjustable features that allow sleepers to use them according to their preferences.

Wedge pillows

Wedge anti-snoring pillows are also another popular choice, and they come with several other functions. They have a wedge shape, which includes an incline with one side being larger than the other side. Wedge pillows have a triangular shape that helps to raise and support the head, neck, and back. They are ideal for back sleepers. They help to clear the airway by preventing the tongue from obstruction the airways by slipping to the back of the throat.

Contour pillows

Just as the name suggests, contour pillows help to align the body to provide comfort and stress-free sleep. The pillows help to contour the head, shoulders, neck, and back to provide alignment that gives you a comfortable sleep. The pillow comes with a depression in the middle that takes a concave shape.

The edges of the pillows are thick and firm. The unique shape of the pillow helps to keep the airways open and hold the head in place as you sleep. Opening of the airways helps to prevent snoring and other back, shoulder, and neck pains.

Neck support pillows

Neck support pillows are also another great choice for people that snore. They come with a unique design that cradles the neck and the head while at the same time allowing the perfect relaxation of the spine.

CPAP Pillows

Continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP pillows are also some of the best anti-snoring pillows in the market. They work hand in hand with CPAP machines to provide users with comfort throughout the night. CPAP therapy is especially vital for people with snoring and sleep apnea issues.

The pillows work by forcing the airways open through an increase of pressure on the throat. CPAP machine users have the least means of movement during the night because many of them use masks over their faces. The pillows come in handy for such users as they provide support for the neck and head, helping to keep the mask in place throughout the night.

Microbead anti-snoring pillows

Anti-snoring microbead pillows use microbeads that help to provide support and comfort to the back and neck reducing snoring.

Therapeutical anti-snoring pillows

Therapeutical pillows come with a unique design that helps to maintain the neck’s natural curve. They also help to give support to the upper back and align the whole body to prevent airway obstruction, which in turn helps to reduce snoring.

Smart pillows

On the list, we also have anti-snoring smart pillows that also help people with snoring issues to sleep better. The pillows come with features that help to monitor the breathing sounds of the user. If they detect any snoring, they gently and quietly change the position of the head, increasing the gap between the throat and the gap. The move makes breathing seamless, reducing snoring.

What to Consider When Choosing a Pillow for Snoring


Going through the internet for anti-snoring pillows gives you many choices. Some of the choices are the perfect fits, while others do not provide relief as they claim to do. With a growing need for the best anti-snoring pillows, it is crucial to know what to look for before you click buy on your choice. Below are the factors to help you in choosing your pillow for snoring.

Sleeping position

Before you search for the snoring pillow of your choice, you should be clear about your sleeping position. The reason for this is that your sleep position influences the choice you make. For back sleepers, the best choice pillows are wedge anti-snoring pillows. A contour pillow also does a perfect job to help curb snoring for back sleepers. Side sleepers do well with contour and neck cervical anti-snoring pillows.


The materials used on the anti-snoring pillows are also another vital factor to consider. Materials range from memory foam to latex, and polyester, among others. The most preferred materials are memory foam pillows, as they do not lose their shapes irrespective of how long you use them. They are also durable, and the material is hypoallergenic the high-quality materials also provide value for money.


Comfort is one of the most important factors to consider if you suffer from snoring issues. The pillow you choose should provide enough support and alignment of all the body parts to help you sleep comfortably.

Go for pillows that come with anti-slip features to prevent turning and tossing throughout the night. You should also choose those with breathable features to help you stay cool through the night. A stress-free sleep also helps to alleviate snoring.


The basic function of every pillow is to provide support for the head, neck, shoulders, and back. Choose an anti-snoring pillow that comes with the perfect support to keep your airways open to prevent snoring.


Size of the pillow also matters when you are choosing an anti-snoring pillow. The size of the pillow should conform to your body type and size of the bed.


You should be sure of the amount you want to use for your pillow before you go hunting for the perfect fit. Remember that expensive does not always mean the best and cheap does not translate to a bad product. Whatever you decide, ensure that the pillow goes well with all your preferences.


Can a pillow be the cause of snoring?

Yes, using the wrong pillow can contribute to your snoring. If you have used a pillow for a long time and you continue to snore, it may have its ability to provide you with the support you need to keep the airways open.

Is it possible to stop snoring naturally?

Yes, you can stop snoring naturally by changing your lifestyle. Some of the things that contribute to airway blockage include gaining weight, alcohol consumption, not having enough exercise and sleeping on the back, among other things. If you could reverse these habits, you could also help to open your airways and breathe easily to curb down o snoring.

What is OSA, and how is it connected with snoring?

OSA means obstructive sleep apnea, which is the constriction of the airway. Snoring is one of the causes of OSA, and it comes with health issues such as headaches, high blood pressure, irritability, and depression, among others. OSA can lead to more adverse health issues such as heart problems, obesity, and diabetes, among others.

Wrapping it up

Snoring is a problem to both the sufferer and the person sleeping next to him or her. It keeps people awake, leading to a bad morning and day filled with headaches, lack of sleep, and irritability, among other issues. Preventing snoring is possible, and one of the things you can use to make a difference is by using an anti-snoring pillow.

The above pillows come with enough testing to prove their abilities to help provide enough support for the body parts to prevent snoring. Whichever pillow you choose, you will be doing yourself and your partner a great benefit of having a quiet and peaceful sleep.

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