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Whether you are travelling by train, plain or car, you need to arrive to your destination feeling fresh and ready to take on the world. It is however completely different for most people that travel a lot. Many arrive at their destinations with aches all over their body, stiff necks, headaches and overall body fatigue. Some even fear falling asleep when they travel for fear of waking up feeling like a truck ran over their bodies. Others fall asleep the minute their head rests on the seat. They can literary fall asleep anywhere in spite of the noise or environment surrounding them.

While it is good to manage to go to sleep when travelling, not everyone wakes up feeling like he or she had quality rest and comfort. One of the main reasons why people wake up with pains is because of the position of their neck is and heads when they fall asleep. Even after the end of your journey there is still no guarantee that you will end up in a hotel that offers a solution.

Best Travel Pillows

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While we know that most airline pillows do not offer much neck support because of their sizes and quality, we also know that hotel pillows are not any different. Some of them are so bulky and stiff with qualities that cannot support your sleeping patterns. You may be lucky to find a hotel where they offer pillow menus and you can choose what you think will give you enough comfort.

You can however avoid all these disappointments by travelling with your own pillow. You may wonder how that is possible considering majority of the pillows we use are big and cannot fit into a tote bag. Well, you do not have to worry because today, there are many different types of inflatable travel pillows that can easily fit in with your other luggage. In this article, we will look at some of the best travel pillow in the market today, but first things first.

Why do you need a travel pillow?


The main reason why people use pillows is to support the head and neck while sleeping because they create great resting positions. The same goes for people that are travelling. When you are travelling, you need to support your head and neck so that you do not arrive at your destination with a stiff neck or a headache.

While majority of the hotels offer pillows, if you are the kind that probably uses more than one pillow in order to fall asleep, you can add your travel pillow to what you already have in your room for better support.


If you are travelling by train or a car, then in most cases, you know there are no pillows provided for head support in case you want to take a nap. If you are travelling by plane, you may be in luck and get offered a pillow. However, plane pillows are small just like every other accessory they give the customers. The quality of the pillows is also not good enough to give you the kind of support you require. It is therefore important to carry your own that will guarantee you enough comfort as you travel.

Though almost every hotel you get into, will obviously give you a pillow, it is good to have your own either to place on top of the hotel pillows for better comfort.

Avoid allergies

Some people are very allergic to different kind of materials. Not every hotel you sleep in will have pillows made from hypoallergenic material. Also not every plane pillow is hypoallergenic. Some hotels too tend to have mite no matter how posh and classy they may be. To avoid, allergies and mite infesting your head and other body parts, it is best to carry your own travel pillow which you are sure is rom a hypoallergenic material.

Also many hotels use bleach and other chemicals on their consumer products. Some of the chemicals and fragrances do not go well with everyone as they might have sensitivity to them. If you know that you are sensitive to different types of chemicals, it is advisable to carry your own pillow.

Protection for valuables

Some people travel with fragile and easily breakable things. Instead of using newspaper wraps to protect these fragile things, you can use your padded travel pillows to protect your products. The pillows are very compact and acts as cushion to the fragile things which makes it hard for them to break or change their shapes. So you need that extra padding to protect your valuables, think of travel pillows.

The main kinds of travel pillows in the market


Travel pillows come in different sizes, shapes and brands. It is very important that you first figure out what kind of pillow best suits you before buying. The most common kind of travel pillows are inflatable, microbead, and memory foam travel pillows.


Inflatable travel pillows come in different shapes and sizes. Majority of them are however u-shaped. In order to use them, you have to inflate them to your desired firmness. They are very convenient to pack when they are deflated as they occupy very little space. Inflatable travel pillows come in handy especially when you are going for road trips, taking a long flight or if you are a budget traveller.


Microbead travel pillows are very lightweight and majority of them are u-shaped. The pillows have small polystyrene beads that make them look unique. The difference between microbead travel pillows and inflated travel pillows is that the former, are not as portable as the latter to carry along as you travel. If you are the kind that packs light, then this pillow may not be great for you. When you lie on this pillow, it changes its shape to give the neck support. It is not also as comfortable as the inflated pillow when it comes to comfort and support.

Memory foam

Memory foam travel pillows are the most popular travelling pillows in the market. They are consistent, firm, comfortable and the best recommended travel pillows. They are also easily portable because you can easily clip and compress them to fit into your tote bag or suitcase. Memory foam travel pillows also come in different shapes, sizes and types. They are also the most expensive travel pillows in the market.

Neck braces

There are travel pillows that come in the form of neck braces. They are in the category of memory foam pillows and are meant for people forward leaning people. You can wrap them around your neck like a brace and enjoy a confortable sleep as you travel.

Factors to consider when choosing your travel pillow

Before purchasing your travel pillow, there are some things you need to consider. Some of these are

Your sleeping style

People have different sleeping styles. We have side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers. The way you sleep matters a lot because it will guide you into choosing what kind of pillow best suits you. When you are travelling, the best thing to consider is if the pillow you are buying will give you enough neck support considering how you love to sleep. The assumption that travelling people only lie down with the heads facing upwards is not true. Some will sleep with their heads on top of the seat, on the side of the seat, on the armrest or away from the seat.

If you have any kind of ache on the neck or shoulders, you should also be careful to choose a pillow that is firm enough to support your neck. Pregnant mothers sometimes find it very uncomfortable to travel and any position they choose to rest with is a problem. Choose a travelling pillow that best suits your condition.

Pillow fabric

Many people tend to overlook the pillow fabric when they are buying one. This should not be the case because the fabric is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a travel pillow. The inflatable pillow is made from plastic. Some people find plastic to be very irritating to their skin. Plastic can also be a nuisance especially if the weather is hot. It is therefore important that you choose a material that will make you feel comfortable.

If you travel to cold and hot places, then you will need both cotton and plastic in order to cope with changes. If you are travelling to cold places, then fleece pillows will do just fine to retain the body temperatures.

Weight and size of the pillow

Travel pillows are not standard. They come in different sizes, weights and shapes. Choose a travel pillow that best suits your styles. If you are a light traveller, go inflatable and memory foam pillows because they are light. If you have extra space in your carry-ons, then you can add a microbead travel pillow to your luggage. Almost all travel pillows are very light that you will barely realize they are in your luggage.


You do not want to keep buying a travel pillow overtime you are taking a flight or travelling. If you are a frequent traveller, then you need a pillow that will see you through all your travels. You need a pillow that can withstand anything and still look great. You need a durable pillow and one that is worth every penny you send. Make sure whatever pillow you choose is a great investment that will not need replacing after every few months.


Find a pillow that you can wash easily. The cover especially should be easy to machine wash and the zipper must be washable too.


The cost of the pillow you choose matters a lot too. Before you decide on what to buy, read all the reviews you can find on the particular brand to help you make a decision on whether it is worth the asking price.

Now that we know why a travel pillow is important and what to consider before purchasing one, let’s look at some of the best travel pillows in the market.

Top Travel Pillow Reviews 05/2024

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow

If you are looking for the perfect travel companion, then you have one in Cabeau evolution memory foam pillow. This donut shaped pillow in the “Evolution Series” is one of the most popular and most bought travel pillows among others like BCOZZY CHIN AND NECK TRAVEL PILLOW. Below is a buying guide to help you into making the best decision before purchasing Cabeau evolution memory foam pillow

Buying guide

The pillow comes with an extra soft velour cover and very comfortable foam material. You can easily compress the travel pillow to fit into your travel bag as a quarter of its full size. Other specifications and features of the Cabeau memory foam pillow are;

  • Irrespective of which side you want to lean your head, this pillow easily adjusts to give you a 360 degree support. It also comes with a flattened rear cushion for air travellers.
  • The side supports are raised
  • Comes with in-built pockets that can hold your phone, Mp3 or other valuables
  • Comes with a compact travel pillow bag
  • Earplugs made from memory foam
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • The pillow is machine washable
  • Ranked 4.2/5
  • The pillow comes in eight different colors and ships to different states in the US. It sells for $32.99 to $399.99. Shipping cost is $4.99. The travel bag also comes with a gift wrap and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The pillows come in standard measurements of 10x5x9.5 inches and a weight of 11.7 ounces. Its shipping weight is 12.8 ounces.
  • There is an advanced model of the pillow that comes with an in-built cooling system.

The Good

  • It is an excellent neck and head support
  • Very comfortable
  • Has a removable and easily washable material
  • Comes with a pouch for your phone or other valuables
  • Comes with its own travel bag
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easily portable
  • Ships with a gift wrap

The Bad

  • The travel bag is made from plastic which makes it look cheap.

Customer Reviews

The Cabeau Evolution has a very unique design. For one, the back is flat – which can be great for airline seats. Most neck pillows have padding in the back. When seated, this extra padding can push your head more forward, making it slightly uncomfortable. That’s not the case for this pillow. Also, the side walls extend higher than most of the competition

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BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Neck Pillow

The one thing that makes this travel pillow special is its unique design.it is also the only travel pillow that prevents your head from going forward while you sleep.  Like the CABEAU EVOLUTION MEMORY FOAM TRAVEL PILLOW, BCOZZY chin supporting travel neck pillow also offers a 360 degree neck support irrespective of your sleeping style.

You can twist the pillow to any position that will best conform to your head and neck and the positions you choose to sleep in. this particular pillow makes travelling very interesting and comfortable. Yoyo can also take the same pillow into your hotel room and use it to add extra support to your neck by placing it on top of the hotel pillows.

Buying Guide

If you choose to buy this travel people, below are the specifications and features to expect.

  • The pillow wraps around the neck like a scarf providing extra simultaneous support to the chin, neck and the head.
  • Allows you to move your head to whatever direction you want without any hindrances
  • Conforms to every kind of travel
  • You can use it at home or in hotels as extra support for your neck
  • Good enough for children
  • Easily washable and portable
  • Comes in gray color
  • Ships in different states in the US
  • Rating of 4.3/5 stars
  • Comes in one standard adult size
  • It is gray in color
  • Sells for $29.97 with free shipping

The Good

  • Very enhanced support for the neck and head
  • Allows a 360 degree movement
  • Every movement of the head is captured
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Machine washable
  • Portable

The Bad

  • Using it for the first time may feel awkward.

Customer Review

I ordered this pillow for a 28h series of flights to South Africa. It was very comfortable and the best neck pillow I’ve ever used. I slept for hours at a time and experienced minimal neck pain despite being crammed in economy class with the seat back in the upright position

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Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow has a patented ergonomic shape. It attaches to the “wings “of an airline seat, car’s headrest or most wear it ‘messenger bag style’. The pillow nestles against the head to provide support and comfort in flight or on the road, on a wheel chair, when taking a nap in the office, while you are out camping and many other places. Another pillow comparable to Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow is TRAVELMATE MEMORY FOAM NECK PILLOW,

Buying Guide

Here are some of the features that make it the ultimate travel pillow to buy

  • Attaches to airline or car seats or one may choose to wear it like a messenger bag
  • Also used with a low back seat
  • Takes very little effort to inflate (3-easy puffs) and deflates in seconds
  • Worn “freestyle”
  • Portable and firm-3” 10 rolled up
  • Available in different colors
  • Affordable – Sells for $23.95 and ships in other states in the US
  • Easy attachment to luggage
  • Comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Has a soft faux velvety texture that does not irritate the skin or cause discomfort

The Bad

  • Hard to position if you use the rope to fasten it to the seat back
  • Requires frequent readjustment

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Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Many travel pillows in the market today are especially made for travelling in planes. Very few are made to suit all other kinds of travels and situations. Travelmate however is different from many other travel pillows because its uses are diverse. Though it looks like many other travel pillows in the market, Travelmate has an insert. This is an easy to remove cover made from soft velour material. At the back of the pillow, there is a strap that you can easily strap on the seat for stronger grip.

Like the TRAVELREST ULTIMATE TRAVEL PILLOW, the Travelmate travel pillow is unique travel pillow with an attractive design. It is also similar to many other travel pillows in the market today. Yoyo can customize the Travelmate to suit your comfort. Below are the features and specifications to help you with your

Buying Guide

  • The pillow is manufactured by Travelmate and comes with a 30 day money guarantee with absolutely no questions asked about the return.
  • The pillow is made from high quality memory foam and a very plush comfortable velour cover.
  • It measures 11x12x3.8 inches and weighs 12.8 ounces.
  • It comes in a dark blue color.

The Good

  • It is easily machine washable and just as easy to maintain.
  • Affordable – sells for 10.85 vat Amazon
  • Odorless
  • Comfortable evolution memory foam travel pillow
  • Firm
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

The Bad

  • Becomes warm and soft in hot and humid conditions
  • Stitching not too strong
  • Doesn’t come with a carry bag
  • Have zipper issues

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Trtl Pillow

Trtl is one of the best scientifically proven BCOZZY LLC alternative to traditional design travel pillows. It offers a unique neck support system that you cannot compare with many other types of pillow in the market today. The pillow is a scarf like wrap made of fleece; it looks very much like BCOZZY CHIN AND NECK TRAVEL PILLOW but with a few more modifications. There is a vestro strip on the pillow which helps to hold it firmly in place around your neck. The material that makes the pillow is thin which makes the pillow less bulky and more comfortable around the neck and the head.

Buying Guide

The specifications and features of the Trtl that will help you in making the right decision to purchase are

  • It is made from very soft and comfortable fleece fabric
  • The pillow is very comfortable and cozy and acts as a buffer to the neck and head
  • It has a long Velcro strap that allows you to adjust it to fit whatever position you feel most comfortable in
  • The material is easily removable and machine washable
  • It is hypoallergenic and comes in black color
  • Affordable – sells for $ 29.99
  • Comes with a 2 month warranty which you can extend by entering your email address on the “faq” section. You can extend this warranty up to 12 months.

Customer Review

Get the pillow, but if you’re petite you may have to choose between the pillow and your yuppie headphones. My wife has Parkinson’s and has trouble holding her head up. We tried other products, but this is the one that gave her the support she needed

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Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Made with 100% foam material, everlasting comfort travel pillow is one of the most comfortable in the market. Besides the foam material, the pillow has no other additives. The velour cover material is very plush and comes with an easy to open zipper. The cover is also machine- washable and the pillow is great for both the young and the old.

Buying Guide

Other features and specifications of the travel pillow that will help you in making the right decision when buying are

  • It has a sophisticated ergonomic raised lobe design. While many of the standard u-shaped neck pillows do not offer enough support to stop the neck from tilting, Everlasting Comfort Neck Pillow gives maximum comfort because it has raised orthopedic lobes that contour both sides of the neck making it more comfortable especially during long travels.
  • Comes with a cell pocket that can fit either of the following things, tour smartphone, MP3, IPod, iPhone and other gadgets, this allows you to listen to your favorite music or audio books as you take a nap. In the pocket, you can also fit in your eye mask and earplugs
  • It’s very portable as it is light and easy to fold up.
  • With every purchase, you get a lifelong replacement guarantee of the travel pillow.
  • Very affordable as it sells for $13.99
  • Measures 14x9x5 inches and weighs 0.9 lbs
  • It is durable and very easy to use

Customer Review

I bought this pillow because it was soft and wonderful. The mask that came with the pillow ended up being a great bonus. It actually fits against my face nicely and blocks the light much better and more comfortably than the one I had been using before, I’m really glad I bought this set”

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Huzi Infinity Pillow

Designed by BCXSY and made by Huzi Design, this beautiful travel pillow is a simple yet wonderful travel pillow that comes with many benefits. Though it is slightly larger than other travel pillows like TRTL PILLOW, it still offers the same kind of comfort and strength that you get from them. It is a long pillow with an infinity shaped design.

The shape of the pillow gives it more opportunities than most other travel pillows. You can use the train in many ways in a car, plane, and train, out camping or in your hotel room. All you do is put it around your neck like an infinite scarf, adjust it to the comfort you need and you can snooze away for the rest of your journey.

Below are the other features and specifications of Huzi infinity pillow:

  • It is made from bamboo and polyester fabrics and has an infinity shape.
  • The measurements of the pillow are 39×6 inches
  • It comes with a convenient travel case and is machine washable
  • It is hypoallergenic and has an adapted layered filling

The Good

  • You can twist the pillow to whatever shape you want and use it as a neck pillow, window pillow, desk pillow, sleep mask, noise cancelling pillow, back and neck comfort and many others.
  • It is comfortable
  • You can use the pillow in your everyday life besides travelling\
  • If you want to block out any noises when you are travelling, you can pull the pillow to block the ears. You can also cover your eyes to block out the light if you want to have a sound undisturbed sleep

The Bad

  • It is slightly on the higher side in price as compared to other travel pillows. Huzi infinity pillow sells for $39.99
  • The cover is not removable
  • If you are using earbuds or headphones, the pillow may interfere with them
  • As a carry on, it is bulk

Customer Review

I am a person who has a hard time getting comfortable when sleeping on a plane and traditional U-shaped pillows did not give me the support or comfort I needed. Because I was going on a 13-hour flight to Europe (with one stop) I went to a travel website to research pillows as I wanted to ward off jet-lag. Once I double wrapped the infinity design over my neck I was in comfort heaven! When sleeping on planes my head tends to tilt to the side or forward, putting a strain on my neck. No matter the angle my head was supported with the right amount of firmness. I took it off to support my back while eating and propped it against the window so I could lay on it. It helped to cancel out white noise and kept me cozy during a chilly flight, I love this pillow so much that when I realized that the pillow in my hotel room was inadequate I augmented it with the Infinity. It is a bit bulky but, it was worth it and you can compress to get to a manageable size using the strap

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Aircomfy Inflatable Neck/Lumbar Pillow

AirComfy inflatable multi-purpose travel pillow is made with the combination of self-inflation and foam making it one of the most impressionable travel pillows in the market today. It is multi-purpose because it acts as a neck support pillow as well as a lumbar support pillow for the lower back.

Manufactured by AirComfy, the pillow weighs 2.4 ounces and measures 14×8.5×3.5 inches when inflated. It comes in black and beige colors.

What makes it stand out?

  • Besides the beautiful design, AirComfy is also a very comfortable pillow. It has an adjustable elastic strap that allows it to attach firmly to the seat. Any movements you make leave the pillow intact. The design and the shape of the pillow also make it offer more comfort.
  • The pillow has side wings which cushion the head and neck to give them more comfort. You can lay your head on any part of the wing
  • The pillow is very light and portable. It also comes with a carry case which makes it even easier to carry. It is easy to inflate because once you roll it out and release the air valve, the air foam pillow starts to self-inflate. If you want to add to what is already inflated, you may give it another two breaths or so.

The Good

  • Comes with an adjustable strap that you can catch to the seat
  • Offers comfort and support for the neck and lumbar
  • Very luxurious foam which gives you a bouncy feeling
  • It self inflates
  • Affordable $18.99
  • Can be used as a healing and recovery support for the back either in hospital, office or home
  • Helps to reduce any back pains

The Bad

  • Not machine washable but you can wipe clean the fabric
  • The material on the outside of the pillow is not as soft as that of other pillows like HUZI INFINITY PILLOW  or TRTL TRAVEL PILLOW

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AERIS Travel Pillow

Selling for $24.90, AERIS travel pillow is one of the best pillows for people with or prone to neck pains it is made with the highest quality memory foam and a visco-elastic temperature sensitive material. When you lay your head on the AERIS pillow, the weight distributes over the whole area and goes back to its usual form once the weight lifts off. The position of the neck on this pillow is always in its natural state and free from any tension.

Buying Guide

Features and specifications

  • It is one of the few pillows in the market that comes with a life time guarantee
  • The plush removable cover of the pillow is machine washable and easy to maintain
  • Comfortable and soft for every kind of sleeper
  • Comes as a complete pack of the pillow, eye mask and earplugs to make your flight even more comfortable
  • You can use the pillow in other places besides the plane making it a versatile choice. You can use it at home, in the car, in your office, when you go camping and many other places.

The Good

  • It is easily portable as you can compress it to into a small size
  • It is affordable
  • Has firm memory foam
  • Comes with adjustable toggles to help with better support for the neck and head by increasing the pillows firmness
  • Lifelong guarantee

The bad

  • Foam is too thick and may push your head forwards if you are sitting on a high backed seat
  • No information on how to take care of the pillow
  • Toggle connectors do not tighten to a point of allowing the pillow ends to come together.

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The above are some if the best travel pillows in the market today, but there is a wider selection to choose from. If you are planning on taking a holiday or travelling, make a travelling pillow one of the essential must have items to take along. You will not only enjoy your flights but you will save yourself from unnecessary neck pains and fatigue.

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