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We recommend that before making a mattress purchase, you look into as many different brands and models as feasible (and your partner, if applicable). You can compare mattresses to evaluate how they compare in terms of price, quality, and customer happiness by shopping around. You can also examine the shipping, refund, and warranty options provided by various providers to ensure that you incur the least amount of additional expenditures. Saatva and WinkBeds are two of the most popular online mattress retailers in the United States.

Since 2010, Saatva has been operating as a company. One of Saatva’s most popular mattresses is the Saatva Classic, a modern interpretation of the traditional innerspring mattress. Polyfoam and memory foam are used in the Euro-top padding layer, which is topped with a layer of foam and dacron fibers. Transitional microcoils and a support core of recycled steel bonnell coils are also included in the mattress. Saatva’s coil-on-coil construction is sensitive and supportive, making the mattress feel incredibly responsive and stable. As well as an 11.5-inch or a 14.5-inch profile, you may choose from three different feelings for your Saatva: mild, medium firm, and firm.

A total of three mattresses bearing the Saatva name are available. Comfort layers of zoned Talalay latex and high density memory foam make up the Saatva HD’s first layer. A transitional polyfoam layer and an offset coil support core are among the other components. Designed for those who weigh above 230 pounds, the Saatva HD features a 7 firmness rating and a 15.5-inch profile. Younger children can use the Saatva Youth innerspring, which can be reversed. Mattresses come in two different densities: one is medium-firm, and the other is soft. Latex Hybrid mattress from Saatva features Talalay latex comfort layer as well as pocketed coil support core. This mattress has a medium-firm (6) firmness rating.

In 2016, WinkBeds debuted. With its 13.5-inch WinkBed mattress, the Saatva innerspring mattress is very similar to the WinkBed hybrid model. A gel-infused polyfoam comfort layer sits on top of a second layer of pocketed microcoils in a basic WinkBed. To prevent sinkage when you get in and out of bed, the core is made up of pocketed coils that have been separated into several zones based on gauge (coil thickness). With the regular WinkBed, you may choose between four different firmness levels: mild (4), medium (6), and firm (7-8). The WinkBed Plus, a mattress developed for those who weigh more than 230 pounds, is another option. A 2.5-inch layer of responsive, zoned latex replaces the standard WinkBed’s microcoil layer.

WinkBeds has two additional mattress options. Polyfoam, memory foam, and denser polyfoam are all used in the GravityLux’s comfort and transitional layers, as well as the transition and support layers. Medium soft, medium, and firm are all options for the WinkBed Plus, as is the case with the original WinkBed (7). WinkBeds’ Talalay/pocketed coil hybrid, the EcoCloud, is made with four inches of Talalay latex on top of the support core. In terms of comfort, this mattress is rated (5).

Saatva and WinkBeds are compared in the following paragraphs. All of this will be discussed in detail as we look at different kinds of products.

The only Saatva mattresses we’ll be comparing here are those that contain the Saatva name. The Loom & Leaf memory foam mattress, the Zenhaven flippable latex mattress, and the Solaire adjustable airbed will not be covered in this tutorial.

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Saatva Vs WinkBed Mattress Overview

The Saatva mattress is an innerspring mattress topped with a pillow. At 11.5′′ and 14.5′′, it is available in two firmness levels: Plush Soft and Luxury Firm. There are four firmness options for the WinkBed mattress: Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer and Plus.

We opted to set the Saatva Luxury Firm mattress against the WinkBed Luxury Firm mattress in order to truly compare these two companies. Both mattresses are extremely similar, however one is more suited to a specific sort of sleeper than the other.

Who Should Get The Saatva? 

  • Customers that are looking for a variety of heights.
  • Those with a tight budget who want to save money while buying a mattress.
  • People who don’t need as much lumbar support on their backs.

Who Should Get The WinkBed?

  • Sleepers who are concerned about being too warm at night.
  • Larger people who need a little additional support when they sleep.
  • If you’re searching for a thicker, more supportive mattress, seek elsewhere.
  • Whoever wishes to alleviate the pressure on their shoulders and hips while they sleep on their side

Saatva Vs WinkBed Video Comparison

Watch our in-depth video comparison of the Saatva and WinkBed mattresses to see how they look in action!

Similarities Between The Saatva And WinkBed

If we compare the Saatva and WinkBed mattresses side by side, it’s clear that they’re very comparable. Here are some more particular similarities:

  • Again, we’re comparing the Luxury Firm versions of both the Saatva and the WinkBed mattresses here, although both come in a variety of firmness levels.
  • In terms of innerspring mattresses, the Saatva and WinkBed stand out as two of the greatest options available right now.
  • Pillow-top mattresses such as the Saatva and WinkBed are excellent options.
  • This is a great pair of mattresses if you sleep on your back a lot.
  • Both of these mattresses have a great combination of cushioning and support.
  • Both the Saatva and the WinkBed are well-ventilated mattresses that let in plenty of fresh air during sleep.
  • Saatva and WinkBed Luxury Firm mattresses, in our opinion, have about the same level of firmness.

Differences Between The Saatva And WinkBed

Saatva and WinkBed beds are similar in many ways, however there are a few notable distinctions to keep in mind:

  • The Saatva mattress comes in two heights, while the WinkBed mattress is only available in one height.
  • In terms of price, the Saatva mattress beats out the WinkBed mattress.
  • They have a somewhat different construction, which we’ll get into in a minute.

Sizing and Weight Options

Before settling on a particular model, think about how much space you’ll need for a mattress. In today’s market, most mattresses are offered in six conventional sizes, including the twin (twin XL), full (full), queen (king), and California king (california king). Split-size variants are also available for adjustable beds.

Another element to consider is the thickness. Because they can sleep closer to the ground, some people prefer a low-profile mattress (one that is less than 10 inches high), while those who require more contouring and support may benefit from a higher-profile mattress (one that is more than 12 inches high).

Finally, before purchasing a mattress-in-a-box, make careful to verify the weight of the mattress. If the mattress weighs more than 100 pounds, it can be difficult to move the box into the house from the doorstep of these companies.

A complete breakdown of Saatva and WinkBeds mattress weights, thickness, and dimensions is provided below.


Saatva Classic

  • Height: 11.5″, 14.5″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King, Split California King

Saatva HD

  • Height: 15.5″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King

Saatva Youth

  • Height: 10″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full

Saatva Latex Hybrid

  • Height: 12″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King



  • Height: 13.5″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King


  • Height: 12″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King


  • Height: 12.5″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Before making a purchase, think about the size of the mattress you want. Most mattresses marketed now come in six conventional sizes, including twin, twin XL, full, queen, and California king, which can accommodate two or more people. Split-size variants are also available for adjustable bed bases in some cases..

Thickness also has a role. Low-profile mattresses (those shorter than 10 inches) may be preferred by those who prefer to sleep near to the ground, while high-profile mattresses (those higher than 12 inches) are better suited to those who require more contouring and support.

When purchasing a bed-in-box, take sure to verify the weight of the mattresses first before placing your order. As a result, it can be difficult to move the mattress box inside if the mattress weighs more than 100 pounds.

You can see the full weight, thickness and sizing information for both Saatva and WinkBeds mattresses in the following table.

Construction and Materials Comparison

A mattress’s construction and material composition might reveal a lot about its performance. On the official product pages for their mattresses, and possibly elsewhere on their website, most online mattress brands include this information (such as on an FAQ page).

Today’s mattresses are made up of four main parts: a top comfort layer that provides support, a middle transition layer that prevents too much sinkage, a base support core that provides stability, and a cover that covers the entire mattress. The bed’s overall feel and performance can be influenced by the quality of each individual component.

Please see the following table for the full specifications of all Saatva and WinkBed mattresses.


With a Euro-top layer quilted with polyfoam and fiber padding, the Saatva Classic innerspring begins. Saatva’s Euro-top adds a layer of softness to its already supportive shape. The uniform appearance of the mattress is ensured by the use of Euro-tops, which are sewed flush with the mattress’s edges.

Comfort layers of polyfoam and memory foam are sandwiched between a transitional layer of pocketed minicoils in the mattress. The foam layers and the minicoils provide some shaping. As a result, the Saatva mattress provides greater cushioning than regular innerspring mattresses, which typically have only a few layers of foam padding. Additionally, the springiness and responsiveness of the bed is aided by the use of the coils.

Bonnell (or hourglass) coils manufactured from recycled steel form the core of the Saatva’s support structure. In terms of innerspring standards, these coils have a gauge of 13, which is pretty thick, and the mattress provides a lot of support. Both the 11.5-inch and the 14.5-inch Saatva have bonnell coil layers of 4 and 7 inches, respectively. The only changes between the two Saatva profiles are the weight and thickness.

The Saatva is available in a soft (3), medium firm (6), and hard (8) feel. The padding levels in the Euro-top and comfort layers varies slightly in terms of firmness.

So that its surface is comparable in cushioning to the flagship Saatva, the Saatva HD has a pillow-top padded with organic cotton. Talalay latex is used for the topmost layer of comfort because of its suppleness and responsiveness. Since people tend to carry more weight around the midsection and waist, the latex is divided into five firmness zones to provide greater support where it’s needed while also providing a more comfortable fit around the head, neck, shoulders, and legs. For more contouring and support, a second layer of high density memory foam has been added.

A high-density polyfoam transition layer and recycled steel offset coils form the core of the Saatva HD. The base layers of this mattress are meant for persons who weigh more than 230 pounds, so they provide good stability and edge support. This mattress’ responsiveness is enhanced further by the presence of coils. This mattress is ideal for people who weigh above 230 pounds and who share a bed with someone of the same weight. In terms of height, it stands at 15.5 inches, making it one of the taller models, and its feel is described as firm (7).


As of now, Saatva’s newest mattress, the Latex Hybrid, is only available via the company. The Talalay latex comfort layer on this mattress is three inches thick, providing greater bounce and less sinkage than memory foam. The little ventilation holes in the latex encourage airflow toward the surface, so it stays cold even when you’re sleeping on it.

The support core of the Saatva Latex Hybrid mattress is made up of pocketed coils arranged in a zoned pattern. Thinner, higher-gauge coils provide gentler cradling beneath the sleep surface than thicker, lower-gauge coils, which protect the edges from deep sinkage as individuals get in and out of bed. People who weigh more than 130 pounds can rest comfortably on this mattress, which has a medium-firm (6) firmness rating.

Finally, the Saatva Youth is intended for children ages 3 and up. It’s an innerspring mattress that can be flipped over and has two distinct firmness levels. The medium (5) side has a comfort layer of zoned polyfoam on the initial layer. When a child’s body needs more padding, the material provides it in the regions where it’s most needed. For youngsters ages 3 to 7, Saatva recommends this side.

Kids 8 and up will benefit most from the second side’s firmer (7) feel and added support. Polyfoam in the form of egg-crate convolutions fills the comfort layer on this side. Coils manufactured of 14.5-gauge bonnell are used to support the Saatva Youth. Only the twin, twin XL, and full versions of this 10-inch mattress are available.

There are organic cotton covers for all of Saatva mattresses.


It’s a coil-on-coil mattress like the Saatva, which means it’s extremely responsive. This model’s medium soft (4) version has gel-infused polyfoam on top, pocketed microcoils on the second comfort layer, and a high-density polyfoam transitional layer. The medium firm (6) and firm (7-8) conventional WinkBeds have the same initial two components, but the polyfoam transitional layer is not included in these variants.

Support is provided by a core of pocketed coils separated into five gauge zones. For better edge support and less sinkage when you sit or sleep on the mattress’s edges, thicker coils are used around the perimeter, while thinner coils provide a softer foundation for your body. This layer is also divided into seven gauge zones for WinkBeds that are medium firm or hard. As you can see, the WinkBed and Saatva firmness settings are fairly similar.

An additional mattress developed for adults who weigh more than 230 pounds is the WinkBed Plus, which comes in two models. The polyfoam comfort layer is followed by a transitional layer of zoned latex in this model, which has a firmness rating of eight. Unlike polyfoam or memory foam, latex is more sensitive and supportive, so you’ll feel more reinforcement in heavy regions of your body and experience no sinkage, no matter what your body type is. In addition, the WinkBed Plus incorporates a pocketed coil support core that is separated into three gauge zones. 13.5-inch thick is the standard thickness for all WinkBed and WinkBed Plus beds and mattresses.

The EcoCloud mattress is likewise a hybrid. The Talalay latex comfort layer on this mattress adds a responsiveness and body-conforming quality that you won’t find in any other mattress. Tiny holes are included into the latex to allow for a continuous flow of air near its surface. Even though hybrids tend to sleep cooler than traditional mattresses, permeable comfort layers like those found in the EcoCloud make them even more temperature neutral. It also has a high-density polyfoam base layer and a zoned pocketed coil support core. It has a thickness of 12.5 inches and is categorized as medium (5).

GravityLux is unique among WinkBeds types in that it is made entirely of foam foam. It has a polyfoam quilted cover, a memory foam comfort layer, and high-density polyfoam transition and support layers. When compared to WinkBed’s hybrid mattresses, GravityLux has a deeper body shape – but how closely the mattress adapts to your body depends on the firmness level you select. WinkBeds’ only medium-profile mattress, the GravityLux measures 12 inches thick.

Wool and organic cotton make up the EcoCloud’s cover. They are extremely breathable and the wool has moisture-wicking characteristics to keep you dry. Many of the other WinkBeds mattresses use the silky-soft fabric Tencel lyocell as their cover.

Average Customer Ratings

If you’re looking for a new bed, mattress reviews might be very helpful. It is possible to verify or disprove a brand’s promises based on customer and owner feedback, such as how the mattress feels and how well it performs in specific areas. On the product pages of most online mattress retailers, you’ll find customer reviews.

Mattress reviews can be helpful in some respects, but they are also subjective by definition. Individuals who have very different wants and tastes than yours have shared their experiences with you. As much as we recommend reading reviews, remember that you won’t know if a mattress is perfect for you until you’ve had the opportunity to use it.

You can learn more about a company by enlisting the expertise of watchdog groups. For example, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives private enterprises a letter grade based on customer complaints and the organization’s response to various situations.

Following the BBB ratings for Saatva and WinkBeds are average ratings for each mattress model based on current listings on the company’s site.


ModelAverage Rating
Saatva Classic 4.9/5
Saatva HD 4.9/5
Saatva Latex Hybrid
Saatva Youth


ModelAverage Rating
WinkBed 4.8/5
WinkBed PLUS 4.8/5
GravityLux 4.9/5
EcoCloud 5/5

In-Depth Ratings

Every mattress has its strengths and weaknesses. There are certain types that help reduce pressure and isolate motion, but they also tend to sleep hot and sink at the edges, whereas others do the opposite. The thickness, stiffness, and material composition of a mattress can have a significant impact on how well it performs in some categories.

The following table contains our evaluations of the Saatva and WinkBed mattresses. This section will describe the various types of mattresses and how we rate them in each of those categories.

The average mattress lasts six to eight years before needing to be replaced. Most mattresses soften and lose their support with time, resulting in sagging and deep body impressions on the surface that are difficult to get rid of. If you find it difficult to get out of bed because of the mattress’s sinking edges, you may need a new one. Every three to six months, rotate your mattress head-to-foot to extend the life of your mattress.

Motion Isolation
Changing sleeping positions or getting on and off your mattress might cause transference that travels across the mattress and disturbs your spouse. As a result of the increased transfer generated by responsive beds, sleep disruptions are more likely. By comparison, models that are less sensitive absorb motion and eliminate a greater amount of transfer. In general, all-foam mattresses provide the best motion isolation, whereas innerspring and hybrid mattresses transfer motion the most.

The best mattress for sex, according to most couples, is one that conforms a little yet is also responsive. You and your lover will be able to stay in the same position for as long as necessary thanks to the traction provided by a slightly curved surface. For sex, edge support is a must. You may only be able to use the middle of the mattress if the perimeter is fragile.

Temperature Neutrality
Mattresses with high-density foams are known for trapping and absorbing body heat, making them feel hot to some people. Various other features aid in the mattress’s capacity to maintain a pleasant temperature by increasing its ability to breathe and move air. Among these are aerated foam and latex, coil systems that circulate air, and coverings infused with natural fibers and other cooling textiles.

Pressure Relief
If you frequently feel pressure points in your shoulders, waist, and hips, you’ll need a mattress that doesn’t sink too much. Your body type and sleeping posture play a big role in identifying the right mattress for pressure reduction. Different mattresses are needed for people who sleep on their back or stomach versus those who sleep on their side. Tests on actual mattresses are the only way to know for sure which types are most successful in relieving pressure points.

When you open your mattress, you’ll detect a lingering odor. Toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs), microscopic particles that create a chemical odor people compare to plastic, are released by foam mattresses. There is a rubbery odor associated with latex. The good news is that most mattress scents can be eliminated within a few days. The mattress should be placed in an area that is well-ventilated for an additional one to two nights if the problem persists

Ease of Movement
To get around, you may find it easier to move on a firmer mattress than a soft, sinking one. When you go in and out of bed or switch positions in your sleep, you may have the sensation that the mattress is squeezing you in. Your weight has a significant impact on how easy it is to move a certain mattress. More than 220 pounds is likely to be too much for someone who weighs less than 130 pounds to comfortably sleep on.

Edge Support
Sitting along the borders of any mattress will most likely cause you to sink slightly. You’ll sink less into a mattress with steel coils and other sturdy elements because of the mattress’s bounce-back. A mattress with a foam or latex core sinks more than a mattress with a metal frame, so you may not feel safe resting close to the edge.



Saatva ClassicSaatva HDSaatva Latex HybridSaatva Youth
FirmnessSoft (3), Medium Firm (6), Firm (8)Firm (7)Medium Firm (6)Medium (5), Firm (7)
Durability 4/5 4/5 3/5 3/5
Motion Isolation 3/5 2/5 3/5 3/5
Sex 3/5 4/5 4/5 N/A/5
Sleeps Cool 4/5 5/5 4/5 3/5
Pressure Relief 4/5 3/5 3/5 3/5
Off-Gassing 5/5 4/5 4/5 3/5
Ease of Movement 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5
Edge Support 4/5 4/5 4/5 3/5


WinkBedWinkBed PLUSGravityLuxEcoCloud
FirmnessMedium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8)Plus (8)Medium Soft (4), Medium (5), Firm (7)Medium (5)
Durability 4/5 5/5 3/5 5/5
Motion Isolation 4/5 3/5 5/5 3/5
Sex 3/5 4/5 2/5 5/5
Sleeps Cool 4/5 4/5 3/5 4/5
Pressure Relief 3/5 3/5 4/5 3/5
Off-Gassing 4/5 3/5 3/5 4/5
Ease of Movement 3/5 3/5 3/5 5/5
Edge Support 4/5 5/5 2/5 4/5

Prices and Sizing

New mattress prices are affected by a few things. The size you choose, the materials used to make the various layers, and the brand itself are all examples of this type of customization. All-foam mattresses often cost less than $1,200 in a queen-size, whereas hybrid mattresses typically cost more than $1,600 in a queen size.

The price of a mattress can also be affected by where you buy it. You may expect to pay extra for a new bed if you buy it from a brick-and-mortar retailer. Overhead expenditures at these facilities might raise the price of a product or service. It’s cheaper to buy a bed online because there aren’t any brick-and-mortar retailers involved.

Consider the shipping, trial, and warranty policies of a mattress provider in addition to their price. This saves you money in the long run by avoiding additional shipping fees, return fees, prorated warranty replacement charges, and other other costs that may arise in the future.

For each Saatva and WinkBed size, the current pricing are provided below the table.


Saatva ClassicSaatva HDSaatva Latex HybridSaatva Youth
Twin XL$1,087$1,687$1,274$799
California King$1,974$2,974$2,249
Split King$2,174$3,374$2,548
Split California King$2,174


WinkBedWinkBed PLUSGravityLuxEcoCloud
Twin XL$1,249$1349$1,299$1,399
California King$2,049$1999$1,999$2,199
Split King
Split California King

If you’re on a budget, check out the Saatva Classic or Saatva Youth. In spite of its slightly higher price, the Saatva Classic innerspring mattress offers a superior level of comfort and support than any other innerspring on the market. Customers can get a better value for their money with the Saatva Latex Hybrid than the Classic and HD models. If you weigh more than 230 pounds, the Saatva HD is an excellent long-term investment, even if the price is high compared to other mattresses on the market today. Please be aware that the Saatva Classic’s cost is unaffected by the firmness or thickness of the mattress.

The GravityLux is more pricey than typical when compared to other all-foam mattresses, but even so, this model is competitively priced. It’s possible that other WinkBeds mattresses are more expensive, but their price points are comparable to the average hybrid model. The WinkBed Plus is significantly more expensive than the normal WinkBed, however the firmness of any WinkBeds model does not effect pricing.

Trials, Warranty, and Delivery


Only a handful of online mattress companies offer free White Glove delivery for all consumers. With-home assembly and old mattress removal are both included in this service. The contiguous United States is the only place Saatva ships. You or another adult must be home when the mattress is delivered by courier because these mattresses are not packed into a box for transportation.

Within the contiguous United States, WinkBeds provides free ground shipping. Mattress-in-a-box companies typically follow this shipping policy. When you order a mattress online, it will arrive in a small, vacuum-sealed package that is delivered right to your home. When the mattress is delivered, you won’t have to be home to sign for it, but you will have to bring the box inside and construct the mattress yourself. Within 48 hours of unboxing, the product should return to its original shape.

White Glove delivery is also available from WinkBeds. Customers in the contiguous United States pay a flat price of $129 for mattress assembly only. Requesting the disposal of an old mattress will raise the fee to $189. In the event of a mattress return, these delivery fees are not refundable.


Customers who order mattresses online often grumble that they don’t have the opportunity to test out the beds before making a purchase. Most internet retailers now provide sleep trials of at least 90 nights in order to help customers. During the trial period, the company will reimburse most (if not all) of the original mattress price if you opt to return the mattress.

A 180-night sleep trial is offered by Saatva and a 120-night sleep trial is offered by WinkBeds, respectively. A 30-night “break-in” time is required by WinkBeds, whereas Saatva does not require any break-in period all.

At no additional cost to you, WinkBeds will arrange for couriers to remove the mattress from your home in the case of a return. However, Saatva charges a $99 return fee for mattress pickups that the company arranges.


To ensure that their products are safe, manufacturers offer warranties. The manufacturer, not the owner, is responsible for the repair or replacement costs if a warranted item fails before the warranty expires. Today, the majority of mattresses sold come with at least a 10-year warranty.

There are 15-year warranties on both the Saatva Classic and the Saatva Latex Hybrid mattresses from Saatva. Saatva will repair or replace a faulty mattress for free during the first two years of ownership. Saatva will continue to offer repairs and replacements for $99 each way beginning in year three. “Fairness Replacement Option” is another option offered by Saatva.” If your mattress has a fault and needs to be replaced, you’ll be responsible for paying a percentage of the initial purchase price under this agreement. In return, Saatva gives you the option to keep your old mattress.

Youth and HD models of the Saatva come with a 12-year warranty, respectively. For the first two years of the warranty, there are no expenses for repairs or replacements, however for the rest of the warranty, the customer is responsible for transportation costs. The Fairness Replacement Option is also included in these warranties.

To ensure that your mattress lasts for as long as you own it, WinkBeds offers a lifetime warranty on all mattress models. WinkBeds covers all repair and replacement costs if a flaw arises, however you’ll be responsible for shipping and transportation costs. Additionally, WinkBeds offers a “Any Reason” program that allows you to exchange your mattress with another WinkBeds model at half the original price once the sleep trial period has expired.

The Saatva warranty covers flaws in the surface of the mattress if they are 1 inch or deeper. To be eligible for free repairs or replacements under the WinkBeds warranty, impressions must be at least 1.5 inches in diameter.

These guarantees are not transferrable. If you purchase the mattress directly from Saatva or an authorized retailer, you will be qualified for warranty coverage; if you acquire or receive the mattress from another owner or a non-approved store, you will not.

Firmness And Feel Differences

Let’s get down to the business of comparing the firmness of the Saatva and WinkBed mattresses. We’ll also take a look at how these mattresses feel for people of various weights.

How Firm Are The Saatva And WinkBed Mattresses?

We found both the Saatva and WinkBed mattresses to be 7/10 in terms of firmness. Both have a foundation layer of firmer, more supporting coils, followed by a fluffy cushion top. Saatva and WinkBed both have different firmness options for those who prefer a softer or firmer mattress.

Sleeping On The Saatva And WinkBed Mattresses

Both mattresses provide a comfortable night’s sleep, but let’s take a closer look at how they feel in each of the three positions in which we slept:

Back on the Saatva, we find that it is the perfect combination of softness and firmness to keep us comfortable and well-supported while we sleep. As our hips sink into the pillow top, we benefit from the support and shaping provided by the two sets of coils. We’re experiencing some discomfort in our shoulders and hips while side sleeping on the mattress, therefore we’d need a little additional cushioning on top of it. A firmer mattress may be necessary for people who frequently sleep on their stomachs since the mattress provides adequate support for our hips.

With the WinkBed mattress, we are also able to sleep on our backs comfortably. Because of WinkBed’s more sophisticated zoning, we’re getting a little more lumbar support. Because the pillow top is a little plusher than the Saatva mattress, we are experiencing better pressure reduction during side sleeping. When stomach sleeping, we have adequate general support, but our hips could use some more support.

What Do The Saatva And WinkBed Mattresses Feel Like?

It’s no wonder that the Saatva and WinkBed mattresses feel identical because of their similar build. They both have the bounce and support of an innerspring mattress, which is why they’re so popular. The WinkBed’s cushion tops are a tad plusher, but both mattresses have soft plush on top.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lbs – 230 lbs

Saatva and WinkBed mattresses are both suitable for back sleepers of average weight. In order to maintain a neutral posture, their hips sag although they are supported in all other areas. Those who sleep on their side should find the WinkBed to be more comfortable because it is softer. Each mattress should be able to provide adequate support for those who sleep on their stomachs and weigh less than 130 pounds.


Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs

Back sleepers who weigh more than 250 pounds should be comfortable on both mattresses, but the WinkBed should provide the best lumbar support. Saatva HD and WinkBed PLUS mattresses, which are specifically designed for larger individuals, may be a better option for them.

Side sleepers with a lot of weight may experience extra strain on their shoulders and hips when they sleep on both beds. Although both mattresses have microcoils, their weight may compress the microcoils and alleviate some pressure in specific locations.

A firmer mattress for stomach sleeping, such as the Saatva or WinkBed, will be required by larger people. The Saatva and WinkBed may not give enough support beneath the hips for large stomach sleepers due of their additional weight.

Check out our selection of the finest mattresses for heavy individuals.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130 lbs

All three sleeping positions are supported by the Saatva and WinkBed. This is a wonderful mattress for mixed sleepers because it should provide adequate comfort and support in any posture.

Comparing Saatva and WinkBeds Mattress Materials

Taking a closer look at these beds’ unique architecture will help us better understand what sets them apart from one another.


Cover — Anti-microbial and breathable organic cotton cover of the Saatva. Sleepers will appreciate both benefits.

Comfort Layer — A euro pillow top is used for the top layer. It provides some cushioning and respite from pressure.

Support Layer — To enhance bounce, ventilation, and support, pocketed coils are individually wrapped around each individual toy.

Zoned Support Layer — An additional layer of support and pressure relief for the lower back is provided by the Saatva’s central layer of memory foam, which works in conjunction with the one above it. Lower back pain sufferers would appreciate the zonal support system.

Foundation Layer – Steel coils and edge support foam make up the Saatva’s foundation layer. As a result, the Saatva’s high-density foam around the mattress makes it appear to be a little larger.


Cover — The cover of this hybrid mattress is constructed of Tencel, an environmentally friendly and breathable material. In addition, the quilted design gives immediate pressure relief and smooth sinkage.

Pillow Top — This Euro pillow top comfort layer is made of a gel-infused foam that is both soft and supportive, making it both sumptuous and comfortable. The gel foam in this layer prevents the mattress from overheating, unlike normal memory foam.

Support Layer — As you sleep, you will feel varied levels of hardness and pressure alleviation depending on where you rest your body. For the shoulders and hips, you’re getting more sinkage, but you’re getting a lot more support and stiffness for your spine and lower body.

Saatva vs. WinkBeds: Best Qualities

It is time to summarize some of the findings that we made throughout our thorough examination of these beds. It’s vital to keep in mind that these two beds are very similar in design. Their purpose is to keep the sleeper on top of the mattress, which they accomplish by a combination of springiness, firmness, and support.

Saatva Best Features

  • The Saatva mattress features a more conventional innerspring feel, making it a good option for people looking for a more traditional feel.
  • Saatva’s bouncey sensation making it a good choice for those who sleep in different positions.
  • Those who sleep on their stomachs will appreciate this bed’s sturdy support.

WinkBed Best Features

  • With the WinkBed’s targeted support, back sleepers who need extra lumbar support may rest easy.
  • The WinkBed’s pocketed coils and breathable cover keep you cool as you sleep.
  • The WinkBed, like the Saatva, has a lot of bounce, which is perfect for those who sleep on their stomach or back.

Comparing Saatva and WinkBeds Customer Service

Based on our own experiences and variables like phone wait time, civility, and response, we assess each firm for customer service. Companies are rated on a scale of one to four: stellar, great, satisfactory, or poor, depending on their performance.

Saatva Sleepopolis Customer Service Rating

Satisfactory:The Saatva received a Satisfactory grade because I had to wait over 15 minutes for an answer to a question I had on their website’s chat function. However, there was a delay in receiving the answer. The chat feature was also a bit difficult to locate. I also considered numerous other customer reviews that stated difficulties in contacting customer service and delays in delivery.

WinkBeds Sleepopolis Customer Service Rating

Great:I gave WinkBed a Great rating because I received a thoughtful and thorough response to a query I addressed in their chat section. After a brief wait, their team responded more quickly than Saatva’s.

Comparing Other Models From Saatva and WinkBeds

The WinkBeds and Saatva mattresses aren’t the only ones out there, so I’d want to have a look at a few others. While we’ve focused on the original mattresses from each company, they each have a wide variety of different beds to choose from.


  • Saatva’s Zenhaven is an all-natural latex model that is both bouncy and cool to the touch.
  • For those who want two different levels of firmness, the mattress is flippable, allowing sleepers to alternate between the two.
  • It’s no surprise that it’s more expensive than the Saatva when it comes to cost. Latex mattresses are generally more expensive than other types of mattresses.
  • Check out my entire Zenhaven mattress review for additional details..

Loom & Leaf

  • All-foam mattress Loom & Leaf by Saatva features a lot of memory foam to relieve pressure points.
  • When it comes to side sleepers, the mattress provides outstanding body contouring and sinkage.
  • As for price, it’s slightly more expensive than the Saatva, but not by much.
  • Check out my Loom & Leaf mattress review for more information. In addition, you may want to check out my Loom & Leaf vs. Saatva mattress comparison.

WinkBeds GravityLux

  • It’s a memory foam mattress that you’ll enjoy if you’re looking for something new.
  • The GravityLux’s soft version is ideal for side sleepers who need to sink in deeply.
  • There’s a lot to like about GravityLux if you’re looking for relief in the shoulders and hips.
  • You’d like to know more? Check out my entire review of the WinkBeds GravityLux mattress here.

Saatva And WinkBed Mattress FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Saatva and WinkBed mattresses, in no particular order:

Is WinkBed better than Saatva?

For some people, the WinkBed is a better option than the Saatva because of its versatility. If you are a hot sleeper, a side sleeper, or like a thicker mattress, the WinkBed may be a better option. However, the Saatva is a superior alternative for individuals who prefer a mattress that can be raised or lowered to suit their needs.

Which mattress is more affordable, the Saatva or the WinkBed?

For a Queen-size mattress, the Saatva mattress costs around $200 less than the WinkBed mattress.

How long will the Saatva and WinkBed mattresses last?

It is expected that the Saatva and WinkBed mattresses will last between seven and ten years, depending on how frequently they are utilized. It is possible that the WinkBed mattress will last longer because it is a heavier mattress.

Which mattress sleeps cooler, the Saatva or the WinkBed?

A lot of air may circulate through both the Saatva and WinkBed mattresses because they are both innerspring beds. Consequently, neither mattress should be excessively warm while sleeping. Because of its Tencel cover and cooling gel infusions, the WinkBed may sleep cooler than the Saatva.

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