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Spending less than $100 on high-quality memory foam or getting one of the newest and most innovative hybrids on the market? In our comparison of Nectar and Brooklyn Aurora, there are two kinds of cool, but both are worthy of investigation.

In the state of Arizona, Brooklyn Bedding manufactures their mattresses, and this is their luxury hybrid developed for those who have difficulty sleeping due to the heat. The foam and coils in this hybrid mattress work together to keep you cool and comfortable at the same time.

There is only one bed available at Nectar Sleep, and their customers love it. A mattress that provides the contouring comfort of foam without losing support is available at a fraction of the cost of many other manufacturers, and they’ve done it.

Quick Comparison: Brooklyn Aurora vs. Nectar


  • Helps alleviate stress.
  • Memory foam with a more traditional texture.
  • An initial 365-night evaluation period.


  • Increased ability to keep things cool.
  • A high-quality mattress for a reasonable price.
  • There are three options for stiffness.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Nectar Construction

Nectar’s interior is constructed entirely of foam. For convenience, it is packed into a large bag and shipped directly to your door.

The cover of the bed is made of a breathable poly-blend. Twelve inches of foam materials support and conform to the anatomy of the sleeper and are encased in the cover.


Memory foam filled with gel is quilted beneath the blended cover, which should improve cooling and comfort.

  • Three inches of memory foam make up the topmost layer. To help disperse heat away from the sleeper, this layer is gel-infused.
  • Layer two is a 2 inch thick typical, supple foam. Provides stability and eases transitions from heavier sections into the bed’s framework.
  • Foam is used for the bottom of the mattress. The 7-inch height of this sturdy foam sets it apart from the competition.

Aurora Construction

Brooklyn Bedding’s factory in Arizona manufactures and transports this bed-in-a-box product. Vacuum-sealed rolls are delivered to your doorstep.

Phase-change thermal knitting is used to make the cotton blend cover. In order to keep a consistent temperature on the skin, this technology adapts to the body’s temperature. 13 inches of bedding materials are protected by this.

  • This 1.5-inch Copper Gel EnergexTM foam has TitanCoolTM technology built in it. Copper cooling technology prevents the foam from overheating, making it ideal for relieving pain.
  • TitanFlexTM, a 2-inch thick polymer, is the next layer. This is the brand’s latex-alternative, which should give you a little more bounce and a little more definition.
  • The transitional layer is a 1-inch thick layer of swirl visco-elastic memory foam. The weight of the sleeper is transferred from foam to the coils beneath.
  • A total of 8 inches of Quantum EdgeTM pocketed coils make up the fourth layer. With them, its edges are made to withstand wear and tear, as well as provide structural support. Reinforced coils are placed around the perimeter of the bed to provide additional stability.
  • Aurora’s foundation is built atop a 1-inch layer of foam.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

We use a hardness scale of 1 to 10 to rate the firmness of each mattress we review at Sleep Advisor, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. The Nectar has a 6.5 rating, which places it in the medium-firm range, while the Aurora’s medium firmness choice has a 5 rating, which places it squarely in the middle.

Almost any sleeping position should be accommodated by either of these beds. For back sleepers, they utilize materials that fill in the gaps between the curves. Both of these alternatives are suitable for side sleepers who want to alleviate pressure on their shoulders and hips.

The Nectar’s pressure-relieving foams should appeal to many side sleepers, but the Aurora has more foam and is a little softer, so either mattress should work well.

It can be tough to find lower body support for stomach sleepers, but these two solutions should suffice. In terms of firmness, the Aurora is slightly stiffer than the Nectar, which is scored 7 on our scale. The Aurora’s Soft variant, which is rated a 3 on our firmness scale, is ideal for those who prefer a softer bed but still want a firm mattress.

Both of these options are excellent for folks who want the best possible support and relaxation from stress.


Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

Both of these goods should sink to different depths, but that is not necessarily the case. Memory Foam devotees lust after the warm, cuddly feeling that only Nectar can deliver. In contrast, Aurora’s cradle and bounce are much shallower.

Nectar has practically little bounce at all. Despite the lack of bounce, sleepers should be able to easily adjust themselves on this mattress.

The Aurora’s TitanFlexTM layer and coils provide this bed with a level of surface and inner layer bounce that makes repositioning a breeze.

Comparing Motion Transfer

When your companion gets up to use the bathroom, you can sleep well because of the bed’s high rate of motion isolation. When it comes to preventing sleep-related twitches, memory materials (and beds) are almost as effective as anything else. Nectar excels in this area since it keeps the majority of movement to a single side of the bed.

Because it’s bouncing, does that mean the Aurora can’t keep up with movement? No, that’s the quick answer. The pocket coils in this mattress, paired with the memory foam in the middle layer, provide a relatively good level of motion isolation, despite the fact that the bounce increases movement.

However, if your companion jumps into bed like a cannonball contest finalist, you might want to consider the Nectar instead of the Aurora because it can tolerate more vigorous actions in bed.

Comparing Edge Support

This allows people to maximize their sleeping space by sleeping right up to the edge of the mattress. As far as this comparison is concerned, Aurora wins.

Compared to other bed-in-a-box solutions, Aurora’s coil technology provides excellent edge reinforcement. That said, Nectar does have a few solid points in its favor when it comes to a memory foam bed. For those who sleep on the edge of their bed every night, Aurora might be a better alternative than the other two.

Nectar vs. Aurora Compared Side-by-Side

FeaturesNectarBrooklyn Aurora
CoverPoly-blend quilted to memory foamCotton blended with phase change thermo knitting
MaterialsGel memory foam and conventional foamsCopper Gel Energex™ Foam, TitanFlex™, Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, Quantum Edge™
Pocketed Coils, Base Foam
CoolingGel in the memory foam layer, breathable coverPhase change cooling cover, gel in the memory material, coils, copper in foam
Motion TransferMinimalMedium
Edge SupportGoodExceptional
SinkageDeep HugGentle Cradle
WarrantyForever10 years
Trial Period365 nights120 nights
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingShips to U.S., White Glove Delivery is optionalFree shipping in the contiguous US. Delivery fee for Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada
Made in the USANoYes
SizeNectar Price (w/o discount)Brooklyn Aurora Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$968$1,249
Cali King$1,598$2,199
Split Cali KingN/A$1,249

Should I Buy Nectar or Aurora?

Both of these choices provide excellent support and comfort. Here are some key insights to assist you in making a decision.

We Would Recommend Buying Nectar if You are Looking for:

  • Foam has a memory of its own. One of the most popular memory mattresses on the market has a good reason for being so sought after. There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned memory foam mattress for a good night’s sleep.
  • Nectar’s excellent motion isolation is yet another benefit of memory material. Even if your companion is a restless sleeper, you shouldn’t be bothered by their snoring or tossing and turning.
  • It’s a great deal. Customers should receive value for their money, and Nectar does just that. Its success can be attributed to a number of factors, including a low price, a one-year trial period, and a lifetime warranty.

We Would Recommend Buying Aurora if You are Looking for:

  • Cooling. Even the hottest of sleepers should be able to keep cool with this product’s broad list of temperature technology.
  • A little additional oomph. Adding a little bounce to your sex life is a great way to keep things hot when Aurora is cooling you out. Repositioning sleepers can be made easier with the help of a good amount of bounce.
  • Optional levels of stiffness. There are three firmness options available from Brooklyn Bedding to assist customers find the perfect mattress. Options for the Aurora range from soft to firm.

Nectar Mattress vs. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress – Which One Should You Buy?

Though the similarities and differences between these two mattresses have been thoroughly discussed, we’ve included a brief summary of the reasons why you might choose one mattress over the other.


Buy the Nectar mattress if you:

1. Are on a budget

The Nectar mattress beats out the Aurora in terms of price and is also less expensive than the typical foam mattress.

2. Want good trial and warranty options

Nectar provides clients with a one-year money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all of its mattresses.

3. Want a medium-firm foam bed

This mattress outperforms comparable beds in its class, despite the lack of firmness or material alternatives.

Buy the Aurora mattress if you:

1. Want different firmness options

The Aurora mattress from Brooklyn Bedding comes in three distinct firmness levels, allowing customers to find the perfect fit for their sleeping habits.

2. Are a hot sleeper

In order to create a cool sleeping surface, the Aurora goes above and beyond. If you’re looking for a mattress that provides maximum breathability, look no further.

3. Like a mattress with bounce

Compared to the Nectar, the Aurora mattress has more resilience and bounce due to its innerspring core and gel-infused memory foam.

Both Nectar and Brooklyn Bedding offer high-quality items with many similarities. Ultimately, what works best for you relies on your personal preferences. There are great prices to be had on the Nectar mattress, a cheap foam bed. This medium-firm mattress comes with a one-year risk-free trial, free white glove delivery, and free mattress removal. It’s also backed by a lifetime warranty. When it comes to mattresses, the Aurora is a superior choice for those who desire more customization possibilities. The Aurora is a great mattress for heat sleepers because it has three distinct firmness levels.

Final Thoughts

Product characteristics and personal preferences are two of the most important considerations when shopping for a new mattress. Regardless of who you are, one of these mattresses could be ideal for you to sleep on. If you haven’t made a decision yet or are having trouble deciding, don’t hesitate to read our in-depth analyses of each of these goods.

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