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For your next mattress purchase, are you thinking about an all-foam or innerspring mattress?

For side sleepers, Nolah’s all-foam product gives excellent pressure relief and compares to WinkBed’s foam-and-coil design, which is made for you as soon as your order is placed. This comparison will take a look at the two products.

Keep reading to find out how these two items stack up against each other. To learn more about each product, check out our in-depth product reviews:

Quick Comparison: Nolah vs. WinkBed


  • Firmness in the middle of the scale.
  • A lot of relief from the pressure.
  • Neither hot nor cold


  • A wide range of assistance is available.
  • Retains less heat.
  • Suitable for heavier people.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Nolah Construction

This is a compacted and shipped all-foam mattress.

The TencelTM cover on this 10-inch mattress is designed to wick moisture away from the body to keep you cool while you sleep.

  • Cooling Nolah AirFoamTM is found on the upper layer. Even as it molds to the body, this material should stay temperature neutral.
  • A 1-inch thick layer of Supportive High-Resilience Foam is found in the middle layer. In this area, you should be able to bounce back and forth with ease.
  • Over seven inches of High Density Base Foam form the basis for a long-lasting set of comfort materials on top.

WinkBed Construction

An all-foam mattress with coils is included in this package.


The cover is made from a Tencel-blend material, which should help regulate body temperature. The Luxury Firm model, which is 13.5 inches tall, will be the focus of our attention. Below you’ll find a comparison of the various levels of comfort available.

  • Two inches of gel-infused Hypersoft foam make up the first layer. Pressure and temperature should be relieved by this substance. Mattresses with varied levels of firmness and softness have pillow tops with slightly different textures.
  • The 2.5-inch SupportCell foam in the second layer provides further pressure reduction.
  • The 8-inch pocketed coils in the innerspring layer have five support zones. This will allow you to get the support and relief you need in the areas where you need it most.
  • Some movement from the coils above is absorbed by a 1-inch polyfoam layer that serves as the base layer.

For those who are concerned about their weight, the company offers a Plus version. The Plus variant has a slightly altered design in order to better meet the needs of these customers.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

Each mattress on our comfort scale is given a score from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most comfortable. Assuming that 1 is extremely soft and 10 is extremely stiff, this system works.

The comfort rating of the Nolah’s Original mattress ranges from 4.5 to 5, indicating a medium to medium-soft feel. Those who sleep on their sides may find this level of softness particularly appealing.

The Nolah’s cover should be smooth and comfortable to the touch while you’re lying on it. As a result, the materials are expected to reconfigure more quickly than typical memory foam, but probably not as quickly as latex.

If you’re looking for a medium-firm mattress, WinkBed’s Luxury Firm is the best choice. This mattress is best suited for back sleepers and stomach sleepers who desire a firmer level of comfort. There is a 4.5 rating for the Softer model, 7.5 for the Firmer choice, and an 8.9 for Plus.

The cover should be breathable and supple to the touch. To avoid the feeling of being “trapped” in the foam, the materials should be able to swiftly reconstruct.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

Both beds should give a comfortable cradle that conforms to the body rather than allowing for excessive sinkage. Nolah’s all-foam structure should attenuate most movements, therefore it should only offer a very small amount of bounce. There should be no bounce in the upper foam layers of WinkBed, but when the coils are triggered, there should be a more pronounced bounce.

Because WinkBed has materials that respond more quickly and have greater overall bounce, it may be a better fit for those who sleep in a variety of positions during the night.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Both products should be excellent at reducing the amount of motion transfer, hence reducing the likelihood of sleep disturbances caused by restless dogs or youngsters. If you’re concerned about motion transfer through the mattress, you may want to select the Nolah instead of the WinkBed, which has coils built into the mattress.

Comparing Edge Support

For an all-foam product, Nolah should be able to provide enough edge support. When lying on the edge, some compression can be felt, however this is normally not a problem for most customers.

The WinkBed’s edge-to-edge coil construction may be ideal for those who prefer to sleep on their side of the bed, as it provides more support around the perimeter.


Nolah vs. WinkBed Compared Side-by-Side

CoverTencel™Tencel fabric
MaterialsPolyfoam and AirFoam™Coils and foam
CoolingAirFoam™ and Tencel™Tencel, cooling gel, pocketed coils
Motion TransferMinimalMinimal
Edge SupportGoodExceptional
SinkageGentle CradleGentle Cradle
BounceMinimalMinimal upper, moderate deeper
WarrantyLifetime warrantyLifetime warranty
Trial Period120 nights120 nights

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1

Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingFree in the continental United StatesFree within the continental United States
Made in the USAYesYes
SizeNolah Price (w/o discount)WinkBed Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$899$1,249
Cali King$1,449$2,049

Should I Buy Nolah or WinkBed?

Is your decision between an all-foam mattress and an innerspring mattress still up in the air? Check out our recommendations to see which products are most suited for your needs.

We Would Recommend Buying Nolah if You are Looking for:

  • Cooling capabilities. Using Nolah’s AirFoamTM and TencelTM covers, the sleeper is kept cool and comfortable.
  • All-foam comfort. This mattress’s primary goal is to relieve stress on the body by conforming to its shape. Buyers should be able to control their movements with less bouncing.
  • A medium feel. Those looking for a mattress with a medium to medium-soft level of comfort will find this one suitable.


We Would Recommend Buying WinkBed if You are Looking for:

  • A product made-to-order. When you place your purchase, the company will construct your new bed. So you can rest assured that you’re getting a brand-new bed that hasn’t been sitting in a warehouse or factory for months on end.
  • An innerspring experience. A good amount of bounce is expected from this product, as well as better edge support. The coil unit’s 5-zone design provides substantial support for sleepers.
  • Multiple comfort options. There are three levels of firmness to choose from: soft, luxury firm, and firm. Customers who are particularly concerned about their weight can choose the Plus model.

Final Thoughts

A good night’s sleep should be possible with both firms’ products. The all-foam Nolah mattress is the best option for those looking for minimum bounce, enhanced motion control, a medium feel, and pressure relief. In general, WinkBed should be a good option for those who want some bounce, good edge support with a variety of softness options available, and a good coil feel.

If you want a more in-depth understanding of each product, be sure to check out our detailed product reviews.

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