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Purple and Loom & Leaf are two of the most popular bed-in-a-box mattresses on the market today. Some astonishing properties distinguish these two well-known mattresses.

At first glance, choosing between these two mattresses may appear to be a challenge. I, on the other hand, have all the knowledge that individuals need to make an informed decision about their mattress purchase. Consumers should be aware of the key differences between the two mattresses before making a purchase decision after reading this comparison.

Purple vs. Loom & Leaf

Purple and Loom & Leaf mattresses can be compared below to find which one is better for you! Purple

Key Similarities

  • There are generous trial periods and excellent customer service with both mattresses.
  • Both of these mattresses have a long lifespan.
  • Both of these mattresses are a great deal.
  • In terms of stiffness, they’re really similar.

Key Differences

  • The Purple costs significantly less than the Loom & Leaf.
  • Several different materials are used to make the mattresses.
  • In terms of firmness and squishiness, Purple and Loom & Leaf are very different.

Purple Construction

  • The Purple stands about 9.5″ tall and has three distinct layers of fabric.
  • The mattress’s cover is soft and thin, and it does not dramatically alter the mattress’s overall feel.
  • Two inches of Purple Smart Comfort Grid, an ultra-squishy polymer, form the first layer.
  • After that, there is 3.5″ of a Plush Comfort Foam that functions as a barrier between the gel material and the foundation layer.
  • 4″ of polyfoam is used as the foundation layer, which is a very ordinary foam.

Loom & Leaf Construction

  • There are four unique foam layers in the Loom & Leaf, which stands about 12″ tall.
  • The cover is breathable, soft, and quilted with polyfoam for an extra layer of comfort.
  • Gel memory foam with air passages makes up the top two inches of the mattress.
  • Spinal Zone Gel laminate panel is used in the first layer, which is both cooling and supportive of the spine.
  • Then there is a transition layer of 2″ thick denser memory foam.
  • The final layer is a normal base polyfoam used in many other all-foam mattresses.

Construction Differences/Notes

  • Memory foams in the Loom & Leaf are high-density, so they should be excellent at conforming to your body. The foam should be able to adhere to the body’s specific contours.
  • In order to get the classic memory foam feel, the Loom & Leaf mattress has many layers of memory foam.
  • Because of the Purple’s unique gel polymer, it will remain flat and supportive until the right amount of pressure is applied. Weight applied to the gel grid causes it to collapse at that point in time.
  • The Purple mattress is suitable for all three sleeping positions because of its gel grid. When individuals sleep on their backs and stomachs, the mattress should be supportive, and when they sleep on their sides, it should be supportive and relieve strain.
  • As a result, Purple mattresses are more breathable than those made by Loom and Leaf. The gel grid facilitates a lot of ventilation, thus it should be a more stable mattress.
  • Both mattresses are quite long-lasting and should be excellent investments. Because the Purple’s hyper-elastic gel polymer is so elastic, it shouldn’t sag like some foams do. The Loom & Leaf’s foams are extremely dense and should be able to withstand years of use.


Firmness/Feel Differences

When it came to firmness, the Purple was closer to a 7.5 than the Loom and Leaf was a 6.5. However, based on one’s weight, one may have a varied experience on the Purple. The gel grid may feel firmer to lighter-weight persons because they aren’t hefty enough to activate it. In order for the mattress to feel softer to heavier persons, the gel should be broken down by their weight.

However, I found that even when I rolled over and lay on my back, the Purple mattress did not sink into my lower back or hips. In spite of this, the mattress felt a tad stiff as I shifted my weight to my side. In my opinion, I am too light to activate the gel grid properly. When I lay on my stomach, the mattress provided excellent support.

Additionally, when lying on my back, I had good support on the Loom & Leaf. Even though I don’t sink in too much, the foam conforms to my body’s natural contours and feels comfortable. When I lay on my side, the mattress first feels quite firm. To my relief, the memory foam begins to decompress after a little period of time. While lying on my stomach, I’ve discovered that the mattress is a little too soft.

The Purple has a mushy gel-like feel that is both solid and soothing. It responds quickly and has a good bounce to it. Changing positions or moving around on the mattress should be easy for the majority of people.

In contrast, the Loom & Leaf mattress offers a typical memory foam feel that initially seems firm but gradually relaxes, allowing you to sink in. The Loom & Leaf will be more difficult to move around with this mattress because of its lack of bounce and memory foam’s inability to respond.

In the video below, I discuss my impressions of Purple’s stiffness and feel.

Check out the video below to see what I had to say about the Loom & Leaf’s memory foam sensation!

Motion Transfer Differences

The Loom & Leaf mattress includes large layers of high-density memory foam, a substance noted for its ability to isolate motion exceptionally well, whereas the Purple mattress does not.

My experiments included placing a glass of water on each mattresses. The Loom & Leaf mattress had a considerably less disruptive effect when I pressed onto it. Marten’s motions were less noticeable on the Loom & Leaf when I laid down on both mattresses and invited him to move around.

Using a Loom & Leaf with a partner ensures that neither one is woken up by the other person’s motions. To avoid being disturbed by your partner’s snoring, this mattress is ideal.

In the video below, you’ll see how the Purple handles motion transfer.

Watch the video below to see how it compares to the Loom & Leaf memory foam mattress.

Edge Support Differences

As a couple, you should consider how much of the mattress you can actually use when purchasing a mattress. Is it safe for them to sit or lie down at the edge of the mattress?

Both mattresses lack edge support, which isn’t a major selling point. On the Purple, I don’t feel safe sitting on the edge; on both mattresses, I feel as if I’m about to roll off the edge.

Marten’s Take

Marten works for us as a staff writer, and he has a quite different physique from the rest of us. Compared to my height and weight, he is 6’7″ and 230 lbs. Among other things, he opined that these mattresses are ideal for heavy sleepers:

When it came to ratings, I gave the Loom & Leaf an 8 out of 10, and the Purple a 6.5 out of 10. My weight is a major factor in how I feel compared to Joe. Compared to Joe, I am feeling more stiffness in the Loom & Leaf but the Purple feels softer because of my larger weight collapsing the gel grid.

While my hips sink in a little too much on the Loom & Leaf, I’m still getting adequate lumbar support. When I sleep on my side, the mattress first feels quite solid, but it eventually softens and provides some relaxation for my shoulders and hips. Because of the mattress’s softness when I’m laying down on my stomach, my hips bowed inward.

Whereas I’m able to sleep comfortably on my back on the Purple, I’m unable to sleep comfortably anywhere else on the mattress. When I sleep on my side, my shoulders and hips are relieved of pressure. A flat and sturdy mattress works well for me when I sleep on my stomach.

It’s possible that both mattresses would be suitable for heavy back and side sleepers, though. You should go with the Purple if you sleep on your back or side and are larger than me. Finally, if you sleep on your stomach, the Purple mattress is the best option.

According to Marten’s experience, the Purple mattress is suitable for heavy persons. However, I think he’s right that the Loom & Leaf might not be the best choice for heavy side sleepers.


Who Should Pick Purple:

  • Those who want a more affordable mattress- The Purple is less expensive than the Loom & Leaf, but it’s still a great value for money. If both beds sound like they’d be a good match, the Purple mattress may be a more cost-effective option.
  • Heavier side sleepers – The Purple is a great option for side sleeping for larger persons. Activation of the gel grid will cause the mattress to collapse under one’s body weight. As a result, heavier sleepers will benefit greatly from the reduced pressure.
  • Hot sleepers – The Purple is a good option for people who sleep in a room that is too hot at night. There should be less difficulties with people getting too hot while sleeping on the Purple due to the gel grid’s ability to allow for plenty of airflow.
  • Stomach sleepers – In contrast to the Loom & Leaf, the Purple should provide the necessary support for persons who sleep on their stomachs. When they are in this position, the gel grid should not collapse, thus they should feel supported throughout their entire body.

Who Should Pick Loom & Leaf:

  • Light- or medium-weight side sleepers – Side sleepers should consider the Loom & Leaf, as the memory foam on top provides excellent pressure relief. It’s possible that the Purple might not provide the optimum alleviation for folks who aren’t obese.
  • Those who prefer a classic memory foam feel – For those who prefer to sink into their mattresses, the Loom & Leaf is a good option. Memory foam gives off a quicksand-like sensation due to its slow movement.
  • People who sleep with a partner – For a variety of reasons, the Loom & Leaf should be a better mattress for couples. Topped with a thick layer of memory foam, this mattress does a good job of dissipating motion. The Loom & Leaf should be less of a source of anxiety for people.


People should be able to make a decision based on the information supplied above, as the disparities are so great. The Purple mattress is best for heavier side sleepers, hot sleepers, and most stomach sleepers.. The Loom & Leaf is best for side sleepers and those who share a bed with a spouse. In the space provided, feel free to ask any questions or make any comments on Purple or the Loom & Leaf. Reading this article over and over again can help consumers better understand their own wants and preferences before making a decision.

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