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Online memory foam mattress brands Novosbed (N) and Loom & Leaf (L&L) are usually regarded as two of the best. These two companies are highly regarded, have top-notch products, and excellent customer service (I’ve tried both and found them to be wonderful).

Depending on your sleep preferences, one or the other may be better suited than the other.

If you’ve narrowed it down to Loom & Leaf versus Novosbed, this article will go over the main similarities and differences to help you make an informed decision.


Novosbed vs. Loom & Leaf

See which mattress from Novosbed and Loom & Leaf is best for you by comparing them below!

Key Similarities

  • In both cases, they’re exclusively available online.
  • Both have received a 4.8+/5 star rating from their clients.
  • Both have a great deal of value to offer
  • Firmness settings are available for both: Loom & Leaf has two, whereas Novosbed has three.

Key Differences and Main Points:

  • Price – A Queen-size Novosbed costs $999.00, while the Loom & Leaf costs $2079.00.
  • Novosbed is unapologetically memory foam – It is Novosbed’s goal to make its mattress as close to a memory foam mattress as possible, and they have done just that. Memory foam fills the entire mattress, and the cover is made of just a few inches of loft. When you sleep on a Novosbed, you are only approximately 1/16 of an inch from the memory foam layer. As far as memory foam mattresses go, Novosbed is the best option.
  • Loom & Leaf has a loftier (thicker) cover it incorporates a layer of conventional foam to enhance bounce and airflow between the memory foam and you. Consequently, there is less of a memory foam effect with L&L. L&L, on the other hand, is a great option if you prefer less memory foam.
  • Novosbed Offers Comfort+ Firmness Adjustment – In the whole online mattress market, Novosbed is the only company to offer a “Comfort+ Kit” to help you alter the hardness of your mattress whether it’s too soft or too firm. A 2″ thicker mattress may be smoothly integrated into the mattress by extending the cover and putting a second comfort layer on top. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up.
  • Loom & Leaf has organic cotton, Novosbed has a washable top cover – When deciding between Novosbed and Loom & Leaf, this may not be a factor for everyone, but it is something to keep in mind.
    An organic cotton cover is used by L&L. Some individuals prefer the idea of organic cotton above the convenience of a washable cover under the sheets, but this is a personal preference.
  • Novosbed and Loom & Leaf use different cooling technologies – A gel coating is used by L&L to dissipate heat while you sleep. A moisture-wicking top cover and vertical ventilation channels are used by Novosbed. It was not an issue sleeping on either: the heat wasn’t a problem.
  • Loom & Leaf offers white glove delivery, including in-home setup – Loom and Leaf provides white glove delivery and in-home setup, which costs an additional $99 and is non-refundable if you return the mattress.
  • Canada – It’s hard to find Loom & Leaf in Canada. We were the first to offer free shipping across the country for Novosbed.

Construction Of Loom & Leaf Layers

Loom & Leaf is constructed out of five layers, rather than the three layers of material in Novosbed You begin with a 5.5″ thick layer of dense poly foam at the bottom. In the same way that Novosbed’s initial layer acts as the foundation for the rest of the mattress, this layer serves the same function.


Underneath the transition loft pad, a 2″ thick poly foam slab, is a dense poly foam slab made to cushion your feet. To finish the mattress, 2.5″ of five-pound visco-elastic memory foam is added as the final layer. The bulk of your relief and support will come from this layer.

Gel-swirl memory foam fills the top layer, which is 2″ thick and weighs four pounds per cubic foot. Your body will feel most of this layer when you sleep, thus it’s responsible for making you feel at ease. It’s also the layer holding a laminated sheet of cooling gel, which is intended to assist regulate the mattress’s temperature.

Asking about the gel’s effectiveness, you wonder. We’d say it’s pretty darn good as it’s the same substance used in hospitals to treat burn sufferers. Loom & Leaf sleeps colder than most memory foam mattresses because of this.

There is a 5/8″ thick layer of soft foam quilted into the sumptuous organic cotton cover of the Loom & Leaf mattress.

Loom & Leaf’s superior cover is complimented by the mattress’s extremely soft and warm feel.

Feel And Firmness Of A Loom & Leaf Mattress

With each layer of memory foam, Loom & Leaf’s mattress feels like dense memory foam with a pillowtop poking through. Because of the thick foam layers, you begin to sink in as they adapt to your body as you sleep.

Both the Relaxed Firm and Firm models of Loom & Leaf are available. To put it another way, we here at The Slumber Yard have our own system for rating mattresses. As we hinted at before, the Relaxed Firm model feels medium-firm while the Loom & Leaf Firm model also falls on our firm side.

We recommend the Relaxed Firm model if you’re a side sleeper because it provides greater pressure relief to your hips and shoulders than the Firm type. That said, the Relaxed Firm model isn’t exactly cushy.

The Relaxed Firm mattress is also a good choice for back sleepers of medium height and weight because it provides ample support for smaller people. You should, however, check out the Firm model if your back or stomach sleep is heavy.

In order to find the right mattress, you’ll need to take into account your weight, even if you only sleep on your back or stomach. If you’re a petite to medium-sized combo sleeper, we think the Relaxed Firm mattress is the best option for you. Consider your most dominating sleeping position if you’re overweight. Choose the Relaxed Firm if you prefer to sleep on your side. We recommend Firm if you spend a lot of time on your back or stomach.


Pick Novosbed If:

  • You Want a Pure Memory Foam Feel – In terms of memory foam, Novosbed is shamelessly so. A Novosbed is the best option for memory foam purists.
  • You Aren’t Sure What Firmness Level Is Right For You – Novosbed does an excellent job of addressing the issue of determining the proper level of stiffness. Providing a guarantee of optimal firmness is a fantastic and unique feature in the business.
  • You Anticipate Having The Mattress For A Long Time – Aside from that, the Novosbed’s materials are extremely long-lasting. Having a mattress that you want to use for a long period of time increases the value of Novosbeds.
  • You are in Canada – No high-end mattress company in Canada offers free delivery and returns like Novosbed.

Pick Loom & Leaf if:

  • You Want a Little Less Memory Foam Feel – Compared to Novosbed, L&L has a more bouncy feel. Even if you don’t like memory foam, L&L is an excellent pick for a high-end mattress.
  • You know what firmness you need – Firmness choices are available for Loom and Leaf. Go with L&L instead of Novosbed Comfort+ if you don’t need the extra security.
  • You want White Glove Delivery – In the absence of Novosbed’s white glove delivery, L&L is your best option.


Is Novosbed or Loom & Leaf the better option? We think both mattresses are excellent memory foam mattresses, but which one is best for you depends on your preferences.

  • A softer mattress is an option, right? Soft is one of Novosbed’s three firmness levels.
  • Are you a night owl who likes to sleep in the middle of the night? Using Loom & Leaf may help you sleep more comfortably because of its laminated cooling strip.
  • Does a machine-washable mattress cover seem appealing to you? Consider Novosbed as an option.
    Are you a person who prefers simple shipping and even simpler installation? A Loom & Leaf employee will come and assemble your mattress.
  • What type of buyer are you? Loom & Leaf is more expensive than Novosbed.

As a thank you, we hope we helped you narrow your search for a new mattress down. We encourage you to have a look at our other mattress comparisons and full-length mattress reviews as well.

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