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Here, we compare Zenhaven vs. Nest Bedding to help you find out which product suits your needs better. All-foam model Zenhaven, owned by parent business Saatva, was designed to deliver a luxurious experience at an inexpensive price. We’ll examine the structure and features of this model.

We’ll also go over Nest Bedding’s hybrid latex mattress, which was developed by a firm that places customer service and contentment above all else.

Quick Comparison: Zenhaven vs. Nest Bedding Owl


  • Heat loss is reduced.
  • Firmness in two places at the same time.
  • Allergy-free mattress

Nest Bedding

  • Eco-friendly.
  • Innerspring-style heft and responsiveness.
  • Excellent support for the edges.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Zenhaven Construction

This mattress is shipped completely uncompressed and ready for use.

An inch of New Zealand wool is woven into the organic cotton cover to help keep the 10-inch bed cool. You may choose between a Gentle Firm or a Luxury Plush feel with this product by simply flipping it over. For the purposes of this discussion, we’ll assume that the Luxury Plush option is being used throughout building.

  • A 1.5-inch Talalay latex layer with a “5-Zone Comfort Layer” is on the top layer. Firmer or softer sections can be created by inserting pinholes of various densities, allowing more or less compression as needed to give additional support or comfort.
  • Talalay latex fills the second layer, which is 3 inches thick. In order to alleviate pressure in concentrated places, this should give gentle support.
  • A third layer of 3-inch Talalay latex is used to give the mattress a firmer feel than the layer above it. The Soft Firm setting is created by flipping the mattress over and placing it back in its original position.
  • In addition to a 1.5-inch layer of Talalay latex, the base layer also features five comfort zones. When utilized as the item’s top layer, this material creates a stronger feel and contributes to the item’s stability.

Nest Bedding Owl Construction

There are three main components to this bed-in-a box: coils, foam, and latex.


The 1.5-inch EcoFlex foam quilted into the organic cotton cover should create a soft, pressure-relieving cradle for the baby. This mattress has a total height of 12.5 inches.

The firm, medium, and plush versions of this product all appear to have a similar construction. We’ll focus on the medium comfort setting because it’s the most adaptable. This bed is also available in an organic version with slightly different specs.

  • Depending on your weight and position, the first layer of Dunlop latex is designed to provide more or less compression.
  • An inch of Comfort Foam separates the latex system from the coils in the second layer.
  • The 6-inch CaliberTM Edge coil system is housed in the third layer. The coils in this mattress may respond to the motions of the sleeper independently because of the system’s individually pocketed design. In order to prevent motion transfer, this should alleviate pressure or offer support when needed.
  • At this point, the upper coil system’s motion transmission can be further absorbed by the final layer of Transitional Foam, which measures one inch thick.
    Reinforced coils around the bed’s perimeter help it maintain a uniform, even feel throughout its whole surface.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

As a result, we’ve graded both mattresses on our comfort (firmness) scale, giving them a score from 1 to 10. In this example, we assume that 1 is extremely soft, whereas 10 is quite firm.

Both sides of the all-foam provide varying levels of comfort. Gentle Firm should have a rating of 7, which should feel medium to firm in the hands of most consumers. In the Luxury Plush setting, the medium-softness level, you’ll find it at 4.5. Soft, medium, and firm hybrids are available.

Both mattresses should be able to accommodate a wide range of sleepers, regardless of their preferences. Zenhaven’s dual-sided design is a great alternative if you value having a variety of comfort options at your fingertips.

Foam and wool inside the covers should make both mattresses feel soft, fluffy, and temperature-neutral. Mattresses with individually pocketed coils and an all-foam comfort layer should give different levels of support and compression depending on the sleeper’s posture. You should be able to easily shape the foams in any mattress so that body impressions are minimized.


Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

If the foam used in the Zenhaven is soft enough, it should provide a deep hug. The softer form is more like a cradle, while the harder version allows for less sinkage. Because of this, customers should be able to float on top of the mattress thanks to the Medium feel of the Nest Bedding hybrid.

Sleeping on two different mattresses should not be a problem for those who use a combination of the two. In terms of mobility, the hybrid is the best option because of the low sinkage and the strong bounce provided by the coils. The all-foam latex product should have a reasonable amount of spring.

Comparing Motion Transfer

There should be a significant amount of motion transfer with either of these mattresses due to the springy nature of latex. For the vast majority of consumers, both models will allow them to sleep soundly. Zenhaven’s all-foam structure may offer more motion control than the coils inside the hybrid mattress for very sensitive sleepers.

Comparing Edge Support

Solid edge support is preferred by couples and those who want to sleep on the edge of the bed because they don’t have to worry about slipping off the mattress. There may be slight compression while lying on the edge of Zenhaven but overall, customers should feel well-supported.

Due to the strengthened coils on both the outer and inner edges, the hybrid should be a fantastic alternative for anyone looking for improved edge support.

Zenhaven vs. Nest Bedding Owl Compared Side-by-Side

FeaturesZenhavenNest Bedding Owl
CoverNew Zealand wool and Organic cottonOrganic cotton, wool and EcoFlex foam
MaterialsTalalay latexDunlop latex and coils
CoolingWool and pinholes in the latexPocketed coils, wool
Firmness4.5/10, 7/103/10, 5.5/10, 8.5/10
Motion TransferMediumMedium
Edge SupportGoodExceptional
SinkageDeep Hug/Gentle CradleGentle Cradle
Warranty20 yearsLifetime
Trial Period180 nights365 nights
CertificationsOEKO-TEX® and GOTSOEKO-TEX®, GOTS, and GOLS
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingFree with free White Glove Service to the continental United States and some parts of CanadaFree in the contiguous United States, Canada shipping available, White Glove Delivery is optional
Made in the USAYesYes
SizeZenhaven Price (w/o discount)Nest Bedding Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$1,688$1,249
Cali King$3,376$2,099
Split King$3,175N/A
Split Cali King (1 side only)N/A$1,249

Should I Buy Zenhaven or Nest Bedding?

Whether you prefer an all-foam or a hybrid mattress, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re having trouble deciding between two beds, here are some recommendations for how each might work well for different sleepers.


We Would Recommend Buying Zenhaven if You are Looking for:

  • Dual-sided comfort options. A medium-soft or medium-firm to firm sensation can be achieved by flipping this mattress.
  • Zoned comfort layers. For milder or firmer support, the upper materials are zoned. Neutral spine alignment and reduced pressure are the goals here.
  • More motion isolation. It is possible that this foam-only design will be more effective than a hybrid in terms of reducing motion transfer.

We Would Recommend Buying Nest Bedding Owl  if You are Looking for:

  • Multiple comfort options. Soft, medium, and hard variants of this product are available, letting customers to select the amount of comfort that best suits their own desire.
  • Personalized support in a hybrid. This mattress’s coils are engineered to respond to your position and movement independently. As a result, the coils should have the ability to contract or expand as needed.
  • A more organic option. Organic construction with numerous certifications is an option for those who want a more natural sleeping environment.

Final Thoughts

Both brands provide customized compression and comfort. Additionally, the wool and cotton covers of any bed should be able to regulate temperature and offer a comfortable initial impression.

With its dual-sided comfort, enhanced motion control, and deep or gentle cuddling, Zenhaven is a perfect option for those who like either a deep hug or a gentle cradle. Nest is a good option for individuals looking for a softer cradle, robust coils, and better edge support. ‘

To get a better understanding of both models, check out our reviews or peruse our top 12 list of the best beds.

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