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When you can have it all, why settle?

Check for natural chemicals and a zone of comfort. Be sure to look for any pressure relief or lumbar support as well. How will you choose between these brands that include everything but the kitchen sink?

If you’re looking for a bed made with organic materials and healthy living in mind, this comparison between Avocado and Brentwood Cedar might help you figure out which one is best for you.

Quick Comparison: Avocado vs. Brentwood Cedar


  • A bed that is environmentally friendly.
  • It’s got that old-school springy feel.
  • Affordability is a priority.

Brentwood Cedar

  • Reduce the amount of carbon dioxide you produce.
  • Support and comfort from stress.
  • Bouncey bed.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Avocado Construction

It will be compressed into a box by the shipping firm when this latex/steel coil hybrid is transported.


Organic cotton and wool are used in the cover, which is designed to regulate temperature and wick away moisture. Button tufting is made easier by using wool rosettes instead of glue. Unless you select for the pillow top, this bed’s overall height is 11 inches.

  • An air-flow and pressure-relieving 2-inch Dunlop latex approved by GOLS is used as the top layer of the mattress top.
  • With different gauges used in the 8-inch Steel Coils, the second layer has three different comfort zones that offer varied levels of pressure relief or pushback. To reduce waste, the steel has been repurposed.
  • This 1-inch Dunlop latex should serve as a sturdy base for the rest of the components.
  • Reinforced coils on the perimeter of this bed keep sleepers from sinking in too much when they rest their heads on the edge.

Brentwood Cedar Construction

This mattress mixes latex and coils, as well as natural elements that limit the amount of chemicals in this bed. When the mattress is shipped, it is compressed and put in a box.

Stretch-knit organic cotton and Summerweight New Zealand wool are used in this 13-inch mattress to regulate temperature. Hydra silica sand can be utilized as a natural fire barrier.

  • Dunlop latex fills the upper layer. There should be plenty of bounce and good ventilation in this material.
  • In order to minimize overheating, the second layer is made of 2-inch Grooved Latex. The hips, shoulders, and legs are supported and compressed in three separate zones with somewhat varied forms.
  • Flaxseed is used in the third layer to provide a smooth transition between the comfort and support layers.
  • The 8-inch Individually Wrapped Coils are divided into five comfort zones by the fourth layer. Customers shouldn’t feel like they’re “trapped” in the foam thanks to this coil system’s adequate bounce.
  • An inch thick layer of Coconut Husk serves as the foundation for the entire mattress system, making it both environmentally friendly and comfortable.
  • The strengthened coils around the perimeter of this product enhance the product’s edge support.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

Both of these goods have been placed on our comfort (firmness) scale to give you an indication of how they would feel to most consumers. The degree of softness or firmness of an item is measured on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 representing the softest material and 10 the firmest.

Avocado has a medium-firm rating of 7. The Cedar has a firmness rating of 6, indicating a medium level of support.

Both beds should be able to regulate their temperature naturally thanks to the wool in their coverings. Because each zone provides a varied quantity of pushback or pressure relief for proper weight distribution, zoned, individually pocketed coils should allow all types of sleepers to find a comfortable posture.

Both of these beds include coil systems that can accommodate people who weigh more than average. People who prefer a firmer mattress for their backs or stomachs should have no problem sleeping on either of these options. Softer pillows are offered for those who like to sleep on their sides, although side sleepers can also choose for the somewhat firmer Cedar mattress.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

Customers should avoid getting too comfortable on either bed. A cradle is a better place for them to rest, rather than on the ground.

Moderate bounce should make repositioning a breeze with avocado. Brentwood is expected to have a higher level of bounce, which may be suitable for those who are concerned about mobility.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Most innerspring and hybrid mattresses have a hard time absorbing motion transmission, and individuals who are particularly worried may want to use the optional pillow top to further isolate motion. Due to its higher amounts of bounce, the Cedar may allow for a little more movement within the bed.

Co-sleepers should be able to sleep peacefully on either side of the bed without being disturbed by their partners’ snores. The Avocado should be a good option for people who have trouble sleeping because of their sensitive bodies and need more motion control.


Comparing Edge Support

Both mattresses have strengthened coils around the perimeter, which should provide better edge support. Both brands are suitable for people who want to curl up on the edge of their mattress. There may be a little more compression in the Cedar than in the Avocado, which has its coil system a little lower down in the mattress.

Avocado vs. Brentwood Cedar Compared Side-by-Side

FeaturesAvocadoBrentwood Cedar
CoverOrganic cotton, New Zealand woolOrganic cotton, Summerweight New Zealand wool
MaterialsDunlop latex, steel coilsFlaxseed, coconut husk, hydra silica sand, Dunlop latex, coils
CoolingWool, individually pocketed coilsWool, pocketed coils, aerated latex
Motion TransferMinimalMedium
Edge SupportExceptionalGreat
SinkageGentle CradleGentle Cradle
Warranty25 years25 years
Trial Period1 year1 year
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingFree in the United States, In-Home Delivery service is available for additional feeFree in the contiguous United States
Made in the USAYesYes
SizeAvocado Price (w/o discount)Brentwood Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$1,199N/A
Cali King$2,099$1,799
Split KingN/AN/A

Should I Buy Avocado or Brentwood Cedar?

Choosing between these supportive and natural hybrid beds is a daunting task. Our sleeper recommendations may help you choose the appropriate product for you. They’re all here for your viewing pleasure.

We Would Recommend Buying Avocado if You are Looking for:

  • Co-sleeping is a relaxing experience. Couples should be able to spread out toward the edge of the bed without fear of losing stability thanks to the improved edge support. Partners’ motions should be less perturbed with improved motion control.
  • Zoned assistance. The springs in this mattress are arranged in zones that promise different levels of compression. In order to maintain a neutral spine, this should ensure that various parts of the body receive the right amount of support from the mattress.
  • At a more affordable cost. The many certifications and high-quality construction make this device an excellent value in the hybrid market.

We Would Recommend Buying Brentwood if You are Looking for:

  • More freedom of movement. Combination sleepers and persons with limited mobility should find it easy to switch positions thanks to the mattress’ high bounce and responsive latex substance.
  • Comfort zones that are even more welcoming. Zoned support and pressure relief are ensured by the hybrid’s special design, which incorporates both a second latex layer and a coil system.
  • Additional use of organic materials. Natural ingredients like flaxseed and coconut husk are used in this product to limit the amount of chemicals, additives, and processed components. A clean and healthy night’s sleep is guaranteed by multiple certifications.


Final Thoughts

For those seeking a hybrid with zoned comfort and excellent temperature regulation, these beds are the ones for you! Avocado is a must-have for couples who want more control over their movement and better support on the edges. The double zonal layers and natural construction of the Cedar are what really set it apart.

To learn more about each mattress, return to the review’s introduction. Alternatively, if you’d want to see our top 12 recommendations, you may do so here.

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