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So, you’ve reduced your search for the best mattress to a hybrid model?

Our DreamCloud Premier vs. Brooklyn Aurora head-to-head comparison pits two outstanding hybrids against one another.

DreamCloud is confident in their goods since they have 100 years of combined sleep industry experience behind them. Two brothers started Brooklyn Bedding from the ground up, using a repurposed delivery truck. A good night’s sleep begins with an affordable mattress, as both of these companies think.

Quick Comparison: DreamCloud Premier vs. Brooklyn Aurora

DreamCloud Premier

  • Luxurious living on a budget.
    Strengthened corners.
    High-quality alleviation from tension.

Brooklyn Aurora

  • Increased ability to keep things cool.
  • A high-quality bed at a reasonable price.
  • Three firmness options are available.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

DreamCloud Premier Construction

The bed can be shipped to you in a box, or you can hire a team of experts to assemble it for you if you prefer. Two layers of soft memory foam and a cashmere blend material make up the EuroTop, which is 2 inches thick.

At a height of 14 inches, the bed has five layers of fabric.

  • You’ll find a layer of soft traditional foam beneath the cover. In order to alleviate painful pressure points, this 2.5-inch thick foam is used.
  • A 1-inch thick typical common foam is used as the base layer. It’s important that you don’t feel the bottom coil unit or sink too far into the bed, thus this layer is there to prevent that.
  • The 8.5-inch-thick coil unit at the foot of the bed should promote airflow to keep you cool as you sleep. There are perimeter coils here that provide edge support so you can sleep on all sides, and they help reduce motion transmission so that your companion is less likely to wake up.

Brooklyn Aurora Construction

Various levels of comfort are provided by this foam, latex substitute, and coil hybrid. Compressed in a box, this item is shipped.


The phase-changing TitanCool fabric on this 13-inch mattress helps keep the sleeper cool.

  • Copper Gel EnergexTM With TitanCool, a latex-free alternative, forms the top layer of the mattress. This layer’s cooling characteristics are intended to assist keep the body from overheating.
  • Over two inches of TitanFlexTM is held in place by the second layer. For heavier or lighter parts of the body, this should give support or pressure relief that is tailored to the sleeper’s weight.
  • Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, a single inch thick, completes the three-layer construction. For heavier sleepers who sink through the comfort materials, this should enable deep contouring and pressure alleviation. Transition between comfort and support levels is particularly important here.
  • The 8-inch Quantum EdgeTM Encased Coils are found in the fourth layer. Foam casing and an individually pocketed design help to dampen movement in this coil system. Support, pressure relief, and reinforced edges should be provided by the coils.
  • Base Support Foam is an inch thick on the bottom layer. The additional stability and reduced motion transmission that this material should provide will benefit the entire mattress.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

For both brands, we ranked them on a firmness scale of 1-10, with 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest. An individual’s position preferences should be taken into consideration when selecting the right mattress.

DreamCloud Premier is a 5.5 on the firmness scale, which means it’s in between a medium and a medium-firm. For most sleepers, this is a good choice. With a luxurious cover and pocket coils, this mattress provides both pressure relief and support depending on the weight and position of the sleeper.

The Aurora has a phase-changing quilted cover and can be ordered in a variety of comfort levels. In terms of quality, the medium choice ranks at a 5, the soft option at 3, and the firm option at 7. This allows for additional pressure alleviation for the shoulders and hips, while stomach sleepers may prefer a firmer mattress.

Both brands offer a midrange experience to those looking for the best of both worlds. A softer or firmer sensation can be achieved through the Aurora’s customisation options.

There are two different types of materials in each of these goods.

Both beds should be easy to get in and out of for those who choose to sleep in different positions.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

However, if you prefer a softer cradle, Aurora provides more feel options than the other bed.

The coil technology with the deeper latex substance in the third layer of DreamCloud Premier should produce mild bounce. Despite the fact that Aurora’s second TitanFlexTM layer should act like springy latex in conjunction with the coil system, this feature should be found higher in the bed. To avoid being “stuck” in the foam, you should be able to easily move around with either product.

Comparing Motion Transfer

When it comes to motion control, both manufacturers fall somewhere in the middle of all-foam and innerspring mattresses. All-foam mattresses tend to absorb the greatest energy, while innerspring mattresses tend to allow movement to diffuse throughout the coil structure more efficiently. Both of these mattresses should be able to reduce movement compared to standard innersprings, which have substantial layers and individually pocketed coils, by providing adequate motion isolation.


Most people don’t give much thought to motion transmission when shopping for a mattress. Co-sleepers and pet owners who value this feature should be pleased with the results they get from either model.

Comparing Edge Support

The DreamCloud’s reinforced coils and Aurora’s Quantum Edge support systems should give greater edge support for those who sleep or sit along the edge of the mattress. People who like to spread out on the mattress’s edge, or those who share a bed with a spouse or a pet, would like this feature.

DreamCloud Premier and Brooklyn Aurora Compared Side-by-Side

FeaturesDreamCloud PremierBrooklyn Aurora
CoverCASHEX cashmere blend Quilted EuroTopCotton with phase changing fabric knitted into it
MaterialsMemory foam, polyfoam, and coilsCopper Gel Energex™ Foam, TitanFlex™, Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, Quantum Edge™
Pocketed Coils, Base Foam
CoolingBreathable cover, gel-infused foamPhase change cooling cover, gel in memory foam, coils, copper in foam
Motion TransferMediumMedium
Edge SupportGreatExceptional
SinkageDeeper HugGentle Cradle
WarrantyEverlong10 years
Trial Period365 nights120 nights
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingFree within the contiguous United States, Alaska and Hawaii for an additional fee, White Glove Service is optionalFree shipping in the contiguous US. Delivery fee for Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. White Glove Delivery often available at showrooms
Made in the USANoYes
SizeDreamCloud Premier Price (w/o discount)Brooklyn Aurora Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$1,299$1,249
Cali King$1,899$2,199
Split Cali KingN/A$1,249

Brooklyn Aurora vs DreamCloud – Delivery & Unboxing:

With an online mattress purchase, the last thing you want is a lengthy delivery or off-gassing process. To make things easier, the Brooklyn Aurora and DreamCloud have kept things straightforward. When your Brooklyn Aurora mattress arrives, it will be in a small, but hefty, package that weighs in at more than 100 pounds. Remove the Brooklyn Aurora from its box and throw away the plastic once you’ve placed it where you want it. Then sit back and watch your mattress come to life.

We recommend letting the mattress to properly expand and firm up for at least 24 hours, although it can take as little as a few hours to do so. There will be no nasty smells or off-gassing from this American-made mattress. A few hours after purchasing a new mattress, you should be able to smell the freshness of the material. You should allow it to inhale for a longer period of time if you’re more sensitive to the aromas it emits.

Interested in purchasing a Brooklyn Aurora mattress from us? Visit BrooklynBedding.com for more information and to shop.

In the same way, your DreamCloud mattress will be delivered to your door in a 94-pound box. The first step is to simply move the mattress to its final destination with the help of an additional set of hands. Remove the mattress from its packaging, cut the plastic, and watch it expand.

The off-gassing from your DreamCloud should be low. But keep in mind that this mattress isn’t made in the United States, which could alter the smell. When you order a DreamCloud mattress, it will be shipped to you from a factory outside of the United States. This means that the mattress is rolled up in plastic and stored in the plastic for a longer period of time than other mattresses created in the United States. When it’s rolled up, it can take a little longer to extend all the way. The odour should dissipate when the DreamCloud expands to its maximum capacity. You should leave it for at least 24 hours if you are sensitive to odours.


Should I Buy DreamCloud Premier or Brooklyn Aurora?

A hybrid feel, better edge support, and moderate motion control should be provided by both goods.

How do you know which bed is best for you when there are so many options? You’ll likely make your choice depending on the qualities that appeal to you the most. Keep reading to discover which mattress is best for you.

We Would Recommend Buying DreamCloud Premier if You are Looking for:

  • The feel of luxury at a reasonable price. The soft cover and many layers of plush foam should feel opulent and sumptuous. Everyone can afford this high-quality product because of the low pricing.
  • Coils for the EuroTop. Traditional coils with a pillowy top have been updated in this model to give it a more modern feel while yet maintaining the same bounce and ventilation.
  • Having a little more time to think about your purchase. A year-long trial period is offered by the company so that you can test out your new bed before making a final decision on whether or not it is right for you.

We Would Recommend Buying Brooklyn Aurora if You are Looking for:

  • Inventions in cooling technology. This bed features phase-changing fabric, copper gels, gel-infused memory materials, and individually pocketed coils to keep you from overheating.
  • Multiple ways to relax. Customers can select from Soft, Medium, or Firm levels of comfort.
    A shopping adventure that puts you in direct contact with the product.
  • Customers can test out their new bed in person at the company’s brick and mortar stores throughout Arizona.

Final Thoughts

Both mattresses offer a wide range of comfort options and a true Medium feel, making them suitable for a wide range of sleepers. Both have a low sinkage and bounce, thus they should be suitable for combo sleepers.

If you’re still not sure which mattress is right for you, check out our in-depth assessments of each one.

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