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Where there is a good night sleep, then a decent pillow is involved. As a side sleeper you ever wondered why you always experience a back or neck ache every time you wake up? Your pillow could be the cause! It’s either you have the wrong cushion for your sleeping type or don’t even have one at all. Did you know that pillows get recommended even by doctors? Yes, pads are that important. Your head might be heavy wondering which pillow best suits you and how do you get to know. Well, relax and continue reading; today is your lucky day as this article will outline the 100% natural Talalay latex for side sleepers from Z by MALOUF.

Z 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow-Queen-High Loft, Firm

Sleeping on your side increases the distance between your shoulders and head. Lack of proper support then creates a problem in this position. It causes a terrible back, neck, head, or shoulder pain. I know you wouldn’t love to wake up in the morning feeling like you were from carrying a load five times heavier than your weight. That’s why you need to understand the importance of not just using a pillow, but the right pad. First, understand your sleep type. If you are a side sleeper, then this Z pillow was made for you. Are you wondering why? Here are the details:

Details of the MALOUF Pillow

Latex from rubber trees gets used in its making. The process is eco-friendly as the trees are sustainable. It involves tapping of the milky sap. Its then whipped and poured to form a mold. Then, it gets chilled. The desired foam consistency gets achieved by finally heating the fluid. With this technology, support and comfort get impressively combined where your head get cradled as your shoulders and neck get the required support. Due to the proprietary production process involved, Talalay comes as the most consistent and resilient latex. It easily conforms to the body movements and offers constant support. Another pillow of its kind made from natural products is the SNUGGLE-PEDIC BAMBOO COMBINATION MEMORY FOAM PILLOW.

Unlike other materials used in making the traditional pillows, this pillow never requires stuffing, and it amazingly retains its initial shape. More so, this latex is breathable. You get assured of a comfortable sleep since your body temperature gets regulated. Do you want to know what impresses me more about this pillow? It is hypoallergenic! Everyone can use it; even those with allergies. It is renowned for resisting dust mite and mildew. You now get why it’s the best pillow for side sleepers and other sleep types? I love the fact that with this pillow, comfort doesn’t get compromised.

Malouf understands that people come in different sizes and shapes. To cater for everyone, they made these pillows in standard, queen, and king sizes. You will also get some pillows with either low or high profiles. Others come as plush or firm densities. The manufacturers have done a recommendable job to cater for everyone. Globally, Talalay pillows get offered by MALOUF in their extensive varieties and options. The cover is removable and made from Tencel. It’s renowned for its temperature and moisture management properties that ensure a perfect sleep environment.

Reasons Why You Should Choose This Pillow from MALOUF Z

Z by Malouf 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow

The following reasons that make this pillow stand out from the rest will blow your mind away. Alacrity has taken customers! Check them out:


  1. It is ideal for all type of sleepers
  2. Comfort defines this pillow. The 100% Talalay latex acts as evidence.
  3. They come in three sizes; the king, standard, and queen to accommodate all people.
  4. Depending on what you prefer, you get the opportunity to choose from a plush or low soft, and your favorite color.
  5. It is adjustable; thanks to the latex used.
  6. Easy to carry around as they are lightweight
  7. A 5-year warranty and amazing discounts
  8. Full ventilation and regulation of the body temperature.
  9. Washable with mild soap and water


  • New users may not like the storage smell that comes with this pillow. Fortunately, the odor goes away a few hours after airing.
  • The cushion comes as solid and substantial. Though the firmness and the solid feel are perfect for side sleepers, some people may take time adjusting.

Who Should Get recommended to use The MALOUF Pillow?

If you fit in the following description, then you qualify to use this pillow:

Looking for a Good Offer

When you consider its qualities, this pillow is quite affordable. If you are looking for quality with a limited budget, then this is the pillow to buy.

Love for Natural Latex

If you love latex, this pillow gets made with 100% Talalay latex. Therefore, benefits like optimal support, natural breathing, and the pillow’s durability are inevitable.

Customized Comfort

If you are in search of a pillow that comes in a different loft, then this pillow is recommended for you. It has a low and high loft. It also comes as soft or firm. With its numerous form, it becomes ideal for all sleep types.

The Cradling Effect

The latex material gives this pillow the cradling ability. It is the reason why your head gets cradled well while you sleep, and your back and neck experiences maximum support. Could you be looking for a pillow that guarantees you pain-free back and neck after waking up? Then this is the pillow recommended for you.

Whom Should This Pillow Not Get Recommended?

  1. If the person is allergic to latex
  2. If you require a pillow with straightforward memory foam, then you may not like the slight push-back that comes with this pillow. For a sleeping sensation from memory foam, you will need to check elsewhere.

Reviews from Customers

Customers on various buying websites have expressed their satisfaction with this pillow. On Amazon, for example, over 1,400 customers have given this pillow an average rating of 3.9-star. For instance, Young Professional, who is a verified buyer expresses his love for the plush version. He also ended up buying the firm version too where he credits both types. According to him, it’s true both pillows came with a smell which disappeared after three days.

As illustrated above, Talalay latex pillow for side sleepers is not only friendly to your pocket but also offers optimal support and comfort. It is also ideal for the other sleeper types. You also get to experience a desirable overall sleeping sensation. You have no excuse, order yours today!

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