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If the products you use to enhance your comfort while you sleep are quality, then enjoying a sound sleep throughout the night is inevitable. It’s true; we all are unique, and so are our sleeping styles which significantly determines whether we enjoy a good or a bad rest. Does feeling uncomfortable always disrupt your sleep? Are your nights restless? It could be as a result of your poor sleeping products, especially the pillow. Are you wondering what pad is of the best quality and offers optimal support and comfort for all sleeping types? Relax, today is your lucky day as this article will give insight about the Pancake Pillow. Though there are many Pancake Pillow Reviews, our below outline about this pillow will blow your mind. Read on.


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Pancake Pillow The Adjustable Layer Pillow. Custom Fit Your Perfect Pillow Height. Queen Size Luxury Pillow
  • Adjustable Layer Pillow That Perfectly Fits Everyone! Side Sleepers, Stomach Sleepers, Back Sleepers.
  • 300 Thread Count Outer Zippered Case
  • Standard/Queen Size Pillow 18 x 26 inches
  • Six Soft Stackable Inner Pillow Layers - Custom Fit Your Perfect Pillow Height
  • Softest Down Alternative Microfiber Fill. Hypo Allergenic. A Soft Pillow.

Just like the mattress is a vital surface that influences how well we sleep, the pillow too is critical. But many neglect the importance of a cushion, and especially to the sleeping position. A pad supports and cradles someone’s head and neck. Therefore, while choosing a pillow, you need to be keen on the loft and shape for better alignment of your spine while you sleep. Stomach and back sleepers prefer thin pillows like the Pancake Pillow or the Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow. Check out our Pancake Pillow review herein below.

About The Pancake Pillow Adjustable Layer Pillow

The making of this pillow got inspired by the desire to meet various sleeping types’ needs. With this vision, Pancake pillow got invented; the best decision its makers ever implemented! You will fall head over heels with this pillow. Do you want to know why? With this pillow, you don’t have to invest in many different pillows. Many people realize that the product they’ve purchased isn’t what they needed or expected and therefore go ahead and buy another type or size. But with the Pancake pillow, you don’t have to worry about wasting your hard earned money in purchasing another pad.

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The fact that this pillow gets composed of many soft layers stack together makes it amazingly easy to adjust to your preferred height. To reduce or add the height level, you only need to remove or insert the soft layers until you reach the required loft. With such a fantastic feature, it is easy to understand why this pillow is popular with many people. It has also succeeded in earning a place in the 5-star hotels as a quality pillow. The comfort and softness are exemplary. Isn’t it amazing?

Advantages of the Pancake Pillow Adjustable Layer Pillow

Are you a stomach or back sleeper? Then this pillow is made for you. You will love the fact that your spine gets adequately aligned, eliminating any form of back or neck strain. It is the pillow that guarantees maximum support and comfort. Do you want to know why? Check out the following reasons:
- $40.00 OFF Pancake Pillow The Adjustable Layer Pillow. Custom Fit Your Perfect Pillow Height. Queen Size Luxury Pillow


It gets created in two sizes namely:

  • Standard or queen size: 18×26 inches
  • King size: 18×34 inches

Compared to the industry standard size which comes as 20×30 inches for the standard/queen size, and 20×36 inches for the king size, this pillow is slightly smaller.

It comes with six layers of which the 4th layer makes the standard pillow lofty.

Stackable layers

A pillow’s loft describes its height. With the Pancake Pillow Adjustable Layer Pillow, you get to adjust the height comfortably by adding or removing the layers. You can change the pillow to as thin as 2 inches or as thick as 9 inches in height. The sheets are six in number and come with a 2-inch thickness. You only need to stack them together until you reach the desired firmness.

What I love about this pillow is the fact that, unlike other pads like the Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable, adjusting this pillow is more straightforward and non-messy. For the other adjustable cushions, you need to store the memory foam after removal; otherwise it will spill all over and get spoilt. The case is different with the Pancake pillow.

The Cover

The cover comes as a 300-thread and gets made of pure cotton. You, therefore, get assured of your body temperature getting regulated as you sleep as the fabric allows air to move freely.

The Zipper

The pillow comes with a case which contains a 3-sided zipper for easier access and the adjustments of the layers. It is also durable, thanks to the double stitches done on the seams.


You could be lost in your thoughts, wondering how you maintain this pillow. No need to; it’s easy! You only need to machine wash and dry the case. The case also holds the layers in place and retains their shape. Are you wondering how you clean the sheets when they get dirty? Use cool water to wash them gently. Then tumble dry them. I love the fact that these layers do not form lumps after washing


  • Stacking feature
  • Consistent support
  • Ideal for all sleeping types
  • Easy to clean
  • 30-day guarantee


  • If you want to use all the six layers, fitting them in the pillowcase might be difficult. Also, when all the layers get used, the thickness might be uncomfortable for some people.

The Users’ Say

Its unique way of adjusting the height has won hearts of many users. Its popularity is incredible. Many love the fact that one can quickly make a thin pillow, especially for the back and stomach sleepers. Its versatility is amazing. On Amazon, the Pancake pillow has over 400 positive reviews that have earned it a 4.2-star rating. Quite impressive! According to a verified purchaser on Amazon named Catherine, her search for a more comfortable pillow to help with her neck pain ended the day she discovered the Pancake pillow. According to her, the pad is also easy to adjust as she got it right the first time where she successfully split the layers to three.

As illustrated above, the Pancake pillow is a game changer! Its popularity with many people enhances its worth even more. Its unique stackable feature is not only a genius idea but also the best way to adjust a pillow’s loft. The materials used in its making are of quality and value. The softness, comfort, and support from this great pillow are mind-blowing. More so, all sleep types can use the Pancake pillow. So what are you waiting for; Get yours today!

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