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For many side sleepers, getting the right pillow that suits them is an uphill task. But with so many support pillows made for such people, and the fact that they come in different types can be confusing for anyone. The overwhelming options available on the market can make decision making on what to buy hard. Could you be wondering the best side sleeper pillow one can buy in the market? Sit back and continue reading. Luckily, this article will give you an insight of the scrumptious pillow from Drift.

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Is Side Sleeping Better Than The Other Type Of Sleepers?

Do not disguise yourself as unlucky if you are a side sleeper. According to Mentalfloss, sleeping on your side has the following four benefits:

Onset delay of the Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

After a study conducted by the Stony Brook University School of Medicine, it got discovered that sleeping on the side can help reduce the start of the Alzheimer or Parkinson disease. The study proved that while one is asleep in a lateral position, the brain works effectively.


A published study indicated that sleeping on the stomach can cause death to a person who has epilepsy.

Combating of Mild Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea can stop breathing especially to a snoring person. People with obesity and pre-diabetes often suffer from sleep apnea. According to the University of Chicago Medical Center, a study indicated that people with both conditions got better after continuous positive airway pressure got used in their treatment (GPAP). It got therefore discovered that when one sleeps on his/her side, sleep apnea can get combated. More so, burgeoning blood sugar is said to get reduced while one rests on the side.

Better for the Organs

Studies indicate that sleeping on your left side is good for your spleen, intestines, and heart. It also helps in improving digestion as it drains the lymph system.

Do you love custom-made pillows? Then scrumptious pillow is made just for you! It may come with a price tag a bit higher than the other support pillows for side sleepers, but it is worth for this unique pillow.

It is one of the best pillow available in the market designed specifically to align your neck correctly throughout the night. With its design, issues like snoring, stiffness, and headaches become unheard off. You also get to enjoy coolness as you sleep. More so, you won’t need to worry about experiencing difficulties in breathing as you sleep; this pillow is breathable.

With its adjustable height, this pillow stands out from the rest. You get to customize the loft to your designed height, a thing that has made many users fallen head over heels with this pillow, as indicated by their positive reviews. An interesting fact is that the softness remains after adjusting the height. The inside gets filled with the best quality memory foam that enhances free circulation of air.


  • Breathable and softcover
  • Supports and aligns the neck and back
  • Lasts for long
  • Adjustable height

It comes in two different sizes. These are the Queen and King Size pillows. Another pillow of its kind that comes in the King and Queen Sizes is CLASSIC BRANDS CONFORMA VENTILATED MEMORY FOAM PILLOW


  • Compared to other support pillows, the price is high. But this shouldn’t be a problem as value for money is guaranteed.

What’s impressive about this pillow is that; though it was initially made to cater for the side sleepers, it is also popular with the back sleepers. Thanks to its curve that, unlike the traditional pillows, it helps in supporting the neck. With over 200 reviews, this pillow has garnered a 4.6-star rating on Amazon. Isn’t it interesting?

What to Consider While Buying a Side Pillow

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It is now clear; pillows play an essential role in ensuring our comfortable and sound sleep. Good pads assist in relaxing our minds and bodies, making us wake up refreshed in the morning. We all sleep differently; therefore, different pillows suit different people. It is crucial you know your sleeping type to enhance you get the perfect pillow to cater for your needs. If you are a side sleeper, check out the following factors to consider before purchasing one:

Status of Your Old Pillow

Does your old pillow regain shape after using it? If not, then you need to buy a new one.

Materials Used

A good pillow is one that gets made from materials of high quality, long lasting, and soft. The materials used should not compromise on comfort. The material should be stitchable; you wouldn’t like to get a pillow with openings that keeps on pouring the inner fillings out.

Sleeping Position

It wouldn’t make sense to get a pillow suitable for a back sleeper while you are a side sleeper. Know your sleeping type first before you buy a pillow. Different pads come with different specifications for each sleep type to enhance support and comfort to the optimal.

The Pillow’s thickness

As a side sleeper, a pillow’s depth is crucial. Thick cushions assist in supporting the head and neck, thereby keeping the body well aligned. Getting the wrong pillow as a side sleeper is equivalent to a one-way ticket to neck and shoulder pain.

The Pillow’s Firmness

Side sleepers require a firm pillow to prevent back and neck pains. For health benefits, medium soft pillows get recommended for side sleepers. As long as a firm pillow gets made from polyester and a good quality memory foam, then you can use it as a side sleeper. The support and balance derived are great. Also, you can use very firm pillows if ultra-dense memory gets used to fill the inside and maintains their shape after use.


You can’t just look at a pillow and conclude that it’s right for you. You get bound to make wrong decisions. The best way to know is by testing. Some manufacturers allow you to test the pillow for a while after purchasing. If you don’t like it, they give a money guarantee. You should consider buying your pillows from such sellers.

As illustrated above, it is a no-brainer; a scrumptious pillow works best on side sleepers. But it’s also popular with other sleep types due to its fantastic curve, adjustability, and softness. How we sleep is a contributor to our physical health which is crucial for our wellbeing and activeness. You, therefore, can never go wrong in purchasing this pillow. Get your today for peaceful and healthy sleep; not unless you don’t give a damn to looking forward to a refreshed morning and a productive day.

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