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Pillows are renowned for enhancing our comfortable sleep throughout the night. But with the many types available in the market, deciding on what pillow to take becomes a hard nut to crack. Ever heard of My Pillow Premium Series Bed Pillow? If not, I know you probably are wondering why we are mentioning this particular pillow. Don’t fret; this article will give a detailed My Pillow review to provide you with an insight as to why it’s the best pillow in the market. You may want to make yourself comfortable and continue reading.

If you love technology, then you must be aware of online shopping.  For sure, it’s one of the best things that technology has brought on the table. Businesses have embraced online shopping and taken the opportunity it presents in marketing and selling their products to many potential clients. Haven’t you seen the many adverts that pop up in various buying and selling platforms? You should be aware of such adverts as some say the truth while others tell pure lies. Well, it’s no different with the MyPillow Company. Seeing their adverts online is inevitable. But the best thing is; they are among the top comfort pillows in the market.

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Reviewing My Pillow Premium is not by chance but merit. The manufacturer’s intention was right; they did a recommendable job to ensure all people get sorted out. In this regard, the company offers a premium and classic version of this pillow. Therefore, in this article, we shall also look into the My Pillow Classic vs. Premium pillow options. Are you eager to know why this pillow stands out from the rest? Here are the fantastic details of the My Pillow Premium Series Bed Pillow

Amazing Aspects about My Pillow Premium Series Bed Pillow

Kudos to Michael J. Lindell who founded MyPillow Company in 2004. Since its formation, its popularity has grown amazingly big! It is not a surprise that this pillow appears in almost every retail, QVC, and online stores. You will love the fact that this pillow assists people suffering from prolonging REM sleep, insomnia, and snoring. More so, back sleepers find this pillow very comfortable. Side sleepers also enjoy this pillow because, unlike the classic version, the My Pillow Premium version comes with more filling, making it ideal for all that sleep on their side. But for the stomach sleepers, the thickness might be too much.

The Cover

Are you tired of uncomfortable temperature changes while you sleep? Then you will love this pillow. The cover gets made of 100% cotton, just like the Pancake Pillow the Adjustable Layer Pillow, or the ComfySleep Rectangular Buckwheat Hull Pillow. It is breathable. Are you wondering what this means? That air gets to circulate freely within the pillow. What I love about this unusual feature is the fact that it gets to regulate your body temperature while you sleep. Don’t you love waking up feeling refreshed? But the cover is not removable, meaning that the pillow does not come with a side zipper. I know you’ve started wondering how then you manage this pillow. Well, it’s no big deal; the cushion is machine washable!

The Fill

The impressive comfort that comes with the My Pillow Premium Series Bed Pillow gets contributed by the shredded polyurethane foam which comes in different sizes. The MyPillow Company refers the fills as “patented interlocking fill.” Thanks to these fillings, the pillow doesn’t flatten after using for a long time. I love the fact that you can be able to fluff up this pillow again. Are you wondering how? You only need to wash it often and dry it for 15 minutes in the drier. In doing so, the pillow’s fluffiness gets increased, just like other shredded foam pillows.

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How is The My Pillow Premium Series Bed Pillow Support and Feel?

It is a no lie; the pillow is soft, maybe more than you usually get used to, but it provides impressive support. That’s why it’s perfect for the back sleepers as it gives the required spine and neck support. But the fact that this pillow supports all sleeping types garners it a plus! Both the classic and the premium version comes with different firmness options. For the classic version, the firmness is either medium or firm. For the premium pillow, it comes with four firmness options suitable for all sleeping types.

Comparing the MY Pillow Classic and the My Pillow Premium

The two pillows can be confusing on which one to choose, mainly because the differences aren’t that much. Both come with the same filling material and cover. The only distinct difference between the two is their thickness and firmness.

The My Pillow Classic get recommended for the back sleepers while the side sleepers get advised to go with My Pillow Premium because it’s thicker and supports the head better if sleeping on the side. The premium version pillow is color coded as follows:

  • Yellow. It’s soft and ideal for stomach sleepers
  • White: It’s medium and suitable for the back sleepers
  • Green. It comes as firm and great with side sleepers
  • Blue: It is very firm and ideal for side sleepers

If you are looking for a comfortable pillow that you can quickly adjust to suit your needs, then the My Pillow Premium should be your choice. Thanks to its variation in thickness.


  • Light in weight
  • Surprisingly comfortable
  • Cuddly
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable. Regulates your body temperature.
  • Ideal for both stomach and side sleepers
  • Comes in various sizes and firmness


  • The fill cannot get adjusted
  • Gets quite lumpy with time

Users Point of View

Generally, My Pillow Premium Series Bed Pillow is popular with many users. Many refer to it as a great and comfortable pillow. On Amazon platform, this pillows has garnered over 4,000 positive reviews with an average of 3.4-star rating. According to Richie, a verified buyer on Amazon, this pillow is amazing, and it’s his favorite among other pads he owns.

With the above My Pillow review, there is no doubt that the My Pillow Premium Series Bed Pillow is among the best in the market. The fact that it comes in different firmness levels makes it ideal for everybody. Besides, it’s machine washable, making it easy to maintain. The support and comfort from this pillow are excellent. Get yours today.

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