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According to Pain Doctor, at some point, 25% of women will suffer from neck pain. But with millions of pillows designed to assist in neck pain available in the market, many people find it confusing to pick the most suitable one. You could also be wondering of the best neck pain pillow to use today. Well, do not fret; put your smile back on, for today is your lucky day! In this article, we shall outline in details everything you need to know about the Medium Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow. Make yourself comfortable and continue reading.

It comes with a unique contoured profile as it gets specially made and recommended for people suffering from any neck issues. According to its design, side or back sleepers can only use it one way up, or by turning the pillow over for the side sleepers to get a flat surface. Its shape says it all; that it’s not just a pillow for anybody, but for those with neck and back problems. Its form gives optimal support and protection to your neck and back.

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Amazing Characteristics

  • It comes with a 56% polyester and 43%bamboo cover
  • The foam used is Chiropractor chosen while the shape is orthopedic
  • The pillow, together with the memory foam which is of the highest grade gets made from the United States of America
  • The pad is free from any metals such as mercury or lead, making it eco-friendly
  • The ultra-luxurious cover is cuddly and soft; you can use it comfortably without a pillowcase.
  • Hypoallergenic and resists dust mite.
  • Ideal for different sleeping positions.

Its Softness and Firm Structure

Just like the Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Contour Pillow with Cotton Cover, its memory foam gives a lovely softness. Are you wondering if it can accommodate your size? No need to; this pillow comes in different thickness to accommodate all shoulder sizes. What I love about this pillow is its ability to align the neck and spine for a comfortable sleep throughout the night. Thanks to the high-quality foam used in its making, this pillow retains its shape for a long time. Shredded memory foam is renowned for warping and lumping up with time, therefore requiring one to refill. But for this pillow, you need not worry about that.

The Bamboo-based Cover

The cover, made of a mixture consisting 43% bamboo and 56% polyester is incredible. The result is a micro-vented fabric that is cool and smooth to the touch. Because of the bamboo, this profile memory foam pillow is anti-odor and anti-bacterial. It is also attractive to look at; you’ll fall head over heels with this pillow. Do you want to know what’s even more amazing? The cover is removable and can get machine washed. If you would like to add a pillowcase for protection, you need not worry as this pillow fits nicely in many available standard pillowcases.


  • Guaranteed support and comfort as you sleep
  • Easy rest due to its firm shape
  • Easy management. You can machine wash the cover while in case of any spillage on the pillow, you can wipe the cushion quickly. If the dirt gets extreme, you can run the water on the pad and wash it; ensure that it gets to dry thoroughly before using it again.
  • Breathable and regulates body temperature
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite


  • The pillow is slow in releasing the trapped in heat, making it uncomfortable for some people.
  • Some people may take time to adjust to this pillow due to its defined shape.

Users Reviews

Medium Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow

It is a no-brainer; a pillow with over 500 positive reviews on Amazon, with an average of 4.3-star rating, is not only a great pillow but also fashionable. Clients who have purchased this pillow has everything positive to say. If this isn’t a perfect indicator of the goodness of this pillow, then it must be a confirmation! According to Joan, a verified buyer on Amazon, the pillow’s thickness was perfect for her, and she loved its softness.

Variety Available

The Medium Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow comes in three forms. As a medium, thin or thick. I know you could be thinking that each size comes with a different price tag. You are wrong! The price is the same; making this pillow ever better. Its three designs get aimed at giving the best solution for different neck and back issues. It is, therefore, the best pillow there is for neck and back problems. It is said to have been tested by a 20-year experienced chiropractor; meaning that the credit is earned and not just given. Isn’t it fantastic?

The magical combination of the extraordinary memory foam density and the bowed contour shape makes this pillow extremely comfortable as it supports your neck correctly. The neck and spine, therefore, get aligned throughout the night. The exotic, high-quality materials are responsible for its longevity. So, if you are looking for a pillow to use for a long time, then this is your pillow. I love the fact that the shape also lasts that long!

Neck pains, either chronic or acute can affect the quality of your life. According to some evidence, a person suffering from a neck pain is likely to continue suffering from the same in the next six months. It is a clear indication that neck pain is a recurring condition. To solve the problem, you need to take long-term solutions like getting the right neck pain pillow. As discussed above, you need not waste time looking for the perfect pad; you only need to order this pillow and bid goodbye to your difficult neck issues.

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With the above insight, there’s no doubt that if you are looking for a neck pain pillow, then the medium Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow is a perfect choice. More so, it’s ideal for everybody due to its anti-bacterial properties and odorless nature. If you are that kind of person that’s sensitive with smell or has got various allergies, with this pillow you get sorted out! Could you be tired of waking up with neck pain? This pillow offers you the solution; you get to enjoy optimal comfort. Besides, people suffering from severe lumbar and neck issues have reported sleeping better on purchasing this pillow.

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