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The hybrid mattress and memory foam mattress are two of the most popular options. There are a lot of similarities and distinctions between DreamCloud Premier and Novosbed, as well as a lot of highlights for each brand.

DreamCloud Premier and Novosbed, two of the first online mattress businesses, have different approaches to a good night’s sleep—one a premium hybrid and the other a memory foam-only mattress. What’s the best option for you? Continue reading, or peruse the reviews for more information.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

DreamCloud Premier Construction

You can choose to have this mattress delivered in a bag or with white-glove service. Two layers of velvety memory foam fill the 2-inch quilted euro top cover, which is crafted from a luxurious cashmere blend.

In addition to the two foam layers that make up the euro cover, the bed has a total of five layers.

  • Additionally, beneath the EuroTop layer is a 2.5-inch thick layer of foam. This foam acts as a transitional layer between the memory foam and the support layer, reducing pressure on sensitive areas of the body.
  • One inch of ordinary common foam serves as the base layer for the support layer. Coils shouldn’t sink too far into the mattress because of the base’s additional resistance.
  • The bed’s coil unit is 8.5 inches thick. In order to maximize the mattress’s useful surface area, this layer includes both inner and perimeter coils. Make sure you’re properly supported by the coils.

Novosbed Construction

An 11-inch memory foam bed called Novosbed is packaged in a box. It has a removable and washable Tencel cover that is both stretchable and breathable. Interlock BlueTM Core, a material that protects the inside of the bed, is also stretchy and helps extend the bed’s life.

Soft, Medium, and Firm are all options for this product’s comfort level. If you find your mattress to be too soft or too firm, the manufacturer offers an additional layer called the Comfort+ kit that you may install onto your mattress after purchase. We’ll be focusing on the Medium bed in our comparison, which should be suitable for the majority of sleepers.

  • In addition to relieving pressure points and preventing overheating, the top layer of 2 inches of exceptionally dense foam provides ventilation.
  • High density foam is used in the second layer, 2 inches thick, to assist counterbalance the softer top layer and more solid base.
  • The mattress’s final layer, a 7-inch Premium Support Foam, provides the bulk of the mattress’s support and posture-maintaining qualities.

The other firmness selections may differ in specifics, so keep that in mind.


Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

We assign a firmness rating to our mattresses, ranging from 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest and 1 being the softest. The DreamCloud Premier and the Novosbed both fall within our medium category, with a rating of 5.5 and 6 respectively. Although everyone’s definition of “comfort” differs, we’ve discovered that this works for the majority of people across a wide range of body shapes and sleeping postures.

Side sleepers will like the DreamCloud Premier’s luxurious quilted top and quick reaction from the zoned spring technology, which is especially beneficial for those who sleep on their stomachs. If you’re a heavier sleeper, you’ll likely sink into the top layers of comfort and fill in the gaps that can cause aches and pains. Those who sleep on their stomachs all night may notice that their hips dip a little amount, which could cause issues with their spine alignment.

Novosbed is supposed to conform to your shape and provide you with a typical memory-foam experience. This mattress has a much more gradual response than Premier, making it better for easing pressure points because it takes longer to bounce back. Individuals who are significantly heavier may find the Firm model to be more comfortable.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

The top comfort layers of the DreamCloud Premier should contour to your body, but the bed’s coil system should keep things lively. As your body gets into contact with the springs, shifting positions (especially for combo sleepers) should not be too difficult.

The memory substance of Novosbed should conform to the body and nearly eliminate bounce, making it more sinking than its competition. Most people shouldn’t have any trouble getting around. For Soft and Firm iterations, this means sinking a little deeper and compromising a little more.)

Comparing Motion Transfer

For those who are light sleepers and share their beds with children, a partner, or pets, minimizing motion transmission may be vital. Mattresses with memory foam tend to perform well in this category, and these beds are no exception.

There is a little bounce in the DreamCloud Premier hybrid mattress due of its luxurious memory foam layers and pocketed coils. Novosbed’s absorbent foam is excellent in isolating movement, so if you’re concerned about motion transmission, look no further than this brand.

Comparing Edge Support

Sleepers, especially couples on smaller beds, like to sleep near to the end of the mattress in order to maximize surface area. Both of these products are above average when compared to other bed-in-a-box brands. DreamCloud Premier’s innerspring technology and reinforced perimeter make it superior to its competitors.


DreamCloud Premier vs. Novosbed Compared Side-by-Side

FeaturesDreamCloud PremierNovosbed
CoverCASHMEX Cashmere Blend Quilted EuroTopPolyester blend with Tencel
MaterialsMemory foam, gel foam, polyfoam, springsHigh-Density Airflow Memory Foam, Premium Support Foam
CoolingGel-infused foamBreathable Airflow foam
Motion TransferMinimalMinimal
Edge SupportGoodGreat
SinkageDeep HugGentle Cradling
WarrantyEverlong15 years
Trial Period365 nights120 nights
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingShips to continental U.S. free, fee for Alaska and Hawaii; White Glove Delivery optionalDelivers to US and Canada; White Glove Delivery available in select locations
Made in the USANoYes
SizeDreamCloud Premier Price (w/o discount)Novosbed Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$1,698$849
Cali King$2,398$1,199

Should I Buy DreamCloud Premier or Novosbed?

The elegant hybrid is the best choice for you. What about the memory foam mattress that may be made to fit your needs?

We Would Recommend Buying DreamCloud Premier if You are Looking for:

  • A more familiar innerspring experience. The innerspring and memory and latex layers of this hybrid are combined. With the pressure-relieving properties of memory foam, this should provide the bounce that people used to getting from spring beds.
  • A risk-free buy. Buyer’s regret is banished with this company’s 365-night trial and lifetime warranty.
  • Luxurious features at an affordable price. This mattress has a quilted Euro cover and 14 inches of premium coils and foam ingredients. You can save tens of thousands of dollars by using an online sales approach.

We Would Recommend Buying Novosbed if You are Looking for:

  • Firmness options. Those with specific needs and a clear idea of what they want in a mattress can benefit from a more tailored selection process. As an additional option, the firmness of the mattress can be customized using the included Comfort+ kit (available in two firmness options: medium and soft).
  • A true memory feel. Memory foam is the only material used in the construction of this mattress, therefore it should be able to meet the needs of memory foam devotees.
  • A removable cover. Machine washable covers keep your investment fresh and clean, while the Interlock BlueTM Core provides additional protection for the memory foam.

Final Thoughts

Both brands of mattresses should be able to accommodate a wide range of sleepers, but ultimately, it all comes down to personal preferences.

If you’re still undecided, have a look at the reviews we’ve provided above. You can also check out our top-rated bed list if you’d rather peruse.


Does It Sleep Hot?

Multiple air conditioning systems integrated into the mattress allow the DreamCloud to maintain a cool sleeping temperature.

The combination of the softest Cashmere and the coolest heat-treated cotton pad keeps you cozy and cool all day long.

DreamCloud vs. Novosbed: Which is better?

The DreamCloud mattress is one of the coolest hybrid mattresses on the market today, according to our research.

Does It Have Any Smell?

Off-gassing is minimal or non-existent with DreamCloud foams, which are of the highest quality and Centipur-US accredited.

Even if there is a faint opening odor of new foam, it will quickly diminish due to the fact that new foams are vacuum packed and hence do not include any additional chemicals.

As soon as the DreamCloud is opened up and allowed to breathe, any odor will quickly evaporate.

Does It Require A Box Spring?

In order to use the DreamCloud mattress, you would need a box spring. Or, if you like, a flat surface like a platform. The 15-inch mattress can also be used with any adjustable bed frame that can accommodate it.

If you prefer, you can place the DreamCloud directly on the floor. Make sure there is no water or dampness in the area.


What’s The Best Way To Care For Your DreamCloud?

To avoid severe sagging, it is recommended that you rotate the DreamCloud mattress at least once or twice a year to keep it in shape.

To remove dirt and stains on a regular basis, use lukewarm water and a mild dish detergent. Use circular motions instead of rubbing when washing your hair.

How Durable Is The DreamCloud Mattress?

The DreamCloud’s 15-inch soft comfort is surprisingly long-lasting.

The DreamCloud mattress comes with a lifetime warranty, which essentially means that it will last for the rest of time.

The DreamCloud mattress is a great investment when you consider that it can be washed or reconditioned at no cost to you.

DreamCloud mattresses are made in the United States with imported materials of the highest quality.

Aside from that, it adheres to all applicable regulations, as well as being certified by the best in the business.

What is DreamCloud’s Warranty?

Longevity is implied by the DreamCloud’s superior, everlasting warranty policy.

In the eyes of the industry, this one-of-a-kind guarantee is the very finest.

It ensures that the DreamCloud’s design, materials, quality, and sturdiness will last in perpetuity.

Given the company’s dedication to the DreamCloud, it’s safe to say they’re confident that customers will find it to be the only mattress they ever need.

For the first ten years of ownership, DreamCloud will repair or replace any parts of your mattress that are discovered to be defective at no cost to you.

DreamCloud will repair and re-cover your DreamCloud for free every year after that.

If a manufacturing problem or a material failure is discovered, all shipping costs will be waived.

Is the DreamCloud Appropriate For You?

The DreamCloud has been thoroughly examined, so now it’s time to talk about who it’s a good fit for.

– Back and tummy sleepers – Pressure-relieving foam and supportive wrapped coils produce a sleeping experience that will delight back and stomach sleepers.

Desire a lavish feel at a value price – The DreamCloud’s luxurious feel is made possible by the use of high-quality materials like memory foam and cashmere.

– Couples – This mattress is ideal for couples with differing sleep preferences because of its ability to isolate and control movement.

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