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Do you love camping? Then you understand the importance of comfort while away from home in the wilderness. While camping, some people prefer using what they have as support while they rest or sleep. But this does not bring out the comfort required while sleeping, leading to a sleepless night. You wouldn’t expect to derive the leisure and relaxation from a pile of dirty and smelly clothes.

I know you may be asking what one can use to enjoy optimal comfort and support while camping. No need to worry, you only need a camping pillow. Are you wondering what it is and how you can get the best camping pillow? No need to fret; this article will give you insight on everything you need to know about the best camping pillow. Continue reading.

Best Camping Pillows 2

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Just like the neck, side, back, and stomach sleepers’ pillows, camping pillows come in different types, sizes, and qualities. Depending on your pocket and what you prefer, you can get inflatable plastic bubbles, luxury, microfleece-lined insulated, and affordable camping pillows. But the best camping pillow isn’t just any pillow; it comes with unique features that make it stand out from the rest. Are you eager to know some of the top camping pads? Then you may need to make yourself comfortable and continue reading. In this article, you will get to read reviews of the best camping pillows available today.

Camping involves a lot of physical exercises that leave your body worn out and tired. The last thing you would expect is an excellent and comfortable sleep after the day’s tiring but exciting adventure. Though some people might man around about it and do fine without a pillow, their perception is meant to change if they get to test a camping pillow. Camping will never get complete again without their favorite camping pillow.

Just like pregnancy pillows such as Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow, or the stomach sleepers’ pillows like Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow, camping pillows are personal. But getting the one that suits you best can be an uphill task especially with thousands of them to choose from in the market. We shall give you the tips for selecting the perfect pillow for you, but first, let’s look at what you need to know about camping pillows.

Do You Require a Camping Pillow?

Our homes come with a lot of comforts, the main one coming from our bedrooms in our beds. When you go camping, you leave all that luxury behind and enter into a different ambience that does not carry anything close to your home’s comfort. The natural environment is excellent and comes with many benefits like fresh air, but enjoying a comfortable night might be impossible. But this shouldn’t make you worry; you only need to get a camping pillow and experience rest and comfort as though you were on your bed back at home!

With a camping pillow that perfectly caters for all your needs, you get guaranteed to enjoy a good sleep after an adventurous day. The fact that camping pillows come as light in weight makes it even easier to carry along. You only need to discover what camping pillow works best for you. Never buy a pad just because your camping partner or friend has bought it; we all are different, and our tastes and needs vary. Go for what suits you.

Does a Camping Pillow Have Benefits?

Many camping trips, holidays, and outdoor festivals usually have no convenient places to stay in or spend the night. The best option in such cases is camping tents. But if inside the tent is not comfortable, enjoying a sound sleep becomes like a hard nut to crack. It is a no secret; such outdoor activities will always leave you worn out and exhausted.

To ease yourself, you’ll need a soft and comfortable camping pillow that will enhance your peaceful sleep throughout the night. In the morning, you wake up refreshed and ready to continue with your fun activities, making your camping experience more exciting and memorable.

An ideal camping pillow leaves you relieved of any disturbing pain like in the neck or back. If such pains are left unattended, they will not only ruin your camping expedition but also damage your body. A camping pillow gets rid of the unnecessary pain that can ruin your outdoor activities or camping experience.

Different Types of Pillows Designed for Camping

Camping pillows come in the following types:

Inflatable Pillows

Inflatable Camping Pillow

The design of these pillows requires them first to get inflated with air before use. You get to adjust the pillow’s length by either increasing or decreasing the amount of air inside for better support and comfort. Travelling with these pillows is a no hustle. When deflated, you get to fold it, and it fits perfectly in your backpack or travel bag. Due to their lightweight, they are portable and ideal for camping.

Compressible Pillows

Compressible Camping Pillow

The pillows get designed first to get compressed with other things before use. Unlike the inflatable cushions, storing these pillows is not that easy as they do not lay flat. But considering comfort, compressible pads are better compared to the inflatable pillows.


The pillows compromise a mixture of both inflatable and compressible pads. For the travelers, they are renowned for being the most efficient. The top side gets used to laying the head while the bottom is inflatable to enhance support. People love the compromise they provide and are easy to maintain. They take very little space in the backpacks or travelling bags, making them convenient to carry along.

Common Questions Regarding a Camping Pillow

How useful is a camping pillow?

You wouldn’t think of taking other pillows like Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow or Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow as they feel bulky and are weighty; not easy to carry while you travel. Camping pillows are very light, and their design makes them easy to pack and move around.

What camping pillow should I prefer?

We all have different tastes and preferences. You should prefer a camping pillow that meets all your needs and offers optimal support and comfort. If space and carrying around might be your concern, then an inflatable camping pillow might suit you best. It occupies less space, can get carried around quickly, and can get placed anywhere at any time.

Are camping pillows hypoallergenic?

Some are, while others are not. If you suffer from any allergic conditions, it is advisable to go for a hypoallergenic camping pillow. It comes as extremely clean and does not affect anyone with an allergy problem

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Camping Pillow

How to Choose the Best Camping Pillow

With millions of camping pillows in the market, deciding on the one to pick can be a hard nut to crack. The following tips will assist you in choosing the best camping pillow to cater for all your needs.

The Shape and Size

A pillow’s shape and size determines its level of comfort. Go for a camping pillow that will adequately support your head and neck despite the size of your head.


The material used in making the camping pillow should be durable and supple. You wouldn’t want to buy a new pad every time you go camping. It can also strain your pocket. It is essential to breathe with ease while you sleep. Ensure the choice of your camping pillow gets made with materials that allow air to flow freely within the cushion. Such pads also help in regulating your body’s temperature while you sleep, giving you a sound sleep.

You would instead invest in a camping pillow made of quality materials than a low-quality one that won’t last a single camping trip. Besides, you may not always have that budget to buy a new camping pillow every time you go camping. A camping pillow made from robust materials guarantees comfort, ease and longevity.


It is almost impossible to separate camping from traveling. The two go hand in hand, even though it’s in your backyard. You will still need to pack some things and carry them to the camping venue. For convenience, you need a camping pillow that you can easily carry along. It should occupy a small space, non-bulky, and light. The ideal pad is the one that can get folded to fit into your travel bag or backpack.


The primary purpose of a camping pillow is to offer optimal support and comfort while you sleep. If the pad cannot support your neck and head adequately, then of what use is it to you? Why should you wake up with a neck or back pain while using a camping pillow? It merely indicates that you are using the wrong pad and should change it immediately. Ensure that the camping pillow you choose eases your body and offers maximum support. It should be adjustable to enhance your comfort.

User Friendliness

You wouldn’t want to go back home from such an exciting venture only to discover that your camping pillow developed some problems. Go for a robust, yet soft and comfortable cushion. Take a user-friendly pad that does not get worn out or affected easily.

Your Luggage Size

Many things might leave no space for a camp pillow in a backpack limited in size. When going camping, consider the size of your luggage to accommodate your camping pillow. The type of camping determines the amount of stuff to carry. For example:


The backpack becomes the critical determinant of the things to take along. Depending on its size, you can choose to carry those essential things that will fit and get carried along effortlessly in the backpack. Backpacks come in different sizes, just like the camping pillows. If you have a small bag, consider taking an ultralight and compressible or foldable pillow.

Car Camping

Many people prefer spending their night outs in cars as it is more convenient, social and fun. If going on a car camping, you should carry a camping pillow that offers optimal support and comfort. Also, it should be able to fit in your car boot or storage space. If space is minimal, consider a camping pillow that is small, foldable, or compressible such as the Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow.


Some manufacturers value their customers’ satisfaction. In doing so, they offer them trial days where a client gets to test the product for some few days. If the client does not like the camping pillow, the company refunds back their full amount. Other manufacturers offer a warranty to their product users where they rectify or exchange the pad if it develops a problem within the warranty time.

Ensure that you get your camping pillow from such manufacturers. You wouldn’t want to invest your hard earned money on something only to discover that it’s not what you expected. With a company that offers no trial period or warranty, you get to lose your money.

Top Camping Pillows Review 01/2022

Here is a review of the best camping pillows found on the market today.

Camping and Travel Pillow With Bamboo Derived Viscose Rayon Cover

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It is a memory foam pillow made in the U.S.A. The pads are designed to get used for camping, travelling or backpacking. Their handcrafting gets done in California and Los Angeles. You will love travelling with this pillow as it contains a compressible stuff sack that makes it easy to backpack.

The cover is breathable and fresh, thanks to 60% of Poly Blend and Viscose Rayon materials used in its making. The remaining 40% gets made from bamboo, making the combined elements attractive to look at and to act as a natural thermo regulator. You, therefore, can comfortably camp in hot environments. The pillow is hypoallergenic, even those with allergic conditions can use them. More so, it resists dust mite. It comes in a 19” x 14” inch size, making it small enough to carry around and convenient to pack. Thanks to the materials used in making this pillow as it is durable.

The pillow gets made from certified foam from CertiPUR-US. It means that it contains no ozone depleters, mercury, TDCPP, TCEP, PBDEs flame retardants, and heavy metals. You don’t have to worry about its maintenance; you only need to machine it with cold water. Avoid using fabric softeners or bleaching.

Reasons to Buy this Pillow

  • Compresses easily, making it easy to fold and pack
  • Adjustable to one’s preference
  • Ideal for all type of sleepers
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Regulates your body temperature
  • Free from ozone depleters and heavy metals
  • Durable
  • Offers optimal comfort
  • Machine washable


  • It sometimes gets a little heavy for the washer while cleaning
  • Some people may not like the large logo embedded on both sides.

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Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow for Camping

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It is a renowned camping pillow that comes as compact and comfortable for traveling. Everyone can use this pillow, whether an international traveler or a car camper. You will love its top-notch quality foam that expands into a larger pad and is very soft. If you are big and require a bigger pillow, then this pillow will sort you out. It comes with a bigger version dubbed as XL and is 16.5” inch x 27” inch. Just like when you are at home, you get guaranteed optimal comfort.

If you want to enjoy sound sleep wherever you travel, then consider this pillow as your number one companion. It is lightweight, making it easy to carry along and pack. You can quickly move around with it as you go on trekking, car trips, backpacking, festivals, or plane travel. Whether you want to pack it in your duffel, backpack, or suitcase, it is compressible and will fit on very well. Your neck, back, and head experiences optimal support and you get to enjoy optimal comfort as you sleep throughout the night.

The cover is soft, comfortable, and machine washable, thanks to the brushed polyester material used in its making.

Advantages of this Pillow

  • To cater for everyone, it comes in four sizes
  • Maximum back, head, and neck support
  • Ideal for campers and travelers
  • Removable and machine washable cover
  • The foam can expand to attain a big pillow or compress to achieve a small-sized pad.
  • It’s made from U.S.A using local and international materials.


  • It might feel too heavy for some people
  • According to some users, the pillow lack durability

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Teton Sports ComfortLite Self-Inflating Pillow

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It’s a pillow designed to suit summer camps. The comfort and support are impressive. What is remarkable about this pillow is that fact that it’s self-inflating. It comes with a twist lock which enhances its quick fill and deflating. As a result, you can quickly adjust to any firmness according to your preference.

The bottom side maintains its place, thanks to the non-slip fabric used in making its cover. It comes with a stuff sack for storage. It is ideal for campers, commuters, airplane rides, military and backpack road trips. It gets designed in 12.5” x 3” x 3” dimensions and weighs 12 ounces. If you love sleeping in your car as you travel, you can always carry it along.

Reasons for Choosing This Pillow

  • Self-inflating
  • Soft
  • Non-slip bottom
  • High quality and durable
  • Easily maintained. You only need to use warm water, sometimes with mild soap to wipe it clean. Then rinse with clean water.
  • Optimal support and comfort
  • Comes in different colors
  • Adjustable to suitable firmness
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • The material may tear while compressing or washing
  • To some people, it’s a little uncomfortable.

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Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Camp & Travel Pillow

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It comes as a small and lightweight pillow, perfect for camping. It comfortably fits in the sleeping bag’s hood. It weighs only 1.95 oz. and comes with dimensions of 4.5” x 2.5” x 1”. As a result, it has become the most popular pillow with the backpackers. More so, you can add just this pillow to your required height. You only need to increase or decrease air to customize to your desired firmness.

Its X shape allows the users to use it in a hammock. Inflating the pillow is no hustle, with only two or three breaths, it inflates fully. While fully inflated, its X design allows the pad to cradle your head securely. The bottom gets made from the durable 75D which resists punctures and abrasion. The top gets made from 30D which is lighter than the bottom but is softer and sheds grams.

Reasons as to Why You Should Purchase This Pillow

  • Lightweight
  • Optimal support and comfort
  • Adjustable to the preferred height
  • Durable
  • Easy to carry along
  • Ideal for backpacking
  • Inflates easily


  • Not ideal for tummy and side sleepers. It also doesn’t work well on planes, automobiles and trains
  • Some users may find it less comfortable as the material used is relatively crinkly.

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Sierra Designs DriDown Pillow

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The pillow is a game changer in offering comfort to campers. It comes in three components that match and mixes perfectly to cater for all your needs. The pad is durable and impressive in providing support and comfort. Thanks to its top made with a synthetic insert for ultimate comfort. It gets created with a 30D Polyester Ripstop.  The insert is made from Polyester Taffeta, while it gets filled with imported 600 Fill DriDown.

The three parts together weigh only 5.8 ounces, but if the pillow appears weighty to carry along, you can leave the insert behind and use your extra clothes as a down pillow.  The pillow top weighs 2.8 ounces. But you don’t have to worry about its packing as it comes with its storage sack.

The Goodness of This Pillow

  • Optimal comfort
  • Super soft
  • You can leave the insert behind for more comfortable carriage and weight reduction
  • Compressible
  • Low weight
  • Comes with three parts for maximum support
  • Easy to maintain


  • It flattens and heats up quickly
  • It can easily slide from your head while you sleep

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Nemo Equipment Fillo Pillow (Moss Green)

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It is an award-winning pillow and comes with a clever design. It is ideal for camping as it gets made to appear as a baffled air cell. The foam is soft and luxurious, yet very thick. It comes with a removable cover made from microsuede or jersey, making it easy to maintain as it’s washable. Though it cradles your head well, it is surprisingly small. It comes with a nozzle used in inflating or deflating the air.

With the stuff sack as small as a russet potato’s size, it only weighs a few ounces. Making it easy to carry along as it perfectly fits into your backcountry. It is that kind of pillow made for adventures. It offers optimal lumbar support. You can keep it in your car during long road trips or on an airplane.

Reasons to Buy the Nemo Equipment Fillo Pillow

  • Adjustable
  • Compact and light. Weighs 9 oz.
  • Machine washable
  • Comes in different colors
  • Integrated stuff pack that stores and protects the pillow
  • Ideal for camping, flights, car trips, and lumbar support
  • Comes with handy accessories to use during outdoor concerts like camping and picnics.


  • To some people, it becomes uncomfortable after some time
  • It does not self-inflate.

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Exped Air Pillow UL Camping Pillow

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It is ideal for both back and side sleepers. According to your preferred height, you can adjust this pillow easily. You will love its anatomical shape that holds your head perfectly in place. Thanks to its honeycomb-pattern coating made from the anti-slip GripSkin, the pad stays in place throughout the night, enhancing your comfort and support. It comes with a sturdy flat valve used in inflating or deflating the pillow. You don’t have to worry with the deflating problems associated with other pads, Exped Air Pillow UL Camping Pillow comes with a deflation pin.

You got no reason to leave the pillow at home while you go camping as it is packable and lightweight. Whether you go to taste your expedition fangs in the forests, challenging waters, remote mountain peaks, or tropical jungles, this pillow will offer the support and comfort you require.


  • Maximum comfort and support
  • Easily inflatable and deflates quickly
  • Ideal for both side and back sleepers
  • Portable
  • Suitable for all outdoor activities
  • Easy to maintain
  • Small and light; weighs only 1.6 oz.


  • Some people cannot stand the crinkle material

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Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Premium

[amazon box=”B07BKXJPWZ” grid=”1″]

It is a compact inflatable pillow ideal for moving regularly with from one place to another as it is light. With this pillow, a sound and comfortable sleep get guaranteed. It is luxurious and not bulky. The outer shell gets comprised of a soft pillowcase that comes with a TPU bladder support. Your weight and height shouldn’t be a problem with this pillow as it comes in various regular shapes and sizes.

It fits in your backpack well, making it convenient to carry along as you travel. To adjust your firmness, you only need to inflate or deflate it as desired. Deflating this pillow is like a downhill task, it is super-fast.

Why You Need To Choose This Pillow

  • Durable, thanks to the brushed 50D polyester knit used in its making
  • Soft and comfy top material
  • Comes with a TPU bladder that wicks away your sweat as it increases your comfort.
  • It comes with curved internal baffles that create contours responsible for cradling your head correctly.
  • Inflates quickly with a few breaths.
  • It comes with a stuff sack.


  • Prone to unrepairable punctures

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Therm-a-Rest Trekker Stuffable Travel Pillow Case

[amazon box=”B000BBS48S” grid=”1″]

It is similar to Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow, only that it comes as less bulky and lighter. You can stuff your soft extras or clothes inside to the necessary firmness and height. You also get to use it as carrying bag, making it perfect for travelling. Despite being ultralight, it also folds easily to fit in your backpack or traveling bag. If you have no luggage space, the pillowcase fold up small to fit in your shirt or pants pocket.

The cover is washable and comes as extra soft, thanks to the polyester material used in its making. You will fall head over heels with this pillow if when you lay your head on it; the comfort and support are excellent. It is also is attractive to the eye, thanks to its brushed polyester used on its exterior.

Why You Should Consider This Pillow When Going Camping

  • You get to stuff it with your clothes and other essentials to act as both a bag and a pillow
  • Optimal comfort and support
  • Super soft
  • Machine washable
  • Ultralight and packable
  • Luxurious
  • Durable


  • Don’t feel comfortable enough for some users.

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As illustrated above, camping pillows are essential for nights out and travelling. It is almost impossible to enjoy a sound and comfortable sleep outside without a suitable camping pillow. Though the many camping pillows on today’s market might make it difficult to choose what suits you, the above-illustrated buying tips will sort you out. Consider the above factors, and you’ll get guaranteed to end up with the best camping pillow that suits you. They may come in different sizes and shapes, but with the above best camping pillows reviews, knowing what you need is like a downhill task.

Use the information given in the reviews to decide what works best for you. Do not allow yourself to get carried away by the confusion that comes with different camping pillows. Some manufacturers care about their client’s satisfaction. In so doing, they offer trial periods and warrants of their camping pillows. Avoid risking your hard earned money; buy camping pillows from only those that allow you to test and provide a full amount return if you don’t like the pad or if it fails to satisfy your needs adequately. Try also getting reviews from other users to ascertain if the features are legit or just marketing gimmicks. If you continue experiencing uncomfortable nights while you camp even after reading this article, then you have yourself to blame. Get yourself the best camping pillow today!

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