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While a comfortable mattress is an essential part of sleep, you cannot attain the level of comfort you need without a pillow. Pillow size is something many people take for granted because they assume that one size fits all, but it comes in different sizes. The three main pillow sizes are the standard, queen, and king size.

Besides the three most popular pillow sizes, the jumbo size, or the super standard pillow size is a cross between a queen size pillow and a standard size pillow. People use varying pillow sizes for different reasons. Some people prefer pillows with more stuffing, while others like theirs with a few feathers.

Some people like their pillows firm, while others like theirs softer. Some prefer larger than normal pillows while others like theirs with just enough space for the head, neck, and shoulders. In this article, we discuss the standard size pillow versus other pillow sizes.

What Is the Standard Size Pillow Dimensions?

A standard pillow is the most popular and smallest size sleeping pillow. The dimensions of a standard size pillow are 20 inches wide and 26 inches length. The standard pillow size in cm is 51 by 66 cm. The standard pillow size in Australia is 38 by 56 cm. Standard pillow size fits well on twin and double beds without compromising the pillow’s comfort and feel.

A double bed will need two standard pillow sizes for the perfect fit. The standard size pillow is ideal for side, stomach, and back sleepers. Combination sleepers that turn and toss the whole night may not feel comfortable using the standard pillow size because they may slide off it in the course of finding the best sleeping position.

The pillow is also ideal for adults, children, and big-bodied people without broad shoulders. A standard size pillow use the standard or queen size pillowcases without compromising the pillow’s comfort or structure.

What size is a standard pillow ?

Super Standard (Jumbo) Pillow Size 05/2024

A super standard pillow is slightly larger than the standard pillow size by two inches. It measures 20 inches in width and 32 inches in length. The pillow is the best choice for people with no particular type of sleeping style; or rather, it is ideal for combination sleepers.

Super standard pillows provide more support than the standard pillow does. The pillow also fits well across single and twin size beds. They also fit queen size beds and standard size beds with perfection.

Queen Pillow Size 05/2024

The queen pillow size is also another popular pillow, used synonymously with the standard size pillow. Compared to the queen size pillow vs. the standard pillow, the queen size pillow is slightly longer than the standard pillow size with measurements of 20 inches for the width and 30 inches for the length of 51 by 76 cm.

Even if the queen pillow size is standard for many brands, some have their queen pillows come at slightly larger sizes. A queen size pillow also uses the standard size pillowcase without compromising the pillow’s comfort, though it may make it feel slightly firmer.

What is queen pillow size ?

Standard vs., King Size Pillow 05/2024

The king size pillow is the largest of all the pillow sizes. It has a width of 20 inches and a length of 26 inches, or 51 by 92 cm. The pillow, designed specifically for the king-size bed, is not as popular as the other size pillows and many people use it purely for decorative purposes.

It is also ideal for broad-shouldered sleepers that need extra support as they sleep. It is also suitable for people with back problems and makes an excellent choice for a short body pillow. They also use more material than average-sized pillows, which may influence some people’s awkward sleeping positions.

What is king size pillow ?

Standard Pillow Size Chart 05/2024

Bed pillows come in several categories, but the most common are the standard, queen, king, and body size pillows. The chart below shows the dimensions of the most common standard size pillows in both inches and centimeters.

  • Pillow Size Measurements (Inches)           Measurements (CM)
  • Standard 20 inches by 26 inches            51 CM by 56 CM
  • Queen 20 inches by 30 inches            51 CM by 76 CM
  • King 20 inches by 36 inches            51 CM by 92 CM
  • Body                                     20 inches by 54 inches           51 CM by 137 CM

Standard size pillow chart

Other pillow types and their sizes

Standard Throw Pillow Size

Throw pillows or couch pillows are great accessories in any home as they add color and décor to the room. They also provide extra comfort and a certain class of luxury, transforming any dull room into a lively place. Throw pillows, just like typical sleeping pillows, also come in different sizes, and many people do not know what the standard size is.

The most common sizes for standard throw pillows are 18 by 18 inches, and 20 by 20 inches for sofas. However, if you have sectionals with high backs and deep seats or larger sofas, you may need to buy larger throw pillows that measure 22 by 22 inches and 24 by 24 inches. There are also throw pillows that come with much smaller measurements for kid’s spaces.

Standard Throw Pillow Size

Standard Body Pillow Size

The best characteristic of a body pillow is a curve that fits the body’s shape for maximum comfort. The standard body pillow size is especially great for side sleepers and pregnant women.

Body pillows are not as readily available as the other popular three pillow sizes, so people that need to keep their bodies from rolling to their backs and stomachs as they sleep opt to use king size pillows instead. The standard pillow size of a body pillow is 20 inches for the width and 54 inches for the length. They have their specific body pillowcases.

Body pillow size

Standard Lumbar Size Pillows

Lumbar pillows are popular because of the lumbar support they provide. The pillows come in different shapes that include rectangle and square. They help to add color and charm to a room and add to the width of a chair. The standard size lumbar pillow has a width of 14 inches and a length of 22 inches.

You can also get larger lumbar pillows depending on your preferences. Besides using the pillows for lumbar support, people also the same pillows as back cushions alongside other types of floor pillows and cushions.

Standard Lumbar Size Pillows

Euro Pillow Standard Size

A euro or sham pillow is a decorative pillow placed behind different types of bed sizes. The square pillow comes with the standard sizes of 26 by 26 inches or 66 by 66 cm. The cover on the pillows, called the euro sham, comes in various decorative designs that add charm, plush, and class to the bed and room.

Euro Pillow Standard Size

Standard Standard Toddler Pillow Size

Parents have a rather hard time when their toddlers leave the crib, and they have to get the pillows. Many do not know the proper pillow sizes for toddlers and use standard pillow sizes n their kids.

Toddlers between 2 and 3 do not need standard size pillows because they may be too firm to provide them with enough comfort through the night. The correct size for a toddler’s pillow is a 13 by 14 low-loft pillow.

The small-sized pillow also allows the toddler to move less as they sleep. You can buy a larger pillow as the toddler grows. The typical sizes for a toddler’s pillow are as follows;

  • 18 to 24 months, baby pillow size measuring 10 by 16 inches
  • 2 to 3 years, toddler pillow size measuring 13 by 18 inches
  • 4 to 5 years, child pillow size measuring 16 by 22 inches
  • 6 to 12 years, youth pillow measuring 18 by 24 inches
  • 13 years and above kids can use either a standard or a queen-size pillow

Decorative Pillow Sizes

Decorative pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the most common decorative pillows are the Euro Pillow, Neck Roll Pillow, Small, Regular, and Large Deco Pillows, Boudoir Pillows, and Rectangular Throw Pillows. The standard sizes for the decorative pillows are as follows:-

  • Boudoir Pillow 12 by 16 inches 31 by 41 cm
  • Rectangular Throw Pillow 18 by 24 inches 46 by 61 cm
  • Large Deco Pillow 20 by 20 inches 51 by 51 cm
  • Regular Deco Pillow 18 by 18 inches 46 by 46 cm
  • Small Deco Pillow 16 by 16 inches 41 by 41 cm
  • Neck Roll Pillow varies in size
  • Euro Pillow 25 by 25 inches 64 by 64 cm

Decorative Pillow Sizes

Size of the Standard Pillowcase

How you use pillowcases on your pillows will play a huge role in ensuring that you get sound sleep and your pillows maintain their shape. Pillowcases come in different construction materials, with the most common being the cotton material.

The majority of consumers worldwide buy the standard size pillowcase more than the other sizes because it comfortably fits the standard pillow size and the queen pillow size. The standard pillowcases, which also go by the name housewife pillowcases, fit any pillow with the standard size of 26 inches by 30 inches.

The size of the standard queen pillowcase also fits any pillow with the same measurements as those of the standard size pillow, but with a width variation of between 5 and 10 cm. the king-size pillowcase is an extra-large piece that fits the king-size pillow with no room for discomfort.

Some people prefer to use a larger pillowcase on their pillows because they provide more room for fluffing the pillows. Some of the pillowcases also come with rectangular panels on the edges, which add to the pillowcase’s size. Smaller fitting pillowcases help to keep the pillow firm as you sleep. The smaller sizes are also great, especially if you want to extend the lifespan of the pillow.

Size of the Standard Pillowcase

Standard Pillow Protector Size

Pillow protectors are crucial because they highly contribute to a healthy environment while sleeping. A pillow protector helps to protect the pillow against moisture, which can lead to mildew and mold. It also helps to provide the pillow with protection against the spread of bed bugs and mites.

The size of the pillow determines the size of the protective pillow size. The standard pillow protector size is the same as the standard pillow size, which is 20 inches by 26 inches with a leeway of probably a few centimeters. The rule for using a protector is that there should be no excess material between the pillow and the protector, which is why they come with a snugly fitting size.

Standard Pillow Protector Size


What should determine the pillow size?

The things that should determine the best pillow size for you should be the size of your bed, the type of sleeper you are, and the purpose for which you need the pillow. A standard pillow size goes well with single and double beds. It also goes well with queen beds.

A queen size pillow goes well with a queen size bed though some people with single beds will not mind using the queen size pillow is they want a larger pillow. The king size pillow only goes well with the king-size bed and those that prefer larger pillows for more back support.

Suppose you want a pillow for your seats or decoration. In that case, you should opt for euro pillow sizes, throw pillows, or choose from the wide variety of decorative pillows. People with health issues can choose from a wide variety of orthopedic pillow sizes in the market.

Wrapping It Up

As mentioned in this article, pillows come in different size dimensions that provide sleepers with various sleeping options. The standard size pillows are the most common with most consumers, but some people prefer their pillows larger or even smaller than the standard pillow size.

Whether you want a pillow for your sleeping pattern or a decorative pillow to give your home more charm, you should buy a size that conforms to the other furniture in the house, such as the bed, seats, toddler beds, and much more.

We hope the article provides you with all the information you need about pillow sizes and if you still have any questions to ask, do so on the comment section, and we will gladly answer you. We also welcome any comments on the same.

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