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Suppose you’re feeling anxious and need the comforting embrace of a hug, so you curl up under your weighted blanket. However, perspiration and a stuffy sensation set in after a while. As a result, you throw off the blanket, losing the soothing effect it had previously provided.

Good news: weighted blankets that are designed to keep you cool and calm in stressful situations have finally arrived. So I’ve rounded up the year’s finest weighted blankets for keeping cool.

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Best Overall: Luxome Cooling Weighted Blanket

As opposed to other weighted blankets, the Luxome Weighted Blanket stands out due to its superior softness and personalization options. This blanket is made from a combination of silky bamboo-derived lyocell and, in some variations, a plush minky fabric, making it exceptionally soft and breathable.

Luxome Cooling Weighted Blanket Review - Mattress Clarity

Material: silky bamboo-derived lyocell

Best for:

People who like cuddling up on ultra-plush blankets

Fans of machine-washable linens

Consumers who wish to have a wide variety of choices for personalization

Key notice:

Plush minky fabric can be used on one side as an option.

Produced using 300 thread count, bamboo-derived lyocell

Now in four different densities

Best Value: Layla Weighted Blanket

While a weighted blanket of good quality can run several hundred dollars, there are some more reasonably priced alternatives available. A popular weighted blanket is the Layla. This blanket has the same calming effect as more expensive options while costing much less thanks to its reversible cover and breathable glass beads used to create the weighted effect.

Material: minky polyester

Best for:

Slept like a hot sleeper

Individuals between the weight ranges of 120 and 280 lbs

Budget-conscious consumers

Key notice:

Surfaces can be either smooth or fluffy, and the design is reversible.

Little hexagonal baffles disperse the fill evenly and prevent it from shifting.

You can choose from 15, 20, or 25 pounds.

Best Luxury: Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket

Gravity was an industry pioneer in making weighted blankets suitable for daily use, and the company’s offerings have grown steadily since then. The Cooling Weighted Blanket improves upon previous versions by incorporating a design that prevents shifting and a breathable cover that provides exceptional moisture control. These extra features, combined with the blanket’s three different weight options, make it a good choice for use throughout the year and a comfortable one for most sleepers.

Materials: Lyocell

Best for:

Those who are at least 120 pounds in weight

people who tend to sleep hot and sweat in bed

Any couple who sleeps together and wants to use a weighted blanket

Key notice:

It comes in three different densities and four different hues for the customer’s convenience.

The lyocell cover, which allows for ventilation, is detachable and washable.

Stitching in a grid pattern with tiny baffles evenly disperses the fill and nearly completely prevents clumping.

Softest: Aricove Weighted Blanket

The degree to which a weighted blanket helps you relax depends largely on how much weight you put on it. Using the “10% rule,” pick a blanket that’s about 10% as heavy as you are, though there’s some leeway on either end. The Aricove can be purchased in 10, 12, 15, 17, or 20-pound sizes. If you weigh less than 220 pounds, you should be fine with this range.

Materials: Viscose from Bamboo

Best for:

Adults up to about 220 pounds in weight

The hottest of the sleepers

Individuals with hypersensitive skin

Key notice:

Choose from five different weights between 10 and 20 pounds.

Features a cool glass bead fill and a cover that wicks away moisture for maximum breathability.

Easy care; can be washed in a machine.

Best Queen-Size: Baloo Weighted Blanket

This chemical-free, 100% cotton blanket is weighted to provide a soothing sensation as you relax. In contrast to standard sizes, the queen doesn’t spill over the sides of the mattress. Furthermore, it has loops for fastening to other blankets or comforters. In our testing, this blanket had a weight and thickness that put us in between those of a heavy blanket and a thin sheet. There was no danger of us overheating thanks to the blanket’s breathable material and the inclusion of glass microbeads in the filling. Despite being machine-washable, this blanket performed poorly in our spot treatment test and may be difficult to maintain due to its white color. It comes in a variety of sizes and weights, and the silver sage color is one of several options.

Materials: cotton

Best for:

Taking some time to unwind and sleep is essential for human health.

Many people are interested in acquiring a washer and dryer.

Key notice:

The quilted pattern on this weighted blanket is a nice touch.

Its light color could make it challenging to maintain cleanliness.

All-natural, chemical-free fabrics were carefully selected for their comfort, airiness, and longevity. Filling with glass microbeads. This temperature is suitable for all climates.

Best Bamboo: Cariloha Weighted Bamboo Blanket

The allergen- and odor-fighting properties of the bamboo-viscose fabric used to make this weighted blanket make it ideal for those who need to relax while also staying clean. Glass beads add up to 15 pounds of weight for a blanket that can exert uniform, deep pressure. This cooling weighted blanket felt heavier than the others we tested, but it was still simple to transport. Our testers weren’t overheated by it, but the cover prevented them from feeling the cooling breeze of the fan. Both the size and the weight of the blanket are standard. The outer blanket must be dry cleaned, but the inner cover can be washed in a machine. Although it may be a bit pricey, reviewers agreed that the product’s quality was worth it.

Materials: bamboo-viscose fabric

Best for:

This weighted blanket is a good option if you’re looking for something that is both gentle and uniform in its application of weight.

Key notice:

It’s more costly than the alternate choices.

weighted in key areas with our proprietary glass beads for therapeutically effective deep pressure touch stimulation

Expertly sewn with our ultra-plush bamboo-viscose fabric, which is naturally resistant to odors, allergens, and toxins and thus promotes a more restful night’s sleep.

Most Comfortable: Bearaby Tree Napper

One high-end option that stands out is the Bearaby Tree Napper Weighted Blanket, which is knitted by hand and is both cozy and airy. The air can flow freely through the open weave, reducing the risk of overheating during the night. This blanket’s weight comes directly from the yarn, making it more uniform than those that use fillers like glass beads.

Materials: Tencel Lyocell, Organic Cotton, Spandex

Best for:

Consumers who care about the environment

Variably positioned sleepers

consumers seeking a range of weights

Key notice:

knit by hand from a breathable Tencel fabric

As the yarn provides the bulk, there will be no clumping.

Produced using only recyclable, high-grade components

Best Budget: ZonLi Bamboo Cooling Weighted Blanket

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a high-quality cooling weighted blanket, consider this option from ZonLi. The neatness of the stitching around the edges attests to its high quality. Since the filling couldn’t shift within the squares, the blanket stayed cool and comfortable all night long, which is a problem with some other weighted blankets. High-density glass beads fill this blanket, which has a cover made from 100% bamboo viscose. It comes in a wide range of sizes, textures, and hues, making it easy to complement any design scheme. Our reviewers appreciated that this blanket kept them cool to the touch, but they also found that it wasn’t quite as heavy as they had hoped. We didn’t notice any tears or stains after washing it, and it passed our spot treatment test with flying colors.

Amazon.com: ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blankets, 7 lbs 41''x60'' Bamboo Viscose Heavy Blanket for Kids, Grey Navy Cozy Comforter with Glass Beads for Christmas Decorations/Gift : Home & Kitchen

Materials: bamboo viscose

Best for:

Individuals weighing between 150 and 200 pounds who sleep

Smokers in bed

Those who prefer thick, breathable blankets will appreciate these.

Key notice:

Comfortable to the touch and within budget.

The weight is off, and it’s more like a regular blanket.

Aid to sleep, naturally

Best Temperature Control: Brooklyn Bedding Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket

The Brooklyn Bedding Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket is a year-round staple thanks to its reversible cover, which can be used to either keep you cool or keep you nice and toasty. One side is made from a cool Tencel material, while the other is a soft and cozy minky dot. Each is incredibly gentle to the touch, making them ideal for restful wear.

Materials: Tencel and minky polyester

Best for:

Body-weight-range-between-150-and-200 snorers

Infamously warm sleepers

Those who prefer plushy, cuddly blankets

Key notice:

Ties and loops help distribute body mass uniformly.

Cover and insert are both machine washable.

Dual-sided design provides both heat and cold

Best Design: Hush Iced 2.0 Cooling Weighted Blanket

For those who tend to sleep warm or who will be using the blanket during warmer months or in warmer climates, Hush Iced 2.0 has created a cooling weighted blanket. Blankets come in a variety of sizes and weights to accommodate people of varying heights, weights, and ages.

Materials: Viscose from Bamboo

Best for:

Smokers in bed

People in warmer regions

Up to 350 pound adults.

Key notice:

The cover, made from viscose spun from bamboo fiber, has a luxuriously soft feel and dries quickly.

Four different sizes and seven different weights are readily available.

Test your sleep for a whole 100 nights

Best Reversible: Nectar Serenity

The Nectar Serenity is a weighted blanket with two distinct sides: one soft and warm, the other smooth and cool. The Serenity Weighted Blanket will wrap you in soothing warmth and tranquility. It has two settings, one hot and one cold, for maximum comfort. As a general rule, 8-15% of your body weight is ideal for relaxing in.

Materials: polyester and bamboo rayon

Best for:

The reversibility of this weighted blanket makes it a year-round purchase that almost nobody wants to make.

sleepers who generate heat

Anyone who wants a blanket that can serve double duty

Key notice:

The ability of rayon to wick away sweat is just an added bonus.

You can choose between a 12 lb and a 20 lb blanket.

The removable, machine-washable cover is offered in three different hues.

Best Airflow: Baloo Weighted Blanket

The Baloo Weighted Blanket has a 100% cotton cover, cotton batting, and a glass microbead fill to ensure durability and provide ample airflow to prevent overheating. The cotton batting and the double-stitched quilting keep you comfortable all night long. The blanket is cruelty-free, chemical-free, and carbon neutral.

Materials: Cotton

Best for:

Customers searching for a blanket suitable for all seasons

couples who can’t seem to get to sleep

Some people are more comfortable with a blanket made from natural materials than others.

Key notice:

The use of double stitches helps to secure the stuffing.

An airy 100% cotton cover is included.

Long-lasting design

Silk & Snow Weighted Knit Blanket, the Best of Knitted Goods

Composition: Lyocell

Best for:

Note important:

Best Machine-Washable: Comma Home Bamboo Modal Weighted Blanket

The Bamboo Modal Weighted Blanket by Comma Home is not only luxuriously soft, but also highly breathable. It’s thick enough to keep out the chill during the summer and the heat during the winter. Modal, which is derived from bamboo, is used for the outer layer. The fill is made of tempered glass beads, which not only improve airflow but also maintain a very low noise level.

Materials: Modal derived from bamboo

Best for:

Smokers in bed

Purchasers Seeking Year-Round Coverage

Customers in search of a blanket that can be quickly laundered

Key notice:

Modal, which is made from bamboo, is a very soft fabric.

Glass beads allow for ventilation.

During the winter, its hefty weight will serve as an effective heat barrier.

Best Body Contouring: Sunday Citizen Bamboo Crystal Weighted Blanket

Viscose made from bamboo is a natural fabric that draws moisture away from the body while you sleep. The viscose fibers derived from bamboo used in the construction of the Sunday Citizen Bamboo Crystal Weighted Blanket will keep you dry and comfortable even on the muggiest of nights. Glass pearls, amethysts, and quartz are used to add heft to this blanket. None of these materials are particularly good at keeping heat, so you can use the blanket without getting too toasty.

Materials: 100% viscose derived from bamboo

Best for:

Those between 90 and 220 kilos

Hot sleepers

Find a weighted blanket that can be machine washed and dried if you’re in the market.

Key notice:

Glass pearls, amethyst, and quartz are used as cooling fill.

The bamboo viscose cover keeps you dry on hot summer evenings.

Now in three densities and two shell shades

Sunday Citizen Bamboo Crystal Weighted Blanket Review | Apartment Therapy


What to Consider When Purchasing a Weighted Blanket?


In the range of $100–300 is where you can find a high-quality cooling weighted blanket. The final price can vary depending on characteristics like weight, dimensions, materials, and manufacturer. High-quality materials are more expensive than their lower-quality counterparts because they last longer. When figuring out how much your blanket will cost, don’t forget to factor in shipping.


It is recommended that you use a blanket that is about 10% of your body weight to achieve a comfortable level of pressure that will help you relax without feeling claustrophobic. A person who weighs 150 pounds, for instance, might find that a 15-pound blanket is the most agreeable. Remember that your ideal blanket might not come in the weight you need before you commit to a specific model.

Quality Materials

The blanket’s performance, softness, weight, and heat retention abilities are all affected by the fill material. As they retain very little heat, glass beads are frequently used in cooling blankets. It’s important to choose a fill that won’t shift around and cause lumps when you sit down.

Cover Materials

Cotton, wool, and bamboo fibers like viscose or rayon are some of the best fabrics for keeping you cool. By allowing air to circulate and/or drawing moisture away from the body, these fabrics help keep the sleeping environment constant. Cover materials for weighted blankets can range from silky smooth to minky soft, as they are designed to be used throughout the year. A new duvet cover is all it takes to give your bed a whole new look and feel.

Ease of Cleaning

Due to their bulky designs and potentially delicate fill, weighted blankets can be a pain to clean. Some weighted blankets can only be spot cleaned or dry cleaned, but many have removable covers that can be washed in a machine. A blanket’s ease of cleaning could be a deal breaker if you plan to wash it frequently. If you take the time to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, you can keep your blanket in good condition for a longer period of time.


For those who have trouble maintaining a healthy body temperature, a weighted blanket made from a breathable material may be a welcome relief. Cotton and wool are two examples of naturally breathable fabrics. As an additional measure against overheating during the night, open-knit patterns are preferable.

How much do cooling weighted blankets cost?

A weighted blanket designed to keep you comfortable and cool can cost anywhere from $100 to $300. The price may go up significantly for businesses that don’t provide free shipping or have set shipping rates. Discounts and bundles are sometimes available if you purchase multiple bedding products from the same company.

Do weighted blankets make you hot?

While the temperature threshold varies by manufacturer and model, some weighted blankets may become too warm for some users. That’s why lots of companies make weighted blankets designed to keep you cool by using techniques like looser weaves and moisture-wicking fabrics.

How Do Cooling Weighted Blankets Work?

The primary objective of the most effective cooling weighted blankets is to prevent you from becoming too hot. After all, a weighted blanket is still just a blanket. As a result, you can expect them to retain some heat. It’s important to examine the blanket’s components if you’re experiencing a stuffy, sweaty weighted blanket. The microfiber or polyester fibers used to make minky blankets are specifically engineered to have a luxuriously soft feel, making them the ideal blanket for cuddling up on a cold night. They may not be the most breathable or moisture-wicking options, though. The outer cover of the blanket should be made of a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, like Tencel or bamboo. The combination of breathability, softness, and moisture management in these two materials is ideal.

Are weighted blankets warmer than regular blankets?

As a rule, yes. Even a weighted blanket designed to keep you cool might not be ideal if you have a tendency to get too warm. Do not use a weighted blanket unless it is extremely cold outside.

What are some of the negatives of weighted blankets?

Not everyone will enjoy the heavier feel of a weighted blanket, no matter how wonderful they are. To benefit from deep compression while sleeping, you should require it. They are also typically much more expensive than traditional blankets.

Consumer Reports

Feeling like you need a big hug is a common experience. That’s one of the claims made for weighted blankets, along with the claims that they can ease anxiety and promote restful sleep. However, experts have said there is a lack of data showing they actually work to improve sleep quality.

Sales of weighted blankets, however, have been on the rise long before the pandemic and clearly have their fans. According to Business Research Insights, the global market for weighted blankets is expected to grow from an estimated $399 million in 2019 to more than $1 billion by 2026.

How Does a Weighted Blanket Work?

Because of the even distribution of its weight, a weighted blanket can provide the user with a soothing sensation of gentle pressure in addition to providing comforting heat. The weighted blankets we tried (and which are pictured below) are similar in appearance to a traditional comforter, but their filling is made of either plastic pellets or glass beads rather than down or fabric. Some people find that the blanket is quieter and less “beany” feeling due to the tiny glass beads that fill it. All of the samples of blankets we examined contained glass beads. Weighted blankets, such as theBearaby, where the fabric is woven with thicker yarns to allow for greater airflow. (We did not test with them.)

The most effective weighted blankets, like those designed to resemble traditional comforters, sew the beads into tiny pockets all over the fabric. Test engineer Bernie Deitrick found that this method eliminated pooling and provided a more comfortable drape “even as you shifted or rolled over”.

Anxiety sufferers have made use of weighted blankets, andstudiesimply that they can serve as a useful resource. Research on the effects of weighted blankets on sleep is more contradictory.

Stanford University sleep expert and clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences Rafael Pelayo, MD, author of “How to Sleep,” says, “I have patients who like weighted blankets and others that don’t.” Those who enjoy them thoroughly enjoy them. ”

He thinks the stodgy warmth of the blanket has a calming effect on the person because of the psychological connection between weight and comfort. That load may be substantial: Our 15-pound test blankets weigh three to four times as much per square foot as a standard polyfill blanket of the same size.

If you have trouble sleeping due to anxiety or a racing mind and you find the pressure of multiple layers of bedding comforting, a weighted blanket may help. You can return any of the tested blankets within 30 days, though return shipping may be non-refundable for a few of them.

How Consumer Reports Tested Weighted Blankets

The recommended weight for a weighted blanket is 10 percent of the user’s body weight, according to the manufacturers. Accordingly, if you weigh 150 pounds, a weighted blanket weighing 15 pounds would be ideal. We used a weight of that to see how it performed.

Deitrick checked the blankets’ claimed weights of 15 pounds against their actual lab-measured weights. He says the differences shouldn’t be too noticeable because they all came pretty close. However, keep in mind that, all other things being equal, the heavier a smaller blanket will feel on your body. For this reason, we also include a pound-per-square-foot estimate below.

We were also concerned that the weighted blankets might cause us to overheat during the night. To determine how well each blanket insulates, we put them through a series of temperature-controlled metal boxes in our lab, much like a Tin Man. It’s interesting to note that a thick blanket does not automatically mean that it’s very warm. Deitrick claims that “all the blankets were fairly close to the warmth that you would get by adding one fluffy down comforter” to a bed. Naturally, the models who were provided with duvet covers reported feeling warmer than the others.

Finally, we determined if the blankets can be washed easily and if a standard washing machine can manage the load. There was no failure or damage to any of the blankets. However, the spin cycle of our front-loading washing machine threw it off balance.

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