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The concept of sleeping on a futon originated in Japan. In Japan, people use a mat to sleep on the ground, and they fold it up at night and put it away in the morning.

However, in spite of their adaptability and practicality, futons tend to be firmer than traditional beds. As a result, people who prefer to sleep on softer mattresses will appreciate how cozy these are.

With the help of this article, you will learn how to improve the comfort of your futon. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

How to Make a Futon More Comfortable?

How to Make Futon More Comfortable

Add Wooden Bed Slats Under the Futon Mattress

Sometimes the greatest approach to make a comfortable futon is not to add anything to the mattress, but to support it from the bottom up. ‘ It’s common for sofa beds of all kinds to use a little extra help.

To avoid sagging in the middle or along the edges of the mattress and to provide firmness, use wooden mattress slats once you’ve built your futon correctly.

DIY slat solutions that are simple and inexpensive are best recommended by Sleepadvisor.org:

Drill more slats across the existing beams to fill in gaps and offer more uniform support by purchasing some 14 timber from your local home improvement store.”

Add Mattress Toppers

Add a Mattress Topper

If your mattress is on the thin side, a mattress topper can be a big benefit. This is true for all types of beds. The first thing you should do is find a mattress topper that fits your specific sleeping preferences and needs.

Even if you’re concerned about how it will look, you can tuck your mattress topper within the cover to create a comfortable sleeping area without making it an eyesore.

During the day, keep a plush mattress topper in a cool, dark place and use it at night. It’s possible to store most mattress toppers in a cabinet or closet by rolling them up.

Put an Air Mattress at the Top of this Futon

Put an Air Mattress at the Top of this Futon

Sofa beds can be made more comfortable with an air mattress. When the circumstance necessitates it, you can remove the product and replace it with an air mattress.

Another benefit is that they raise the ground level. Because futon beds aren’t known for being very tall, the additional height provided by an air mattress can benefit both you and your guests, as long as the mattress itself is safe.

Get the Right Materials

Choose a mattress composed of polyester or memory foam while shopping. While sitting or lying down, these mattresses tend to retain a small amount of the sort, and they bounce back when you get up.

It is important to remember that comfortable sitting is a two-way street. Ideally, you’d prefer a piece of furniture that can swivel around while you sit. Although you don’t need much material to do it, you do want it to return to its former shape when you wake up.

Place layer comforters on top of the futon mattress

The thickness of the comforter ensures the user’s well-being. This can be used to improve the comfort of your futon mattress.

Even if you use a down comforter, you’ll still get the same level of comfort.

When you have two guests sharing a mattress, a comforter gives you that extra edge. You can adjust the thickness of the comforter’s padding based on how much they like it.

When purchasing a down quilt, the filling power is only one factor to keep in mind. This is because the filling allows the duvet to retain its loft and warmth, making it a more comfortable option.

Add a Featherbed into the Futon Mattress

When you combine a Japanese futon with a European featherbed, you’ve brought the best of several cultures together. Unlike a down comforter, a featherbed does not need to be pulled over your head while you sleep. It is common for a featherbed to be segmented so that the down does not turn to one side of the mattress or the other.

Mattress Maintenance

Futon Mattress Maintenance

Your futon mattress, like a regular mattress, needs regular maintenance to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. When you take good care of your mattress, it will last longer and be more comfortable. Flipping the mattress frequently and using a mattress topper are two ways to extend the life of a mattress.

Think About Purchasing a New One

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, our current futon just isn’t up to the task. That’s the point at which you need to start looking for a new one. You may have bought that expensive futon with all the bells and whistles, assuming it will look great in your flat.

Your in-laws’ visits may remind you of your less than ideal sleeping arrangement, so it may be time for a change. You and your guests will both benefit from some excellent purchases you make.

All futons are not created equal. From the couch sleeper that you’ve had since 1987 to the Murphy Cabinet Beds that we carry now, there is a tremendous difference.

Optional hints:

As a courtesy to those who may not be able to afford the items above, simply:

  • On make the futon mattress more comfortable, add a little more filling to the top of it.
  • The mattress should be rotated frequently to prevent it from becoming saggy.
  • Hang it somewhere and use a broom handle to overcome the mattress so that the fill may fill out the drooping areas of the mattress.
  • If you want to spend the day on the futon, consider placing a few pillows beneath the mattress to provide some support if you get too hot or too cold.

Try a new mattress

Innerspring mattresses, while cost-effective and providing excellent support, can be uncomfortable to sleep on due to their thinness.

The ideal option is a mattress made of memory foam. If you fold a futon, you may find that the coils produce a lot of pressure spots on your body. Memory foam is sensitive to heat and might develop an unpleasant odor after being used.

In my opinion, White Lotus Home’s Stowaway mattresses are the best. These mattresses are excellent for use in futons, but they can also be used on the floor.

Additional Frame Support

To put it simply, futons are nothing more than mattress pads affixed to either a metal or a wood frame. Allowing the mattress to droop is a common problem with futon frames because of gaps between the bars. Consistent cushioning is preferable to uneven padding for a variety of reasons.

It’s a good idea to check the frame of your futon for any gaps that might allow the cushioning to sink through. It’s time to address these issues. One option is to cover the entire frame with a thin piece of cardboard.

Could you Make a Futon Feel Just Like a Couch?

In the case of an expensive energy reclining couch that is meant to be delivered as a delicate butter spread, the answer is no. For the most part, futons are designed to be functional. Even if you use the following suggestions to improve its comfort, it will still fall short of the level of luxury provided by the real thing.

With a little effort, you can make it feel more like a couch by arranging and decorating your room in the same way that you would a couch.

To make a futon couch, add a few throw pillows and a couple of end tables on either side of it. Adding a coffee table in front of your futon will help it take on the look and feel of a couch.

Take a look at the general vibe of the region. Sofas are crucial to any room in which they are placed. Fix the lighting, rugs, and placement of entertainment items like televisions to make the futon feel like a sofa.


On help you sleep better, we’ve put up a simple guide to making a better futon. Make sure to tell us which of these tricks worked best for you by leaving a comment.


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