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Many people in the home ownership market prefer Bluetooth alarm clocks to other options. Products like these can help people get up on time by playing music and alarms. That was all they needed from an alarm clock.

Some people, however, have had trouble locating the most suitable Bluetooth alarm clock. Considering all the possibilities, I can see where you’d run into trouble. Without adequate preparation and support, it can be quite stressful.

But with the information in this article, shopping stress will be a thing of the past. I’ll explain everything you need to know about these tools. To guarantee a satisfying purchasing experience, you’ll be well-versed in all the following areas:

  • Bluetooth Clock Radio Vs. Bluetooth Speaker Alarm: Many Bluetooth alarm clocks have a radio clock in addition to the speaker. Making a decision amongst these options will play a significant role in this purchase.
  • Alarm System: The best Bluetooth alarm clocks have an in-built alarm system with a variety of preset options and tones. If you want to make sure you’re happy with your final decision, it’s important to learn as much as possible about the product or service you’re considering.
  • Design: There should be some thought given to the form and proportions of the alarm clock before purchase. That is, it can’t take up too much space on their dresser or otherwise be inconvenient to use. Obtaining one with a hue that may be used in a mesh would be helpful as well.

Not only have I reviewed the best Bluetooth alarm clocks, but I have also prepared a list of them. The purpose of these debates is to learn more about the features of the best Bluetooth alarm clocks. To get a feel for what you might anticipate, read some reviews before delving into the complete buying guide.

Top Bluetooth Alarm Clock Reviews

1. iHome iBT29BC Bluetooth Alarm Clock

The iBT29BC Bluetooth Alarm Clock from iHome is among the most feature-rich models on the market. Its effective Bluetooth technology is just one of its many remarkable Bluetooth alarm clock characteristics that helped it win this award.

iHome Bluetooth Alarm Clock with 5W USB Charger, Dimmable LED Clock Display and Dual Alarms, Ideal for Bedroom, Home Office and Dorm Room

The Bluetooth connection has worked well with all of my audio devices, and I’ve been able to stream music from any of them. I streamed tunes wirelessly from my iPhone and iPad as well as my friend’s Android phone. On top of that, the Reson8 speaker chamber technology ensures that the music sounds fantastic.

This Bluetooth audio is perfect, as I can even use it as an alarm clock. The alarm function can play either an FM radio station or an internal alarm tone. The iHome Bluetooth alarm clock is comprehensive in its functionality.

The 7 Best Alarm Clocks of 2022 | Reviews by Wirecutter

The dual alarm features should also be considered by potential buyers. It lets me set two alarms at once, so I won’t wake up my partner if I do. After all, it’s more convenient than having two alarm clocks if I can set one for her and one for myself.

Other features include a USB charging connector and a choice of six fashionable screen colors. These extras further demonstrate the incredible adaptability of this option.


  • Uses Bluetooth to successfully transmit music from a variety of audio sources.
  • Superior sound quality is achieved by using reson speaker chamber technology.
  • Set an alarm to music via Bluetooth or FM radio, or use the device’s built-in tone.
  • Two separate alarms are a great feature for couples.
  • It has a built-in USB charging port.
  • Featuring a customizable color display in six chic tones.


  • There are no guidelines provided.

2. Emerson ER100301 SmartSet Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re a music fan like me, the Emerson ER100301 SmartSet Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker is a must-have. It has a top-notch Bluetooth V4.1 speaker that produces crystal-clear renditions of all my favorite songs.

Truly, I am overjoyed at how much better it is than listening to music on my phone. The simple-to-read LED time display was another feature that won me over. Not having perfect eyesight, I still had no trouble seeing it from across the room.

- $2.16 OFF Emerson Smartset Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker with USB Port for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android and Tablets, 1.4' Cyan LED Display and Night Light, ER100301

A USB port is included for use in recharging compatible devices. So far, I have had no problems with it on any of my mobile devices, tablets, or iPods. This adaptability also helps me reduce the number of cables on my nightstand.

The dimmer control function is another great addition that will help users get a better night’s rest. As a crucial feature, it lowers the volume of the clock’s Bluetooth speaker and hence the blue LED light. So, it’s much less of a hassle to choose the ideal place to rest your head.

It also has three useful alarm modes, which should not be overlooked. The alarm can be set to go off on weekdays, weekends, or permanently. In addition, it takes care of such things as DST, leap years, and power outages automatically.


  • Built-in superior Bluetooth V4.1 audio speaker.
  • LED clock face that is incredibly legible.
  • Input for recharging electronic items through USB.
  • Lighting adjustment for more restful nighttime slumber.
  • There are 3 Useful Alarm Settings (weekdays only, weekends only, and 7-days).
  • Modifies itself mechanically for power outages, leap years, and Daylight Savings Time.


  • Simple construction makes it simple to topple over

3. WamGra ‎THZ-DY28 PLUS Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

The THZ-DY28 PLUS Alarm Clock by WamGra is certainly one of the more intriguing choices available. After all, it serves its intended purpose as a premium Bluetooth speaker of unparalleled 4.0 Hifi quality.

Thanks to Bluetooth, pairing my phone with the speaker was a breeze. There, I had no trouble at all listening to audio streams. A lifesaver for when I host gatherings at my house.

However, that’s not the end of the product’s usefulness. With its 48 LED lights and dynamic display, it also serves admirably as a night light and mood lamp in my bedroom. The fact that this alarm clock Bluetooth speaker night light could be easily adjusted in terms of brightness, color, and power button also won me over.

WamGra’s touch-activated features make for an easy learning curve. Even someone who has never used an alarm clock before should have no trouble with this one. Also, a 4000mAh Li-battery has been integrated for your convenience, making this product that much better.

- $20.01 OFF Emerson ER100401 Smartset 15Watt Ultra Fast Wireless Charging Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker, USB Charger, Cyan LED Night Light and 1.4' Display

A USB charging cable is included, and thanks to the battery, charging time is minimal. Plus, the ability to run off a battery means it’s convenient to take on the go and use anywhere you happen to be. A custom mesh bag is included for hassle-free transport.


  • Superior Bluetooth audio player with Hifi version 4.0 sound.
  • Includes 48 LEDs that serve as a changeable display and work as a nightlight.
  • The touch-activated function makes it simple to adjust the light level, change the color, or turn the light on and off.
  • The internal 4000mAh Li-battery charges quickly through USB.
  • The attached mesh carrying bag makes it convenient to take on the go.


  • Only one alarm can be set at a time.

4. Anker Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock Radio

The following choice, from Anker, is a little different from other Bluetooth clocks; it’s a speaker alarm clock radio. For instance, it has a Qi-certified wireless charging pad built in, which can be used to charge smartphones and other Qi-compatible devices wirelessly.

It’s a neat feature that helps me free up some room on my nightstand. It charges my phone while I sleep, which is a huge plus. This makes it a useful addition to a small room like mine.

Anker Upgraded, Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker with IPX5 Waterproof, Stereo Sound, 24H Playtime, Portable Wireless Speaker Bundle with Official Travel Case

I haven’t had any problems pairing it with my phone via Bluetooth. Using it to stream music from my Bluetooth-enabled devices has been a breeze. However, I should also mention that this isn’t the only way to use this speaker to hear music. It had an FM radio in-built, and I could also use an Aux wire to play music from my phone.

The security system is very noteworthy. This Bluetooth radio alarm clock allows me to program up to fifteen separate alarms and choose from 10 distinct tones each time an alarm goes off. The LED screen also automatically turns off in poor light, so I never have to worry about it waking up on me.

Nevertheless, the features of this Bluetooth clock radio’s design don’t end there. Having the Sound Core app and the touch bar built in made it so simple to get everything set up. Given that I had no trouble with it, I have no doubt that everyone else could do the same.


  • Wireless charging pad that is compatible with smartphones and is approved by Qi.
  • Plays music competently via an FM radio, Bluetooth, or aux wire.
  • Make use of up to 15 separate alerts, each with one of ten different tones.
  • The easy-to-use LED screen automatically darkens in dim light.
  • Use the Sound Core app or the integrated touch bar to take command.


  • There is room for improvement in terms of aesthetics.

5. JBL Bluetooth Radio Clock with USB Charging

The JBL Bluetooth Clock Radio with USB Charging is one of the more cutting-edge choices out there. Its tiny and aesthetically pleasing appearance is complemented by a long number of features.

This means that it can deliver top-tier performance without taking up too much space on a desk or bedside table. To put it simply, I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t even go into how its ambient LED lighting stimulates multiple senses.

The fact that it could link to other devices via Bluetooth was also a huge plus. My three electronic devices (tablet, laptop, and smartphone) all synced up with this alarm clock with no problems. Through it, I was able to stream my music of choice in high-quality JBL stereo throughout my house.

Frankly, I haven’t come across many other Bluetooth speaker clocks that can compete with it. People at a party I hosted recently were blown away by the incredible sound quality, thus it became a hit.

JBL did a good job making this device practical, too. Its stellar reputation is due in large part to the two USB connections that make charging electronic gadgets like my phone quick and simple. In the meantime, it has dual alarm functionality with three different tones to choose from so that you can quickly and easily choose the configuration that works best for you.


  • Conveniently small and aesthetically pleasing.
  • LED ambient light for a sensory experience.
  • Simple Bluetooth pairing process.
  • The high-quality stereo sound from JBL speakers is impressive.
  • For recharging your other electronics, there are two USB ports.
  • In addition to its standard alarm functions, this system also features a second, silent alarm as well as two additional tones.


  • Small buttons

6. I-Box 79236PI/17 Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

One of the more interesting features of these gadgets is the built-in clock on the I-Box 79236PI/17 Bluetooth Speaker. One of its handy features is a Qi wireless charging pad that can be used to power a phone without having to plug it in.

This means I can avoid plugging my phone into the wall. This is a must-have feature for me because my nightstand is always a tangle of cables. This charging pad solves the problem by including a USB port for charging other gadgets at the same time.

In addition, I love that I can set two separate alarms at once with its convenient dual alarm system. As an example, a Bluetooth speaker with an alarm clock function is more hassle-free to use. Even the alarm itself was effective, as I never missed a morning of work due to being late.

In addition to its 6W stereo speakers and Passive subwoofer, its Bluetooth connectivity was a notable feature. My music has never sounded great on my mobile devices or desktop computer.

There’s also an FM radio in here, so I can listen to music while I work. To further facilitate its use, it includes ten preprogrammed FM radio channels.


  • Wireless charging pad for Qi-enabled cellphones is integrated.
  • There is just one USB port for charging.
  • Competent dual-alarm functionality.
  • Featuring a passive subwoofer and 6W stereo speakers, Bluetooth connectivity is rock solid.
  • Ten FM radio stations are stored in the radio’s memory, and you can tune to any of them with the press of a button.


  • Screen is cluttered and hard to read.
Sonnet Alarm Clock Charging Station, AM FM Radio, Dual USB Charging Ports, Dual AC Outlets, Very Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers and The Hearing Impaired for Desk, Bedroom

7. TIYOON Wake Up Light Bluetooth Speaker

In recent years, the TIYOON Wake Up Light Bluetooth Speaker’s cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.0 wireless speaker technology has made it a fan favorite. It’s a Bluetooth alarm clock that syncs up with your iPhone, iPad, and other devices without any hassle.

What really piqued my interest, though, were the five different color light options that make for a friendlier user experience. More regulation of the gadget’s impact on the ambiance of my space is now possible. It was easy to include into my bedroom’s design scheme.

Simple activation and deactivation characterized the alarm system and the music feature. It seemed rather simple to me, and I don’t think TIYOON intended for there to be any confusion. Sadly, I haven’t noticed this feature on many other Bluetooth speaker clocks.

The product’s already manageable nature is enhanced by the inclusion of volume and brightness controls (with a total of four settings). It puts an emphasis on user agency, which is exactly what I need. That is to say, I have been able to accomplish what I’ve set out to do with this Bluetooth alarm clock.

- $33.71 OFF MPOWERD Luci Explore: Solar Portable Light + Speaker + Phone Charger + Wake Up Light, Bluetooth Wireless App Control, Unlimited Color Options, 220 Lumens, Lasts 24 Hours, No Batteries Needed

Last but not least, it has a night mode that is useful. After all, turning off everything but the alarm guarantees a peaceful night’s sleep. Indications are that it’s popular among those who are more easily disturbed during sleeping.


  • This high-tech Bluetooth 5.0 speaker syncs up quickly and easily with any device that supports Bluetooth.
  • Including five distinct lighting options.
  • The alarm and music may be turned off or on with ease.
  • Modifiable brightness and loudness.
  • With the night mode feature, you may rest easy and get some shut-eye.


  • No snooze button

9 Best Alarm Clocks of 2022

8. Emerson ER100210 Dual Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Finding good deals in this market is tough. The ER100210 Dual Bluetooth Alarm Clock from Emerson, however, is an exception. You can get a lot of bang for your buck, and it still has some interesting features to boot.

Among its many great features, the Bluetooth connection’s range is among my favorites. From a distance of more than 32 feet (10 meters), I can simply couple a device to the speaker. It’s a huge timesaver when it comes to playing music or other sounds in the home via streaming services.

The product has a microphone integrated inside it. This is a must-have function because it allows me to take a call without actually picking up my phone. Therefore, everytime a call arrives over this speaker, I don’t have to unpair my phone.

Its white LED dual alarm design is something I really like. The bright numbers make it much simpler to read than similar models I’ve used in the past. In addition, these LED numbers may be adjusted to one of four different brightness levels for a more pleasant night’s rest.

It’s also important to note that Bluetooth isn’t the only means to broadcast audio to and from this product. For this purpose, I can utilize either the auxiliary input or the FM radio. Each can stream music directly to the device’s 2-watt speaker.


  • An economical substitute.
  • You can get within around 32 feet of it and it will pair with your Bluetooth device.
  • Incorporated microphone permits use without holding the device.
  • Simple-to-read dual alarm clock with white LED display and adjustable brightness (up to four settings).
  • There has both an FM radio and an auxiliary input for playing music.
  • Clear sound from a 2-watt speaker.


  • Doesn’t come with an internal battery

9. Ranipobo Night Light Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Multi-purpose alternatives don’t get much more tempting than Ranipobo’s Night Light Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. It’s a speaker, an alarm clock, an FM radio, a TF player, and a nightlight, and it does all of those things without flinching.

Meanwhile, it fulfills all these jobs while giving a little of elegance with its easy-to-change LED hues. There are seven different color options available for the user to select from. The odds of anyone not finding a workable solution are very low, in my opinion.

The Bluetooth V4.2 and EDR technology are some more important qualities. Due to these features, I am able to successfully pair the product with any Bluetooth device from a distance of up to 32 feet (or 10 meters). As a result, I haven’t had a single issue using this Ranipobo model with an Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad, or other devices.

The Micro SD card slot and auxiliary jack allow me to attach items that lack Bluetooth capability. Because of this, it provides significantly more audio customization options than I’m used to seeing in alarm clocks. I can play any music I like through the speaker.

MIANOVA LED Bluetooth Speaker,Night Light Changing Wireless Speaker, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 6 Color LED Themes,Handsfree/Phone/PC/MicroSD/USB Disk/AUX-in/TWS Supported

The product is also useful during power outages. The built-in 2200mAh battery keeps going for 12 hours on a single charge, so I won’t die of boredom.


  • Convenient 5-in-1 gadget (speaker, alarm clock, FM radio, TF player, and nightlight).
  • LEDs come in seven different hues, and switching between them is simple.
  • Thanks to Bluetooth V4.2 and EDR, devices can be paired from up to 32 feet away.
  • Guaranteed to work with any Bluetooth gadget.
  • There is a micro SD card slot and an auxiliary connector for use with devices that lack Bluetooth.
  • Long-lasting (2200mAh) battery that lasts for a full day.


  • inadequate guidance

10. Sharp Sound Machine Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Bluetooth clocks’ ease of use is frequently disregarded. A Bluetooth alarm clock, like Sharp’s Sound Machine, is a value compared to the alternatives. It appeals to a wide range of consumers because of its low price and low learning curve.

A lack of interesting features renders even the most straightforward design moot. However, this alternative succeeds where others fail because of its superior capacity to improve sleep quality. It does this by providing a sleep timer and six different calming sounds designed to put you to sleep.

For someone like myself, these are two of the most important factors in drifting off to sleep. Additionally, the built-in Bluetooth speaker does a great job during the day. The ability to stream music from other devices is a major selling point for me when shopping for a new audio system, and this one definitely delivers.

The clear, bright LED numbers on the display also won me over. My grandfather could read the time without looking at his watch from across the room. You may put your faith in me; if he can see it, I seriously doubt anyone reading this post will have any problems.

- $7.00 OFF Emerson SmartSet Dual Alarm Clock Radio with AM/FM Radio, Dimmer, Sleep Timer and .9' LED Display, CKS1900

In addition, a backup battery is included for use even if the power goes out. All I need are two AA batteries and the alarm clock will work just fine.


  • A minimalist layout with intuitive core features.
  • Includes a sleep timer and six calming sounds to aid in getting some shut-eye.
  • Good quality Bluetooth speaker built right in.
  • White LED numbers make the display simple to read.
  • Power outages are rarely convenient, but a battery backup can help.


  • Too bright

11. Htterino 8541847369 Bluetooth Projection Alarm Clock

Lastly, the Htterino 8541847369 Bluetooth Projection Alarm Clock is a unique and interesting option. Many customers like being able to project the time onto a wall or ceiling.

Due to my poor sleeping habits, I find projection alarm clocks to be indispensable. Therefore, if I happen to awaken before my alarm goes off, I may check the time by looking at the ceiling. I don’t have to twist my body any longer to read the time on the wall clock.

In addition to its useful features, this alternative is also attractive due to its minimalist design. It allows the product to be versatile and simple to implement in various settings. In addition, its mirror-like shape adds a touch of class.

The fact that this product has a secondary alarm also made me very happy. I may set two alarms, each with an individual alarm tone that I create using my choice of music or other audio. As a result, whomever gets their hands on this model will find it to be rather intuitive to operate.

Bluetooth, a TF card, and the aux port are the three playback options I have. It also has a massive 3600mAh built-in battery, which allows it to have a standby time of no less than 72 hours, which is simply unheard of. In the event of a power outage or while camping, it will prove to be a useful resource.


  • Displays the time on the floor, wall, or ceiling.
  • Mirrored, minimalistic design with added elegance.
  • Dual alarms and user-defined tones are available.
  • A speaker with three different playback settings (Bluetooth, TF card, or Aux).
  • Three-hundred-and-six-centimeter-square (3600 mAh) battery with a 72-hour standby time.


  • Wireless charging speeds are too slow

What to Look for When Buying Bluetooth Alarm Clocks


The ideal features of a Bluetooth alarm clock will depend on a number of conditions. Below, I’ll go over each one so that picking out a Bluetooth-enabled gadget is a breeze. The information you need to make a well-informed choice will soon be at hand.

Bluetooth Clock Radio vs. Speaker Alarm Clock

Bluetooth alarm clocks are available in a variety of styles and price points. The options available to them are a radio clock or a speaker clock. The timeless form factor of the radio has long been a favorite among those who like to tune in to their favorite shows as they air.

That is to say, people prefer to let radio stations pick their tunes for them. Others, however, will appreciate being able to play only certain albums, playlists, or podcasts. There are many situations where it would be preferable to have the option of a speaker instead of a written text.

Sound Quality

You should also consider how you will use your clock and speaker. One common example is the dual function of an alarm clock and a sound system. Therefore, they can save both money and space by using only one gadget.

Even if there is some distortion at high volumes, a high-quality alarm clock with speakers might be a good low-cost alternative to a dedicated stereo system. It’s possible that someone who only uses their clock as a buzzer in the morning won’t give any thought to the sound quality of their device.

Perhaps they could save money by going with a stereo with worse sound quality. After all, the only requirement is that it be loud enough to get them out of bed in the morning.

Charging Method

Smart alarm clocks are becoming more and more popular, and they often include useful functions like wireless charging. This makes them an easy and convenient way to charge electronics overnight. However, the cost is significantly higher than that of an alternative with built-in USB ports. So, it’s up to the individual consumer to decide if the added convenience of a wireless charging port is worth the cost.

Alarm System

Examining the alarm features and available tones of each potential timepiece is essential. You should get one that suits your needs and doesn’t employ any particularly grating methods of rousing you from sleep. Since no one enjoys being roused from sleep by a beeping sound, it’s best to choose a device that has other sounds or features, such as a radio or music streaming device.

Dual alarm settings and brightness controls are also standard in modern alarm clocks. Dual alarm clocks are especially useful for couples. Setting separate alarms for each person is a good way to prevent having to rely on just one.

Battery Life

You should be aware of the battery life and replacement schedule for your chosen Bluetooth alarm if it requires one or more. You definitely don’t want to wake up and find out the battery on your alarm clock died overnight.

So, you should search for one that has a long battery life and can be easily replaced. It’s a low-effort solution that can help head off this problem and improve your day-to-day experience. Furthermore, a battery-operated alarm clock can be extremely helpful in the event of a blackout.


The look of a Bluetooth alarm clock can have a big effect on how happy you are when you wake up. You don’t want one that is too big for your nightstand, for instance. It needs to be a practical addition to the room without taking up unnecessary room.

A good idea is to keep an eye on the clock’s illumination. This problem can make it difficult to go to sleep if the screen is excessively bright, especially if it can’t be dimmed. You’ll want to check into this to make sure it won’t be a problem with your preferred Bluetooth alarm clock.

Is a Bluetooth Alarm Clock Better Than a Traditional Alarm Clock


There is no clear winner between a Bluetooth alarm clock and a more conventional one. The sole distinction is that Bluetooth choices incorporate a speaker and other capabilities. What is ultimately superior depends on the tastes of the individual consumer.

How Is a Bluetooth Alarm Clock Different From My Phone

In contrast to phones, some Bluetooth alarm clocks have built-in lighting. When you want to inject some life into your home’s atmosphere, they’re the way to go.

Can I Use My Phone to Set My Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Any device with Bluetooth capability can be paired with a Bluetooth alarm clock. However, it will not configure any alarms or other features. The sole function of this feature is to play music over the clock speaker.


A good Bluetooth alarm clock can completely change the way you feel about getting up in the morning. The aforementioned tools should be used to locate the sought-after item. It will simplify many aspects of your life, I assure you.

Please let me know in the comments if you’re still having trouble locating an appropriate one. I’ll do my best to respond to everyone’s messages ASAP. The article has been read.


Q: Do Bluetooth speakers with alarm clock sound good?

A: The market for audio equipment is swamped with numerous brands of Bluetooth speakers that also function as alarm clocks. They’re all from different pricing points, and they all have distinct capabilities, features, and sound quality to offer. Of course, not every device is great, but the ones we’ve tested so far have all done quite well. Check out our top-rated picks for the 7 best Bluetooth speakers with alarm clock in 2021 up top.

Q: What is the best Bluetooth speaker with alarm clock?

A:Putting something into a “best of” category is challenging because it relies so heavily on an individual’s preferences, needs, and past experiences. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that also functions as an alarm clock, you can see our picks for the seven best models by scrolling up to the top of this page and reading our evaluations. With any luck, they’ll lead you to the product that best satisfies your needs in terms of price, sound quality, features, design, battery life, portability, build quality, etc. For the best possible listening experience, none of these features may be overlooked when selecting a new audio player.

Note: Keep in mind that most of these speakers are quite diminutive and hence cannot produce sound of the same depth and richness as would be possible with larger devices. Thus, they may not be ideal for use in larger spaces such as parties or concert halls, and their bass delivery and volume levels will likely leave much to be desired.

Q: How long does a Bluetooth speaker battery last?

A: The battery life of a speaker can range from, say, three or four hours to twenty or more hours, depending on the brand and model. However, it is important to note that the Bluetooth speakers discussed in this article have a battery life of only 6-10 hours on a single charge. Of course, it’s important to remember that many of these gadgets are designed to have their power cords permanently attached to an outlet.

Q: Are alarm clocks on Bluetooth speakers reliable?

A: Not being sold separately doesn’t affect the quality of alarm clocks that include Bluetooth speakers. Maintaining a high degree of accuracy and dependability, they remain a solid option. An fantastic bonus feature, Bluetooth speakers often let you program your preferred tunes to play while the device wakes you up.

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