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Bedroom fans serve a number of purposes, including providing relief from overheating, soothing ambient noise, and increased airflow. Fortunately, we’ll break down the variety of choices that could help you locate the perfect solution to have a good night’s sleep, whatever that may be.

Instead of giving up and heading to the local thrift store for a quick cure, we’ve compiled a list of the best-rated bed fans on the market today, each of which is designed to provide the necessary cooling without being so noisy that it keeps you awake every night.

Top Rated Fans and Bed Cooling Systems

BedJet 3 – Exceptional Design

  • With the help of Biorhythm sleep technology, a thermostat may be set to automatically maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Comfortable cooling, heating, and perspiration-drying bedding at your beck and call.
  • High-tech, up-and-coming remote control.

Our top design option was designed with the consumer in mind, so throw out everything you know about keeping a bedroom cool and start over. They opted not to use conventional circular solutions, but rather to develop a highly efficient technology that provides cooling directly where it is needed.

You may adjust the intensity of the airflow in your bedsheets from the comfort of your couch using the included remote. Even if your temperature fluctuates during the night, you may set the fan to activate automatically at the precise moment you require it.

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As an added bonus, this product may be utilized on beds that have an adjustable base, resolving the issue of how to provide ventilation in a bed that is inclined. BedJet’s automated temperature regulation is based on your body temperature thanks to Biorhythm sleep technology. For example, if you tend to sleep hot and wake up cold, you can set the thermostat to adjust the temperature in your home by the hour.

Many reviewers have expressed their satisfaction with the product, praising its silent operation, low energy consumption, and practicality during menopause and other disorders characterized by recurrent hot flashes.

chiliPAD Cube 3.0 – Best Water Based System

  • Fluid-based temperature control that can be fine-tuned to maintain a comfortable surface temperature.
  • You can adjust the temperature and light levels in your bedroom to ensure a good night’s rest.
  • Modify the surface temperature of your bed anywhere from 55 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit (13 to 46 degrees Celsius).
Some cutting-edge fans take advantage of water’s natural cooling characteristics by incorporating it into the design. The chiliPAD Cube 3.0 is our top pick among these models. Although it functions similarly to the BedJet by connecting to your sheets, this product regulates the temperature of water running through a pad you sleep on. Putting in the pad, filling the reservoir, and adjusting the settings are all that’s required. You can avoid the chance of having your foot dangle off the bed and being pulled away by a monster or demon by utilizing extra bedding as insulation.The wireless remote lets you set the pad to the desired temperature, so Dad can get some shut-eye without worrying about his sleeping kids overheating the bed. While the vast majority of buyers won’t need to experiment with the product’s temperature range of 55°F to 105°F, it’s reassuring to know that you have the option to freeze to death if the mood ever strikes.

BedJet V2 with Heating – Best Dual Temperature

  • Technologies for heating and cooling using air currents.
  • Effectively stops nighttime sweating and hot flushes immediately.
  • Presets for one’s ideal sleep environment can be programmed using biorhythm sleep technology.
Upgraded from the BedJet V2 cooling fan, this model also includes a heat setting that quickly heats your sheets during the colder months. Like the BedJet V2 cooling fan, it circulates cooled air through the mattress to chill the sleeper. The fan can serve two purposes if you so want. If your significant other prefers a warm bedroom while you prefer a cooler one, neither of you have to give in to the other’s preference. Even if the price and benefits sound too good to be true, you can be confident that you will receive a high-quality product because it has been recommended by a medical expert.The fact that this bed only requires a smartphone app to operate is a major plus in the eyes of reviewers who don’t want to have to lug about yet another remote control. Most reviewers agree that this device should operate silently, so you probably couldn’t use it as a noise machine; nevertheless, if you’re using it to get some shut-eye, that’s probably for the best.

Dyson – Best Tower Fan

  • The innovative Air Multiplier patent allows for a strong flow of air.
  • Timer for sleep can be adjusted to automatically shut off at certain times.
  • Avoid the danger of fast-moving blades with this design.
The Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier is a good choice if you’re looking for a conventional fan. This device, available in two distinct hues, generates a strong wind gust without the use of potentially dangerous moving blades. This fan improves upon previous models by eliminating most of their flaws while providing convenient solutions, such as ten different speeds, a sleep timer, and simple maintenance. As it does make some noise, the reviews suggest that the quiet design will allow you to get a good night’s rest while it operates according to your preferences.Reviewers are impressed by the fan’s remote control, which allows them to make adjustments without getting out of bed and potentially waking themselves up. As an added bonus, the product’s silent operation allows it to reduce the room temperature by a few degrees in a matter of minutes. Customers love the sleek and contemporary design since it can be used in any space without being too noticeable.

Night Bliss Cool Flash – Best for Hot Flash Relief

  • A timer and speed controller can be programmed in advance.
  • Hot sleepers who suffer from night sweats and hot flashes will experience immediate relief.
  • Two air bars are included to help keep you from breathing on your bedmate.
Consider the cold flash if heat flashes have you waking up feeling like you’re in a swamp. Both hormone therapy and menopause can cause hot flashes, which can be particularly unpleasant in the middle of the night. If you’re feeling hot and bothered, this product seems like it could be just what the doctor ordered. Although it was designed with menopausal women in mind, anyone, regardless of age or gender, should benefit from the device’s ability to keep them cool at night. The product attaches to the end of your bed with secure straps to prevent it from flying if you unintentionally kick it.This fan is great if you like to sleep cold all night and need a safety net in case of hot flashes, but it also works well if you prefer to sleep warm and want to keep the room a comfortable temperature. It’s designed to go under your duvet and blast air underneath to make you feel more comfortable while still feeling the cooling effects of the air. Many women find that using it for only three minutes when they wake up with a hot flash helps them chill down and fall back to sleep.

Mattress Cooler – Electric Cooling Mattress Pad

  • Room air is cooled by evaporation and circulated.
  • A PVC vinyl mattress cooling pad is cooled by running cold water through it.
  • Beneficial for those who suffer from hot flushes and excessive perspiration at night.
You won’t feel bad about using this cooling mat during a drought because it just requires a pint of water per night. In addition to being available in a queen size, this product is also a terrific choice for those who are shopping for themselves. The mattress may be readily replaced if there is an accident or if your cat decides it wants a scratching pad. Putting this pad between your sheets and hooking it up to your water supply allows you to circulate cool water over your body as you sleep. Users report they were able to stay comfortable in sweltering homes without resorting to air conditioning or even turning on a fan.Users are pleased with the product’s quiet operation and straightforward construction. This product should be simple to clean up after any accidental spills or messes by just rinsing it with water. With the product’s timers and adjustable temperatures, you may set it to work for you without interrupting your sleep.

The Vornado – Editor’s Choice

The Best Bed Fans to Keep You Cool at Night


  • The box has the following proportions: 5.9 by 5.7 by 9.2 inches.
  • Weight of package is 2.7 pounds.
  • Lacking a remote control.


  • There are four attainable levels of height.
  • Warranty for three years.
  • Extremely potent when turned up to 11.


  • There is no control device.
  • There is insufficient weight there to ensure stability.

There is no competition for the Vornado. With a clever design befitting its “bed fan” moniker, this item provides the pinnacle of fan innovation while keeping the comfort of the user in mind.

The three-year warranty, three-speed settings, and space-saving profile of this fan make it an ideal choice for modern interiors. Flexibility of movement in the form of pivoting, gripping, and swiveling means you may direct airflow precisely where it’s needed without sacrificing efficiency or convenience.

For this product, we provide the Pivot, Pivot Clip, Pivot 3, and Pivot 3 Clip. With these choices, you may select the ideal dimensions for your home and requirements.

Vornado 160 Personal Air Circulator Fan Black

Who Would Want to Buy This?

The Vornado’s ingenious layout makes it an excellent buy for anyone in the market for a quality, cost-effective cooling solution for use under the covers.

Rowenta VU5670 – Runner Up



  • Size of product is 24×7.2×20 inches.
  • Merchandise weighs in at 19.6 pounds.
  • Inclusion of a remote control: unquestionably.


  • Zero noise production.
  • Strong gusts of wind.
  • Included in package is a remote control.
  • Holder for a TV remote.
  • Alternating choice.
  • The option of five different speeds is available.


  • The grill rusts easily.

A fan’s whirring sound can help some people relax and drift off to sleep. Some people find that sleeping with a white noise machine that simulates the sound of a fan to be the most relaxing. However, for some people, even the slightest noise is annoying and interrupts sleep, therefore including a fan that runs quietly was a priority.

When compared to the typical fan’s output of around 50 dB, the Rowenta VU5670’s 35 dB is more than respectable. The fact that this fan can keep you cool all night without making any noise is, perhaps, the most astonishing aspect about it.

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There’s an oscillating setting for when you want to let your sleeping partner enjoy the fresh, cool air, too. The ceiling fan has an adjustable height range of 42–54 inches. A remote control and a specialized bracket to hold it are provided free of charge (it is concealed at the back of the fan and helps prevent misplacing the remote).

Who Would Want to Buy This?

The Rowenta VU5670 is an excellent purchase for those who have trouble sleeping through loud noises, as it is created with silent operation in mind.

Can a Cool Bed Help You Sleep Better?

The National Sleep Foundation recommends a 67°F bedroom temperature for optimum sleep, however research has shown that temperatures as low as 60°F can still promote restful slumber. The sun going down and the body knowing it’s time to sleep may be aided by the drop in temperature.

Is There a More Effective Solution Than an Air Conditioner?

While in warmer climes, air conditioning can be a welcome addition to a bedroom, it is by no means necessary. There are many complements to air conditioning that can be used to reduce the indoor temperature while still conserving electricity. Depending on the type you select, using a bedroom fan can help you save money on your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint. Fans can help you get to a comfortable sleeping temperature without having to turn down the central air to sixty degrees and wait four hours, despite the caveats on some models that say they aren’t meant to replace such systems. With the push of a button, you can often reach your ideal temperature in a matter of minutes.

Types of Cooling Systems


Overheating is avoided rather than lowered with passive cooling methods. To aid in the natural cooling process, several mattresses incorporate special cooling features into their construction. Some people employ copper infusions to draw heat away from the body, while others choose the use of convoluted foam to increase air circulation. The goal of passive cooling systems is to minimize energy consumption by maximizing ventilation, minimizing heat storage, and maximizing evaporative cooling. Beds made of gel-infused foam or innersprings are another popular choice because they allow for increased air circulation and hence, cooling. Some manufacturers have developed gel pillows with unique shapes to keep you comfortable even if the room temperature rises during the night.To further reduce the temperature in the room, you can hang blackout or light-blocking curtains to keep the sun and heat out. Even if such changes in your bedroom make a significant effect, you may still need supplemental cooling measures for hot flushes and other conditions over which you have no control.
Animated Gif of Latex Mattress Breathability


When compared to passive cooling, active cooling is a far more direct approach to maintaining a comfortable temperature inside a space. Most passive elements provide more than one function, although active approaches are typically exclusively used for cooling. Bed fans, water cooling, and air cooling are all viable options here. The cost of these cooling strategies may be higher than that of passive strategies, but they are generally more efficient. Active technology is designed to cool you down when you’re already too warm, as opposed to simply preventing you from getting too warm in the first place. A fan, water cooling pad, or air conditioning device can help bring your body temperature back down to where you want it to be when you wake up in the middle of the night with a hot flash or find you left the window open and now your room is 90 degrees.Since bedding can act as insulation to keep the cool air where it belongs (under the covers), many businesses have begun producing smaller, portable air conditioners that can be attached to beds to cool down a small area, requiring less electricity, and cooling more effectively.
A Woman Laying In Bed Far Away From Her Partner with a Fan Blowing at Them


Systems that use water, cooled or heated air, and helping technology like timers, precise temperature settings, and programmable cycles are examples of cutting-edge cooling methods. Even if you’ve already tried less expensive methods without success, you should probably spend the extra money to try these methods.

Bed Fan Buying Considerations


Many individuals prioritize cost when looking for a new bed fan. Compared to passive cooling systems, some of our more expensive options are more likely to serve you well and last for a long time. One or more of them might potentially help you cut costs on your monthly power bill.


You may try out your new cooling fan risk-free thanks to the included warranty on some models. We’re confident you’ll love the things we suggest just as much as we do, but if you have any doubts about whether or not they come with a guarantee, please do your research beforehand.


Find out what kind of controls your new cooling product has before you buy it. Some couples may require extras like heating, dual temperature control, or programmable timers, while others may be satisfied with just a simple, uniform cooling system. Avoid the hassle of buying the wrong goods by making sure you have all the information you need before making a purchase.

Remotes and Apps

Most of the goods we endorse may be controlled and customized through wireless remote or downloadable app. Finding a product with a wireless or Bluetooth remote is ideal if you want to easily alter the temperature of your bed without getting out of bed.

Ease of Use

Most modern devices will require some familiarity with technology, but if you are still struggling to understand things like Bluetooth or smartphone apps, you may want to steer clear of them. Fortunately, most of the items we tested are simple to use and don’t call for a lengthy learning curve or complicated installation process.
illustration of couple in bed with cooling system

Heating Capability

In a year-round warm climate, it’s not necessary to have a device that can also heat your home. Nonetheless, if you reside in a region that experiences all four seasons, it might not be a terrible idea to purchase an item that can keep you warm even in drafty dwellings.


These items, like electric blankets, will require caution and user cooperation to ensure their security. You wouldn’t want to drop your hair dryer into the tub, so it’s probably best to keep water-regulated cooling away from anything that could cause an electrical shock. However, it’s always a good idea to read the user instructions, and if you have inquisitive young children, you may want to store some of your new equipment during the day.


To make sure the materials are suitable for any skin sensitivities or allergies you may have, it is a good idea to read some reviews before purchasing something you will be sleeping with, just like you would before getting new clothes or bedding. Most of the items we suggest are made from a cotton/polyester blend that allows for air circulation, but these aren’t meant to be worn next to the skin. It’s a good idea to check for chemical allergies, especially if your nose is very sensitive, before using the water cooling or heating systems.Finding a fan that operates silently enough to allow you to sleep soundly is also important, as is finding a product that is comfortable to lay on if it goes immediately below you. Although personal taste plays a large role in many design decisions, we believe that the products we selected for this best list will be appreciated by the vast majority of people who spend their days in bed.


Passive cooling methods like curtains, permeable sheets, and cooling mattresses can help you avoid sleeping hot and waking up with wet sheets. However, there are still efficient ways to cool down rapidly to aid in falling back to sleep in the event of a more severe episode. We believe the devices we researched should significantly improve the quality of sleep you experience whether you opt to purchase a high-quality bed fan or a water-cooled mattress pad.
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