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Many people experiencing back problems struggle to deal with and do away with the issue despite numerous visits to the doctor. After spending a lot of time and money going through numerous tests and taking pain medication, the back problem persists. As a result, one ventures out in search of other remedies. From back exercises, yoga, dieting, massage and posture control, the list goes on and on but nothing works.

But have you explored the possibility of your pillows being the cause of all your back troubles?

Best Pillow for Back Sleepers

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Back pain is the main reason behind why most people miss work. It is also the number one cause of disability rendering most people unproductive as they are forced to go on permanent bedrest aimed at alleviating these back issues. Considering the huge number of people affected, back problems not only have a negative effect on the life of the person but also on the economy at large. While one is unable to remain productive and hence unable to fend for themselves, employers lose time and money trying to find replacements at work and cater to the affected employee’s medical bills.

You’ll be shocked to realize that at any given time, there are 31 million Americans suffering from lower back pain. Most of these people are forced to depend on their friends and family members to help them carry out simple tasks at home and at work. Back pain is a huge contributor to frustration, developing depression and having low self-esteem. For many people in this bracket changing pillows contributes significantly towards alleviating their back issues. These pillows are specifically made for people who sleep on their backs in order to ensure comfort and the right posture for your back at all times. They are to thank for having a good number of people get rid of their back problems once and for all. Here we look deeper at these special pillows and give you examples of the best pillows for back sleepers that you can purchase.

Importance of the best pillow for back sleepers

Different types of pillows are made to accommodate different types of sleepers. These range from best bamboo pillows, memory foam pillows, extra thin pillows and a range of different travelling pillows. While some pillows can be used by either a stomach sleeper, side sleeper or a back sleeper, it is better to find a pillow made specifically for your type. If you particularly suffer from back pain, the best pillow for back sleepers pillow makes all the difference to give you the best nights consistently. Here are other reasons why it is important to buy pillows made for back sleepers;



The best pillows for back sleepers are made with a blend of quality materials. Some are made of cotton which is a great quality for people looking for an organic pillow. Others are made of bamboo fiber filling and polyester covering which is the best blend when looking for durability. There are numerous pillows on the market which are made of all kinds of material. Pillows meant for back sleepers use high-quality materials to keep the user from overheating and instead encourages a cool feel throughout the night. Some pillows have gel particles to aid in providing further cooling.

All these pillows abide by certain standards which limit the manufacturers from using potentially harmful or hazardous products. These pillows are flame resistant, odor resistant, dust mite resistant, mold and mildew resistant. They are made to be completely hypoallergenic in the spirit of accommodating even the most sensitive of users.


Some specific pillows are made with certain modifications aimed at promoting the right posture while encouraging comfort during sleep. These pillows have side supports that keep your face upright throughout the night. Majority of the pillows good for back sleepers are also some of the best pillows for side sleepers in the market.This way, your spine is not straining and you ultimately have less or no incidences of back pain associated with poor posture. Even better, this feature is credited to users having no wrinkles, no acne and prevents against premature aging. The logic behind this is that with ordinary pillows, one presses their face on the pillow for long durations which leads to the formation of fine lines otherwise known as wrinkles. On the other hand, acne treatments applied at night are denied the chance to work as one rubs their facial skin on their pillow and ends up removing the treatment unknowingly.

Pillows for back sleepers are quite different in regard to size compared to other pillows. These ones are smaller and are easy to carry around especially when traveling either by road or by airplane. They can fit very well in your suitcase giving you a chance to remove and use the pillow when the demand arises.

Offers support

A pillow is not just meant to elevate your head as you sleep. It must keep your head neck and spine in the right position by offering the required support for a back sleeper. Failure to which problems like stiffness snoring, headaches and backaches occur. Note that healthy sleep requires one to sleep comfortably and interrupted for at least 6 hours. When one sleeps for all six hours while using a pillow that offers the wrong kind of support, it opens a can of worms into problems that are otherwise avoidable if you only purchase the best pillow for back sleepers.

Benefits of using a pillow made for back sleepers as opposed to using a normal pillow

Buying a pillow suited for you being a back sleeper is the best decision you can make for yourself. Why? Read on to find out;

Better circulation of blood

The brain is one of the most vital organs in the human body. Sleeping with your head placed on a pillow made for a back sleeper encourages proper posture which hence promotes better circulation of blood to your brain. Blood carries with it important nutrients and oxygen which is beneficial to the brain and the whole body generally. Proper blood flow helps protect our bodies from overheating by regulating temperatures throughout the body. Without proper blood flow, one may suffer, numbness, stiffness, have muscle cramps, leg ulcers, hemorrhoids, and experience dizziness or poor vision, All which can be avoided by adopting habits that encourage continuous sleep at night.

Eliminates snoring

Snoring is the number one suspect behind, poor concentration and feeling sleepy during the day. This is because snoring tires out the body. Instead of your body resting during sleep, it is made to work harder to help you breathe better for instance. Snoring can also cause sleep disturbance and in serious cases lead to insomnia. The best pillows for back sleepers help to eliminate snoring by keeping your neck and throat in the right position. This as opposed to using other pillows that cause the neck to adopt an unfriendly posture that ultimately leads to snoring.

Better breathing

Just as important as it is for there to be proper blood flow during sleep, proper breathing is equally as important. By breathing you take in oxygen into your lungs. This oxygen is transported to various parts and organs of the body. By purchasing the best pillow for back sleepers, you can breathe freely. This, in turn, means that your body can rest and relax as your body demands. You sleep better and uninterrupted throughout the night and you have less chance of suffering depression. People who struggle with insomnia are known to practice deep breathing exercises right before they go to sleep. This hence contributes significantly to them sleeping better as opposed to when they do not do their breathing exercises.

Improved quality of sleep

Lack of sleep has been linked to stroke, high blood pressure, kidney failure, heart disease, and diabetes among other health issues. During sleep, the body heals itself. Faulty blood vessels repair only when you are asleep. If you do not sleep, therefore, it can lead to serious health problems. Choosing the best pillow for back sleepers means that your spine is well supported, you acquire better blood flow and can breathe freely. All these are the ingredients required for a good nights sleep. Insomnia or lack of sleep can cause fatigue and has been linked to depression among various other physical and mental conditions.

How to tell whether your pillow is the culprit behind your back issues

Some people get attached to their pillows like children get attached to their toys. They do not want to change it even when it is clear that the pillow has outlived its years. If you are unsure whether or not it is time to change and buy a better pillow, here are some signs to inform your dilemma and help you take the necessary steps.

  • Your head and neck feel stiff or numb after you wake up
  • You do not snore but lately, you have started snoring
  • You experience fatigue even after sleeping for the recommended six hours
  • Your ears hurt and you experience headaches after waking up
  • Your nights are characterized by intervals of wakefulness and disturbed sleep

If you answered yes to all the above, please run to the store and get yourself the best pillow for back sleepers. If you are unsure and can’t decide which one to choose here are a few examples;

A review of the best pillows for back sleepers 01/2022

Sahara nights pillow for stomach and back sleepers

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Ranking top among best pillows for back sleepers is none other than the Sahara nights pillow for stomach and back sleepers. A pillow that takes mere seconds to tame down your back problems and almost instantly has you drifting to dreamland. This pillow contains 100% polyester gel fiber filling encased in a 100% cotton shell. While polyester is durable and gives you the kind of service you are looking for, the cotton fabric casing promotes breathability and protects against overheating all through the six or so hours you’ll be sleeping at night.

80% of all people in the world are said to experience back pain at one point in their lives. With this pillow, you can keep those back issues at bay, far away from you forever. It is soft enough to keep your head cuddled but firm enough to keep your spine in the best position all through the night. It is the same hotel grade pillows you can find in resorts which tells you that its quality is amazing. If you have respiratory issues or are extremely sensitive, you’ll be glad to know that this pillow is hypoallergenic. You can finally Say goodbye to restless sleep and say hello to restful sleep.

Reasons why you should purchase this pillow

  • Hypoallergenic pillow
  • Made of durable 100% polyester filling
  • Perfect thickness for maximum comfort through the night
  • Contains 100% cotton casing or shell to encourage breathability and protects you from overheating
  • Hotel grade high standard quality
  • Machine washable
  • Promotes optimum back health


  • When machine washing, one must set the washer to use warm or cold water. Using hot water may cause the pillow to degrade faster.
  • Owing to the pillows thick nature it may take longer for the pillow to air dry which may force you to look for another alternative

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Original cervical pillow with memory foam for back sleepers

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Anyone can suffer from back pain whether you are a teenager or an elder, back pain can pose a real threat to your overall wellbeing. But with the Original cervical pillow with memory foam, you can rest easy fully confident that you are safe from experiencing back pain. This pillows design is like nothing you have ever seen in pillows before. It has a neck roll design placed on one end of the longer edge of this rectangular pillow. This neck roll feature is adjustable to allow the owner to adjust the pillow to suit their comfort needs. You can either adjust the neck roll by removing it from its pocket inside the pillow to flatten it or by further opening the zipper and removing a particular amount of fillings.

This unique pillow is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable. It is also resistant to dust mites and hypoallergenic. This pillow not only helps alleviate back pain but also comes in handy by helping put an end to neck pain, headaches, and snoring by improving the circulation of blood and encouraging you to achieve a healthy posture during sleep.


  • Neck roll design feature for better posture and optimum back support
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Contains memory foam filling that conforms to the shape of your head and bounces back in shape once you get off your pillow
  • Dust mite resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Has zippers to facilitate adjustment of the pillow to achieve better comfort for back sleepers
  • Best pillow to reduce snoring and eliminate headaches


  • The neck roll feature can be a bit too bulky for some users which may discourage them from buying this pillow and opting for another pillow with a traditional design.

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Bluewave bedding ultra slim pillow for back sleepers

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The manufacturers of this pillow creatively use gel particles to protect the user against overheating. Ordinary memory foam is known as the main culprit of overheating which can lead to discomfort and sleep interruption at night. Gel particles have cooling properties as they are created to regulate temperatures. In addition, the pillow has numerous ventilation holes aimed at increasing the circulation of air. The pillow measures 2 inches to 2.5 inches thick to adopt an extra low profile aimed at promoting better support for back sleepers.

The Bluewave bedding ultra slim pillow abides by all the set standards and is certified to have used no prohibited additives that are harmful to humans. It contains special memory foam that is not stiff unlike most foams found in other pillows. This pillow comes with its own pillowcase that is made of bamboo and polyester fabric. This is deliberately aimed at helping keep the users’ skin dry from sweat during extremely warm nights. It is hypoallergenic and resistant to odor. This pillowcase is removable and machine washable plus it dries very fast. Definitely the best pillow for back sleepers.


  • Infused with little gel particles to keep the user cool and protect against overheating
  • Contains ventilation holes aimed at increasing the circulation of air
  • Has a soft pillow casing made of bamboo and polyester fabric to encourage dry, moisture free skin
  • Has a low profile in regard to size which helps encourage comfortable posture of the spine
  • Made to reach all the required safety standards
  • Machine washable and fast dry removable pillow cover


  • On cooler nights the small gel particles may cause one to feel too cold which may lead to discomfort and ultimately cause sleep disturbance
  • The pillow may be too flat for some users who prefer thicker pillows

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Back to beauty anti-wrinkle pillow for back sleepers

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Wrinkles form especially on the face as a result of constant creasing of the facial skin, age and lifestyle habits. But finally, here is a pillow that saves you all the money buying facial creams and paying for expensive treatments. Here is a pillow specifically designed to support the head of a back sleeper in place throughout the night for a wrinkle-free and most importantly, a backache free night. One side of the pillow features two crescent shaped side supports that helps support your head and neck during sleep. You can choose to use this side or turn the pillow over to achieve the head hammock position for open support. Either way, you will always have the desired spine posture and overall back support you are looking for.

This pillow is the perfect small size made to cradle the head and allow for different uses that are not only limited to the bed. You can take it with you on flights or during road trips. It contains no foam and instead has fiber fillings that are hypoallergenic and durable.


  • It is the perfect size to cradle your head in the right position
  • It can be used as an ordinary pillow, or carry it with you during flights and road trips
  • Provides desired support for the spine
  • Contains no foam and has fiber filing instead
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • Has two crescent shaped side supports on the left and right side to keep you from turning your face around hence protects against wrinkles


  • If you are not a back sleeper but you want to train yourself to sleep on your back, you are discouraged from using this pillow. Training yourself takes time and requires using normal pillows before you can eventually use this type of pillow. Foregoing this warning may lead to immense discomfort and worsen your back problems.

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Yourface pillow for back sleepers

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Purchase this pillow and you’ll have the best pillow for back sleepers with three in one functions. It can be used as a beauty pillow, an anti-wrinkle pillow, and an anti-aging pillow. This pillow is made with side supports and slant right below your neck to achieve a perfect angle required for a healthy spine as you sleep. This pillow encourages the right upright position for your face which is not only great for a back sleeper but also helps encourage better sleeping habits. It stops you from snoring, encourages proper breathing and improves circulation of blood to your brain.

If you have acne and you apply facial cream on your face at night then this pillow should be your best friend. It is made to keep your head facing upwards while sleeping which means you won’t be rubbing your face against the pillow as you sleep. Here you can quickly meet your acne free skin as the creams get to work their magic on your kin without disturbance.


  • Made with safe products that are fire resistant and safe for human use
  • It comes with an outer cover that is machine washable and dries fast
  • Has a patented design that features side supports perfect for back sleepers
  • A pillow that protects against wrinkling and premature aging by holding your face in place through the night
  • Comes in a small size that allows you to carry it discreetly in your suitcase during travel
  • A pillow that stops one from snoring and encourages better breathing and improves blood circulation


  • Some users may find it limiting or constricting to use this pillow owing to the presence of side supports
  • The small size may discourage one from buying this pillow because they want larger pillows

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