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How often do you snooze your alarm and end up late for work? You may, on the other hand, be someone who frequently sets many alarms for the morning, only to continually disregard them all in order to steal a few extra minutes of sleep. Twenty percent or more of adults frequently use more than one alarm to wake up. You can save yourself the trouble of setting ten separate alarms by switching to a specially designed alarm clock for late risers. Our collection of the best alarm clocks for late risers will help you get up on time every morning.

Top Rated Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers Review

Sonic Alert – Editor’s Choice

  • Audible and vibrating wake-up call
  • Simple in operation
  • Modifiable parameters
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If someone is sound asleep, not even the loudest of buzzers will wake them up. To combat this, the robust Sonic Alert uses a combination of a 113dB blast, bed-shaking vibrations, and flashing lights that all last until the alarm is turned off. The hockey-puck-sized shaker is intended to be placed beneath a pillow or mattress to serve as a jarring alarm clock. The Sonic Alert is a favorite among customers because of its reasonable price and reliable performance. A lot of reviews have said that setting off this alarm is like having a drill sergeant yelling in their ear, and that it makes them get up at a respectable time.

9 Best Alarm Clocks of 2022

Peakeep – Best Vintage

  • Warning: Very Unsettling Content
  • The Unseen Engine
  • Control for Indicator Lights

This alarm clock with a retro appearance will be useful if you are a chronic oversnoozer who places importance on aesthetics. Without a digital display of any type, the large, legible hands indicate the hours and minutes. However, some people could be put off by the lack of a snooze button. While some may view having to reset the Peakeep each night as a nuisance, it is actually crucial. Critics, however, have praised its ability to rouse the dead with its volume, making it a top choice among low-priced items. If you’re on the market for a vintage clock that’s so loud it may wake the dead, the Peakeep is your best bet.

Clocky – Best Rolling

  • Automated timer that, if given the chance, will hide and run away
  • An aural representation of the prototype.
  • Very simple to set up

If you need an exact wristwatch that doubles as a hilarious, adorable robot friend, Clocky is your best bet. This tiny digital option has all-terrain wheels, so if it goes off in the middle of the night, you’ll have to chase after it to hush its chattering beeping. Clocky is a great replacement for the snooze button for people who find themselves pressing it much too often. To get you out of bed and active, it will produce robotic twittering noises and flash lights like during a rave. While reviews are divided, there is consensus that it is an effective morning wake-up call.

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LIELONGREN – Best Bed Shaker

  • Audible and vibrating wake-up call
  • Both an early morning and late night alarm are available.
  • Full-size, light-adjustable, liquid crystal display
  • Modifiable parameters

The LIELONGREN is a wonderful option for folks who need to be jolted awake by a combination of a strong shake and an alarm. With a six-foot cable, the bed shaker may be placed on either side. The big and well-lit digital display on the LIELONGREN makes it easy to read the time even in the dark or with tired eyes. So that you may charge your phone while you snooze, it has two USB ports. Users have said that it’s simple to set up and reliable as an alarm clock.

PILIFE – Best Retro

  • An aural representation of the prototype.
  • Control for Indicator Lights
  • Simple in operation
  • The Unseen Engine

The PILIFE is not only one of the most adorable vintage clocks, but also one of the loudest. Six ’80s-style colors are available, including mint green and powder blue. Don’t let the PILIFE’s adorable design deceive you; it packs a serious punch. The analog display won’t keep you awake with its annoying ticking. Its battery-operated portability ensures it may be used anywhere. The critics say it is loud enough to wake the whole family and they love the unique style.

Screaming Meanie – Best Multipurpose

  • A stopwatch that also serves as an alarm
  • Option to Dispatch an Emergency Alert
  • Volume 3 on the decibel scale

This watch has an alarm loud enough to be heard over the bustle of an airport, making it ideal for regular fliers. Even the heaviest snoozers will be roused by the Screaming Meanie’s three adjustable volume settings. The volume, according to users, is fantastic, and many people like the glow-in-the-dark casing and four color options. Due to the small size of the digital display, reading the time late at night may be challenging. However, it serves as a timer and is only six inches long, making it convenient to store in a pocket.

PPLEE – Best LED Display

  • Audible and vibrating wake-up call
  • Huge screen with adjustable brightness
  • Adjustable alarm volume and volume control
  • Different hues for your nightlights

The PPLEE is an excellent choice for those who want to check the time late at night. The seven-inch LED display on this clock may be dimmed and the night light can be tuned to one of six distinct hues. It can shake or make a loud buzzing noise to attract your attention and get you out of bed in any of its three wake-up modes. If you find yourself getting up multiple times during the night to check the time, the PPLEE is a great option. This clock features a seven-inch dimmable LED display and a night light with a wide color palette. It has three distinct alarm sounds and modes to help you rise and shine each morning.


  • Effects of accidentally sounding two alarms
  • Tuning in to FM Radio
  • The alarm volume and brightness levels can be adjusted individually.

To get going, some people find that listening to music or talk radio is motivating. The LATME has an adjustable loudness and can store the stations from up to 15 different radio stations. A radio sleep timer is included so you can relax into a peaceful slumber while listening to your favorite tunes. The current temperature is displayed on the digital screen, which also dims to improve readability. It has a variety of alarm sounds, including the usual beeping or buzzing as well as radio alarms, bird chirps, and water sounds. Users like the affordable pricing and the numerous customizable features and preconfigured options.

RYHOR K – Best Portable

  • Icon of Fashion with Strong Opinions
  • Transition to Nighttime Mode Backlit by a white LED
  • Easy to set up and use

The RYHOR K combines a retro look with a state-of-the-art digital user interface. It is tiny, circular, and stands on three legs; all of these features make the clock easy to read. This device’s portable form factor and ability to run on batteries make it ideal for work trips and prolonged holidays. The bright screen and crisp audio have been complimented in reviews. Those who frequently use the snooze feature may be disappointed to learn that this alarm clock has only one snooze setting of five minutes.

Mesqool – Best Night Light

  • Audible and vibrating wake-up call
  • Electing Appropriate Lighting for the Night
  • brightness levels that can be adjusted
  • Modifiable parameters

For individuals who need a nightlight to drift asleep, the Mesqool is a great choice. Over the large seven-inch display is a bright light whose color can be changed through seven options. This clock features an adjustable vibration mechanism and a loud setting for the display. The powerful shaking function and user-friendliness have both been lauded by reviewers. You can only have one alarm set every day, so if your partner wants to get up at a different time, you’ll have to set a second alarm for them.

JALL – Best Wake Up Light

  • Sun Rise: A Model
  • Fire and smoke detectors that work together
  • radio broadcasting in the afm frequency band
  • Tucked alone in a dark room
  • You can set your own alarm, light intensity, and color temperature.

A bolt of light can be the most effective wake-up call in some instances, even if vibration or loud noises are more likely to raise most people from a deep sleep. The JALL will start to simulate morning light anywhere from ten to thirty minutes before your alarm goes off. There are seven different color palettes to choose from and twenty different levels of brightness. The JALL has a radio feature, seven individual alarm tones, and lights up. It emits a soothing light that is ideal for use as a night light or for reading by. A light alarm is a great replacement for a standard audible alarm for those who prefer a more gradual transition out of sleep.

ANJANK – Wireless Shaker

  • A dual alarm clock that uses sound to wake you awake.
  • Regulators for volume
  • Access to a dimmer switch
  • Customizable wake-up times

With its wireless shaking motor, the ANJANK may be put anywhere on the bed, up to 32 feet away, making it more flexible than conventional bed shaker clocks. Besides vibrating, it also sounds an extremely loud warning that can be adjusted between two different volumes. The time may be darkened for those who are light sleepers, and the big, legible screen makes it easy to verify. The wireless shaker is fantastic, but experts warn that it may be difficult to set up and may have other problems. If you need a little additional push to get out of bed in the morning, this is a reasonably priced and adaptable alarm clock that won’t break the bank.

The 5 Best Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers – Review Geek

Roxicosly Extra Loud Alarm Clock

  • The volume has increased dramatically.
  • Vibrates
  • Apparently the screen’s luminosity is too bright for certain users.

As a whole, customers give this product 4.4 out of 5 stars. This alarm clock has a bed shaker and three separate alarms to make sure you get out of bed when it goes off. You can choose to set alarms for the entire week, simply the weekend, once a day, or every day. The alarm itself is pretty loud,” said one happy customer. There is a gradual increase in volume starting with quieter beeps until it becomes a full-on shout. Having a buzzer available is also a nice touch. Unlike a phone, its intense vibrations will force you to wake up. Two USB charging ports are provided as an extra convenience.

Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

  • A Bluetooth-enabled, portable speaker
  • A battery charger with a USB port
  • Sturdy as a Rock

Rating: 4.3 on a scale of 5

If you want to be roused from sleep each day by the tunes you love, this gadget is made for you. This digital FM radio/alarm clock will automatically adjust the date and time and play from 20 different stations once it is plugged in. You can choose to have the alarm sound just on weekdays, just on weekends, or constantly. Now that it’s morning, you can finally catch up on the news.

Emerson Smartset Radio Alarm Clock, 1.4' Blue LED Digital Display, USB Charging Port, Brightness Dimmer Controls, Bluetooth Connectivity, Set Alarm to Radio, Music, or Buzzer, Bedside Clock, Black

An Amazon reviewer wrote, in part: “I get up early Monday through Friday. This alarm clock has a weekday and weekend setting. On the weekends, my wife has a terrible time waking up, and I don’t do anything to help. It has the ability to auto-adjust the settings for you. Both my digital radio tuner and my digital watch are spot-on accurate. There is no need to jump because the sounds ramp up slowly.

Travelwey Alarm Clock

  • Affordable
  • Modulation of the LED display’s brightness
  • Customers have voiced concern over the duration of their devices’ batteries.

It’s almost perfect; 4.5 stars from me!

This alarm clock won’t shake your bed or make loud noises like a jackhammer, but it will wake you up in the morning. For five minutes, alerts of varying volumes play from two speakers on either side of the screen. There includes a nine-minute snooze feature that can be used as often as desired. Among the many positive reviews on Amazon, one customer says, “If you’re shopping for a simple alarm clock that gets the job done, look no further!” Without a doubt, this is one of the best Amazon purchases I’ve ever made. Although my phone alarm always wakes me up, I am a sluggish riser and don’t always force myself out of bed even when it goes off. However, the alarm on this clock is quite loud. This alarm clock has a battery so you can still use it if the power goes out.

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Extra Loud Alarm Clock Buyer’s Guide

Here are some of the most typical components of alarms designed to wake heavy sleepers.

No Snooze Function

Snooze-button addicts may find this feature useful in their quest to kick the habit. You only get one shot at waking up on time without the snooze button, so make sure it’s a good one.

Tired person turning off the alarm

Extremely Obnoxious Sound (Over 100 dB)

Certain hard-to-wake individuals can only be roused by extremely loud noises. If these people are difficult to wake up, a device like the Sonic Alert (113dB) might do the work. You should probably provide advance notice to the neighbors, and if you have a dog, it’s probably best to put him to bed somewhere else.

Vibrating Function

A vibrating function may be necessary if you don’t respond to the more conventional methods of waking up (sound and light). Some alarm clocks have a little attachment that can be tucked beneath a mattress or pillow and will buzz to wake you up. Because they are not as easily overpowered by loud noises, these are helpful for the hearing-impaired.

Sound Gradually Getting Louder

A increasingly louder alarm clock could be ideal for light sleepers. These gradually increase in volume rather than starting with a 100dB blast, so you won’t be startled awake by an involuntary gag reflex. If your significant other is a light sleeper, they may also appreciate the more gradual awakening provided by one of these.

Battery Backup

If you need to get up early and there’s a chance of a power loss throughout the night, you should get an alarm with a battery backup. Find a clock, like the Mesqool, that has both a power cord and a battery bank if power outages are common where you reside.

Light Flash

Try a clock with flashing lights if the noise and movement don’t work. Because humans have evolved to respond to light, a system that incorporates illumination is likely to be more successful in rousing you. Those with a history of seizures should avoid using this feature, however flashing lights are helpful for waking up the hearing challenged.


A huge or bulky alarm clock might be a distraction from otherwise perfect bedroom feng shui. Choose between the Peakeep and the PILIFE if you need a stylish clock; both have a fun, retro look and come in a variety of bright colors that will complement any decor.

Analog or Digital

Digital clocks are often more user-friendly than analog ones, and they allow for simpler viewing when you’re just partially awake. Digital displays are ideal if you’re looking for minimalism and readability. While digital clocks are convenient for most people, those who are particularly light sleepers may prefer an analog one because of its stronger alarm.

Super Loud Alarm Clock Types

For those who require more than a simple beep to awaken them, there are a select few varieties of really loud alarms available.

Bed Shaker

When compared to a traditional beeping alarm, a vibrating one can be far more useful for the hard of hearing or the deaf. The ANJANK is unlike conventional bed shakers, which typically consist of a small spherical gadget attached via chord to the clock, making it difficult to position anyplace on the bed.

Rolling (Runaway)

Runaway or rolling alarm clocks are ideal if you have trouble getting out of bed every morning. The robotic buzzing and whirring of alarms like Clocky, which roll along at a frenetic pace, guarantee that you will be standing within seconds of the alarm going off.

Classic (Vintage)

woman woked up by the sound of smart alarm

For chronic snoozers, nothing beats the retro charm of an analog alarm clock, which can also be relied on to jar awake with more vigor than any digital device. A lot of them are available in bright hues, making them visually appealing and often preferable to digital alternatives.

Deep Sleepers General Precautions

Even if you’ve spent a lot of time trying to find the ideal alarm, there are probably other factors at play that are making it difficult for you to get out of bed in the morning.

Buying Two Very Loud Alarm Clocks

If you have trouble getting up in the morning, setting many alarms may help, but remember that doing so can cause sleep disruptions. To re-enter deep sleep after your alarm goes off is to disrupt your body’s natural awakening ability, which has already begun.

Getting Enough Light in the Morning

Illustration of a Woman Waking Up

Sunlight in the morning is a great way to start the day. Our internal clocks are synchronized with the sun, so if you use blackout curtains to get a good night’s rest, remember to throw them wide open the moment you roll out of bed to let in the rays of morning light and kickstart your circadian rhythm.

Having a Partner Act as an Annoying Clock

A partner who is aware of your sleepiness may try to annoy you into waking up. There’s no way this will help you learn to wake up on your own, and it will only lead to disaster. Finding an alarm clock that works is preferable to causing friction with your mate.


Why doesn’t a normal alarm clock wake me?

Your regular alarm probably isn’t going off because it’s not loud enough. Changing to a louder alarm clock is usually the solution, although the problem may lie elsewhere. Your ability to get up in the morning may be affected by how regularly you adhere to a bedtime and a wake-up time routine. If adjusting alarms hasn’t helped you become a morning person, a consistent sleep schedule may be the next best thing. Perhaps you just have a really long sleep cycle. This is excellent news since it indicates that vital repair and system restart work is being done by your body as you sleep. Some deep sleepers, however, may be dealing with a sleep disturbance if they have trouble waking up on a regular basis, even as they get older. It’s probably a good idea to see a doctor if you’re having this problem.

How Do I Set My Alarm Clock?

The process for programming an alarm varies depending on the type of clock you use. This is all explained in the manual that came with your gadget. To customize the alarm time and duration, you’ll typically have to touch a few buttons.

How Do Sunrise Alarm Lights Work?

Lights on a sunrise alarm clock gradually brighten to mimic the morning sky. In addition to the light, several of these devices also feature alarms to prevent their users from sleeping too long.

Is an Alarm Clock Better Than a Smartphone Alarm?

Both traditional alarm clocks and smartphone alarms can serve their users well; the best option, however, will vary from person to person. Alarm clocks are a practical alternative to keeping electronic devices in the bedroom, which can be a source of light and distraction. Many modern alarm clocks offer helpful extra features, such as the ability to display the time, vibrate to wake you up, or simulate the sunrise. However, alarms on smartphones are typically straightforward to set, which could be useful if your waking time varies from day to day. You can also rest easy knowing that a blackout won’t cause your alarm to be disabled or your clock to be reset. In the event of a blackout, the alarm should continue to function as long as your phone has enough battery life.

Can the Light from Alarm Clocks Disrupt Sleep?

Alarm clocks include displays that can be dimmed since some people have trouble sleeping with the light on. Turning down the brightness may make the light less noticeable. However, blue light from alarm clocks has been more directly connected to sleep disruption, so you may still want to avoid using them.

The 4 Best Alarm Clocks in 2022


As beneficial as deep sleep is for healing, it can become a problem for those who often ignore their alarms. Some of the following solutions are worth a go if you believe your clock is too quiet. If you’re looking to spice up your morning routine, think about alarm clocks that do more than simply beep and buzz. For example, you might use a bed-shaker, one with flashing lights, or even the rogue Clocky. If the wacky alarms aren’t cutting it, it’s time to take a look at your daily habits and see if there’s anything you can change. The circadian rhythm, which regulates sleep and wakefulness, can be reset with the help of a regular bedtime and wake-up time.

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