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There is a big difference between returning your sister’s forgotten clothing from your home and carrying a mattress across nation. Overall, it’s a lot less inconvenient than driving around in your 2011 Corolla with a mattress tied to the roof. A lot of people don’t know where to start or how to go.

To avoid shipping a mattress, we advise against doing so if it costs less than the mattress’s worth. Think about moving a $200 mattress from Sacramento, CA all the way to Denver, CO for a moment. You’ll have to send it to them. For the sake of saving money, we advise that you purchase an entirely different bed rather than transferring your old one. Free mattress delivery is attainable if you check into affordable “bed-in-a-box” brands.

Please continue reading if you’d like to learn about other ways to carry your mattress.

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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Mattress?

There are numerous elements that go into determining the delivery cost of your mattress. Among these are some of the most important:

  • Dimensions and weight of your bed mattress
  • Pickup and delivery locations should be no more than a short distance apart.
  • When do you want your mattress delivered to you?

Renting a moving truck is more expensive than delivering a single mattress with a box spring. My recent move from my parents’ house to my new apartment required the tiniest moving vehicle U-Haul has to offer (Slumber Yard member McKenzie Dillon). When it was all said and done, it cost me $320, which included all the gas money I spent driving there and back. I can only think how much money I would have spent transporting a mattress across many states or possibly the entire country.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Mattress | Memory Foam Talk

Think at it this way: When you rent a moving truck, you are also paying for its capacity as well as that of the driver. Because you only pay for the space occupied, shipping a mattress and box spring is less expensive than shipping an entire truck.

It’s a good idea to keep insurance costs in mind. To your surprise and displeasure, the contents of an expecting package were shattered into pieces when you opened it. If your mattress is more expensive than the delivery fee, you may want to think about purchasing insurance. It’s possible to find a third-party insurance provider online or through your shipping company’s referrals.

Guide To Shipping A Mattress

If you don’t wrap your mattress correctly, it will be destroyed in transit.

1. Measure Your Mattress

You need to know the weight and dimensions of your mattress in order to get a shipping price that’s accurate. Check out these standard measurements if you’re not sure what mattress size you need.

  • For two people: 38″ broad by 75″ length
  • When it’s fully loaded, it comes to 90 pounds. 54″x74″

However, the weight of your mattress’s box spring or foundation will have to be assessed. They often weigh between 50 and 75 pounds.

2. Gather Quotes

Much like not accepting the first vehicle insurance quote you receive, not accepting the first mattress shipping quote that you receive is also not a good idea. You may get a free price from a number of websites, including uship.com, tsishipping.com, and freightpros.com. It’s as simple as inputting the type of furnishings and measurements you took before, as well as the pick-up and drop-off locations for the mattress.

Here’s an insider’s advice if the pricing quotes you get are a touch out of your price range: set your own price. You can “name your price” on the Uship website and check if any service providers are willing to perform it at your rate in exchange for your input.

3. Remove Bedding And Disassemble

The first step is to remove everything off the top of your bed, including the comforter, pillows, and sheets. To avoid losing any small hardware parts, place them in a ziplock bag before disassembling the device. So that you don’t have to spend time reassembling your frame or foundation, make sure to keep it together.

4. Package Your Bed

If you want your mattress to arrive undamaged, you need to know how to pack it properly. To begin, wrap your mattress and box spring in packing foam or bubble wrap. Finally, use a mattress protector to keep it safe. For the most part, these covers are made of cotton or vinyl, and they zip on just like a mattress cover. At Amazon.com, as well as most bedding retailers, you may buy it. Closed mattresses and box springs are now in their last resting place.

5. Arrange For Pickup

Once you’ve chosen the shipping firm, you’ll need to either arrange for curbside collection or arrange for a delivery site where you can drop off your mattress before it is delivered. For a fee, White Glove Delivery will come to your home and wrap up your mattress before loading it into a moving truck. This is a good option for individuals who want or need more assistance, but it is more expensive.

Is It Worth It to Ship a Mattress?

With all of this in mind, you might wonder if it’s even worth it to ship a mattress. You may want to export your mattress if it’s spanking new and expensive, or if you simply enjoy it. In those circumstances, delivering a mattress will be more easily justified.

If your mattress is older than ten years, you may be able to save time and money by just getting a new one. Bed-in-a-box mattresses are now on sale for a fraction of the cost of traditional mattresses, making it more cost-effective to replace your old one.

Alternatives to Shipping a Mattress

When it comes to shipping a mattress, knowing your alternatives can help you make an informed decision.

Renting a moving van is a wonderful option if you need to transport more than just your mattress. Despite the cost of upgrading to a larger van capable of transporting mattresses, shipping each mattress individually may still be less expensive.

If you don’t want to drive a moving truck, you can use a shipping container. On a pre-scheduled day, a moving company comes to pick up your possessions from a container you’ve placed in your driveway or the pavement in front of your home. It’s the best solution if you’re moving a significant amount of boxes or furniture.

An expensive and time-consuming process, shipping your old mattress is not recommended. Costs for mattresses have fallen throughout time as options and quality have increased. As an added bonus, many online mattresses provide free shipping and a sleep trial so that customers may test out the mattress before they buy it. You can either try to sell or give your old mattress if you decide to go this route.

How Do Mattress Companies Compress and Ship Mattresses?

It is considerably different for a mattress firm to deliver a mattress than it is for an individual. Mattress producers can use compression technology without damaging the materials, as should be noted.

In the manufacturing process, even coil-based mattresses can now be reduced to a fraction of their original size. As a precaution, the mattress is packed encased in plastic to maintain its small size.

You may receive the shipment box at your door without too much difficulty, even though it is enormous. It’s as simple as bringing the box into the bedroom, removing the packaging, and you’re done! For the mattress to return to its former size, this can take anything from a few minutes up to a few days. Most of the time, you can sleep straight away on a mattress, but in some cases, you may be advised to wait a few hours.

How to Ship a Mattress Safely & Easily (Without Spending a Fortune)

During the manufacturing process, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are trapped in plastic since the mattress is compressed right away. At first, these volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be detected even though they are generally considered safe. If your bedroom is well-ventilated, the “new mattress aroma” should go away in a few hours or days at the most.

Things to Consider When Shipping Mattresses

The more products that are being transported, the more difficult it is to keep track of everything.. To ship a mattress or a large object, such as a refrigerator, is more expensive. There may also be restrictions on the courier service you can choose.

You’ll discover all you need to know about getting a new mattress right here.

Additional Shipping Fees

If your mattress is exceptionally heavy or huge, you might have to pay more for shipping. With that in mind, you’ll want to pack your mattress in a way that will keep it safe from damage and temperature fluctuations throughout shipping.

Packages too large to fit through standard mail slots are subject to a $100 fee by the United States Postal Service (USPS). UPS charges an additional $100 to send a 75-pound mattress across the United States because it is a bulky package.

Establish a Return Policy

Online mattress purchases are easy, but returning them can be a bit more difficult. Shipping and labor costs are included in the cost of returning an item. What are your options if that’s the case?

Most customers would return to an online store if the return process was made more user-friendly. In order to avoid any unpleasant shocks, you should, however, establish a return policy with your consumers in advance.

Customers typically have 90 days from the date of delivery to return their mattresses. Refund policies will be tailored to each customer’s individual demands in the online marketplace.

How to Pack a Mattress for Shipping

Mattresses, because to their size and weight, necessitate particular packaging. Need robust cardboard boxes and padding goods if you plan on relocating your mattress?

Cover your mattress with bubble wrap

As a packing item, use bubble wrap to keep your mattress safe from harm. Wrap your mattress with bubble wrap or other cushioning material before sending it. Your mattress will arrive intact if you wrap it in bubble wrap before shipment. It also prevents dust mites from building up on your mattress.

It’s all good! Just $79 gets you a roll of ULINE bubble wrap that measures 24 inches by 300 feet. Cushioning materials like packing foam can also be used to protect a mattress when it is being shipped.

Choose the correct shipping box

To move mattresses, you can’t simply use whatever box you like. To be on the safe side, mattresses should be packaged in a robust cardboard box. This is a crucial phase in the process of making your mattress strong and stable, so don’t skip it.

Many firms, like ULINE and Ecobox, offer mattress shipping boxes for purchase When it comes to shipping a mattress, ULINE and Uboxes can provide you with sturdy shipping boxes for every size mattress, no matter how big or small the mattress.

Full-sized beds can be heavy, so you’ll need a truck big enough to carry them. Here are some pricing samples for ULINE mattress boxes.

Mattress Shipped in a Box

As an alternative, Ecobox offers low-cost shipping of mattresses. You can save money by ordering boxes in quantity. See what I’m getting at here.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Mattress?

The price of shipping a mattress may soon rise. You don’t want to skimp on mattress shipping boxes, though. If you’re transporting a mattress across the country or even just over state lines, ULINE and Ecobox are here to help.

Fill in any extra space with packing materials

Before you close the box, make sure all the gaps are filled with packing materials. Packing peanuts and other cushioning products prevent your goods from shifting or becoming damaged during transit.

Using packing materials like packing peanuts from ULINE, mattresses may be sent. The pricing for packing peanuts are listed below.

How to Package a Mattress for Shipping

There is a $27 price tag on a 20 cubic foot bag of packing peanuts Label Master’s 12-cubic-foot bag of packing peanuts costs around $24.51.

Mattress Shipped in a Box

In order to protect your mattress, you should take all necessary measures, such as shipping it with cushioning materials. Many people are wary of mattresses that have been used incorrectly.

10 Tips to Save on Shipping Costs

1. Reuse old packing materials

By reusing packing material, up to 90% of expenditures can be avoided.

Due of the high cost of shipping, this is an excellent option if you’re planning a move.

If you know you’ll be moving within a month, start gathering items at home.

2. Don’t buy cardboard boxes, source them for free

Cardboard cartons from the shop are an expensive luxury for many families.

Many families can’t afford to buy cardboard cartons from the store.

In lieu of that, why don’t you go to your local supermarket and ask the shopkeepers to give you their cardboard boxes?

3. Make sure your packing is done before the shipping company staff arrive at your door

In lieu of that, why don’t you go to your local supermarket and ask the shopkeepers to give you their cardboard boxes?

What if instead, you asked the shops at your local store for their cardboard boxes?

The moving company will appreciate it if you have all of your bedding properly arranged and ready to be picked up.

4. Inspect your invoices before you sign for them post-delivery

Customers who have paid for shipping twice will receive full refunds from both UPS and FedEx if their products arrive later than predicted (even by one minute).

A claim must be filed within 15 days of delivery.

Once you’ve checked your invoice to see if the package has been delivered, only then should you sign for the package.

5. Choose light-weight packaging materials to reduce the overall weight of your freight

The weight of your product has a direct bearing on the shipping cost.

Make every effort to reduce the weight of the shipping containers as a result.

Instead of a blanket, packing peanuts might be utilized to shield the bed frames.

6. Don’t schedule your delivery

In the case of FedEx, for example, the cost of an express pickup is $4, whereas the cost of a scheduled delivery is $5.50.

You can save money on shipping by not including a delivery date.

7. Purchase insurance only from a third-party company

Shipping businesses charge customers for the insurance they give.

They have to hike your charges to make up for these losses.

You can save a lot of money by purchasing your insurance through a third-party source.

8. Consolidate and ship other household items with your bed

If you’re moving into a new home, you may opt to ship your furniture in bulk.

As a result, you’ll be increasing your delivery costs.

With other household goods, shipping a mattress is the best option.

Low bulk shipping rates offered by companies like these can help you save money.

9. Pick up your package from the delivery hub yourself

Using this option will only be feasible if you have a compact mattress and disassembled frames that are tiny and light enough to transport.

It’s best to go to the delivery hub to pick up your stuff if you can.

Avoiding the cost of delivery by the shipping business will save you significantly.

10. Ship your belongings much ahead of the moving date

The logic is crystal clear in this case.

In order to expedite delivery, you don’t give a shipping company much time to gather their resources.

Because of their quickness and reactivity, they charge more.

At least three weeks in advance, the company will be able to plan for your moving day.

As a result, there will be no additional costs for you.

Final Thoughts

If you plan beforehand, shipping a mattress isn’t that tough. When shipping a mattress and box spring, be careful to follow the steps outlined above to avoid damage.

Shipping a mattress, on the other hand, isn’t exactly cheap. Either hiring a moving company or renting a truck to move your bed might quickly become an expensive proposition. Even if you don’t have a choice, learning how to ship a mattress properly can save you both time and money.


Sending a bed is a simple process.

Simply follow these instructions to begin:

To get rid of your mattress’s linens and pillows, just remove them from the mattress.

  • Before you move, put your mattress in a bag to protect it from being damaged.
  • Stacking two boxes on top of each other is the ideal way to store the mattress.

Shipping a mattress by UPS or FedEx is an option.

Large or small, heavy or light-weight items can be shipped by a variety of companies.

UPS, FedEx, and UShip all gave us estimates for transporting a typical Queen-sized bed from Colorado to California.

The cost breakdown is as follows:

  • The UPS shipping fee is $34.20.
  • FedEx charges $128.68
  • Getting it to you in the United States will cost you $349.

These five simple procedures will allow you to ship your mattress across the United States.

To be sure it’s safe to sleep on, have your mattress weighed and measured.

  • Choose the shipping option that is most cost-effective for your company.
  • Decide on a plan and commit to it (preferably from a 3rd party vendor)
  • Disassemble your mattress with care.
  • Make sure it’s in the right package.

Shipping to a business location is more cost-effective than shipping to an individual’s house.

UPS and other business shippers charge more to deliver to a residential location.

Exactly how did this occur?

As a result, industrialized regions

  • It’s more environmentally and fuel-efficient to transport multiple packages to the same location at the same time (denser).
  • During normal business hours, a recipient is likely to be available to accept the delivery.

It is, in fact, lawful.

Despite the fact that state regulations vary, it is a legal requirement that the mattress on top of your car be fastened.

In accordance with the legislation, loads must be fastened to the vehicle so that they cannot fall off or represent a danger to other road users.

If a mattress is being transported on a roof rack that isn’t properly secured, it is illegal to do so.

If you’re caught, you’ll face a charge of “driving with an insecure load.”

There are many situations where a police officer will stop you over if your mattress is about to fall off while you are driving.

How to Move a Mattress

Transporting a queen-sized mattress is feasible with the right kind of truck.

  • A large SUV is necessary for the transportation of mattresses on top.
  • Regardless of the size, a pick-up truck can transport any mattress.
  • You may have to bend your bed a little, but it shouldn’t be too tough.

Depending on the size and weight of the mattress, moving it by oneself may be possible in some situations.

Our recommendation is that you seek assistance whenever possible, and that you lift only with proper technique to avoid damage.

If you can’t get help, don’t try to move it yourself and don’t think you can.

  1. Remove the mattress cover and clean it thoroughly.
  2. Put it in a big plastic bag to keep it clean.
  3. When separating a mattress into two equal halves, do it with care.
  4. Use ratchet tie-downs to secure the mattress.
  5. Wheel the mattress to your car using a dolly.
  6. For those who don’t have a vehicle large enough to fit the mattress, a moving van may be the best solution.

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