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The sound of an unidentified squeak every time you shift about in bed is one of the most aggravating sounds you can hear. Even a seemingly insignificant annoyance, like the constant ticking of an overly loud clock, can quickly grow into something far more debilitating. Squeaky beds are annoying, but they can be fixed.

It’s upsetting to not be able to mend a squeaky bed, but it may have a greater impact on you than you know. A squeaky bed might inhibit your ability to restfully move into a deep sleep, causing you to wake up feeling groggy and irritable because of a messed-up sleep cycle.

Squeaky beds are annoying, but they may have a harmful impact on you that you aren’t aware of. Squeaky beds can make it difficult to drift off to sleep, which can lead to grogginess and irritability in the morning.

Why Does My Bed Squeak?

A squeaky bed can be the consequence of normal bedtime activities wearing down the mattress over time. But how do you track down the source of the squeak?

How to Fix a Squeaky Bed: 9 Tips | Casper Blog

Your mattress, box spring, bed frame, or bed springs are likely to be the source of the squeaky noise.. It may take some trial and error before you find the source of your bed’s squeaks.

Squeaky Mattress

Pushing onto various places of the bed and moving about the mattress will help you decide if you have a squeaky mattress. If so, is it under your bed? No, I’m not sure where it is.

Innerspring squeaks are most common in hybrid spring mattresses. Because a mattress’ innerspring can’t be readily replaced, this indicates that a new mattress is in order.

Squeaky Box Spring

The most common reason of a squeaky bed is the box spring. If you weren’t able to zero in on the squeak in your mattress, you might want to take a closer look at your box spring next. In most cases, an at-home fix is all that is needed to get rid of squeaks in box springs.

The most common reason of a squeaky bed is the box spring. If you weren’t able to zero in on the squeak in your mattress, you might want to take a closer look at your box spring next. In most cases, an at-home fix is all that is needed to get rid of squeaks in box springs.

Squeaky Bed Frame

A noisy bed is most often caused by a box spring. If you weren’t able to home in on the squeak in your mattress, you might want to take a closer look at your box spring next. Fortunately, most box springs can be replaced with a simple at-home cure because the wood frame is most likely to blame for the squeak.

The most common reason of a squeaky bed is a faulty box spring. It’s possible that the creak in your mattress is actually coming from your box spring. Unfortunately, the wood structure of most box springs may be fixed with a simple at-home fix.

How to Fix A Squeaky Mattress?

To mend your squeaky bed, you first need to locate the source of the squeak. Here are some tips to assist you get rid of the squeak in your mattress.

1. Rotate Your Mattress

In the event that your mattress is squeaky, you might try turning or flipping it to see if it helps. You’ll want to rotate your mattress once a month or so to ensure that the filling is equally spread.

As long as the squeak isn’t under your typical sleeping position, moving the mattress can assist reduce the amount of friction on it while you wait for the squeak to go away.

2. Cushion With Plywood

Place a small piece of plywood under your mattress if your mattress still squeaks after you’ve rotated the mattress. To assist alleviate the squeak for a brief period of time, utilize a box spring to firm up the base of the mattress.

3. Look Into Getting a New Mattress

Squeaky bed springs indicate that a mattress needs to be replaced. For your next model, you might want to think about a hybrid vs. foam mattress because all-foam mattresses won’t have a squeaky spring problem.

In the event that you decide to replace your current mattress, make sure to properly dispose of the old one.

How to Fix a Squeaky Bed: 9 Tips | Casper Blog

A squeaky bed can be fixed at home if the mattress isn’t the problem. Find out how to mend your noisy bed frame or box spring by reading on!

4. Check the Joints

One of the most typical causes of a squeaky bed frame is a set of loose bolts. Take a brief glance at your frame’s joints and tighten any loose bolts before taking more serious actions. To reduce the likelihood of a recurrence, you may want to use WD-40 to lubricate the joints.

5. Cushion the Slats

There are many reasons why a bed frame may squeak, including slats that scrape against the frame or each other. The slats make a lot of noise, so put an old sock, shirt, or towel as a noise-canceling cushion between them and the frame to dampen the noise.

6. Oil the Frame

Get some WD-40 if you have a metal bed frame, and lubricate the part that’s causing the problem In a pinch, beeswax or candle wax can be a wood-friendly alternative for those with wooden bed frames.

7. Use Cork

The squeaky wood on your wooden bed frame can be reduced by inserting pieces of cork between the two pieces of wood. For the time being, the cork will act as a buffer between the two pieces, minimizing the squeak.

8. Add Floor Padding

An uneven floor might also contribute to the creaking of a bed; this is something to keep in mind if you’re still stumped. Put a towel, old tee shirt, or folded bed sheet under the frame’s essential legs to even out the unsettling imbalance.

If you have a caster-based bed, the wheels could be the problem. WD-40 and new caster cups from your local hardware store should take care of the squeaking.

9. Purchase a New Bed Frame

If you’ve tried everything and the squeak persists, you may need to invest in a new bed frame. An excellent bed frame that fits your current setup and is well-made can help to avoid having to deal with yet another annoying squeak.

For those who prefer the feel of a box spring, you may want to go for a new one instead.

The Best Frame For Sleeping Without Squeaks

To stop a noisy bed, turn to the Amerisleep Platform Bed by Simmons Home Fashions. Solid wood construction ensures long-term use of this 13.5-inch-high base. As a result of its excellent support, this base may serve as both a bed frame and a mattress foundation. Using this base, you don’t need to add any additional support layers or bunkie boards.

There’s no need to worry about your mattress sagging with this base because it works with all types of mattresses.

A sleek gray upholstery covers the side panels of our mattress foundation, making it suitable for any bedroom. Using this base, you may get a beautiful, minimalistic style thanks to its low profile.

Slats of solid wood are used to construct the support foundation and are fastened to the side panels. The extra-wide slats reduce drooping by as much as possible. The mattress is held in place by raised edges on the side of the frame.

Putting together our platform bed requires no equipment and takes just a few minutes. An additional one-year warranty covers manufacturing and structural problems.


How to fix a squeaky wooden bed frame?

To stop your wooden bed frame from squeaking, you can use talcum powder, oil, or wax.

How to stop the bed from moving?

The legs of the bed can be wrapped in cloth or rubber, or Velcro can be added to the bottom of them.

How often should you replace your mattress?

A new mattress should be purchased every 6-8 years at the latest. Depending on how frequently you need to replace your mattress, how you care for your mattress is also a factor. Learn more about mattress replacement in our most recent blog post.

How to Fix a Squeaky Bed: 9 Tips | Casper Blog

Do metal bed frames squeak more than wooden bed frames?

As wood friction is not as noisy as metal, a metal bed frame is more likely to generate more noise. The screws and bolts in creaky metal bed frames tend to loosen over time, whereas in wooden frames, the screws and bolts are more resilient.

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