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With an air mattress, you can quickly and easily set up a sleeping space for visitors. Ten popular home and camping mattress brands were acquired, and their air mattresses were put through their paces at The Lab in terms of portability, comfort, and convenience of setup. The durability of each mattress was evaluated with an overnight air leak test, in which 60-100 pounds of weight was applied to the mattresses to determine how much air was lost.

The King Koil Queen Air Mattress was the clear winner after 16 hours of testing thanks to its convenience (it can be inflated and deflated in minutes), comfort (it includes a built-in pillow and comfort quilt top), and durability (it has a 1-year warranty).

According to our research, these are the top air mattresses on the market.

Best Overall: King Koil Luxury Air Mattress

Enjoyments of Ours

  • Height of the mattress is increased for those who are tall
  • Sizes include Twin, Queen, and California King.
  • Those weighing 600 pounds or less can rest easy.

Disliked Features

  • does not have a dual-pump system
  • We’d like flocking to be more obvious, but the sides aren’t really that different.
  • No Variable Levels of Stiffness

The well-known King Koil Air Mattress came out on top when we compared it to ten different types in our lab. This is a great option if you want a lightweight, compact mattress that is easy to set up and transport. This air mattress comes with a built-in pump and two independent knobs for quick inflation and deflation. Actually, deflation was as simple as the first inflation, which took only 7 minutes.

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Since the King Koil’s top layer is totally flocked, it’s incredibly plush and pleasant to lie on. And the suede-like surface did a good job of keeping sheets in place. While the mattress performed well overall, our team of testers did find that the sides were not as soft as they had hoped. This meant that the sheets did not fit as tightly as they could have.

During our stability tests, we jumped on the mattress, and it sagged an inch or two, much like the others we tried. We think the mattress would stay in place better if it had a flocking or a grippier bottom. But despite that, it was still very reliable and easy to work with. Because of its generous weight limit of 600 pounds, it’s also suitable for use by two people. There is also the option of a California King size.

Best Air Mattresses 2022

We put a hundred pounds of scattered weight on this mattress for eight hours straight. Yes, it lost 2 inches of air overnight, bringing the total to 19 inches, but that’s to be expected from a mattress without a backup pump. One of the many reasons it’s our top selection is because it’s a great deal: it’s not the most costly or the cheapest air mattress available, but its price is reasonable considering its quality and features.

The inflated dimensions for the Queen size are 80 by 60 by 20 inches, and the pump is included. The maximum weight capacity is 600 pounds.

Best Queen: SoundAsleep Products Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump

Enjoyments of Ours

  • The pump is more quieter than its competitors.
  • Maintains its form and rigidity
  • Miniature space for storing

Disliked Features

  • Short pump cord
  • Possible overly firm sensations
  • Installation took more time than anticipated.

This is our best pick if you’re seeking for a bed that fits a queen-sized mattress. Among the many queen-sized air mattresses we examined, SoundAsleep’s Dream Series stood out for its superior comfort, durability, and general quality of construction. Its expanded dimensions are 78 by 58 inches, which is somewhat less than a queen mattress but still very roomy. Our testing revealed no discernible impact from the slight size variation, and the mattress held up fine under our maximum load of 500 pounds.

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There are forty individual air coils inside this queen-sized air mattress. This mattress’s plush flocked covering makes it a pleasure to lie on. The mattress “had a beautiful aesthetic (the colors are really pretty), and it felt comfy,” according to our panel of experts. It has a built-in pump to help with inflation and deflation, though our reviewers wish it operated a little faster. This queen air mattress took 7 minutes to inflate, which is significantly longer than the time required by similar models with an integrated pump. While deflating the mattress was similarly a slow process, we found the deflate function on the pump to be quite user-friendly. Once we packed everything up into the bag provided, we found it to be extremely portable and easy to stow away.

Airbed’s inflated measurements are 78″ x 58″ x 19″, it can hold up to 500 lbs, and its electric pump is included.

Best Dual-Pump: Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress With NeverFlat Pump

Enjoyments of Ours

  • Supplemental air-pressure-maintaining pump
  • Lightweight and compact for convenient storage
  • Equipped with a border that can be relied on

Disliked Features

  • A plusher alternative to flocking
  • Boxed product emits a powerful odor
  • The noise level of the pump during inflation is higher than planned.

Avoid waking up on a flat, deflated bed with a dual-pump air mattress. Dual-pump options are great if you’ve ever gone to bed on an air mattress only to find it deflated when you woke up. We tried a number of air mattresses and found that the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress was the most comfortable and convenient. We found that after testing this solution overnight, it lost less than an inch of height despite supporting 100 pounds. For those who worry about sleeping on a flat mattress, one reviewer pointed out that this model includes a built-in air pump. It’s soft and spacious, and it’s elevated just enough to ease getting in and out.

A fully inflated Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress is ready for use in about 5 minutes, and the mattress’s firmness may be adjusted between plush and medium. When compared to the other mattresses we tried, however, the motor’s noise level was shockingly high as it inflated the bed. You should also be aware that the Never-Flat secondary pump, which monitors and maintains air pressure, will cause the mattress to make a faint motor noise while it is being set up. Although no one on our testing team found this to be an issue, they did say that anyone who are easily disturbed by noise should think twice before purchasing a dual-pump air mattress.

insta-bed Raised 19 inch Queen Airbed with NeverFLAT Pump

This mattress has a flocked covering for added softness, but it wasn’t as luxurious as others we tried. The mattress had the worst new-mattress smell. No issues with longevity or portability, all good there. Our tests revealed that the mattress retained its original condition, and we appreciated the padded carrying handles on the bag for transport.

Dimensions when inflated are 77 by 58 by 18 inches; inflation is accomplished with a built-in pump; the maximum load is 500 pounds; and a pump is included.

Best with Frame: Ivation EZ-Bed Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case

Enjoyments of Ours

  • Normal bed height
  • Folding Cartesian Cabinet
  • Tunable levels of rigor

Disliked Features

  • Expensive
  • Not easy to lug up and down the stairwell
  • Not as inflated as the rest of the mattresses we tried.

With an air mattress on a frame, it’s much simpler to get in and out of bed. As an added bonus, it transforms any unused space into an inviting guest bedroom. The Ivation EZ-Bed Air Mattress is our top selection because of its innovative design and self-deploying frame, which raises the bed to a standard 24 inches in height. This air mattress, along with its accompanying frame, was among the ten we examined in the lab and found to have the simplest assembly process. This whole thing just took 6 minutes and 32 seconds and required no effort from your end. Our expert reviewer said, “You merely unzip the case, select the firmness level, and move the dial to inflate. It couldn’t be easier. A guest bed may be made up and ready in minutes.

The Ivation EZ-Bed Queen is equipped with 48 support coils and comes in soft, medium, or firm. A flocked top makes for a more comfortable mattress and prevents sheets from sliding off. When inflated, the frame offers the bed a robust appearance, making it suitable for use in a spare room or as a temporary sleeping solution for guests. Be aware that this mattress has the potential to lose some air overnight and may wiggle slightly under changing weight. Our overnight load test revealed that it did indeed collapse under the weight of 100 pounds.

Keep in mind that there were no worries raised about longevity by the testing team. The mattress was simple to deflate, and its folded form fit neatly within a rolling duffel bag with a zipper. The air mattress could be rolled out of a closet with ease, however our reviewers noted that the carrying container was somewhat heavy and cumbersome. It’s not recommended to store it on a different floor than the one you want to use it on, as it could be difficult for one person to carry it up a flight of steps.

Dimensions when inflated are 79 by 61 by 24 inches (including the frame), and it can hold up to 450 pounds. An electric pump is included for inflation.

Best Budget: Coleman GuestRest Double High Air Mattress with Built-In-Pump Queen

Enjoyments of Ours

  • Quick installation with a 120-volt pump
  • Dense padding at the top
  • Stronger than usual building materials used

Disliked Features

  • This item has a weight limit of 300 pounds.

The Coleman GuestRest Double-High Air Mattress is the perfect choice if you’re in need of a simple but comfy bed. Its low price and high scores in the Lab for comfort, stability, and support beat out many other options we considered. It has a built-in pump and carrying case, and it can withstand both indoor and outdoor use. This inexpensive air mattress inflates in about 5 minutes and may be used for camping or to accommodate overnight guests at home.

This bed scored high marks in comfort due to its plush flocked top and its 18-inch profile. There isn’t anything fancy about it, like an integrated pillow or a sturdiness dial (you must manually turn the pump off when inflating the mattress). However, according to our reviewer, it is “a terrific, budget-friendly alternative that is comfortable and easy to get in and out of.” It’s not flashy, but it inflates quickly with the included pump and will keep you or your visitors cozy.

Coleman Air Mattress | Double-High SupportRest Air Bed for Indoor or Outdoor Use , Green

Our 100-pound weight tester leaped on this mattress and it didn’t budge, and it also maintained its shape after being weighed down overnight. However, the case may benefit from a handle to make it easier to tote from room to room or into and out of the car on camping trips.

Deflated, the Queen size measures 78 by 60 by 18 inches; it is inflated with the help of an integrated electric pump; it can support up to 600 pounds; and it comes with its own pump.

Best Splurge: AeroBed Air Mattress with Built-in Pump & Headboard

Enjoyments of Ours

  • Constructed-in USB charging station in the headboard
  • Dual-pump technology keeps your selected level of stiffness consistent
  • Ample proportions

Disliked Features

  • Static on the flocked surface
  • Possible slippage under forceful motion

The AeroBed Air Mattress has a built-in pump and other high-end features that make sleeping on an air mattress a more pleasurable experience. One of our experts found this high-end air mattress to be “very comfortable…like sleeping in a real bed.” Since it is 19.5 inches tall and has the same width and length as a conventional bed, it is not surprising that it mimics the sensation of a mattress. We tried out the full-size model of this air mattress, and its dimensions are 78 inches in length and 54 inches in width.

This luxury air mattress is more expensive than the others we researched, but we think it’s worth it because of all the added features. A pillow won’t fall off the bed and wake you up with this headboard’s help; the bed will stay just the right level of firm with the help of the secondary Comfort Lock pump; and you can charge your electronic devices via the convenient built-in USB outlet. It took me a total of 7 minutes and 30 seconds to set up the mattress. You may adjust the firmness of the pump from a soft setting using the dial on the side of the mattress. In order to deflate and roll up this air mattress, just open the valve.

Aerobed Luxury Pillow Top 16' Tall Air Mattress with Built-In 120V AC Electric Pump (Full Size)

We nevertheless needed to make sure that our mattress fulfilled its primary function, which was to be a comfortable place to sleep, despite its many other impressive characteristics. This air mattress, like others of similar quality, features air coils for extra support and comfort. The flocked top is meant to be plush and help keep sheets in place, however our tester discovered that it generates static electricity if used without a cover. It’s important to mention that when we tested its resilience, it did budge an inch or two when we hopped onto it, but this wasn’t a major issue.

Dimensions (Full): 74″ x 54″ x 19.5″, Inflation: Built-in electric pump, Weight Limit: 600 lbs., Pump Included: Yes

Best for Kids: AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids, Twin

Enjoyments of Ours

  • Elevated border
  • fast inflation/deflation time
  • Including a mattress protector that perfectly fits the mattress

Disliked Features

  • Cut down from the length of a regular twin bed
  • An Extraordinary Mechanical Device

The AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids is a necessity if you frequently host sleepovers or have guests who are young children. It’s designed for kids over the age of four, and it includes a raised bumper all the way around the edge to prevent them from falling off. Kids (and big kids at heart, like our reviewers!) will love the boat-like design and soft cover.

When we hopped on it lightly, it shook a bit, but otherwise seemed stable and didn’t move around the floor. Please note that the inflated length of this air mattress is just 60 inches, whereas the typical length for a twin air mattress is 75 inches. Thus, a twin option may be necessary if you expect to host children of a height greater than average.

We discovered that this mattress required only four minutes to be completely set up and ready for use when we removed it from its packaging to conduct our tests. Even though it doesn’t come with a built-in pump, our reviewer found the external pump to be just as simple to operate (just make sure you don’t lose it!). The bed’s inflation was quick and simple to deflate. With the valve open, the air is released from the mattress rapidly, allowing you to fold it and stow it away in the drawstring bag until the next overnight. You could store the air mattress and pump on a bookshelf or in a small corner of a closet, and they’re lightweight enough to take camping or to a friend’s house.

Dimensions when inflated are 50 by 25 by 10 inches; an external electric pump is required for inflation; 300 pounds is the maximum weight limit; and a pump is included.

Best Twin: Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

Enjoyments of Ours

  • Incorporated pump
  • Mild price increases and decreases
  • Portable and easy to store

Disliked Features

  • Possible movement-induced shift
  • Lack of a stiffness slider

The Intex Dura-Beam is an excellent choice for a long-lasting and supportive twin-size air mattress. It’s as long as a standard twin mattress (75 inches) and as wide as a standard double mattress (80 inches). After evaluating the mattress, we 16.5-inch tallers really liked how buoyant it felt.

The Intex Dura-Beam twin air mattress is perfect as a spare bed for a single guest or a child, as it has a built-in electric pump that inflates the mattress quickly and effortlessly. We scored the 6-minute setup time and overall ease of the bed’s construction 5 stars. We also discovered that deflating the air mattress using the pump was much quicker and easier. This air mattress has a flocked top, an integrated pillow, and a high profile to make it ideal for a single sleeper. Because of how well-made, cozy, and long-lasting it is, we’re giving it a perfect 5 across the board. During our testing, we discovered that this air mattress was not as stable as the others; it budged an inch or two when we jumped onto it. However, we weren’t shocked to see some movement on the twin mattress because of the smaller footprint.

Intex Dura Beam Deluxe Fiber-Tech Pillow Rest Raised Velvet Blow Up Air Mattress Bed with Built in Electronic Pump and Carrying Bag, Queen

The deflated state of this air mattress makes it easy to stow away or carry with you on camping trips. The mobility of this device was deemed excellent by our team of reviewers. Our evaluation team gave the Intex Dura-Beam a perfect score of 5 stars since there was nothing they would change about it.

Dimensions (inflated): 75 x 39 x 16.5 inches (twin); inflation method: built-in pump; maximum user weight: 300 pounds; pump included: yes.

11 Best Air Mattresses for 2022 - Top-Rated Air Mattresses

Best Adjustable: Beautyrest Skyrise Full Raised Air Mattress with Electric Pump

Enjoyments of Ours

  • Provides an excellent amount of help
  • Limit of 700 pounds
  • Adjust the level of stiffness with the press of a single button.

Disliked Features

  • An Extraordinary Mechanical Device
  • Much longer than competing models to inflate and deflate

Mattress firmness is a personal preference and should be selected in accordance with how you prefer to sleep. Choose the firmness level that best suits your needs with the help of an adjustable air mattress. We put a number of air mattresses with this function through our paces, and the Beautyrest Skyrise Raised Express Air Mattress emerged as the clear winner. One of our testers said that after lying on the mattress, “my back felt supported” and that it “nearly felt like a real bed.” The design and comfort ratings are also 5 stars, as expected. The only thing keeping me from giving this air mattress a perfect five stars for comfort is that, when inflated, it’s one inch shorter and two inches narrower than a regular full-size mattress.

The Skyrise Raised Express Air Mattress is inflated with a built-in electric pump rather than a dial that can be set to firm, medium, or plush settings. You may then vary the level of firmness with a simple push of a button on the mattress. You don’t have to settle for the air mattress’s predetermined firmness or manually release air through the valve; instead, you can tailor it to your preferences using this feature. This mattress, once inflated, receives 5 stars for its durability, steadiness, and support. Our weight distribution on the bed did not change after jumping onto it from a low height, and it only deflated by about an inch after being left flat overnight.

- $4.49 OFF Beautyrest Skyrise Raised Air Bed with Edge Support, Inflatable Sleeping Mattress with External Pump and Puncture Resistant Vinyl for Guests, Camping, and More: 16’’ Full, Portable with Storage Bag

This air mattress has the option of being adjusted and does not have a built-in pump, but rather requires an external power pump. This air mattress took 9 minutes, 18 seconds longer to inflate than the others we tested. We found that “the external pump made inflation slower and wasn’t very intuitive.” Inflating was easier after we realized the pump had distinct inflate and deflate buttons, but reports from the field indicate that deflating is a task that’s easier with a second set of hands. The ease of assembling this mattress earns it 4 stars.

Dimensions when inflated are 73″ x 52″ x 15″, and it can hold 700 lbs. with the help of the included electric pump.

What to expect and do with a new mattress

An air mattress, no matter how high-quality, is not a suitable substitute for a regular bed mattress. It can’t handle regular overnight use for very long (and in many cases, the warranty is voided if the mattress is used as the primary bed). New mattresses should be checked for air leaks and considerable deflation the night after they are first used (expect some air loss overnight, especially as a new mattress breaks in a bit). If you notice a problem early on, you can rest assured that you are still inside the warranty term and will not have any trouble receiving a replacement. For additional information on how to keep your air mattress in good condition, please go to our care and maintenance section.

How We Tested the Mattresses

Ten air mattresses were put through their paces for 12 hours by our editorial and testing staff in Brooklyn’s Industry City at The Lab. We timed how long it took to blow them up (and take them down for storage), how noisy the pump was, and how quick and easy they were to put up. After blowing up each mattress, we evaluated them based on their aesthetic quality and usability considerations, such as the length of their power cords. The next element that was looked at was how easy it was to get in and out of bed, how much of a hard floor surface could be felt when sleeping, and how comfortable the mattress was overall.

Carefully, we then literally jumped onto each mattress to see how well it held its shape, how it felt, and whether or not it moved across the floor. We then measured the height of each mattress and weighed it down with 60-100 pounds of evenly distributed weight (depending on the size of the mattress) before left it alone for a whole night to see how well it held up. The next day, we remeasured their height to see if they had lost any air and to determine the extent to which they had deflated. We took special note of any air mattresses that tore or exhibited signs of wear and tear during shipping and handling, as this is a regular complaint about these products. We evaluated the air mattresses’ mobility after we deflated and stored them. We weighed them, took note of whether or not the pumps and cords tucked away nicely, and checked to see if they came with a carrying case. Finally, we compiled all of our assessments to reveal the best air mattress for any need and price range. After in-home testers have had the chance to utilize the air mattresses for a few months, we will update our findings throughout time.

What to Look for in an Air Mattress


Think about the desired height of your air mattress before looking at different types and companies. Low-profile and double-height are the two most common choices, and each have their advantages and disadvantages. Low-profile mattresses are convenient for camping trips because of their portability and minimal weight, but they may require more walking because they collapse more quickly. Not only that, but it’s possible that some models still have a manual pump included. Although a double-height air mattress’ electric pump makes inflation a bit more convenient, its higher profile means it isn’t always the best choice. In addition, your guests will appreciate how comfortable, durable, and slump-proof they are.


Depending on your budget, you can choose from a large range of air mattresses. Remember that air mattresses of any price have the potential to lose air or get punctured over time. However, higher-priced models are typically built to last longer. Consider your needs for the air mattress before deciding on a price. Do you anticipate your mattress being used for a short period of time, or will it be used for a longer period of time? You can then determine the most efficient means of maximizing your return on investment.


You need to give some thought to the length, width, and height of your mattress. A set of twins is usually sufficient when shopping for children. Full or queen-size mattresses are more common, though, and are the most popular among adults and couples.

Inflation method

Jumping on air mattress during testingThe majority of modern air mattresses can be inflated using a pump, saving you the hassle of doing so manually. The latter feature is especially important if you intend to take the mattress out into the wilderness with you, so make sure you check if it needs to be connected into an outlet or if it has a battery-powered pump.

Care and maintenance

Inflate your mattress to its maximum capacity and keep it there for at least 48 hours before using it for the first time. You should go through this procedure before you wake up in the middle of the night on top of a partially expanded mattress, as it will assist the material adjust. Also, keep the temperature consistent throughout the night to eliminate the illusion of air leaking from the mattress.

With regular maintenance and use, air mattresses can endure for at least five years. Air mattresses are not a suitable alternative to traditional mattresses. Air mattresses can cause morning stiffness and pain after extended use, even if you spring for a more expensive model with “zone” support. A mattress topper, foam insert, or even just a thick comforter stuffed under the sheets can greatly improve the sleeping experience on an air mattress. When combined with a standard air mattress, these accessories can make your sleep feel more like a mini vacation than a night or two in a cheap motel. At night, a topper can prevent your body from losing heat through the mattress. Consider giving the mattress topper some fresh air every so often, especially if you live in a humid area or have no air conditioning in the room where your guests sleep (since heat and air conditioning dry out a space). It was reported to us by a member of staff that after a string of guests, mildew had begun to form in the space between their foam topper and air mattress. This was most likely the result of perspiration from guests. And some people may have trouble getting in and out of a low air mattress. A high-walled mattress or elevating the box spring might be the answer.

The producers of the mattresses we tried all warned against storing air mattresses in places with extreme humidity or temperature swings, as doing so could damage the beds. Keeping an air mattress in a cold, damp place like a basement or garage is usually not a good idea. Store your mattress in a dry, cool place in a strong container or the included storage bag. SoundAsleep claims that an air mattress may be cleaned with water and a light cleaning solution, then dried in the air. It’s important to remember that the PVC material of the mattress may expand after first inflation, so you may need to add more air approximately an hour after you’ve filled it.

If you’re looking for a way to get rid of your air mattress, you might be able to recycle it if you take it to a recycling facility. Earth911 can help you find local recycling centers (you may have better luck in recycling a PVC-free model). Don’t risk anything by tossing your used mattress into the recycle bin.

How to find and fix a leak

It should be easy to spot an air mattress with a huge hole or puncture. However, “slow leaks,” which typically develop at the glued seams, are the real killers of air mattresses. It’s normal for a mattress to lose a little bit of air pressure over night, but if it loses 10% to 20%, it probably has a slow leak somewhere. There isn’t enough to completely soak up the mattress, but there’s enough to make sleeping on it unpleasant. A gradual leak in a mattress can be detected by inflating it, pressing down firmly, and listening intently along the seams. To find the spot where the air is coolest, you may also try passing your wet palm a few inches from the seam. It has been tried to see where the bubbles form as air exits by spraying a dish-soap solution along the seam. Some common leak detection and repair techniques are demonstrated here.

Once the leak is located, a marker can be used to keep track of the precise spot, and the mattress can be deflated. Simply wipe off the area with an all-purpose cleanser and a lint-free cloth before applying the sealant and patch kit. Patch kits are readily available at most outdoor retailers and can also be ordered online.

The competition

Before, we suggested the Coleman GuestRest air mattress (sold by Target). It shared the same built-in pump, 18-inch height profile, and carrying bag as the SupportRest. We were unable to test the Coleman GuestRest with External Pump since we believe internal pumps are more convenient to handle and it was removed off shelves just before we published the 2019 version of this guide. (Coleman also produces an option that has no pump.)

While testing air mattresses in 2019, we discovered that the King Koil Air Mattress with Built-in Pump lost the most air throughout the course of the night compared to the others. The built-in pillow made it such that our taller testers’ feet hung off the end of the mattress, which was a major drawback. Due to the bed’s fixed “headboard,” the mattress can only be placed in one orientation; this could make it difficult to position the mattress so that the power cord is near an outlet.

The AeroBed Air Mattress with One-Touch Comfort Pump was also brought in for evaluation, but its 15-inch height made it more challenging to get in and out of than some of the other mattresses we tried. Furthermore, in order to inflate the AeroBed, we had to repeatedly press a button, which was annoying even for two minutes, given that we had to be on the mattress the entire time.

Similar to the SoundAsleep, but with a different pump technology, we tried out the Insta-Bed Raised Mattress with NeverFlat Pump. Unlike traditional air mattresses, the Insta-Bed can be configured to inflate to three different firmness levels (plush, medium, and firm) without the need for a manual pump. While the presets may be convenient for some, we believe that the flexibility to specify a specific firmness level is a desirable feature for many. A supplementary NeverFlat pump is built into the Insta-Bed and activates if the mattress loses air during the night, allowing you to return it to your preferred firmness level. Tester complaints about the pump’s quiet humming when it’s idle (although you can unplug the pump). Because there are now more seams to leak from due to the additional pump.

The Intex Pillow Rest twin size we tried was only 1612 inches in height, thus it wasn’t a good fit for us. The elevated pillow region was not appealing to our tester because it shared the King Koil’s inconvenient inability to position the cord conveniently next to an electrical outlet. A limited 90-day warranty is included.

We also got rid of another half-dozen mattresses because they were either excessively pricey, included extraneous components (such a frame, a bed skirt, or a remote control), or had no guarantee or customer service number.


How much are air mattresses?

One can find an air mattress in just about any price range. However, you should expect to detect a quality difference based on the mattress’s price. Examine the packaging and customer feedback of a potential purchase very carefully.

How long do air mattresses last?

On average, an air mattress will last eight years. You may get less time out of it if you use it a lot or if you damage it.

Why do air mattresses deflate?

Your mattress will lose some of its air volume overnight because it will condense due to the night’s colder temperature compared to the day’s. Although many versions have decent capacity for air storage, they are not always airtight. As air gently escapes through a mattress’s seal, the mattress will gradually expand.

Can you sleep on an air mattress every night?

Constantly sleeping on an air mattress is not recommended. Long-term use may result in discomfort due to the mattress’s lack of support when compared to a traditional mattress.

How do I choose a good air mattress?

When searching for a quality air mattress, it is important to read both professional and user reviews. Consumers and reviewers who have actually used the air mattress can provide more reliable feedback on its quality than can those who haven’t.

Can you sleep on an air mattress permanently?

While air mattresses can provide a comfortable alternative to sleeping on the floor or a couch in a pinch, they aren’t designed to be used on a nightly basis. Long-term use of an air mattress may lead to back pain due to its inability to provide adequate support for the spine.

Best Air Mattresses 2022

How can I make an air mattress more comfortable?

Putting a mattress topper, foam insert, or thick comforter under your sheet set will help if your air mattress is too stiff or lacks support. All of these extras work together to keep your core temperature from dropping. Getting in and out of bed may be made simpler by selecting a taller mattress with higher sides.

How do I keep my air mattress from deflating?

You should inflate your mattress to its maximum height and keep it there for at least 48 hours before using it for the first time. Don’t let the temperature in the room drop or rise too drastically during the night, as this can affect the density of the air in your mattress. If you use a mattress, try to avoid sitting on it for lengthy periods of time or exerting direct, heavy pressure on any one area of the mattress.

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