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You may be searching for the finest flat head pillow for babies if you notice that your child’s head is flatter in the back than other children. Plagiocephaly, or “flat head condition,” affects a large percentage of infants. Typically, as a newborn matures, their head will round out. However, a flat head cushion can be used to help make the shape of their head more round. This is much more practical and secure than waiting for the form to alter on its own. These pillows are uniquely shaped — a concave hole that applies delicate pressure evenly on your newborn’s soft skull. Just give it approximately three months! Your baby’s head is back to being round. Since newborns have malleable skulls, the right amount of pressure takes care of this issue. We have listed the top 15 flat head pillows for your little one. Take a look and choose what suits you best.

Best Flat Head Pillows For Babies

W WelLifes 3D Air Mesh Baby Pillow

This 100% cotton, hypoallergenic, flat-headed infant cushion is 12.6 x 9.5 inches and features a 3D air mesh design on the reverse. This allows this pillow to be both chilly and warm in the summer and winter, respectively. The pillow’s soft and long-lasting top is made from organic cotton fabric that’s been bonded with a sponge fill. Baby’s head won’t be able to develop a flat spot because to the concave shape and other ergonomic features. This cushion is designed by pediatricians and is especially comfortable since it provides the necessary support for your baby’s head to be in the correct position while also distributing pressure evenly. Additionally, it has received recognition from organizations all across the world for its excellence. Baby bouncers, bassinets, cradles, and other similar products can all benefit from having this insert.

Babebay Head Shaping Pillows

Babies with flat heads can use this pillow in the shape of a heart to help them develop a healthy head shape by their first birthday. It has an overall thickness of 1.18 inches and a width and height of 9.4 inches. This baby cushion was created by a pediatrician and features a 3D hollow design to provide optimal head and neck support for infants. Covered in a breathable, soft fabric, it is made of memory foam that has an enhanced delayed rebound. Any standard stroller, bouncer, cot, car seat, or cradle will accommodate it. The 3D concave shape and depth of the pillow are scientifically intended to gently solve the problem of a flat head, skew head, sharp head, or any other head shape in babies aged 0 to 12 months.

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Mokeydou Baby Head Shaping Pillow

Flat head syndrome, brought on by an inappropriate sleeping position or pillow, is a common reason why infants need pillows. The arc-shaped groove design of the Mokeydou flat head pillows for babies helps to distribute your baby’s head weight evenly and create a perfectly rounded head shape. With its hypoallergenic cotton construction, it provides the necessary neck support for infants aged 0 to 24 months, which is important for the health of their cervical spine. You can rest assured that your child’s head will be supported in a neutral position relative to the spine thanks to the slow rebound memory foam that is both high-quality and environmentally sustainable. You may rest easy knowing that your kid is getting enough of air and moisture removal thanks to the ventilation holes in the pillow core. The pillowcase is made of organic cotton and features a removable lining that prevents bacteria growth and mite infestation. It has no discernible scent and can be used on even the most delicate skin types.

John N Tree Organic Flat Head Pillow

This baby’s flat head cushion is produced from all-natural organic cotton, is filled with hypoallergenic polyester, is hypoallergenic, and is airy and comfortable for your little one. This pillow has a plush cotton surface on both sides, making it ideal for your baby’s head and neck. It also helps avoid flat head syndrome. It has a flexible neck rest that can be adjusted to relieve strain on the cervical spine and provide a comfortable resting position for the head. The 15″ by 8″ size makes it ideal for usage in a variety of settings, including a play mat, bassinet, or even when breastfeeding. You can hand wash it or put it through a gentle cycle in the washing machine on either cold or warm water. An in-depth analysis of this product is provided in the linked YouTube video.

Atobaby Head Shaping Pillows

This 100% organic cotton baby flat head cushion offers scientifically-sound support for your child’s neck and head, preventing them from experiencing the negative symptoms of flat head syndrome. The 3D air mesh structure allows air to circulate, keeping your baby comfortable in both hot and cold weather. Allergy sufferers can rest easy knowing that the bonded cotton and sponge material provides more padding and is long lasting. Extra comfort is provided by the concave shape and slow-rebound memory foam used in its construction, and the pressure on the spine and neck is relieved thanks to this product. Your baby’s head will be held in a safe and comfortable position, allowing for unrestricted breathing as they sleep. Pediatricians recommend using it from birth to 12 months to ensure a healthy, normal head shape.

Babymoov Lovenest Plus Baby Pillow

A pediatrician developed and patented this baby flat head pillow to protect young children from developing plagiocephaly, a condition that can occur when an infant’s skull is still developing. A lovely round shape for baby’s head is guaranteed with this plush and supportive contoured pillow. The pillow’s face is sewn from a breathable and soft CoolMax fabric, which also controls temperature for maximum relaxation, stops sweat, and provides slip resistance. The anti-slip fabric at the back keeps it in place while the headband’s uniform pressure distribution on the skull aids in head shape. This baby pillow can be used in a stroller, bouncer, or bassinet to provide extra comfort for the baby’s neck and head. It complies with both European and American regulations for baby safety, so your infant will be safe using it.

Kakiblin Anti Flat Head Pillow For Babies

This flat head cushion for babies is ideal for those between the ages of 0 and 16 months, measuring 10.6 x 8.3 inches with a central hole measuring 2.16 inches in diameter. This pink heart-shaped cushion is concave in the middle to evenly distribute pressure on your baby’s head and is made from incredibly soft velvet fabric and organic and breathable PP material. The fabric can withstand both hot and cold weather and is safe, eco-friendly, and fire-resistant. This lightweight and portable pillow can be used in a variety of infant gear, including a car seat, stroller, swing, and cot, and is best cleaned by hand.

Babymoon Pod Multipurpose Baby Pillow

This baby pillow for flat heads is recommended by pediatricians and can be used in a variety of settings, including a bouncer seat, changing pad, car seat, tummy time, and nursing. This multipurpose pillow serves as a headrest for infants aged 0 to 6 months, a neck pillow for children aged 6 months and up, and finally a travel cushion for older children and adults. If you want your kid to have a healthy, normal head shape from birth, this breathable pillow is the way to go. It has two movable arms that velcro together to form a cradle for your infant’s head. Eventually, you can unhook the arms to use it as a neck pillow, and the peek-a-boo flap can be utilized to hide the velcro and prevent skin irritation. The cover and filling are both made of 100% polyester, making it simple to clean.

Cuumama Memory Foam Flat Head Baby Pillow

To prevent flat head syndrome, this infant cushion is made of hypoallergenic, medium-soft memory foam that is both resilient and supportive. The CPC stamp of approval means it satisfies all mandatory requirements for sale in the USA. It has a cover made of 100% extremely soft cotton that is removable and washable without a zipper for extra security. This lightweight and portable pillow is perfect for ensuring that your baby’s head is properly supported in the bassinet, car seat, or stroller. The dimensions are 9.4 by 7.8 by 1.18 inches, and it features a contoured neck support to keep your baby’s spine in proper alignment.

Eaxbux Baby 3D Hollow Pillow

This hypoallergenic, three-dimensional hollow infant pillow is suggested by pediatricians for correcting flat head and neck positions. The concave shape and premium grade slow rebound soft memory foam make this pillow exceptionally comfortable while also conforming to the shape of the user’s head and relieving pressure on the spinal column and neck. The effect is noticeable after around 3 months of use, making it ideal for infants between 0 and 12 months. It is comfortable in both cold and hot weather because to its breathable 3D air mesh structure. It’s padded and long-lasting thanks to the organic cotton fabric that’s been glued with sponge. Its space-saving form makes it ideal for use in a variety of baby gear, including strollers, bouncers, cribs, cradles, and car seats.

Mhomer Flat Head Pillow For Babies

This flat head cushion for babies is recommended by pediatricians because of its concave center, which relieves pressure from resting your baby’s head on a single place. Designed specifically for infants aged 0 to 12 months, it will prevent any unwanted flat spots on the baby’s head by spreading weight uniformly throughout the skull. It provides sufficient support for your baby’s head and neck because it is made of soft, skin-friendly, comfy, odorless, and safe hydrophilic foam with quick rebound. The pillow’s polyester cover is hypoallergenic, plush, and breathable; it can withstand extreme temperatures without losing its shape or comfort; and the cushion itself has extra strong air permeability. It can be cleaned quickly and easily with a baby wipe and a mild detergent, then air-dried.

Second Mum Flat Head Pillow For Babies

This baby pillow is made from a skin-friendly, breathable fabric that remains cool in the summer and warm in the winter to prevent flat heads. This specially designed cushion for babies is soft and fluffy all around, and the O-shaped hole in the middle means that your child’s head can move freely while they sleep, relieving pressure in just the right places. The superior perforated foam allows plenty of airflow while shaping to your baby’s head perfectly and protecting their neck. These lightweight and compact pillows can be placed in a crib, stroller, or car seat to support your kid in the optimal position, and they are portable enough to take anywhere. Pediatricians and neurosurgeons agree that this is the greatest way to prevent flat heads in infants, and it can be worn from birth to six months of age.

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Tiny Years Baby Head Shaping Pillow

A pediatric chiropractor created this flat head baby pillow to help children with the condition succeed in school and reach developmental milestones that they might otherwise miss. It is made up of 100% breathable 3D air mesh, as opposed to memory foam’s significantly less breathable and airy construction. For the first six months, it is recommended that it be used regardless of whether or not your child has flat head syndrome. If you use this cushion and follow the easy, step-by-step instructions on the video platform, your baby will be born with a nice, round head. Your infant will be able to choose the perfect fit among the three available sizes. It gives your child the necessary head and neck support for healthy development.

Baby Works Cloud 9 Head Support

This baby pillow for flat heads is specially designed to support your baby’s neck and head by evenly distributing the pressure on the skull. This cloud-shaped, soft, and comfortable memory foam pillow contours around your baby’s head perfectly and also prevents babies from rolling over or getting cradle cap. Lightweight and portable, this flat head pillow can be used from birth and can be used in bassinets, strollers, cribs, or car seats. It also features a hypoallergenic, removable, and machine-washable fitted cover which is extremely gentle and soft on your baby’s skin, keeping the pillow cool and comfortable. It’s ready for use as soon as baby is born, measuring 11.4 x 7.6 inches.

IntiMom Baby Head Shaping Pillow

Your baby’s neck and head will receive the support they need from this flat-headed baby cushion. Memory foam pillow in the shape of a cloud that is soft and supportive, preventing cradle cap and rolling over for your newborn. This flat head cushion is ideal for use in bassinets, strollers, cribs, and car seats and is so lightweight that it can be used from birth. In addition to being hypoallergenic, detachable, and machine washable, the pillow’s fitted cover is breathable, so it stays cool and comfy even when your baby is sleeping. It’s ready for use as soon as baby is born, measuring 11.4x 7.6 inches.

Bliss n’ Baby Head Shaping Organic Cotton Pillow

This baby pillow is made to help alleviate strain on your child’s skull, making it ideal for babies with flat heads. Cloud-shaped and filled with memory foam for extra softness and comfort, this pillow will keep your baby from rolling over and from developing cradle cap. This flat head pillow is ideal for use in bassinets, strollers, cribs, and car seats and is lightweight and portable for use from birth. Your baby’s delicate skin will appreciate the hypoallergenic, detachable, machine-washable fitted cover that is both cool and pleasant. The infant can start using the 11.4 x 7.6-inch device immediately upon birth.

The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification and the use of cotton and polyester ensure a hypoallergenic environment for your infant. The 3D mesh’s ability to absorb both water and thermal energy means it may be used to great advantage as a cooling mechanism. With such high-quality breathability, you can rest assured that your infant will be cozy. When messes or buildup arise, simply wash as usual—either by hand and dry flat or in the washing machine and tumble dry. Its sturdy construction eliminates the need to worry about deformation over time. As a bonus, it comes with a bib!

Pillows are available in a single pattern featuring woodland animals, but are appropriate for both sexes.

JOLGOO Baby Head Shaping Pillow

Reasons to love it: The JOLGOO’s innovative ergonomic design does a terrific job of molding your baby’s head. No matter how your infant wears or utilizes it, the cotton material will allow for adequate ventilation. In order to shape the cushion to your baby’s head, it is comprised of memory foam. The pressure is reduced at the key points where it is most needed for the purpose of shape correction.

Pillows might be unsettling due of the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. While it’s important to constantly keep an eye on your child when they’re using a pillow, the cocoon shape of this cushion and its firm center are specifically designed to promote healthy development. As a matter of fact, it works wonderfully in any environment.

Keep in mind that the single color option is a neutral gray that will work with a wide variety of color schemes.

Boppy Preferred Head and Neck Support

This pillow is fantastic since it looks like a sweet little monster is cuddling your infant while providing full-body and head support. The cute style makes practicality fun. The baby’s head and neck will receive the necessary support from the pillow’s cutout, and any excess pressure that could lead to a flat head will be relieved. It’s minky soft, and the design works with a five-point harness, so you can use it in a swing or stroller.

This support pillow is a wonderful addition to the Boppy line, which is already well-known for its nursing pillows. In addition, it can be cleaned in the washing machine, which is a huge convenience while caring for infants.

Bear in mind that while the monster design is appropriate for all sexes, a pink princess design is also available for those who want a more feminine look.

Cherish Baby Care Baby Flat Head Shaping Pillow

This head-molding pillow has been designed with your security in mind, which is why it’s so amazing. Because of the memory foam and the concave shape in the middle, your baby’s neck will be supported comfortably. Preventative ergonomics mean it can be used soon after delivery, too.

On top of the protective inner cover, you get two machine washable cotton covers. This puts your mind at ease when one gets messy. With no zippers or snaps, you know your little one is safe and comfortable. You can use it anywhere and for any child thanks to its size and neutral tone.

In addition to the padded inside cover, you will also receive two removable, machine-washable cotton coverings. When one of these situations gets nasty, you may rest easy knowing this is in place. The lack of fasteners ensures that your baby will be both secure and comfy. The small size and gender-neutral coloring make it suitable for use in any setting and with any young child.

Humble Baby Head Shaping Pillow

Why it’s great: This pillow offers everything you need in a support pillow at an affordable price. It is made of premium memory foam that reduces the pressure on your baby’s head that leads to flat head problems. The memory foam is covered with 100% organic cotton, which is soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. Plus, it comes with a bamboo pillowcase that’s super soft and silky. It’s also easy to remove and can be machine washed, making it super easy and convenient to clean. Humble Baby offers a 60-day warranty to guarantee your satisfaction, so you know the quality must be good.

This pillow is fantastic since it provides all the necessary features in a support pillow at a reasonable price. The high-quality memory foam construction alleviates the stress that can cause a baby’s skull to flatten. 100% organic cotton provides a soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic cover for the memory foam. It also includes a luxuriously smooth pillowcase made from bamboo. In addition to being convenient to clean, it can be removed without difficulty and machine washed. If Humble Baby is confident enough in the quality to offer a 60-day guarantee, then you can rest assured that the product is of high quality.

TinyYears Baby Head Shaping Pillow for Infants

The reason it’s so amazing is that it fulfills all the requirements for a good support cushion without breaking the bank. The high-quality memory foam construction alleviates the strain that might cause flat-headedness in infants. Covering the memory foam is soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic organic cotton. In addition, a luxuriously smooth and soft pillowcase made from bamboo is included. It’s simple to take off and wash in the washing machine, thus simplifying maintenance. As you can see, Humble Baby is confident in the quality of their products because they give a 60-day warranty.

This cushion is amazing since it fulfills all the requirements for a support pillow while remaining inexpensive. The top-notch memory foam construction helps prevent the flat-head syndrome that can affect infants. Soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic organic cotton covers the memory foam. In addition, a luxuriously soft and smooth pillowcase made from bamboo is included. It’s simple to remove and wash in the machine, thus simplifying maintenance. Having a 60-day satisfaction guarantee means the quality is guaranteed by Humble Baby.

How To Choose The Right Baby Flat Head Pillow

  • Material

The cushion should be made of a hypoallergenic material and, ideally, be made entirely of organic, skin-friendly components. Cotton might be a great outer cover because it’s smooth and gentle against their skin. Using memory foam for the infill is a fantastic idea since it provides ample support and contours to the form of your baby’s head, maintaining that head in a healthy, upright position.

  • Size

The softness of the pillow is important for your baby’s comfort. If it’s too small, they risk having their heads slip out of the top and sleeping in an awkward posture. If you use a cushion that is appropriately sized for your infant, he or she will be able to rest with their head in a neutral, relaxed position. If you’re constantly on the road, a smaller pillow is preferable because it may be utilized in a variety of settings, including strollers, cribs, bassinets, and play mats. That way, no matter how or where you lay your baby down, their head will be propped up. A standard infant pillow should measure around 12 by 16 inches.

  • Comfort

A baby pillow that is either too soft or too firm can be irritating to their delicate neck and head. If the cushion is too low, your infant’s head may slip off while sleeping, and if it’s too high, your child’s neck and head may be strained. Finding a happy medium between a soft and firm pillow is ideal. You can make this happen by pressing and releasing the pillow. It could be too soft and lead to suffocating if it doesn’t return to its former shape. If it does not collapse under gentle pressure, the cushion is soft enough for your baby. When you press on a good cushion, it should spring back into shape instantly.

  • Shape

All baby flat head pillows are designed with a concave depression at the pillow’s center that is used to prop up a sleeping baby’s head. This will stop them from tossing and turning all night long. Some come in cute prints and patterns, but it’s important to get one with a design that provides the most protection for your child’s head.

  • Breathability

This improves your child’s comfort and enables for the circulation of warm air during cold weather and cool air during hot weather. In order to ensure your child’s comfort, you should choose a head shaper that allows air to circulate.

  • Simple maintenance

There will inevitably be drool and vomit while dealing with infants, so it’s important to select a pillow that can be cleaned quickly and easily. While some fabrics may be machine-washable, others may not hold their form well and may take forever to dry. Some require hand washing only, while others can be put in the washing machine. It’s up to you to decide which option is best.

  • The density of the cushion.

If the pillow is too thin, it can put unnecessary stress on your baby’s neck. A thickness of 2 to 3 inches is recommended.

  • Components of the fill

Babies have extremely sensitive skin, thus it’s important that their cushion is made of hypoallergenic materials to prevent any allergic reactions. Being a parent requires you to know exactly what your child’s pillow contains. As a filler material, cotton excels because it is hypoallergenic, allows for air circulation, and is sufficiently stiff. Hypoallergenic foam also helps to align the spine and neck, and encourages an ideal sleeping posture, but may cause allergies. Polyester is strong, yet lightweight, hypoallergenic, and odorless. They endure a long time and are simple to maintain, but their higher price tag is a drawback.

  • Testing and Approval for Safety

A product’s certification shows that it has passed rigorous health and safety tests. In other words, it’s proof that the pillow meets minimum standards for infant safety. It is recommended that you search for pillows that have received safety certification.

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You need not worry if your child displays signs of flat head syndrome. Even though your child’s head will develop normally, you can aid that process by giving them a flat head cushion to sleep on. In order to provide the most restful sleep for your infant, a flat head cushion that conforms to the curve of his or her head is recommended. However, while buying a pillow, you must consider the material, filling, design, and quality for safe and long-lasting use. You should check that it is comfortable, hypoallergenic, and a good fit for your baby’s head size. We hope our list of the best flathead pillows for babies can help you analyze the available options.


What is flat head (plagiocephaly)?

You need not worry if your child displays signs of flat head syndrome. Even though your child’s head will develop normally, you can aid that process by giving them a flat head cushion to sleep on. In order to provide the most restful sleep for your infant, a flat head cushion that conforms to the curve of his or her head is recommended. However, for safe and long-lasting use, you should think about the pillow’s material, filling, design, and quality while shopping for one. You should check that it is comfortable, hypoallergenic, and a good fit for your baby’s head size. We created this list of the top flathead baby pillows in the hopes that it would help you narrow down the possibilities.

If your child displays signs of flat head syndrome, you need not be alarmed. A flat head pillow might aid in your child’s natural head development. While sleeping, your baby will be most at ease with a flat head pillow that conforms to the curve of his or her skull. It’s important to think about the pillow’s durability, safety, and comfort while shopping for one. Make sure it’s comfortable, has no allergens, and fits your baby’s head size. Hopefully, you’ll find our rundown of the top flathead baby pillows useful in narrowing down your search.

The presence of flat head syndrome symptoms in your child is not cause for alarm. The shape of your child’s head will change as they grow, but a flat head pillow can aid in this process. A flat head cushion is best for your infant because it will conform to the shape of his or her head when sleeping. If you want one that will last and keep you safe, though, you should think about the pillow’s construction, filling, style, and quality before making a purchase. Make sure it fits your baby’s head snugly, is comfortable, and is made of hypoallergenic material. To help you narrow down the possibilities, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the top 10 flathead pillows for infants.

You need not worry if your child displays signs of flat head syndrome. Even though your child’s head will develop normally, you can aid that process by giving them a flat head cushion to sleep on. In order to provide the most restful sleep for your infant, a flat head cushion that conforms to the curve of his or her head is recommended. However, for safe and long-lasting use, you should think about the pillow’s material, filling, design, and quality while shopping for one. You should check that it is comfortable, hypoallergenic, and a good fit for your baby’s head size. We created this list of the top flathead baby pillows in the hopes that it would help you narrow down the possibilities.

The vast majority of manufacturers advertise their products as safe for use beginning at birth, yet this claim has never been verified by scientific study. You shouldn’t have to worry that your baby’s pillow is too little for him or her to sleep safely.

Plagiocephaly, or flat head syndrome, is extremely common in infants and shouldn’t be a cause for panic. Specialized pillows for this condition are highly efficient in reshaping your child’s head. Babies with stiff neck muscles have a greater propensity to sleep on their backs, which can cause a flat head. In moderate situations, this issue usually resolves itself over time, but a flat head can be avoided with the help of the correct baby cushion. We hope that our evaluation of the 15 best flat head pillows for babies will assist you in making the best possible selection for your child’s head.

What causes flat head syndrome?

The first few months of a baby’s life are crucial for brain development, therefore their heads are very pliable and soft. This makes it easier for them to get a flat head by sleeping in an abnormal position. It will be a few months before they can move their heads or use their necks.

How do I know if my baby has plagiocephaly?

The peculiar form (flat, pointed, or parallelogram-like) will be the first thing you notice, or your doctor may bring it up during a checkup. Seek medical advice if you are concerned about the size or shape of your child’s head.

What can I do to prevent flat head syndrome?

If your infant has plagiocephaly and you want to prevent it, you might put them to sleep on their stomach. Babies under a year old shouldn’t sleep on their bellies, though, because of the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (they may be unable to turn their heads fully). Unfortunately, side sleeping might cause a condition called flat head syndrome in your infant.

Do flat head pillows really work?

The use of flat head pillows has been a great help to many parents. Positive outcomes can be attained without extensive investigation.

Can babies use pillows?

Babies of any age can use a cushion, but due to the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, their use should be closely monitored.


Being a parent is hard work, but not everything about it needs to be complicated. It’s preferable to take the initiative, yet we often find ourselves directing our efforts toward a course correction instead. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, we hope this article was useful in guiding you toward the right flat head pillow purchase. Everyone here is just trying their best, and if you weren’t already here, you’d have to admit that yours is very good!

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