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Nolah and Layla, two of the most popular mattress brands, both provide memory foam and hybrid mattresses. Nolah Original mattress and Layla memory foam mattress will be compared in this article. The Layla is a flippable mattress, however the Nolah is not. Both of these mattresses are made entirely of foam.

By analyzing their advantages and negatives, their constructions, general feel, and whose sleepers I think each mattress is best for, I hope this comparative study might assist you in making an informed decision about which mattress to purchase.

Short on time but yet want to learn everything there is to know about it? You can read the gist of my review now and come back later to finish it.

Nolah vs Layla: Similarities and Differences

Even though both Nolah and Layla are made of foam, they have very different textures, making them better suited to people who prefer one over the other when it comes to mattresses. There are two sides to the Layla, one soft and one firm, while the Nolah Original has a medium-hard feel and is not flippable.

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Main Similarities 

  • Both mattresses provide a pleasant night’s sleep thanks to their excellent temperature regulation. The Layla is created with copper-gel memory foam, which sleeps cooler than typical memory foam and provides some good airflow, while the Nolah uses AirFoamTM.
  • This implies that you won’t experience movement from one side of the bed to the other on either mattress.
  • There is little bounce in these mattresses, so you’ll feel more like you’re inside of them rather than on top of them.

Main Differences 

  • It’s possible that the Layla is a better alternative for budget-conscious consumers than the Nolah.
    While the Layla can be flipped, the Nolah can’t be flipped and has a medium–firm feel.
  • Unlike the Layla, the Nolah features a copper-gel memory foam layer, which is unique to the Layla.
  • In terms of sinkage, contouring and pressure relief, both of these foam layers are excellent, but they do it at a lower temperature than standard memory foam.

What Do These Mattresses Feel Like? 

These mattresses’ firmness, pressure-relieving powers, and bounce levels will be discussed in this section. Please check out my Nolah mattress review and Layla mattress review if you are interested in learning more about these mattresses.



As for hardness, I gave the Nolah an overall score of 6.5, with 1 representing the least solid support and 10 representing the most firm support. Because of this, the Nolah mattress is a true medium-firmness bed. As a result, you’ll have excellent pressure alleviation while also receiving excellent back support. Back sleepers, in particular, would benefit from it because a medium-firm mattress provides the support they require for a balanced spinal alignment while also relieving pressure on the lumbar region. If you’re a strict side sleeper, you may find this mattress too firm, while stomach sleepers may find it too soft.

The Nolah, like many other all-foam mattresses, isn’t a very springy sleep surface. This is a bed that will make you feel more like you’re lying in it than on top of it, and it lacks response. The Nolah isn’t the best option for combo sleepers because of this lack of bounce, which is necessary for easy position changes during the night.

Despite its lack of bounce, the Nolah excels at motion isolation. As a result, you won’t be bothered by motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other. Couples who don’t want to be bothered by their partner’s snoring at night will be pleased to hear this.

Edge support is another feature that affects the overall feel of a mattress. You won’t have to worry about falling out of bed if your mattress has sufficient edge support. As a whole, I’d say the Nolah’s edge support was adequate. On the side, I didn’t feel like I was going to tumble out of bed, but I didn’t feel as supported as I did in the middle of the mattress.


One side of the Layla is softer, while the other is firmer, as previously mentioned. My rating for the firmness of the mattress was 7.5 out of 10 for the soft side and 5.5 out of 10 for the firm side. For reference, a medium-firm mattress has an average firmness of 6.5; this means that the soft side is significantly softer. For side sleepers, I’d pick the Layla’s soft side, which provides the sinkage needed to alleviate pressure points in the hips and shoulders. In contrast, the Layla’s hard side is a lot firmer than the medium-firm side, thus it’s best suited for back and stomach sleepers who prefer a more firm sensation.

The Layla, like the Nolah, isn’t a springy mattress. In general, memory foam mattresses don’t have a lot of bounce, but they do an excellent job of isolating movement. Couples who don’t want to hear or feel their spouse move about the bed would appreciate the Layla, while combo sleepers who prefer to be able to move freely on the mattress may want to go elsewhere.

As for Layla’s edge support, I’d say it’s slightly better than the Nolah’s, but it’s still mediocre. Because you can utilize the entire surface area of a mattress with good edge support, it appears to be more spacious. Couples and people who tend to weigh more than the average person should pay close attention to this, as they will need all the space they can obtain from their mattress.

Comparing What it’s Like to Sleep on the Nolah and the Layla

Your mattress decision should be based on your personal preferences and requirements. It is important to consider your weight and preferred sleeping position when choosing a mattress. Nolah and Layla are ready to put their best foot forward!


Back — The Nolah mattress’ plush cushioning is ideal for back sleepers who like a softer feel.

Side — This group will be wowed by the plush Nolah! There are no compromises when it comes to providing you with the best possible pressure relief and body-contouring properties in its design.

Stomach — There’s a good chance that the Nolah will be too soft for these people. Hip discomfort or joint pain could be caused by this excessive amount of sinkage in the hip. Instead, I’d advise these sleepers to try one of our firmest mattresses.

Body Weight — Heavy sleepers will want a more durable mattress, such as one of our top picks for heavy sleepers. In my opinion, the Nolah mattress is ideal for back sleepers, but it is likely to be too hard for side sleepers and too soft for stomach sleepers.



Back — The harder side of the Layla should be preferred by most average-weight back sleepers, but it may be too firm for some others.. They won’t be able to handle the soft side.

Side — The Layla’s plush side should be ideal for those who like a softer mattress.

Stomach — Layla’s firm side is ideal for stomach sleepers since it keeps the hips and shoulders aligned.

Body Weight — Heavier sleepers should avoid the Layla, in my opinion. However, I believe that Layla’s soft side will appeal to light back and side sleepers. When it comes to stomach sleepers, the firmer the mattress, the better!

Layla vs. Nolah Compared Side-by-Side

CoverPolyester blended with viscose, lycra, and ThermoGel®Tencel™ material
MaterialsCopper-infused memory foam, high-density poly foam, convoluted support foamAirFoam™ and polyfoams
CoolingCopper wicks away memory foam heat, and the convoluted layer promotes airflow.Tencel™ cover and AirFoam™
Firmness4 or 7/104.5/10
Motion TransferMinimalMinimal
Edge SupportGoodGood
SinkageDeep HugGentle Cradle
Trial Period120 nights120 nights
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingShips to U.S. and CanadaShips for free to the contiguous United States.
Made in the USAYesYes
SizeLayla Price (w/o discount)Nolah Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$849$899
Cali King$1,249$1,449

Comparing Nolah and Layla Mattress Materials

The next step is to examine the inner workings of each of these mattresses, which I’ll do by peeling back the layers. Layla and Nolah are both all-foam mattresses, but their constructions are somewhat different, so let’s take a closer look.



  • Cover — The Nolah’s Tencel cover is breathable and moisture-wicking, making it ideal for hot sleepers. Tencel is also comprised of recyclable materials, which may appeal to eco-conscious consumers.
  • Comfort Layer — Nolah AirFoamTM is the next layer. Unlike regular memory foam, this layer doesn’t trap heat and provides the same body contouring and sinkage.
  • Transition Layer — As a transition layer, Nolah’s high-resilience foam serves. This layer of foam is firmer than the AirFoamTM layer and has a latex-like texture.
  • Foundation Layer — A layer of high-density foam forms the Nolah’s base layer. Often used in mattress bases, it provides a good deal of support.


  • Cover – A thick polyester blend is used to create the Layla duvet cover. It has a squishy, cuddly feel to it.
  • Comfort Layer – Copper-infused memory foam fills the 3-inch-thick comfort layer when the soft side is turned up. Memory foam’s body-contouring and sinking properties make this substance ideal for relieving stress. However, its copper infusion helps disperse body heat, counteracting the heat-trapping properties of typical memory foam.
  • Transition Layer – After that, you’ll come to a poly foam layer. Memory foam sinks into your body, but this layer is harder than the one above it and helps prevent that.
  • Support Layer – The mattress’s support layer is a 4-inch layer of high-density poly foam. With the soft side facing up, this layer serves as the foundation. If you like a firm mattress, this transitional layer of support foam becomes a firm transitional layer for the lower back and hips.
  • Base Layer – Memory foam infused with copper forms the layer’s foundation. Because it’s only an inch high, you won’t notice it if the bed is positioned softly. In a firm bed, this layer serves as the bed’s “comfort layer.”

Nolah vs Layla: Best Qualities

Let’s evaluate all we’ve learned about the Layla and Nolah mattresses before we wrap up our review. Let me give you a quick rundown on the top characteristics in each of these mattresses.

Nolah Best Features

  • For back sleepers, the Nolah Original is the best option. It will provide a good balance of comfort and support.
  • In our motion transfer test, the Nolah did fairly well, which suggests that you won’t be bothered by a snoring companion because the mattress will absorb most of their movement.
  • This mattress has a layer of Nolah AirFoamTM that keeps you cool while you sleep.

Layla Best Features

  • You get two beds in one with the Layla, which is a flippable mattress that has a soft side and a firm side. There are a number of different types of sleeping positions that are best suited to different types of sleepers.
  • The Layla’s copper-infused memory foam helps dissipate heat as you sleep.
  • For couples, the Layla is an excellent choice. You won’t be disturbed by your partner’s nightly twitches thanks to this mattress.

Should I Buy Layla or Nolah?

There is no doubt that these beds are excellent. To assist you make a final decision, here are some thoughts.

We Would Recommend Buying Layla if You are Looking for:

  • Adjustable Firmness. It’s as simple as flipping the mattress over to determine the right firmness for your customers. For the price of one bed, you get two!
  • Slow responding memory foam. Memory foam fans won’t be dissatisfied with this product’s deep hugging, delayed response foams.
  • Even weight distribution. Incorporating copper into the memory foam of this bed helps it distribute the weight of a person’s body more evenly. Layla’s copper-covered support system fills the void left by other memory beds.

We Would Recommend Buying Nolah if You are Looking for:

  • Cool sleeping foam. Through the use of Nolah AirFoamTM, the company has made significant strides in the field of temperature control. The goal of this design is to keep the sleeper at a comfortable temperature.
  • Side sleeping comfort. This company has been recognized as one of the best for side sleepers. Because of its contoured comfort, clients are able to fall asleep pleasantly every night.
  • Lightweight Sleeper Options. The Nolah’s velvety softness should be ideal for tiny sleepers who have difficulty activating deeper layers on firmer mattresses.

Final Thoughts

What’s the verdict, then? Is Layla’s memory foam the conventional choice? Nolah AirFoamTM, for example, claims to provide the solution to a restless night’s sleep.

With both businesses offering substantial 120-night trial periods, you can test their products in your own home if you don’t like them. The second choice is always an option if the first one doesn’t exactly fit.

Remember to check out our in-depth evaluations for more information on both of these beds. It’s time to go shopping!

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