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If you wake up in discomfort after sleeping on a new mattress, it’s likely that you either a softer or a firmer model. Your decision to buy a new bed may have come after you tried out a variety of options in our showrooms or did considerable research online. If you’re still having trouble sleeping despite your best efforts, it’s possible that adjusting the firmness or softness of your mattress will provide some relief.

Adjusting the hardness level of your mattress doesn’t require a lot of money or effort. In order to have a good night’s sleep at the end of the day, there are a few simple actions that you may do. There are many techniques to make a mattress softer or firmer, and we’ll go over them here.

Why Mattress Firmness Level is Crucial for Sleep

Selecting the proper firmness level for your body type and sleeping position is key to finding the ideal mattress for you. To alleviate the pressure on their shoulders and hips, side sleepers require a medium, medium-soft, or soft mattress. A good amount of padding will help alleviate pressure points on your shoulders and hips while you sleep on your side.

How To Make a Mattress Softer or Firmer - Amerisleep

To keep their spines in a neutral position, back sleepers require a medium or medium-firm mattress. Avoiding spinal misalignment is easier if the mattress is firmer, as it reduces sinkage beneath your back. Misalignment of the spine can cause back discomfort, neck pain, and muscle stiffness, among other symptoms.

Those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs need a firm mattress to provide them with extra support. This decreases the risk of waking up with a painful back.

A medium-firm mattress is ideal for combination sleepers, whose sleeping positions shift throughout the night.

Because softer mattresses are more sensitive to pressure than firmer ones, small people who sleep need softer mattresses. People who weigh more than 130 pounds will appreciate how much softer these plush mattresses get when they put weight on them. People of average and larger size often complain about their mattresses sinking beneath them as they sleep, resulting in a misaligned spine. Plus-size sleepers necessitate a firmer mattress, while the average sleeper requires a medium firmness.

Making A Mattress Softer

You expected a cloud-like sleeping experience, but your new bed feels like a bench. There are a few things you can do to make your bed softer and more comfy, so don’t worry.

In other words, evaluating mattresses after a long day at work when you should have been resting on a pleasant bed was a mistake. Your new bed has arrived, but it’s too stiff. Alternatively, if you’ve shifted to sleeping on your side, you’ll require a mattress that can support your arm without causing you to wake up to a lifeless limb. Or perhaps you have a new roommate who wants a softer mattress to sleep on. Whatever the reason, you can rest confident that there are a number of simple ways to make your bed a little cozier.

First, let’s discuss the benefits of having a softer mattress, and then we’ll look at different ways to soften your mattress.

Is Your Bed Too Firm?

When we talk about “firmness” in our Slumber Yard mattress reviews, we mean it in a comparative sense, so keep that in mind.

Consistency Is Not Fixed. To describe firmness, one must take into account one’s weight and body type. As one gets heavier, they will sink deeper into a mattress, which will make it feel softer and cozier to them. When it comes to small people, the converse is true—the lighter you are, the more likely you are to find yourself on top of the mattress rather than in it. As a result, tiny persons may have a more difficult time locating a mattress that feels good to the touch.

However, we’ve noticed that heavy people will sink through the comfort layers of some mattresses and end up more on top of the poly foam or coil foundation layers, making the bed seem very solid. These symptoms indicate that you require a firmer, more durable mattress.

Take a Look at How You’re Lying Down. When deciding on the firmness level of your mattress, it’s also crucial to consider your sleeping style. Firmer surfaces are typically needed by those who sleep on their backs, as well as those who sleep on their stomachs. Hips sink too far into the bed, causing the spine to arch, if the mattress is too soft for back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers will benefit from a softer mattress with greater give in the hips and shoulders to reduce pressure points. Sleeping on a mattress that’s excessively firm might induce constrictions in the blood flow in your arms and hips, which can result in tingling or complete loss of sensation in these areas.

It’s also critical to keep your spine in the correct position, whether you’re sleeping on your back or side. If you want to soften a mattress, keep this in mind.

Decide on the Mattress That’s Right for You. Many people prefer a softer mattress to a firmer one because they find it more comfortable. For people with diseases like scoliosis or fibromyalgia, this can be very important. We should be able to sleep well, given that we spend a third of our waking hours sleeping, which equates to approximately a third of our life asleep. It’s also critical to keep your spine in the correct position, whether you’re sleeping on your back or side. If you want to soften a mattress, keep this in mind.

When it comes to mattresses, there are a lot of options out there.

How To Make a Mattress Softer

Break In Your New Mattress

Your new bed may just need some time to get used to before it feels right. Your mattress, like a new pair of shoes, benefits from some break-in time. Instead of walking about your bed for a few minutes each day to speed up the breaking-in process, you can simply sleep on it night after night as usual. Having your children (or borrowing your sister’s children) come and jump on it will help it become more malleable more swiftly. New mattresses can take up to 60 days to break in, according to the majority of mattress manufacturers. A free Comfort+ Kit (a foam topper) is available if you’re unhappy with the mattress’ firmness but Novosbed won’t accept returns before 60 days have passed.

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Check Your Trial Period

Most online mattress firms provide trial periods during which you can try out the bed in your own house before making a complete purchase commitment to the brand new mattress.. Typically, a 100-night trial term is offered by most corporations, but some brands provide longer trials. For example, Nectar provides a one-year free trial. To see if you qualify for a free return and refund, check to see if your mattress is still in its trial period. Most companies will come to your home and remove the mattress for you, as well.

Flip The Bed

Make use of the opposite side of your mattress if it is flippable. Layla, for example, offers mattresses that vary in hardness from one side to the other, so you may prefer the softer feel of the opposite side. In addition, to avoid sagging or indentations that will last, we always suggest rotating your mattress on a seasonal basis. The comfort layers of your bed may have been compacted if you have persistent indentations in your mattress. Try moving your hips and shoulders around a bit to see if that makes a difference. It’s important to keep in mind that sagging and imprints can be a clue that it’s time to buy a new mattress.

Warm It Up For Comfort

Mattress materials such as memory foam and airy polyurethane foam can be temperature sensitive. A warm environment will assist the bed soften, similar to how memory foam encourages you to sink into the foam as it absorbs your body heat. A heated blanket or flannel sheets might help keep you warm in the colder months. Making your bed more comfortable can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

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Get A Mattress Topper To Make The Bed Softer

Amazon has a plethora of possibilities, and they’re significantly less expensive than purchasing a new bed. Extra pressure reduction or body contouring can be achieved with several types of mattress toppers. For a softer sensation, we suggest a thick memory foam, goose down, or wool topper. Be aware that egg crate style toppers can sometimes be overly rough and irritating to delicate sleepers, so keep this in mind while shopping for bedding. Toppers are more luxurious than mattress pads because they are both thicker and plusher. The Casper Topper and the Linenspa Topper are two examples of excellent goods.

If All Else Fails, Just Get A Softer Mattress

The hardness of your mattress is critical to your spinal health, as we discussed in the introduction. Obesity, back pain, and other health problems can be exacerbated by sleeping in a bed that is excessively firm, sagging, or old. If these suggestions don’t work, it may be time to get a new mattress. If you need help deciding which mattress is ideal for you, you may take our Mattress Finder Quiz.

How to Make Your Bed Comfortable

You know those days when you can’t wait to go home, cuddle up in your pajamas, and unwind? Isn’t this heaven? To ensure that my bed is the most comfortable place in the house, I employ a layering technique that I’ve discovered. The sensation of softness and elegance permeates every part of. For a restful night of sleep, these are my top four picks:

  1. When it’s chilly outside, nothing is more comforting than soft flannel bedding. When it’s hot outside, I use jersey, t-shirt sheets instead of blankets. Such a plush feel.
  2. If you’re a side sleeper, a memory foam mattress topper might help alleviate pressure points on your hips and shoulders. The ideal amount of cradling support is provided by a memory foam topper.
  3. Get a quilted mattress pad cover to keep your topper in place while also serving as an additional layer of padding for your mattress.
  4. It’s nice to snuggle with someone, but I don’t always want a hot, sweaty human with dragon breath occupying my space. That’s why my body cushion is so important to me. Having a snuggling partner is great, but it comes with a few negatives as well.


Do firm mattresses get softer?

Within the first 50 to 60 nights of regular use, all mattresses soften. This period is referred to as the natural break-in period. As a result of this natural break-in process though, the extra firmness of the new mattress is lessened.

Do mattress toppers help in firming up or softening your bed?

You can change the feel of your mattress by using mattress toppers. Adding a thick memory foam mattress topper can give your mattress a plusher feel. Toppers made of memory foam can range in thickness from two to four inches. Firmer memory foam, compact wool, or latex mattress toppers can help firm up your mattress. With their firmness and support, they help you get the most out of your mattress.

Your Complete Guide To Mattress Firmness Scales | 2022

Do I need a firm or soft mattress?

Your body weight and sleeping position both play a role in this. The correct firmness level for you is provided by a good mattress. Soft or medium-soft beds are better for side sleepers, while medium-firm or hard beds are best for back and stomach sleeping.

Stomach sleeping isn’t recommended because it can put stress on your spine and lead to health issues including back or neck pain. Those who sleep in a variety of positions during the night want a mattress with the right amount of firmness and softness. A medium-sized bed can help them have a better night’s sleep.

A softer mattress is best for individuals who weigh less than 130 pounds, while a firmer mattress is best for those who weigh more than 230 pounds. A medium mattress is ideal for people who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds.

How do you firm up a sagging mattress?

Bunkies are a cheap and easy way to firm up a drooping mattress. However, this is not a long-term solution for your mattress’s lifespan. Sagging can be corrected or replaced by contacting the mattress manufacturer if you notice it during the warranty term. Within the warranty term, most mattress firms will repair or replace mattresses with a sag of more than 1 inch. There are certain brands that provide lifetime warranties, which are typically 10, 20, or 25 years.

Can you flip a pillow top mattress to make it firmer?

There is no way to flip a pillow-top mattress. In order to make the mattress more comfortable, they have an additional layer of padding on top of it. You can’t gain the benefits of a pillow top mattress’s cushioning layer if you flip it. Flipping is not possible on most modern-day mattresses, except for those identified as double-sided beds.

Is memory foam too soft?

The stiffness of memory foam mattresses ranges from extra-soft to extra-firm. To accommodate different body types and sleeping positions, a variety of alternatives are available. Mattress toppers might help make your existing memory foam mattress feel firmer if it’s too soft.

Does a hard bed cause back pain?

Back pain can result from sleeping on a bed that is either too hard or too soft. If it’s excessively stiff, your pressure points (hips, shoulders, and torso) will be pushed, which will lead to alignment issues. Even if you’re not placing much weight on your arm, a hard mattress can cause it to fall asleep.

Why does a new mattress feel firm?

It can take some time for some types of mattresses to become used to when they’re first purchased. Memory foam, in particular, is prone to this. To save on shipping costs, some internet retailers package their beds in boxes. As soon as a corporation does this, it will already be soft. A few days of adjustment are expected if your new bed arrives intact. It could take up to a month. In the same way that you have to break in a pair of shoes before you can wear them normally, the same holds true for this product.

Does adding plywood underneath the bed make it firmer?

Yes, I’m sure of it! If you have a boxspring, you don’t need to do this. Otherwise, the same effect can be achieved using a sturdy platform structure.

Can I make my memory foam mattress firmer?

Yes, it is possible to firm up a memory foam mattress in a few different methods. Sleeping in a chilly environment is a good place to start. Foam material hardens at lower temperatures. Another option is to get a mattress topper that is firm.


If your bed is too soft or too firm, you won’t be able to get a good night’s sleep, and you won’t be able to relax and revitalize. Having a bad night’s sleep might have a negative impact on your productivity the following day. Adjust your bed’s firmness setting to avoid this impact. If your mattress is more than seven to eight years old and starting to sag, you may want to consider getting a new one. Over time, mattresses degrade and become uncomfortable to sleep on.

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