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Who knew folding a fitted sheet could be so challenging? Even the calmest individual can become enraged by the task of reshaping those rounded corners into a more squared-off shape.

It’s difficult to fold a fitted sheet because it’s not so obvious. You can’t just hold up a sheet of paper and know what to do instantly. When it comes to folding a fitted sheet, we’ve done our best to make it as simple as possible.

So here’s the deal: You’ll need to watch this video at least two or three times and read the instructions below a number of times before you’re comfortable using this. So don’t give up on your first attempt! Keep at it, and you’ll get it eventually.

Thank you so much to Layla Sleep for supporting this video and post monetarily and providing us with some wonderful premium bamboo bed linens to use in our presentation. Their mattress and pillow are top-notch, too!

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet (The Easy Way!)

You’ll never be the same after you fold that sheet. In no time at all, you’ll be wow everyone with your linen folding prowess.

If you’re not a big fan of videos, here’s a breakdown:

1. The Setup

Place your hands in the corners of the sheet, starting with the longest side facing you.


2. Turn Corners Inside Out

Make a 180-degree turn with the corners.


3. Swap Hands

Switching corners will be necessary (so your hands are now holding the opposite corners from what they started with).


4. Face Elastic Towards You

The elastic on the sheet should now be facing you once you’ve swapped hands.


5. Hands Back In Corners

Get back into the corners of the bedsheets with your hands.


6. Hold Sheet Back Up

You should be able to see the seam of the sheet when the sheet is laid out lengthwise again.


7. Bring Your Hands Together

This time the sheet should be laid out lengthwise, and the seam should be clearly visible.


8. Flip The Corner Over

Now that everything is on your left hand, flip the right-hand corner over to the left-hand corner.


9. Free Up Your Right Hand

Suddenly, you’ve got everything in your left hand.


10. Swap Hands Under The Sheet

Switch hands by putting your right hand under the sheet.


11. Free Up Your Left Hand

This means that you can now use your left hand to search for the other corner of the sheet with your right hand.


12. Find The Other Corner

Find the sheet’s last corner. If the seams don’t line up, you’ll have to wiggle.


13. Hold Your Sheet Back Up

You should now have both hands back in the corners of the bed sheet.


14. Look For A U-Shape

A “U” shape is formed when you hold the sheet up, with the elastic part creating an upside-down “U”.


15. Place Sheet On The Bed

Lay your fitted sheet on the bed, keeping your hands in both corners. Keep an eye on the “U” shape the elastic is making and the outline of the four corners.


16. Work Fabric To Create Corners

In order to achieve square-like edges, work the edges. When compared to bamboo or jersey knit, cotton sheets may be a little more rigid and easier to work with.


17. Look For Squared-Off Corners

Make sure the corners of your fitted sheet are squared off and that it looks more like a flat sheet.


18. Fold In Thirds Vertically

It’s hot dog time! Fold your sheet vertically in thirds.


19. Fold In Thirds Horizontally

Fold the sheet horizontally (hamburger style!) on the other side.


20. You’re Done

The corners of your fitted sheet should now be perfectly squared.. Thanks for the hard work, you’ve earned it!


More Ways to Organize Linens

Seeing color-coded bundles neatly tied together in a bow when you open the linen closet is immensely pleasant. Using a 1 1/2-yard square of cloth inspired by Japanese furoshiki, fold each set of bed linens, including pillowcases and fitted and flat sheets. Then, group the sets together by room or sheet size and store them in the same place. With this strategy, locating the linen set you’re looking for is a breeze.

How to Tidy Up a Linen Closet

As soon as you try to grab type-fitted sheets and pillowcases that are placed next to each other in the linen closet, chaos ensues. Take a look at this alternative: Sets of all sizes should be stored in their pillowcases, with any distinguishing characteristics such as color or trim clearly apparent.

Everything is in plain sight with the perfect linen closet. Towel baskets for the beach, for example, are on the top and bottom shelves, making them accessible year-round. Extra protection is provided by the use of a drawer for vintage linens. For time-saving purposes and ease of access, group linens by kind, size, and room use. The stacks are spread apart, which allows linens to breathe and helps you to quickly locate what are looking for.

Final Thoughts

The fact that you’ve learned how to fold a fitted sheet in two distinct ways is a great accomplishment. Don’t let yourself get frustrated if you don’t get it right the first time around (it took me a week!). You’ll be a master in no time if you keep practicing. Be sure to join us on social media by like and subscribing to our YouTube channel!

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