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If you tend to get warm in your sleep, breathable sheets and a cooling mattress pad can help. Because of this, we have compiled a list of the best sheets we have ever tried. We purposefully chose a large variety of materials and designs so that everyone could find something that suited them. Read on for some tricks to maintain a cool body temperature while you sleep, after you’ve checked out my recommendations for the best cooling sheets.

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Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set

Try the Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set instead of dropping thousands on a brand new mattress if you suffer from hot, sticky mornings. These bedding pieces are not only able to wick away moisture but also keep you at a comfortable temperature. These are made from bamboo viscose, which is breathable and has a cooling effect.

Material: 100% viscose from bamboo

Weave: Sateen

Best for:

Night-wetters are a vulnerable population.

Whoever has a mattress up to 16 inches in thickness

Those who are easily irritated

Key notice:

We put these sheets through our own tests and discovered them to be very comfortable.

This set is hypoallergenic, which is great news for allergy sufferers.

These sheets have earned certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council and the OEKO-TEX.

Bamboo viscose has superior moisture-wicking and air-permeable properties.

The silky texture comes from the sateen weave.

All orders come with a 10-year warranty and are priced affordably.

I know that my allergies won’t keep me up all night thanks to the antibacterial and antiallergenic properties of bamboo.

These are the sheets I use every night, and I love how refreshingly cool they feel against my skin.

The Nolah Bamboo sheets are perfect for anyone who wants a luxuriously smooth sleeping surface.

Our team had no trouble locating this particular crease.

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Brooklinen Classic Core Sheets

This set of bamboo sheets from Brooklyn Bedding lives up to the brand’s reputation for luxurious comfort. They are breathable and chilly because bamboo has rayon fibers.

Material: 100% Long-Staple Cotton

Weave: Percale

Best for:

Those who like to sleep on sheets with vibrant patterns

Anyone desiring a hotel-like experience

Anyone who has ever had trouble figuring out how to properly position a fitted sheet

Key notice:

The sheets in this set are hypoallergenic, soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking.

If you’re looking for a luxurious and eco-friendly set of sheets, look no further than Brooklyn Bedding’s Bamboo collection.

There are four fantastic color options for the set.

The percale weave creates a cool, crisp sensation.

Using long-staple cotton means you get a fabric that is both sturdy and breathable.

If your mattress is on the taller side, you may have trouble using these sheets. You should definitely take advantage of the trial period and test the sheets’ compatibility if your bed is higher than 14 inches.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets

Since Oprah proclaimed them the softest sheets in the world, this high-end sheet set has become increasingly popular. The 300 thread count viscose from bamboo fabric is used in their construction. This helps them maintain their strength and comfort while they sleep. This set is perfect for those who prefer bamboo.

Material: 100% Viscose from Bamboo

Weave: Sateen

Best for:

Those on a vegan diet who are interested in finding a silk substitute

Those who prefer high mattresses

Eco-friendly consumers

Key notice:

If you’re in the market for something cuddly, look no further.

If you tend to get warm during the night, these are the perfect pajamas for you because they are breathable and won’t weigh you down.

Hypoallergenic and chemical-free, these sheets are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

100% bamboo viscose

Fabrics that wick away sweat are great at keeping you at a comfortable temperature.

Accommodates mattresses up to 20 inches in height.

Those on a tighter budget might prefer a more cost-effective choice.

Although bamboo is more prone to creasing than other materials, these sheets can be ironed.

Luxome Luxury Sheet Set

The silky texture of the Luxome Luxury Sheet Set will elevate the look and feel of any mattress. The bamboo viscose used to make these sheets is of the highest quality. You can expect to stay cool all night thanks to the moisture-wicking properties of this fabric. In addition, the materials used to make this set have been certified as safe for use by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

Material: 100% viscose from bamboo

Weave: Sateen

Best for:

Slumberers in hot and humid climates

People who have taller mattresses

Those who are particularly delicate in the skin department

Key notice:

They can be washed in a machine.

These sheets are suitable for use on mattresses up to 17 inches in height.

There are a variety of designs to choose from, and they all have a stunning luster.

Produced with a lightweight and breathable bamboo viscose

The silky smoothness of sateen weave.

Test-drive for a month

These sheets could be more costly than alternatives on the market.

Sleep Number True Temp Sheets

You might find these to be the perfect sheets, as they keep you at a comfortable temperature all night and don’t shift around. The Sleep Number True Temp Set is built with the company’s proprietary 37.5 technology, which adjusts to your changing body temperature all night long. Not only do they keep you at a comfortable temperature, but they also feel fresh and crisp to the touch and allow air to circulate easily.

Material: cotton, polyester, and spandex blend

Weave: sateen

Best for:

If you’re tired of your sheets shifting around on the bed or falling off the mattress.

When you sleep too warm.

For those who value variety in hue.

The True Temp top sheet is generously sized, making it ideal for couples where one person tends to take up most of the sheet.

Key notice:

Patented 37.5® Temperature Control Technology

Certification to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Snug Fit

The elasticized corners of the fitted sheet keep the bedding in place all night.

These sheets are exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting.

The sateen weave and 300 thread count both contribute to their superior quality.

This set of sheets is not particularly comfortable to sleep on.

Only queen and king sizing is available.

Puffy Sheets

A new set of sheets? You may have just found the ones you’ve been looking for if you’re a conscientious consumer. The Puffy Sheets are an allergy-free, extra-plush set of sheets made entirely from bamboo viscose.

Material: bamboo viscose

Weave: sateen

Best for:

I think these bamboo sheets would be perfect for you if you tend to get hot while sleeping.

These sheets are ideal if you enjoy the feel of silk on your skin. You could sleep on them like a cloud because of how smooth and silky they are.

You’ll be pleased to know that envelope-style pillowcases are included in this set. There will be no more cases falling off your pillows with these.

Key notice:

The sheets’ light weight is an advantage of bamboo.

Because bamboo has inherent climate-adaptive properties, these sheets are a good choice year-round.

Having achieved OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification means that the sheets have met the strictest standards for chemical safety. Because of this, they are a good option for you and your family, even if you have sensitive skin.

These sheets have roomy pockets so they can fit and stay on mattresses up to 15 inches deep.

The sheets should stay in place while you move around comfortably.

Because bamboo is a breathable and cooling material, you can rest assured that your sheets will stay put all night long.

If you’d rather have colorful sheets, you might want to look elsewhere; these are the only colors available.

Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets

The Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets are the only sateen bedding option in this review. These luxurious sheets are made from organic long-staple cotton and are guaranteed to last a long time. They’re sateen-woven, but that shouldn’t put off warm-blooded nappers. Although a sateen weave generally results in a warmer and thicker set of sheets, this set of sheets is most certainly an outlier.

Material: cotton

Weave: sateen

Best for:

The Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets are an excellent choice if you value comfort and elegance in your bedding. They add a touch of class to the bed with their subtle sheen and luxurious drape.

If you like the feel of sateen sheets but tend to overheat in bed, these might be a good option for you because of their satiny texture and breathable construction.

These organic long-staple cotton sheets will last you a long time and look great in your home.

Key notice:

These sateen sheets are the softest and airiest we’ve ever tried without sacrificing any of the benefits that are signature to this weave.

They’re silky soft, shiny, and drape gracefully over the mattress.

There are three color options to choose from, and the warranty on these sheets is good for a full year.

These sheets are silky and smooth, rather than crisp, which could be a pro or a con, depending on your own preferences.

For sateen sheets, they also tend to wrinkle quite a bit.

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Purple SoftStretch Sheets

The combination of bamboo viscose, spandex, and polyester may be the best moisture-wicking fabric. Purple’s SoftStretch sheets feature this combination, which works to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. These soft, stretchy sheets will wrap you up in comfort.

Material: rayon, spandex, and polyester

Weave: percale

Best for:

Those in search of comfort, ease, luxury, and other desirable qualities like stretchiness and breathability.

Key notice:

The fitted sheet stays in place on the mattress thanks to a special elastic band.

You can choose from six different hues.

Not only are these sheets durable, but they also resist wrinkles.

Try out these sheets risk-free for 30 days with our no-hassle return policy.

The rayon in these sheets will absorb excess moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable.

The Purple mattress is the perfect complement to these. These sheets are designed for use with a fitted sheet, but can be used with any mattress.

Miracle Sheet Set – Signature (Percale)

The Miracle Sheet Set – Signature, like most cotton sheets we’ve tested, is remarkably breathable and soft. This set of sheets is perfect for both hot and cold weather thanks to its all-cotton construction.

Material: Cotton, silver fiber

Weave: Percale

Best for:

Those who prefer a more refined look in their bedding

Customers looking for easy-care bedding

Persons who perspire excessively while sleeping

Key notice:

Produced using a 350-thread-count, breathable cotton

A percale weave produces a remarkably crisp appearance in bed linens.

Coziness is enhanced by the fabric’s softness.

Nollapelli Signature Sheet Set

If you’re looking for hotel-quality comfort and breathability, the Nollapelli Signature Sheet Set is a great choice. The sheets are made out of a special fabric that is designed to keep you dry and comfortable no matter how hot or cold it gets in your bedroom. The end product was a sheet that kept even our warmest sleepers comfortable all night long.

Material: Tencel Lyocell, Nylon, and Cotton Blend

Weave: Sateen

Best for:

Warm sleepers

Bed-owners with a high profile

Those who like silky materials

Key notice:

Adding Tencel and nylon to cotton increases suppleness.

Superb control of temperature


Boll & Branch Signature Hemmed Sheets

Boll & Branch’s Signature Hemmed Sheet Set is woven from luxuriously soft, breathable cotton. Our panel of experts unanimously agreed that these sheets were the softest they had ever tried. The pocket depth of the fitted sheets is 17 inches, which should be sufficient for the majority of mattresses on the market today.

Material: 100% organic long-staple cotton

Weave: Sateen

Best for:

Smokers in bed

Those who prefer luxuriously smooth sheets will adore these

Consumers who value organic comforters

Key notice:

The 100% cotton construction allows for unrestricted airflow.

The GOTS certification for cotton guarantees that it is sourced from organically grown plants.

The silky texture achieved by a sateen weave.

Sijo AiryWeight Eucalyptus Sheet Set

The Sijo AiryWeight Eucalyptus Sheet Set is a favorite among our warm-sleeping testers thanks to its eucalyptus-derived Tencel’s exceptional breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Top-notch Tencel fabric was used to create each and every one of these items, making them exceptionally comfortable to wear.

Material: 100% Tencel lyocell

Weave: Sateen

Best for:

Persevering nighttime perspiration is a common problem for those who

Those with mattresses no thicker than 16 inches

Those who seek value

Key notice:

A sateen weave gives Tencel fabric a luxuriously soft and smooth texture.

Seven colors and six sizes are available to pick from.

Savings potential thanks to the flat sheet’s low cost and availability.

Silk & Snow Percale Sheets

Percale-woven cotton sheets are a great option if you prefer a crisper feel to your bedding than one that clings to you. Everything we adore about this weave is included in the Silk & Snow Percale Sheet Set, and the price is right, too.

Material: 100% cotton

Weave: Percale

Best for:

Those who enjoy a fresh, crisp feel in bed

Individuals whose mattresses are no more than 15 inches thick

Discount-seeking shoppers

Key notice:

The crispness of percale-woven cotton gradually fades with use.

There are three available sets, each designed to meet a specific set of requirements for a bed.

A choice of seven colors made from all-natural pigments

SHEEX Original Performance Sheet Set

While we all have different ideas about what makes for a good night’s sleep, we can all agree that the friendly design of SHEEX’s Original Performance Sheet Set was a big win. For a more relaxed and comfortable feel, the entire collection is knit rather than woven.

Material: 87% polyester, 13% spandex

Weave: Knit

Best for:

Those who prefer a softer sleep experience often opt for knit duvet covers.

Slept like a hot sleeper

Those whose mattresses are between 14 and 18 inches in thickness

Key notice:

The knit fabric is comfortable and supple.

Each product features advanced ventilation and moisture wicking technology.

Sizes ranging from small to extra-large have deep pockets.

- $72.25 OFF SHEEX - Original Performance Sheet Set with 2 Pillowcases, Ultra-Soft Fabric Cooling and Breathes Better Than Traditional Cotton - Bright White, Queen

Sweet Zzz Organic Bamboo Sheets

Like most hotel-style sheets we try, the Sweet Zzz Organic Bamboo Sheets are incredibly smooth and breathable. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) has recognized this Sweet Zzz collection as one of the few organic bamboo-based options available at this price point.

Material: 100% GOTS-certified viscose from bamboo (400TC)

Weave: Sateen

Best for:

People who value long-term product viability typically pay a premium for sustainably produced items.

Those who prefer a swaddling-like experience while they sleep

Skin-sensitive individuals

Key notice:

Fabric that has passed the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) inspection at 100%

luxurious sateen fabric

With a 50-night sleep trial and a lifetime guarantee,


What to Consider When Buying Cooling Sheets

Choose cooling sheets with the same care you would use to select a regular sheet set. You should know that the advertising of high-end bed linens can trick you. Premium products made from high-quality materials can justify their higher prices, but some sheet manufacturers inflate thread counts to make their products seem more expensive than they actually are. You can make sure you’re getting quality sheets for your money by reading the product description carefully and asking the right questions at the store.


The composition of a sheet’s material affects nearly every aspect that matters most to customers, such as its softness, breathability, appearance, and durability. Sheets made from materials like linen, cotton, or lyocell (including Tencel) are frequently recommended for warmer climates due to their high breathability and ability to wick away moisture.


The fabric’s weave also modifies its touch, breathability, visual appeal, and other attributes. Because of their open weaves, sateen and percale are frequently used in cooling sheets. Percale sheets are typically crisp, lightweight, and matte, while sateen sheets have a slight sheen and a heavier feel.


Prices for cooling sheets are as varied as those for any other type of sheet. Options can be found for under $50, while more extravagant sets can cost well over $500. The cost is highly relevant to the materials used. While the higher price tag of high-quality sheets can deter some shoppers, their durability and longevity make them worthy of consideration.


Feel refers to the texture and temperature of the sheets. Depending on their materials and construction, sheets can be either rough or smooth. Most linen sheets have a coarser, heavier feel, but they soften and become more pliable over time. It’s common for sateen sheets to feel like butter, while percale cotton sheets have a crisper texture. Silky and breathable, lyocell sheets are a common bedding option.

Thread Count

The number of threads per inch squared is known as the thread count. This can affect the sheets’ overall quality, softness, and longevity. Thread count is often used as a quality indicator by consumers, but the truth is more nuanced. While it’s true that some high-end sheets have high thread counts, the numbers on some cheaper sheets may be inflated because the yarns were twisted together to make them appear thicker. Even though the thread count has increased, the quality may not have improved. Because of this, it’s possible that some lower-thread-count sheets are of higher quality than their more expensive counterparts. Although thread count is a good indicator of quality, it is not sufficient on its own.

Design, Color, and Pattern

The design, color, and pattern of the sheets you buy may matter if you have a particular aesthetic in mind for your bedroom. Most sheet sets are available in a variety of neutral colors. You won’t have a lot of luck finding cool sheet sets in bold colors or patterns, but they do exist.


If you’re in the market for cooling sheets, breathability should be your top priority. Sheets that allow air to circulate through them are more comfortable to sleep on in both hot and cold weather. You’ll be able to sleep more comfortably all night thanks to the steady flow of air.


You expect your new set of sheets to last for quite some time. Some sheets are constructed with long-lasting materials to withstand repeated washings and dry cycles. Oftentimes, the more you wash a set of sturdy sheets, the softer and cozier they become. Sheets that aren’t as well made may develop annoying pilling or fraying over time, reducing their usefulness and potentially affecting your comfort level.

Ease of Care

To keep a clean and healthy sleeping environment, most experts advise washing sheets once a week. There could be odors, stains, or microbial growth if they weren’t washed properly. Comfortable, machine-washable sheets could make keeping up with laundry duties more manageable. Sheets used for cooling purposes are typically machine washable and dryable.

Who Should Buy Cooling Sheets?

If you tend to get too hot while you sleep, cooling sheets may be the best option for you. You can use cooling sheets in the summer and switch them out for warmer ones in the winter if you like. Of course you can do that, but many cooling sheets can be used in any season. When used in conjunction with a blanket and/or comforter, they can help you stay toasty in the winter without putting you at risk of overheating.

The use of cooling sheets is not limited to the following, but may be particularly welcome by:

  • Those who are accustomed to hot weather. Sleeping more comfortably in a warm climate may be possible with the help of cooling sheets. They could also make you less reliant on climate control devices like air conditioners and fans.
  • Those who are hot sleepers. An additional benefit of cooling sheets is their ability to wick away moisture and keep you cool if you tend to sleep hot.
  • People who frequently wake up drenched in their own sweat. Sheets designed to keep you cool typically allow air to circulate and also wick away moisture.
  • Ones who prefer a warmer or cooler temperature while they sleep. If you and your partner have contrasting preferences for how warm or cool they like to be while they sleep, cooling sheets may be the answer. An extra blanket can be used if one partner feels the chill.

Consumer Reports

You can only get so much rest in a cool, dark, quiet room with a good mattress and worn, scratchy sheets. Choosing the right sheets can make the difference between a restful night’s sleep and a restless one.

However, it is not always easy to tell if the sheets you’re considering buying are of high quality. It’s not easy, and we’ve learned that relying on marketing jargon like a sheet’s “thread count” isn’t the best way to make a decision. Although all the sheets we examined were made of cotton, our findings highlight substantial variations in durability and quality across manufacturers. In fact, after less than a year of washings, several queen-size cotton sheets won’t even cover a 1-inch mattress, let alone the average height of 12 1/4 inches. It’s recommended that you wait for a sale if you’re looking to buy new sheets because some brands are quite pricey.

How Consumer Reports Tests Sheets

A good quality set of sheets will pass the test of comfort, durability, and wrinkle resistance. Because we think long-lasting sheets are important, we also check them for strength and shrinkage.

The other qualities of a fitted sheet don’t matter if it doesn’t fit over your mattress, regardless of how soft it is. Every queen-sized fitted sheet we tested initially fit the depth of a queen-sized mattress as advertised.

Fitted sheets are washed 25 times in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to simulate a year’s worth of laundering if done once every two weeks, as is done in our shrinkage tests. Our testers make sure the fitted sheet still fits and tucks under mattresses of varying depths (8″, 10″, 14″, and 18″) after each wash.

After each wash, we measure the wrinkle severity by comparing the sheets to a standard set. Wrinkled sheets make a bed look sloppy and may even be uncomfortable to lie on.

Our engineers use a machine that clamps the sheet sample at both ends and pulls with increasing force until it tears to determine the fibers’ strength. None of the ones we tested were inadequate to cause concern under typical conditions of use.

Each sheet is compared to a set of fabric samples representing a range of softness levels established by a panel of sensory testers.

What to Look for When Buying Sheets

How can you tell if a cotton sheet is high quality? Although consumers hear a lot about thread count, other factors, such as the weave and type of cotton fiber, can significantly impact the feel and durability of a set of cotton sheets. Think about this.

As opposed to 100 percent cotton sheets, those labeled “cotton-rich” contain less than 5 percent of the fiber. A minimum of 50% cotton was used in the production of this sheet, with the remainder being made up of other fibers, as stated on the label.

The thread count of a fabric is the sum of the number of threads per inch in both directions. Thread counts from 280 to 1,000 are claimed for the products we evaluate. The use of finer/silker yarns like Pima or Egyptian cotton is likely behind thread counts over 400. However, our investigation shows that thread count is not always predictive of fabric quality. According to the manufacturer, the L.L.Bean Pima Cotton Percale has a thread count of only 280, but in our testing, we found that these sheets are both soft and durable. After a year of washings, they barely change size and can still fit mattresses that are 14 inches high.

You can tell the difference between percale and sateen by looking at the weave of the cotton threads. The “one-over, one-under” weave is typical of percale sheets. The end result has a smooth, crisp texture. The horizontal threads in sateen sheets first go over several of the vertical threads, and then they loop under and over again. The result is a sheet with improved drape, smoothness, and sheen that some may interpret as indicative of higher quality. However, the best sheet is the one you actually want to sleep on.

Cotton fiber varieties: There are various types of cotton staple fibers. You can choose from standard-length staples, long staples, or even extra-long staples. Short-staple cotton (typically Upland cotton) sheets are simply referred to as cotton. Those made from long or extra-long staple cotton typically label it: Both Pima and Egyptian cottons are examples of the desirable extra-long-staple variety, with the latter being grown in Egypt and the former in the United States, where it is marketed under the Supima trademark. Long-fiber cottons are typically more comfortable to wear, more durable, and less prone to pilling. A product may be labeled as 100% cotton when in fact it contains a blend of cotton fibers.

How to Buy the Correct Size Sheets

Take a measurement of your current mattress, including any mattress toppers you may be using, before you go shopping. Although it is recommended to purchase sheets with a deeper pocket than the thickness of your mattress, this is no guarantee that the sheets will retain their original fit after multiple washes. In our tests, we observed a maximum 6-percent shrinkage in the cotton sheets. About half of the samples have shrunk so much that they no longer fit on the mattress. When it comes to fitting mattresses over 18 inches deep, only one of the cotton sheets we tested lived up to the hype. So, remember to hold on to your receipt. In order to get rid of any finishes or excess dye, you should wash your sheets before using them. You should return the sheets if the fitted sheet shrinks to the point where it becomes difficult to put on the mattress, or if you simply decide you don’t like the way they feel after washing.

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The Truth About Eco-Friendly Sheets

Growing organic cotton and conventional cotton use very similar methods, at least from a sustainability perspective. Professor Kavita Mathur from North Carolina State University’s Wilson College of Textiles in Raleigh explains, “The big differences come down to where the seeds come from, and which chemicals are used to grow and protect the crops.” “Both organic and conventional cotton can be grown with reduced environmental impacts if done so responsibly.”

She further claims that it is typically impossible to tell the difference between a sheet made from conventionally grown cotton and an organically grown cotton one. She claims that it is impossible to tell them apart. In addition, “every single type of cotton is 100% biodegradable, microplastic-free, and carbon-capturing,” regardless of how it was grown.

When a textile item is Oeko-Tex certified, it has been thoroughly checked for the presence of harmful chemicals (like formaldehyde and harmful dyes) and is therefore considered safe for human health. This includes not only the cotton but also the threads, buttons, and any other components.

Unfortunately, bamboo sheets aren’t as eco-friendly as you might think. In fact, the FTC has demanded that stores stop selling rayon fabrics under the misleading “bamboo” label. The processed plant fiber is known as rayon. You may also see this fiber referred to as bamboo viscose, but either name is correct. Manufacturing these products involves the use of toxic chemicals that release dangerous air pollutants.

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